Alley Boy Disses Young Jeezy & T.I. On "I Want In"

The rapper goes in on the Atlanta, Georgia emcees on a diss track.

Alley Boy has fired shots at Young Jeezy and T.I. on the cut “I Want In,” included on his new mixtape Nigganati.

On the track, he claims that “this ain’t no warning shot,” beginning by attacking Tip on the first verse. “Niggas claim they fuckin’ the city up, bitch you a liar,” he raps. “I want war, I want in / If you gettin’ 20, I want 10.”

For the second verse, Alley Boy goes after Jeezy. “All that street shit? It’s over, game over / I’m the new king of the streets, no motivation, game over,” he spits. “Fuck that snow shit/ This hot shit/ In the A-town/ This my shit.”

The beef comes out of left field, as Alley Boy recently appeared on Jeezy’s The Real is Back mixtape, released in May 2011.

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  • atown g

    I mean how this cat Alley Boy gona diss jeezy and his hottest song got Jezzy featured on it?? He dissin t.i. but said in an interview he wana do a song wit him. This dude just beggin for attention. I heard them cats black and Trouble aint even his real brothers. They say he turned his back on his real brother and family. How is this real? Anbody can rap about real shit but do you live it? Dude fake as fok!

  • A-Town Donki

    Fake Ass Motherfuckers Envy!!!

  • Anonymous

    I feel where he coming from he just letting them know he want in I mean on street level he will give it jeezy and t.i. but I think its a bad business move though homie in the streets 4real I seen him all that time in edgewood duct tape is a robbing crew.

  • jin

    Who the fuck is allen boy.

  • Collipark49

    If I hear one mo time TIP snitched on sumbody ima snap str8 up shawty... How the nigga get snitched on by his bodyguard now all of sudden he snicthed lmfao.... bwahahahaha... he was THE MAN THAT BOUGHT THE GUNS IDIOTS!!!! lmfao. alley boy on sum crybaby shyt.. wanna sneak diss n songs then turn around at the release party last night talkn bout if he was sending warning shots then folks will be bleeding lmfao.. you said in the fukn song warning shot!! u damn retard!!! Get off that yung LA lean dumb fool! and lastly if you wanna start stupid beefs that make no damn sense let your right hand man know not to do songs with the dude lmfao!!!!! its 2012 n dis nigga on da same stupid shyt smh

    • RUFUS


    • Collipark49

      hell u talkn rufus... old ass 1957 name lol... gettin no play? what dat gotta do wit da topic.. bottom line if ya ass aint from atlanta... you dont kno what the fuk goin on so shut the f**k up period... ion talk about 50 cent cuz i aint from NY, dont talk about 8ball & mjg cuz im not from memphis but dis atlanta shyt... it aint nuthn i cant talk about foo

    • RUFUS


  • 011781

    I meannnnnnnn. How many convicted felons you know got caught with an arsenal and only did a few months? Then got out and caught drug charges -- back out in a few more months. Just sayin.

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy Ft. T.I. - F.A.M.E. Nuff said!



  • Ricky Rozay

    This nigga Alley Boy aint that good but I'm glad he finally callin out these so called untouchable niggas of the south. Bout time someone called em out. TI a snitch, Jeezy lame wit his fake beef startin to sell records. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Collipark49

      Alley home boy Trouble was on f**k the city up, jeezy was off mayson ave n da projects doing video for 4..... and alley was on the real is back... when beefn wit Yung LA he said then that he been cool wit tip n dro way befo LA was even rapping... you defending a nigga u dont know shyt about or have no facts about.. TIP will put Alley Boy ass in LIL FLIP 101... alley boy aint riding DOLO to nobody else city tryna get to the truth beli dat my G..

    • slapyobitchass

      LOL at the nigga above me with his tough guy act on the internet. Don't know if you tough or not my nigga but ethuggin makes you sound kinda shady.

    • Anonymous

      @Eddie, Ayo son, don't talk down on me. I am no kid. I aint no thug or a gangbanger but I will str8 fuck u up if u get at me. I aint even gonna front, all my life I never come across a nigga knock me out. Watch what u say son.

    • EddieMurrrpy

      @ Anonymous 1: claiming you fuckin cats up you a liar/ you make twenty i want ten

    • Anonymous

      Jeezy fake???? Coming from an officer ricky fan? dont make me laugh son. U sound stupid as hell. Ross never seen plat and jeezy got about 2

    • Anonymous

      Enuff about this "TIP a snitch" talk already. U niggaz is lame. Sometimes last year, I was walking with my father and a nigga tried to rob us. I knocked son off and got his gun then my father called the cops. So did my father snitch on him? Or I shoulda told my father "stop it man ur snitching"? You niggaz keep saying TI a snitch but can't give an example of who he snitched on. Niggaz just hate for notin sake and a hater got no life fareal. gtfoh!

  • JCUZ


  • Ayatollah

    Get Jesus In Your Life. 1st ya'll jump Young LA. Cuz probably weighs 125 at the most. Now y'all are going at niggaz, that y'all just recently collaborated with. The easiest thing to do is 2 hate on another man. That's why u got so many bitch-ass niggaz snitching. This is a weak ass-insecure-broke-ass nigga move. In all your videos with your brand new guns. Georgia is a Common Wealth state. You can buy AK's at Walmart. Why didnt y'all go at them Cats from NYC? Yo Gotti? Trae ABN? I thought not. This is truly the DEfinition Of F*Ck Sh*t.

  • Anonymous

    dat niggah snapping

  • ziploc

    Damn,here he go with the bullshit...I acually was rootin for this just showed that you have no idea that what goes should know the rest..feelin himself too much right now,that's one decent mixtape homey,not anywhere near where you need to be..people around you need to get your ego back in check,the hardest nigga on wax doesn't mean you can actually make songs..get some plaques first,then talk just started carreer suicide cause you will take back some of the statements you are makin right now...Fail....

  • E. Geeziss

    Fuck this trash. U should never bite the hand that feeds u=career over. Maybe he's trying 2 hop on the cop's nuts... Hozay!!

    • Correctional officer

      Jeezy a gay nigga! He been forcing Alley Boy to perform sexual acts on him! Y'all actin like y'all dont know. I guess its never bite the dick that fucks you!

  • castro

    ALLEY GOES IN ON TIP AND JEEZY TWO KINGS OF THE SOUTH you cant deny this shit is hot zone 6 nigguh

  • #GrimGenius

    I hate when irrelevant rappers talk shit about well established rappers smh

  • Anonymous

    Lol tell this lil dude that he is turning into another Jayceon Taylor.

  • shifts nigah

    This nigga couldn't even handle G4 BOYS...g4 boys exposed u bitcg ass nigah trouble trouble

  • dstephenson517

    who actually fucks with this dude?? he is beyond garbage

  • wow this song sucks

    Man this song is trash and this rapper. Ti and jeezey will both poop on this dudes chest. He a broke dude trying to get a little shyne but got wack raps that dont even rhyme


    smdh yeah... beef is soooo played out yet niggas dont respond to nothing but beef and gossip, just like some hoes...either that your you act like your involved...but let it be some shit you dont fuck with thats the 1st thing out your mouth "beef is played out, dont hate get money" I swear to god Im bout sick of the internet and the losers who litter it, yall niggas is fuckin worthless...

  • KP.

    They beefin over the girl on wolfygurlz tumblr page..she thick tho..thats what they sayin tho..check her out

  • G

    ti needa respond and go in

  • bawse

    alley boy = trash can music & btw u mite want in but u aint gettin in w/those weak rhymes u spittin chump LOL

  • realrap12

    How u gone diss Jeezy, when u not too long ago did a song and video with him? How you gone diss T.I. when you did a song with Dro? This nigga is bipolar as fuck

  • moe

    who is stupid mofo. i hope jeezy and T.I come back with some crazy shit and fuck him up. alley boy fuck off

  • yteek

    I don't really think its even much of a diss at all to Jeezy, he no reason to diss him .

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I'm not sure if this dude is making the right move by dissing Jeezy and TIP, but the track hot, and he taking some solid shots. It's a legitimate diss track. Nothing wrong with a hungry cat trying to take on established cats from his area. If people get past all that sack riding, you a see he got some strong lines and provoking them heavy. Its on some rap shit, so its all legit to me. Cats gotta protect they crown. Period.

  • jwed

    yeah and his boy boy trouble was just featured on TIs fuck the city up.... i fuck with alley but i think he probably been smokin his own supply

  • now what?

    I swear this rap industry is like wwf.All these gimmicks and grown men calling out each other.

  • rick

    WHO dissed TI and Young Jeezy?

  • Anonymous

    Worst diss track since Canibus went at J Cole someone fetch this nigga a dunce cap

  • Real Talk

    How you gon diss 2 of the kats holding down the "A" & you from the "A"... And who holding this kat back? He sound bitter & upset... Its enough money out here for everybody... Oh yeah all you kats typing negative stuff about T.I. & Jeezy STFU, they came from nothin to making big moves...Yeah Alley dude step ya lyrics up and you might get in... LMAO

  • Ricky Rozay

    This nigga Alley Boy makin noise. Jeezy is wack and TI is an informant so fuck both of em. TI straight snitched to stay out of jail and Jeezy is straight trash who acts like who put in work but only hangs wit niggas that have put in the work. I know cats in the ATL that say Jeezy aint never done no major work, just roll along wit niggas who did, so he lame and his trappin persona is fake as fuck. His career is over to btw. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DL Dub

      I dont think there's anything more ingenious yet retarded than nigga trolls. Because nigga trolls always get niggas, because niggas are too stupid to get that they're being trolled. So they go on and on, wasting their time, without fail, and the troll wins out. But what's the point in wasting niggas' time? They aint got shit else to do so why bother? Oh well Ricky you won that round you trolling sumama bitch

    • Ricky Rozay

      Nigga I grew up in Atlanta in Bowen. I know the city. Fact is many cats I know say Jeezy was a tag along to Meech. The nigga never did shit but since he rolled wit the BMF this nigga went out tryin to act tough by association. Then the nigga see Ross is hot and try to start some lane ass beef before Ross ethered his ass. That nigga Jeezy a fake crip too. And plenty niggas in Bankhead know tip a snitch but u it dickriders will always deny it. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • RickRossaintreal

      Im begginging to thinky ou not from around hea(atl)Most of us know Jeezy! Meech had people who were strictly friends in the P diddy. And people who did both industry shit and ran with him(drug wise). Jeezy and bleu davinci did both. Jeezy was BMF and even before that he sold weight in Maacon. ANd its 500 crips that will tell you that.And if you from ATL you know about Mactown..Maacon having crips.(even tho Maacon aint Atl you shud know)

    • boss

      I hadte ignorant niggas like you. The whole Atown know T.I. aint snitch thats why we still ride wit him. He aint have nbody else to snitch on. He the only one who got time for them guns. One of his guards snitched on him. And th dude that killed Philant(his brother snitched on him)

    • Ricky Rozay

      Look at all these niggas actin like they know Jeezy real. None of yall niggas was ever around when Jeezy was supposedly puttin in the work right, so shut the fuck up. Yall know TI a snitch, aint no one can deny that. And niggas who hate on Ross for havin a job, shit pays the bills, niggas gotta do what they gotta do. Jeezy aint never trapped. Ask around ATL the only niggas that believe Jeezy stories are the ones on his nutsack. Maybe yall niggas need to get off ur keyboards and head to ATL sometime. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Truth

      You talking saying jeezy fake and ti fake...but you got Ricky Rozay for your name and then you end it with BAWSE?!! LMAO nigga please

    • Lesane

      TIP is a snitch, we all know that. But jeezy a real nigga and did his thing his last album. Far as somebody named ricky rozay fake, hahahha. what kind of dude calls himself ricky rozay. shit sound super gay. is there anything original about rick ross except being the first rapper to survive off having the whole industry on his shit

    • ETK

      I HEARD CATS SAY-- shut the fuck up, lol. more haters feedin you bullshit Jeezy just made good money off his last album and you comin around the corner sayin his career's over. hilarious. and Tip never snitched. no nigga out there can even name how'd that go down, he got off easy cause he's a celebrity, end of.

  • Mk

    Im rockin with any nigga thats dissin another nigga im sorry. Lettin it know real shit. This game wayyyy too soft and literally homo. 4 dudes all on singles every time they drop. Dudes showing love to dudes while they running around with leopard females pants with their ass out. Thats why the game is fucked up and these rappers aint making that much getting signed to 360 slave deals. Cuz for 1 they cant stand on their own, cause honestly, they're not that talented. Dudes show love based on who you signed to, or u being from the south. Future is garbage and some reason ATL niggaz wanna keep him hot

    • someone

      I C someone is trying to make a name for themselves going after people. Man up and make a name for yourself by using your skill

    • ETK

      I never said Jeezy made him, I said Jeezy gave him a chance.. featured him on his mixtape, the only way this nigga ever got a shred of attention. and now what does he do. claim hes gonna top the snowman. start by rappin right first, you pleb

    • Mk

      Man jeezy aint make him. he was featured on alley boy shit first remember that. these dudes aint in the same crew so i really aint hearin that bite the hand shit

    • ETK

      are you also rockin with niggas that bite the hand that feeds them? jeezy let this bitchnigga on his mixtape.. get his name out there, make somethin outta himself. next thing you know, he firin back like the scrawny kid in gym who holds the basketball.. and like the scrawny kid, he'll get thrown to the side.

  • YG

    fucc all the hollywood ass rappers...still rapping bout projects and hoods u aint never in...all the real niggas (DTE, LOX, Trill Ent) need support not these industry faggots

    • ETK

      oh come the fuck off, I haven't started shit. k. I ain't called him out about nothin, if his reputation feels endangered through what a nigga's sayin on the net, then smh. but for the record, I ain't gonna look up your pintsize of a hood that probably has a cat walkin on the sidewalk as the most action

    • slapyobitchass

      LMAO at the two ethugs postin above. Niggas acting all tough sitting behind a computer screen and shit.

    • YG

      @ETK dont start no internet beef pussy...if u wanna see me hmu when u in pittsburgh, pa...Homewood to be exact, so look up my hood before u ruin ya life homie straight up

    • ETK

      1) they have more evidence bein part of the hood than you ever will 2) real niggas are doin dumb stupid shit and makin nothing out of it but jail sentences and court paroles.. ain't no support headed their way.. but if you wanna hand them a dollar, feel free lmao

  • streets

    You want in, UPS is hiring :)

  • thafranchise

    Man he mad the King Back!!TIP been going hard the day he came out. Why you mad at Jeezy? He hoped on the remix of your song(Four) and did the video. C'mon on man!!!!(like the NFL today)

  • Gum Brev

    Who dissed what? What what? not paying attention...

  • Boycott


  • Sco*

    AWWW, Him want in.....So are TIP and Jeezy keeping you out? This guy sounds a little bitter to me....his label mate Trouble is featured on Fuck Da City Up while he's featured on the Real is Back....Jeezy gave him a taste of the life and it corrupted his FUCK....

  • ZzzzzZZzzzzzz

    *YAWN* getting sleeeepy by all these lame ass wappers



  • Justin

    For the record just to yall know Alley been going since day one and label it gutta.Give the boy his respect dude been out here grinding in these streets. TI and Jezzzy aint gonna respond because they dont want it DTE. I respect Alley though cause he really live what he rap unlike TI and Jeezy somewhat

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck is this nigga anyway?

  • Cyborg Jesus

    This stuff sucks. Just wait until Zombie Pac drop his album. Yall thought we were dead I'm a cyborg and Pac is a zombie it's on now my children.

  • j

    What's an Alley Boy? A bit homo

  • Anonymous

    That ain't no diss record.

  • Brandon

    Instead of trying to bring the city together??? Which would have put you in the loop you wanna fuck the only good thing getting money in your city... Unity equals Power and Money follows suit. But Alley Boy.... Your a loser My word iz Law! j/k

  • Fulton County

    This dude alley boy been out for years just like TIP and Jeezy and he just now saying something about them he just want a little shine brah TIP really run Atlanta where you been at h** bOY

    • jERRI

      TI has talent, Jeezy got the street classics, Alley Boy or whatever this guys name has absolutely no talent. Like at least Shorty Lo can make a hot song, this guy is just garbageeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Creeper Slim

    Nigga Alley go hard.Check his tapes out.T.I has been soft as a baby's ass for years now.Its' bout time a real hood ass nigga like Alley got in his ass,instead of that midget with that painted on beard,Shawty lo!!

  • Anonymous

    Rap is getting boring with all this homosexuality, radio- friendly hip hop. Watch some lyrics for a change.

    • chris

      I agree with Ghost of Nat Turner to much good shit out to be whinin. also check out Asap Rocky, Action Bronson, Yelawolf, lol fucking Slaughterhouse, and Schoolboy Q. its plenty of lyrics to go around.

    • Ghost of Nat Turner

      Big Krit J Cole sellin 200k albums Jay Electronica Watch the Throne The Roots The Dreamer the Believer Kendrick Lamar too much good shit comin out to be complaining

  • Ghost of Nat Turner

    Jeezy and Tip betta pay homage to da tape!! or the results aint gon be ordinary lol

  • :')

    Let enjoy his moment in the spotlight. T.I. and Young Jeezy will destroy this boy, if they want to...

  • Anonymous

    all these people saying who is he gotta be from the burbs cause dte got the atlanta streets on fire ti is a snitch ye he makes some good music but for me i cant forget that shit jeezy ok but he has fell off hard alley boy fire

    • ETK

      that was more than five months, goof, and obviously you didn't read all the conditions they gave to him and the conditions HE offered to get a shorter sentence(including that wack ass reality TV show)

    • kuto kende

      t.i. is a fuckin snitch how you have all that artillery and only get 5 months in prison fuck outta here he did some quiet snitching he gets no respect how does it feel to have a snitch as the "king of the south" notice i put parenthesis cuz to me he aint this lil snitch nigga got a long line to wait if he ever wanna be king

    • Anonymous

      Who did ti snitch on? Name somebody he snitch on. A nigga snitched on him for the guns. And don't say he snitch on the niggas that killed his boy cuz he didn't even know who did it. You a bitch nigga


    I just downloaded this mixtape DOFS was a hot ass mixtape niggaz slepping on alley boy fuck the city up goes super hard so does TM103 more good ass southern music

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Jus to get a rep?....Good rule of thumb, when nobody knows who you are, going after not one but TWO kats in the game who are so far beyond your level of accomplishment? Think twice, cause the audience as well as the kats you're takin shots at will ignore you....And second of all beggin to get "in" doesn't help either..

  • Samuel L Jackson robbing McDowell's in Coming To America

    Who the fuck is this asshole?

  • Anonymous

    What a delightful and articulate young man.

  • pip

    fuck this nigga tip gon end his ass before he blow up and jeezy run the alanta right now only nigga hot fuck this lame

  • Anonymous

    niggas out here is desperate for attention

  • God

    I didn't understand any of that. Can someone please translate for a white person? All I got out of that was profanity. Support real hip hop, not this bullshit.

  • Lil c

    Why this nigga scared to diss them g4 boyz that punked this azz?

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