J.Cole Says "Lights Please" Secured His Meeting With Jay-Z, Refers To The Song As A "J. Cole Classic"

J. Cole shares a few behind the stories about "Sideline Story," "Lights Please," and several other "Cole World: The Sideline Story" songs.

For his final video segment with Muve Music Sessions, North Carolina rapper J. Cole spoke on a handful of his Cole World: The Sideline Story tracks including “Cole World,”  “Sideline Story,” and “Lights Please.”

On top of stating that “Lights Please” is what he refers to as a “J. Cole classic,” J. Cole also revealed that he had plans on featuring the song on his debut album way before it was even released.

“’Lights Please’ is a J. Cole classic. Meaning that all my fans or true fans that’s really been there for a minute are gonna recognize that song because it was on a mixtape I got called The Warm Up,” J. Cole explained. “I did a show in 2009 in the summertime…and I said it onstage as I was performing the song in front of most of these people [who] didn’t really know me they might have heard [of me]. I was like, ‘Yea I’m about to do this song. I wanna do something for ya’ll it’s called ‘Lights Please.’ Even if I drop my album in 2012 this gonna be on the album.’ I said that not really knowing that my album would really almost drop in 2012. I said it just as a joke, but I was serious. That’s how much I love that song. That’s the song that got me so many meetings in the industry. It got me my meeting with Mark Pitts. Mark Pitts played it for Jay-Z. Jay-Z heard that song and that’s the reason why he even wanted to see me was from hearing ‘Lights Please.’”

While “Sideline Story” may not have gotten J. Cole a meeting with Jay-Z, the song did feature a beat the rapper had been sitting on for almost two years.

“’Sideline Story’ I been sitting on that beat for a year and a half trying to put words to it because I thought that the music was so incredible that was going to be the intro,” said J. Cole. “That originally was gonna be the intro to the album. The music was that good that I was sitting on that for a year like this is the intro. When I would play my album for people I would just play them that beat and say that this is the intro, with no words…And I think the reason why I couldn’t write to it was because I had the pressure of this is the intro on it. Soon as I recorded ‘Dollar And A Dream III’ and decided that ‘Nah, this is the intro’ all the weight and the pressure kinda got off the ‘Sideline Story’ beat. And then it allowed me to kinda put the pieces together on that.”

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  • The Game

    im better than this fool....his flow is boring. BLACKWALL STREET 4LIFE

  • DaddyPlugin

    English is only limited. Sound (as you say beats) have more ability to transend into devinity ie infinite. How many thoughts can you get from a beat? You only got a few limited English words and thoughts for rap. It's time for everyone to thnik.

  • Anonymous

    Who ever is hatin on J. Cole can eat a D!CK (A MANDINGO)!!!! J. Cole is one of the hottest rappers out here who still care about hip hop and what it stands for. He is not an ex actor who interned with other rappers to become a star!! The only hot albumn Drake has had wasn't even an albumn it was a mixtape (So Far Gone). That was the best he has ever had. He is only good when he is featured on other people sh!t. Lil wayne was has not been good since The Carter II. Once Lil Wayne made loly pop, he had crossed over and he became sh!tty. I miss old school Lil Wayne. Now he sounds like he get's f#cked. Rick Ross has a ghost writter and he has never sold a drug, or killed anyone in a day of his life. Rick Ross is not a rapper he is a entertainer. Rick Ross has made it so that is it okay to be fake and lie about sh!t.

  • Anonymous

    wow look at all these haters..... they probley all like waka an wayne n are like 13... wen did people stop listenin 2 lyrics an only hear beats????? soooo sad.... cole is the nicest out....



  • Anonymous

    j cole is a gay ass pale face monkey chump. cant wait til gay-z pulls the plug on this lames career. looks like a bleached ape, long faced nerd who makes gay music.

  • 4xd1

    everytime u hear about j cole jayzs name is allways in it..i think j cole should go on his own if he wants to have his own lane.i rather walk to my drea, than catch a ride that might not bring me their.if u cant wait.your dreams become nightmares..

    • ETK

      I think you gotta give Cole a bit of a chance considering its his first album, but in general you're right. I remember when Lupe first started, and Jay-Z told him his shit was nice, so he kept on spitting. but he didn't shout it off the rooftops either. in fact, he even turned down joining Jay's label.

  • daviddanielz

    It's honestly baffling how you young guys could question J Cole. I wouldn't say I'm a big fan but I would say I purchased his album and truly like it. It's refreshing to hear someone young with real talent that (((( loves hiphop )))) and reps the culture in a positive light!!! With guys like Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross lying and making more pop or r&b then hiphop music on there way to the top. One wonders what sort of ethical condition the world was in when they allowed these guys to pass as real hiphop. The truth is most people in the hiphop culture are still waiting to see how J Cole will evolve as a hiphop artist but they respect him because he has made it clear with his actions he is hiphop. So when I read you young guys trashing him I wonder if you are the same guys who love Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. I mean how do you give guys like that a pass in hiphop? They have major flaws in there charactor. I find it funny how someone could like them so much yet hate on someone who is so clearly different from them. Someone real, with talent and respect for the culture. But!!! I guess thats the difference between real and fake hiphop and the culture of hiphop verse the gimmick of pop hiphop. Know this my Young Money Fans. A major character flaw is a much more noticeable and ... For villains, their major flaws is usually the cause of their eventual downfall. So the next time I hear someone hate on a real hiphop artist I will ask them, who do you like? I'm guessing the answer will be someone I clearly don't consider a real hiphop artist and someone I clearly don't listen too. So if your gonna hate go ahead and hate, but the real hiphop culture knows the difference between real hiphop and fake gimmick shit. No matter how much money was made or how many albums were sold. Cheers to the hiphop culture.

  • Obviously

    J. Cole is my dude but sorry folks. Kendrick Lamar>J. Cole

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Who is J.Cole? (sarcasm)

    • Nigga wit a gun

      Sarcasm is what I do after I fucked your dad while yo mum watched, eat dick!

    • Simple like ABC, 123

      (Sarcasm) ^^^^^^ Read, it's just a joke, too sensitive. 8=====') J.Cole's dick-riding

    • Seargent

      Jermaine Lamarr Cole (born January 28, 1985), better known by his stage name J. Cole, is an American rapper, singer and record producer. In 2009, he was the first artist signed to Jay-Z's label Roc Nation. His long-awaited debut album titled Cole World: The Sideline Story was released on September 27, 2011. The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, Top R&B Albums and Top Rap Albums chart, selling more than 217,000 in its first week sales. He received a nomination for Best New Artist at the 54th Grammy Awards to be held on February 12, 2012. Google it dumb ass!

  • So Icy Boi!

    lmao. Drake ethered Cole. Drake sold 4 times mo album den dis white ass nigga. go suck Gay-Z's dick, yo muzik aint classic fag. you lost. Drake won. swag

    • Anonymous

      thts cause Cash Money is all commercial. Why are they the only ones to go plat in the last two yrs? Baby buys the majority of his label artists albums. Cole is blowin up on all yall hatas just like he said he would. Cole is a upcomin general in rap

    • Anonymous

      @lloyd: yes he is, fucking nazi

    • lloyd

      First isn't Drake half jewish? and second record sales don't mean that person is actually good...get off of Drake's dick please

  • Seargent

    J.Cole a soft nigga. He be actin like he was raped when he was younger. He ain't seen a cold world. Fuck him and his music. Bump to that TIP



  • Anonymous

    smh. i love cole but how are you going to say a joint of yours is classic? isn't that what we the fans decide and time? CLASSIC is an abused word, has no meaning thanks to hip hop fans today who couldn't tell real hip hop from a dub step techno one legged dude reaching for a cookie jar...

    • wow

      he said j.cole classic as in out of his body of work this song is a classic. he didnt mean classic as in hip hop classic

  • realtalk

    cole album took too long [FACT] BUT if this dropped 12 months ago everyone would be on his dick instead of bitchin bout old tracks. "sellout", "underground" - these words are used too much, fuckin idiots dont know what they talkin bout, name your favorite underground artist and ill show you a commercial song like workout, fuckin fake hip hop snobs. everyone say budden underground. remind me how people know bout budden???? thats right everyone heard pump it up if you love the underground so much kill yourselfs and get 6 feet deeper

  • wolfman

    Gotta get off your fathers lap, man. Every interview is the same shit, talkin about J. Cole and his mentor Jay-Z. That's great, you love the man. Spend some Christmas time together. Dude has no idea that it's a business. You didn't make it because you have Jay-Z behind you for one album. Look at everyone on Interscope aside from the Big 3.

  • jg

    this guy is mediocre. i find all his material kinda gets lost among all the average bullshit in the game. he needs to find his own lane

  • dentaldamboy

    Remember the time that Wayne and Drake said they wanted to fuck every girl in the world and then they actually got to do it? That was awesome! Good job guys!

  • anon

    fucking sellout ass motherfucker. Bitch ass went the fake drake route, making bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    wack wack wack Jcole was good when his mixtapes were out, but his LP was doo-doo str8 wack shit. Sounded like Nas trying to make pop records This nigga comes in with the worst 1 liners. 1/5 on his album..........and we all know your first album is suppose to be the best album

    • lol

      yea, his wack pop single just went platinum and his albulm, w/little promotion went gold..but h8ers h8 so keep it up chump :)

  • lex

    omg no one fucking cares anymore Cole

  • Anonymous

    j cole is a wack "artist" and he has ZERO classic records. a j.cole classic = a wack forgettable record that puts kids to sleep early jay-z is gonna pull the plug on him and he will release his second album on a wack internet label where everyone will act like he never existed. only reason he has any fans is cuz he's "jay-'s artist" and jay-z is busy sipping girl drinks in the islands with gwenth paltrow and bono good luck j, grand opening, grand closing

    • ur a clown

      that goes to show how lil u actually know about j.cole... his buzz was building way before he met jay-z n he didnt really start gettin more mainstream til after friday night lights so please educate urself before spewing ignorance

  • Anonymous

    lights please is a great track but now that i think abt it all J Cole tracks on his album besides like 3 or 4 are all old as shit lol. CHECK OUT THE MUSIC http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success/

  • ReLL P.

    Ayo "Side line story" is my favorite record off the album. I bump that every day, he went in lyrically and the production is official. I can relate to recording tracks in the crib as well. Check me out at: ReLLMuzik.com


    CLASSIC ALBUM! best album of the year 500k+ for a rookie platinum single sold out tours COLE WON! HATERS LOST

  • land lord

    I love Lights Please!! Beat is raw as f#ck. Yo Cole keep reppin NC to the fullest n*cca

  • Anonymous

    Sames dudes talkin shit probably on coles dick before the album dropped

    • Anonymous

      ^ and most of them dont buy fucking albums anyway. these fake ass fans got an false sense of entitlement towards music. they're always trying to claim an artist like they have more of a right to listen than then next man. then when more people start listening to that artist they call them a sellout because they're mad that noone cares that they've been listening to the artist longer than everyone else. these artists dont owe you anything.... they're not your children. they dont make music solely for you... just because you can't "claim" that artist anymore it doesnt make them a sellout. it makes you a possessive bitch. you dont deserve credit for discovering and supporting an artist before everyone else. it truly is amazing how the SAME niggas who were on coles dick a year ago are now saying he sucks simply because they're cole is not their best kept secret anymore. fucking sellouts

    • ETK

      oh of course. niggas will gobble up an underground emcee and spit him out as soon as he achieves success. heard niggas actually say J.Cole is a "slave to the industry"... he dropped one fuckin album! tellin you, these lames bashing the state of the rap game all day long, sayin hip hop is dead and sayin nothin's good out.. most of em are not worth pandering to.

  • TVBT

    hahahaha the anonymous hater happens to be hating on Cole too, dude seriously what the fuck do you want? this is clearly jealousy... dude you're such a fucking critic, get something better to do with your life. you need counselling, you must be angry child... you seriously need help

  • Anonymous

    damn we already know that song is the reason jay z signed him, yall published that article like a year ago

  • Anonymous

    J. Cole classic??? Buhahaha. Dude sucks hard core

  • Mr Flamboyant

    (yawns) His 15 is damn near up.



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