DJ Whoo Kid Shares Untold Story About Kanye West's Car Accident

Whoo Kid talks about an incident that took place on the night of Kanye West's now infamous car accident.

Through all of the years in DJ Whoo Kid's career, he's been involved in the careers of several emcees. During a video series for ThisIs50, Whoo Kid decided to speak on some interesting events he's been a part of. In the latest clip, he talks about his work with Kanye West before West's now infamous car accident and before his rise in the music industry. 

In the video, Whoo Kid talks about how Kanye tried to impress Ludacris, only to have Luda pick a different producer's beat. 

"It was me, Beanie Siegel, Kanye and 3H. We were all in the studio and Luda was in town. He fucking came to the studio and was like, 'I gotta go to fuckin' L.A.X. so I gotta do the verse [quickly].' So, what happened was Kanye saw Luda and he's a fan. So, Kanye goes in the booth and he's rapping [mimics Kanye]. Like, he was rapping for like an hour. Luda didn't know Kanye that well at the time so Luda was like, 'What the fuck is going on? I came to do this song. Yo, Whoo Kid, I'm here to do your shit. I'm out of here.' I got nervous because I really wanted to get this shit done. I was like, 'What? You leaving?' I ran in there like, 'What you doing, [Kanye]? Get out there and play that beat, yo!' So Kanye's looking crazy. What made it worse is, by the time he got out there, Luda picked a Red Spyda beat."

Whoo Kid says he wasn't really impressed with West's rhymes "at the time," but filmed him to get Kanye away from Ludacris. He shares that Kanye filmed a few of his College Dropout verses, before getting into his car. According to Whoo Kid, he got into his car "heated." A few moments later, Whoo Kid says he heard that Kanye West was involved in "the accident." 

Whoo Kid says he felt he angered him, possibly causing him to drive with speed. "Life is fucked up," he added. 
In the videos filmed by Whoo Kid, West also said he was ahead of his time with fashion and predicted that he would be at the top of the game with Jay-Z. More from the interview can be seen below. 

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  • Anonymous

    Whoo kid is living joke.

  • Trolinski

    im surprised he's not talking about getting his ass beat yet again

  • Gangbanger

    With those jaws, I bet kanye can suck a mean dick. Heard Birdman gave him a cadillac after they hooked up, is that true?

    • RealTalk

      You better cut that shit out nigga! This site should be closed down for allowing such shit mouthed niggas on here!

    • Koollie

      It was Whoo Kid who buss a nut on birdman's chest. He got an Audi, not a Cadillac asshole. Don't know why people confuse that

  • The Azrael

    It's funny how life is, person who is most clowned and treated like shit can end up on top. When he said all the shit he said on the video, no one took him serious but he still did it and it worked. Now he is one of the most influential artist and Whoo Kid is getting slapped around by 50 cent...

  • David Robinson

    Wow. He's talking about Ludacris ft. Lloyd Banks - Gangsta. That's the song that Luda did over a Red Spyda beat on a Whoo Kid mixtape. If that story is true then I guess this is the song that made Kanye famous.

  • Koollie

    Man whoo kid is the dopest DJ out there...More undtold stories by whoo kid pls!

  • king

    Come on DX...every week, for the past 3 Weeks yall have put up articles on this dude......first it was how he got w/ 50, and 50 smacking him around.....last week was some b/s article and now this just saying, couldnt this have just been 1 article......yall couldve use this article to talk about some southern rappers

    • Acesun

      You Southern Rappers is WHY the whole game is jammed up right now. Nobody wants to hear that trash rap, no subject matter, BS. GTFOH Son.

  • cmc

    damn dj whoo kid funny ass fuck


    ahaaha man thats some funny ish .. good story thoe ..

  • louiscaprice

    @cocobutter Kanye Produced Stand Up

  • sssshhhhh

    all I'm sayin is peep this new dude from QUEENS...I heard Fif invested in him thank me later...

  • stabler420

    Damn! How different would hop hop be if that accident completed the job. We wouldnt have rappers runnin around with skinny jeans and uggs boots. Damn you car accident! Next time fo the job right and kill that asshole!!! Kanye is still lyrically weak. The problem is our younger generation is stupid as fuck and will listen to whatever they are told to. Songs are made for dummies now. There's no more thought in mainstream hip hop. It's all club bangers and nursery rhymes.

    • stabler420

      Kanye has no bars fool! Word play? Rhyming Michael Jackson with Michael Jackson is wordplay? Apparently people Dont know what flow is cuz Kanye flows like turtles Fuck. Slow as shit! "Kanyes style is some slow bull crap! By the time he finishes his rhyme it will be considered old school rap!!" That's a line from one of my Kanye diss songs ha ha!!

    • Protege

      KANYE...lyrically WEAKE...gtfoh lol Kanye has and always has had crazy bars, nice wordplay to go along with an original flow and crazy honesty, hes not the lyricist Jay-z is, but hes a notch and half below, which makes him a high leel lyricist

    • Stabler's mom's gynocologist

      It's true. I took out, wined and dined her, then I fucked her brains out. About 2 months later, she came to me saying that she was pregnant, seeing that she was incredibly stupid, I feared the child would have down's syndrome. So, I told her we needed to take care of that thing. She said no, I gassed her and did it while she was sleeping. It turned out that the baby survived, we've been keeping him in a cage, feeding and giving him water everyday, changing his diaper, you know the usual shit you have to do for somebody that is 41 but has the brain of a 7 year old. Anyways, I just wanted to apologize for the disgrace that is my son, I told him that if he acts out one more time that he's going to get the "shot" and that everything will go night night for him.

    • Anonymous

      First off my mother is pro-life. So abortions are out if the question. Seems though that your mom attempted and failed. She only got the coathanger partially in. That's why you're so braindead. Also kanyes production sucks. I could also give a Fuck about trends. I usually go the opposite way as what's trending. Go listen to Kanye because MTV told you to. He's still garbage and thinks he's gods gift to humanity. You dumb ducks would probably still go for the skinny jeans cuz weezys faggot ass would still be here. Oh yeah btw I am psychic motherfucker!!

    • Anonymous

      ^you cant say that with any certainty. youre not a psychic

    • Anonymous

      Haha, stable, you're really naive and dumb if you think rappers wouldn't be wearing skinny jeans in this day and age without Kanye. That kinda shit was going to be trendy regardless of what Kanye was rockin' he just so happened to recognise the trend before these other bitches hopped on the bandwagon. Anyway, don't hate the man for whatever trends he did set. Hate yourself for not setting those trends first. Bitch.

    • floppydisk559

      i tried kicking the bitch on the stomach with steel toes but this faggot still here dam it steel toes. why did'nt you get the job done?

    • okay

      @stabler420 think about if you hadn't have survived that abortion, how different would hiphopdx be today? Not that different but damn it, Abortion, why didn't you get the job done? This faggot deserves to be taken off the planet.

    • RealTalk

      Kanye produced some of the best beats in hip hop pre-2005, who cares how well the nigga rap? You don't like the shit, don't listen homey. Aint no reason to wish death on a nigga.

  • So Icy Boi!

    I used to hate Luda bit its ova now! Im a fan. he picked a Red Spyda beats. dis nigga is a great beat selector. good ears nigga. fucken good ears! Ganyes beats are borin & old. swag

  • Anonymous

    Now i know why 50 smack this fool up

  • GoldenEra boy

    i can name about 100 artist you havent heard of youngster, get off this site and go back to your nickelodeon programing with your teletubby watchin ass

  • cocobutter

    Kanye West never produced anything for Ludacris. I guess Luda dont feel Kanye like that lmao

    • jack (n/h)

      i heard a rumor that kanye produced a hit single for luda, and that luda also appeared on the college dropout doing the hook on breath in breath out, and they even did a commercial and song for some hood ass cell phone provider back in like 03 together too. i guess what im getting at is that they have beef in the streets.

    • ak

      i think cocobutter gets the point hahaha damn

    • RealTalk

      U the one checkin thru these comments like some bitch on her BlackBerry, nigga so shut the fuck up and mind ya business, scared ass Anonymous fuck boy.

    • Anonymous

      Alright we got it. Wow many different people gotta say the same shit in a row?

    • RealTalk

      Stand Up....and wasnt Luda on The College Dropout?

    • bigfoot89

      Ludacris - Stand Up plus Kanye is in the video, you buggin...

    • Anonymous

      Produced by Kanye West, "Stand Up" went on to become one of Ludacris' biggest mainstream hits to date, hitting the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 garnering ...

    • Justin Mack

      When i move you move.. just like that.. Ludacris (produced by Kanye west)

    • Anonymous

      are you stupid ,. do your research

    • ...

      Kanye produced possibly the biggest hit of Ludacris' career, 'Stand Up', and he even appears in the video for the song. Get your facts right, boy.

  • cocobutter

    lmao, Ludacris didnt like Kanye... Classic

  • Junya

    Kanye was probably looking at himself in the rear view mirror and saying shit like "Damn, you fine nigga...Nah, nigga you fine...You the greatest mc ever nigga...Nah, nigga you the greatest mc ever my nigga. I love you so much...I love you more boo. I cant wait to get you home my nigga...Me too Kanye. Damn, Kanye I love you...Listen, listen, check this ooooooooh shiiiit" As he swerves off the road and into the accident.

  • idontknow

    Whoo kid is funny as hell. But maybe Kanye should not drive? dude been in two accidents? heard of second time lucky.... but the third? You know why survived them two crashed.... you know why? cause his Moms prayed for him! on the real... since his Moms passed away dude aint never been right! When a mother prays for her son.... God listens... dont matter what religion you are.... we all pray to the one God!

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