The Arsonists Recording New Material, Q-Unique Confirms

A legendary crew reunites in the lab after a decade of group material lasting over a decade.

Veteran Brooklyn, New York Hip Hop group The Arsonists recorded today as a unit for the first time in years, according to founding member Q-Unique. After reuniting on stage last year at the Czech Republic's Hip Hop Kemp, the former Matador Records group has begun recording new material, Q tweeted. Members throughout the years include Jise, Freestyle, D-Stroy, Swel Boogie and Q-Unique.

The group, with ties to the Rocksteady Crew, released 1999's As The World Burns and 2001's Date of Birth before The Arsonists disbanded to pursue solo interests. HipHopDX will keep you updated.


  • taye

    Shout out to my man freestyle !! i see ya'll representing rocksteady all round !! they never fell off for sure. D-stroy has been concentrating on his comic side by hosting different events in europe and he has a few projects out like METARDOR and MORE THAN BEATS AND RHYMES . Freestyle has LONG ROAD TO CLASSIC ,ETCHED IN STONE,I AM HIPHOP (with LOGOS APEILH ! Jise has released different volumes of chronicles ! Q-nique has a ROCK band called STILLWELL and released VEANGENCE IS MINE plus BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL ! Swel boogie will also be coming at ya ! arsonists forever

  • MightyMike27

    As The World Burns was my shiaaat!! Good to see them back!

  • kmas23

    Hell Yeah, this is one of my favorite groups from back then.. so amped there getting back together again.. I loved the solo stuff but this group just killlls it!! YMCMB, is cool also if your gay....

  • G MON

    ShaBoing Boing, Arsonists are dope. ATWB is a classic album, real underground sound.

  • Anonymous

    Arsonists are legends ,lil wayne and drake suck !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dentaldamboy

    I've been alive for 14 years, and I've never heard of these guys. To me, that's as good as them having never existed. If these dudes were smart and wanted to increase their visibility in the industry, they would sign with YMCMB and do a song with Wayne or Drake.

  • Anonymous

    The fuck happened to the other dudes all these years.... Q Dropped a few solo's but the others fell off the face of the earth it seems

  • Assassin221

    That's funny, I was listening to these dudes just the other day and wondering what the fuck happened to Q and the crew. Is it all 5 or just the 3 like on the last album? Either way I'll be checking for whatever they drop.

    • Anonymous

      Jise has 2 solo albums out, Q has 2 out, Freestyle has 1 or 2 out, and D-Stroy has one out. They all been workin. Gonna be dope to hear them all together again!

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