Tito Lopez Talks Working With Dr. Dre

The Mississippi up-and-comer talks about recording with the legendary Dr. Dre.

His name may may not be stopping Internet traffic just yet, but a recent co-sign from Dr. Dre is sure to get rapper Tito Lopez a lot of new fans. Now, the Mississippi rapper opens up about working in-studio with the Good Doctor.

In a recent video interview, Tito Lopez talks about working with the legendary N.W.A. producer/emcee. He explained that he was only supposed to be working with Dre for a short period of time, but that studio session turned out to be a full-blown recording session. He also added that he received a lot of valuable advice from Dre, who coached him in the studio.

"What's better than a good co-sign from one of the greatest to ever do it? Actually, without giving a whole lotta things away, I was supposed to be there [in the studio] for ten minutes and we started working and making music 'til six in the morning," he explained. "I was in the booth actually getting coached by Dr. Dre, so I don't think it can really get much bigger than that. And I've never been coached by nobody; I learned how to rap and all that myself just being in my room, so the first person to ever coach me was Dr. Dre, saying 'OK Tito, let's do it like this'…it's good, you can't put it in words."

The full video can be seen below.

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  • jason

    is you from mississippi why u rockin the yay area hat!!! lol rep yo city

  • King I Divine

    Glad to see my boy Tito making moves.. been rocking with him for a min..DOPE

  • Anonymous

    All yall calling dre gay would never say it to his face so who is really gay

    • asdf

      ^what the fuck? you are an idiot

    • Anonymous

      u serious? dre is a bitch. he got his face punched the fuck up by some bum at the VIBE awards and did NOTHING. now he's a swole pussy shut in. fuck dre, hes a down low faggot and eanybody thats been around him knows hes soft.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Dr. Dre should work wit Tyga! swag Rack City Bitzch!

  • Anonymous

    i fuckin love tito lopez which sucks cause aint gonna hear shit come from him now that hes with dre he was puttin shit out every week and i havent heard anything since he signed with dre over a year ago but hey thats what happens when you sign to dre you sit on the shelf and then he takes your verses to use them for his own shit thats never even going to come out....fuck dre!

  • nixnox

    what happened to Dre concentrating on Kendrik and Slim, better yet how about you stop working with all these corn balls and give us the Detox album we all deserve.

  • jack johnson

    this is about the 3rd post this week about some nobody talking about how they worked with dre sadly i think dre's best is behind him now, i no longer look forward to hearing a dr. dre beat like i used to. i've been finding some unreleased death row material and they shit on any beat dre has done from 2002 - 2011. Listening to Dre's old beats has made me realize dre's lost the funk.

  • huh

    I am calling it now by this summer, we will hear of Dre working with Gucci Mane,Young Cheezy,Fag Miller,Kreashawn,and Lil B You heard it here first folks!

  • Anonymous

    all these nobodies working with gay ass dre and it never comes out. LOL fuck with gay dre "it was incredible ya ya ya ya ya ya" working with dre in 2012 is like saying you saw a ghost. show me. faggots.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    "______ Talks Working With Dr. Dre"

  • Anonymous

    i was wondering when we would get the weekly "this nigga workin with dre" post

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