Tyga Speaks On Collaborations With Nas & Nicki Minaj

The YMCMB rapper explains how his duets with Esco and Nicki came to be.

Tyga is currently gearing up for the release of his new album Careless World: Rise of the Last King, which is set for a February 21st release. During an interview with XXLMag.com, he reflected on collaborating with Nas and Nicki Minaj for the LP and how the duets came to be.

Tyga first spoke on collaborating with Esco for “Kings and Queens,” which also features Wale.

“Yeah man, I sent Nas a song like six months ago and I never heard back from him but out of the blue, he called me like, ‘Yo, you doing your thing. I want to be a part of what you doing, I like everything you doing. Keep working hard,” he said. “I sent him the ‘Kings and Queens’ that night and he did it the next day. I was like, that shit is crazy. Nas always talks that shit. The song, man, [his bars] added the cherry on top. It’s a real classic song. People are gonna like it. I wanna think of a dope video. The storyline of the song, the whole King and Queens [theme], it’s motivational.”

He also touched on the song “Muthafucka Up,” which features his YMCMB peer Nicki Minaj. “The song for Nicki is called ‘Muthafucka Up,’” he said. “I don’t know what they gonna call it on the radio. Maybe they might call it ‘Up.’ That one is one of them going in type songs. Like how Wayne had ‘A Milli.’ One of those Young Money records that people love. We got a crazy visual for that one, too. I don’t wanna give it away. I’ve been doing a lot of features for everyone.”

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  • Anonymous

    this is why nas is king cause he gets respect from the subjects.

  • EA

    he just showing this young rappers what real liyrics are about. NAS is the best...

  • Haters Never Win

    Nas keeps his haters in a Frenzy...you haters are in a MAD and AGITATED state of mind! "Don't hate me hate the money I see."-Nasir Olu Dara Jones

  • Young Money

    Excited for this Tyga album to drop!



  • Anonymous

    lost a lot of respect for Nas

  • Ghost of Nat Turner

    Nasty Nasir is just lettin these young niggas know who the GOAT MC is. Yall notice how he's smashing verses all over the "hot right now" rappers shit? Who had the best verse on Rick Ross last mixtape? Nas Who had the best verse on Lil Waynes Carter 4? yep you guessed I believe on C4 outro he spit"smack adoloscents who ask who the best is..." now all these skinny jean wearing Young Money fans who swore Wayne was the best are all confused and conflicted lol

    • Anonymous

      @nat real talk. dude is actively ruling.

    • Ghost of Nat Turner

      lmao @ the LL mention

    • LL the goat

      Put him up against LL on a song. LL would still get up in that a$$ Nas is inconsistent .... he rock that ish but then make hot lyrics with Wack Tracks. Let him get on a track with L and see who shine.

    • Anonymous

      Didn't Jay do Maybach Music 1 with Ross and is supposed to be on the new album? When Nas works with Salaam, nobody wants to hear that, he need to get with the times and rap over different beats. When he does that, he's selling out and desperate. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS PEOPLE, WHICH ONE IS IT?

    • the doc

      lol...keep tryna justify, Naz just in it for the money...dont try and make a spin it, dude is sellin out collabin with shit rappers like ROSS and tyga You cant defend your GOAT....$$ clouds everything and hip hop aint just about money..

  • ETK

    ITT: niggas shouting that Nas is broke when he has probably twice more in the bank than they have right now

  • Anonymous

    nas will sign to cashmoney then hiphop will be dead

  • Anonymous

    NAS IS LIKE.........broke

  • Anonymous

    come on cut tyga some slack yall even heard the song yet yall hating...careless world is gonna be dope yall gonna be shocked as hell..he prob the only person in Ym i have hope for

  • ETK

    listen, you hatin ass niggers. do you really think Nas is up in his place, saying "oh fuck everybody in this new school regime, they are not worth my time!" seriously shut the fuck up. stop throwing a fit like a little bitch if Nas collabs with Tyga, Rick Ross, appears in C4, whoever the fuck. they're just rappers man. all they do is make music and they wanna mesh their sounds together to make something good. here's the newsflash: there was a time when Nas was a pop rapper too. doin singles and charting on the billboard and shit. he's not the underground hero of the season for you niggas to jizz over, he's tasted platinum success and he has no trouble reachin out to rappers who are poppin' right now. funny how even Nas himself seems more open-minded than y'all.

    • hey faggot

      stop spending your time defending sell out moves and trash music faggot. grow a set, have your opinion, shut up.

  • Anonymous

    Nas is the greatest of all time, hes just helping Tyga out, even tho i dont prefer tyga music, its all love

  • j

    Stooopid dx comment system-,talkin bout the comments at the bottom

  • j

    /\ /\ this right here is funny as fuck! Whoever u are yr a genius..... Made me lol

  • real talk

    @schmo..you are a nigga on the internet calling Nas a bum. You probably punch a 9-5 clock making minimum wage. Nas being shelved?...Is that why Def Jam executives are doing interviews with VH1 for Nas' 'Behind The Music' documentary. Is that why producers like JUSTICE League, DaInternz, NO ID and countless others tweet about Nas new album 'Life Is Good?' Is that why Nas is being requested to do features with Chris Brown, K'Naan. Nelly Furtado, Melanie Fiona, Mary J. Blige, CJ Hilson, Carlos Santana, Beastie Boys, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross because he fell off? You haters are mad at a man for being involved in his profession and interacting with artists that respect him as an emcee. How pathetic are niggas like you. Nas is winning Emmy Awards, selling paintings for 14k and donating the proceeds to charity and you got the nerve to call Nas a bum. If you were not such a gossiping bitch you would not be concerned about what Nas pays his ex but I guess that is what bitch niggas do...believe gossip. Niggas like you are pathetic.

    • get real

      @schmo: Where is your career headed? You mad because you got owned on your hate and now you trying to spin your bullshit but sounding dumb as ever doing so. Nas sends his love from Aspen...LOL!

    • Mafioso

      Keep spitin the truth man

    • Anonymous

      ^ difference is Nas is on WAYNE'S album, not the reverse, he got a check from THEM. We'll wait and see how you sit and spin this one. 400 thousand and two world tours sounds good to me, Ross barely outsold "Distant Relatives" with "Teflon Don" doing 450 and he didn't go on 2 worldwide tours. If you want to go further, "Deeper Than Rap" barely outsold "Distant Relatives", and I'm using the so-called HOTTEST rapper out as an example versus one who's "career is on the rocks". Go headbutt a steak knife GhostofNatTurner

    • Anonymous

      working with wayne isn't a badge of honor. it's a sign of needing a fag niggas shine to stay hot. nas is ice cold. how'd that trash album with marleys wack son do? exactly. guys career is on the rocks, hes working OT to pay his slut wife back.

    • Anonymous

      Once you asked if Wayne wants to work with Nas and forgot Nas IS on Carter 4 you lost the debate. I bet once you saw Jay-Z front and center WITH Nas at Nas' birthday celebration your soul started burning. I dedicate this to you: (._ .) ^ that is a BLANK STARE @ you schmo the clown

    • schmo

      LOL OMGZ rihanna wants to work with nas? lil wayne wants to work with nas? nelly furtado wants to work with nas? he's getting features with chris brown!? and you're excited about these prospects? i loved nas when he did real hip hop music minus the bullshit nas is currently in a slave contract and def jam owns him sadly how's that lost tapes 2 sounding? life is good been coming this year the last 2 years. all these pop acts wanna work with him, yet nobody wants to buy his gay records with bob marley's hack son. nas super fans are the reason his career is on life support. slurp everything he does with no objectvity or honesty.

    • Anonymous

      true shit. Kids on DX are hating like Crazy. Nas is a one of a kind, once in a generation. We are witnessing one the illest cats to ever bless the mic. He is my fav Rapper for a Reason. Fuck Kelis, and Carmen Bryan.

  • Anonymous

    Niggas need to stop hateing Nas just trying to get paied.

  • True King

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  • Hip hop fans suck!

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  • Anonymous

    Nas is The most OVERRATED emcee in history of hip hop.

  • Anonymous

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  • Swordz

    Nas has always e-mailed in verses. He just trying to keep his name out there. I wish he would try harder!! LOL

    • real talk

      Try harder for who? Nas is a 20 year veteran nigga he does not have to try any harder than he has since day one!


    What the FUCK is wrong with you Nas?

  • schmo

    LOL nas is such a fucking bum he'd take in the poop to get paid in 2012 funny how the guy who made the HIP HOP IS DEAD album will do literally anything with anyone to keep his name out there life is good though, right? paying off his smut ex wife every month, shelved by def jam, talking about an album that's never coming out, doing records with rick ross and tyga. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH nail in the coffin. every rapper either sold out or flat out sucks. only ppl who don't realize it are gay ass kids that were raised by blogger lames. "my style switches like a faggot" funny thing is he's losing fans and not getting new ones. ask around. nas fell off. hard.

    • ETK

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    • schmo

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    • Homie

      Busta did a song with Lil Twist, Luda did a song with Justin Biber, Eminem worked with Rhianna...Why are you on Nas' nuts? Nas has worked with tons of different people over the years...You're acting like it's something new. Tyga sent him the song first...He wanted Nas on the album. All the people Nas works with want Nas...Is he supposed to tell them no? Nas is just too good for yall...You just want to see him fail or sell out because you want him to have a flaw. Get over it, it's not a big deal at all.

    • Big C

      If you think every rapper sold out or sucks why are you on a hip hop website? You literally took time out of your day to hate...that's pretty sad

    • haha

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    • Anonymous

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  • Alphabet

    Dr. Dre + Rick Ross and DJ Khaled? Nas + Tyga? I dont want to live on this planet anymore! Hip hop is dead officially. Chuck D, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, KRS-One will commit suicide and roll in their grave! R.I.P. Chuck D, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap and KRS-One

  • Anonymous

    WTF is going on i tried to run it thru my head what a song with Tyga and Nas but something very horrible sounding keeps poppin up in my head. BEST RAP GROUP IN FLORIDA http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success/

  • filipoo

    Lol its funny cuz Nas never said anything for about 6 months until he saw Tyga on TV lol

  • Bigfoot8989

    Nas clearly needs paper to do a song with faggot ass Tyga

    • enclosed minds

      Niggas are lost if they think Nas needs money. You old heads and hip hop purist need to get with the times. That is why the pioneers/vets of hip hop die off because ignorant fans only want them to be heard by a samll audience and stuck in the 80's & 90's. I guess Jay-z needs the money as well because he hops on tracks with everyone as well.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    One thing I'll say about Nasir... if you're truly willing to get a verse from him and are genuine about what he's solidified, he'll reciprocate the love. Never hurts to get money at the same time.

  • Anonymous

    what da fuck is going on in hip hop the last few years its really changed in a major way

    • Usher

      @Nas - Swag, I'll see you in the studio.

    • Nas

      @Usher JB is all we need. And lets add Lil Wayne too since we are in the YMCMB family.

    • Usher

      @Nas - How can you work with Jeezy while he and Rozay at war? But yeah man, Bieber is up for this shit. It'll get the teenage girls buying it. Anyone else you want on the album? I'll sort it out.

    • Nas

      @Usher cool cool. Birdman and YMCMB is doing big things, we could sell nuff records. But we need some Justin Bieber on this LP too, to make it built for the charts. @YoungJeezy yo Jee, i want to make a single calling our president wack. "Our President is WACK"

    • Jibbs

      whats good brah! its ya boi Jibbs 2012 my year I'm common out wit Chain Hang Low 2 whats good Puff can i get that deal or Baby how about you, ill let any of y'all put y'all balls in my mouth for a deal as long as they hang low

    • Usher

      @Nas - That would be fire. We could take up Birdman's offer and release through Cash Money and sell a milli first week? So it's a strict commercial album then? @Young Jeezy - I have to hate you because me and Nas are homies and he's friends with Rozay. Suck a dick Jeezy.

    • Young Jeezy

      TM104 Coming Soon!

    • Nas

      @Usher yo U, i think me and you need to make a colbo-album nahsayingb? It would be fire. It would be stricly for the stations so i'm ready to make a ochie wally part 2 with you if you like.

    • Usher

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    • Lloyd Banks

      Im so fly An Ive got money so thats a good enough reason to buy the things I buy Im So High

    • Diddy

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    • Usher

      @Diddy - You still owe me money for the countless records I wrote and the record I featured on from your last wack ass album. I wanna see those $$$$ fast. You will feature on my "Saving The Failures" albums, right?

    • Diddy

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    • Usher

      @Nas - Luda has already ghost-wrote the album. But you can collab with me on my next album? It's going to be called "Saving The Failures" I'm getting Game, 50, Fat Joe, Soulja Boy and a few other failing artists. Want to hop on and save your own faltering career? @Birdman -I'll take Tyga. I will slay his ass hole as if it was a lightsaber. Can I have Lil' Twist on the side too? More cum for everyone.

    • Birdman

      Nahh son you trippin @Nas wayne is the only one that will get to touch these cash money lips, you can have tyga tho seeing as you colab with him Common already gave it to Drake too hard in the butt why you think he got mad at common, just got easy on Lil Tyga Braveheart

    • 187JoshM187

      Lmao ths whole reply list had me rolling.

    • Suge Knight

      Any artist out there wanna be a artist..and wanna stay a star and not worry about the executive producer being all in the videos, all on the records, dancing... come to Deathrow!

    • Diddy

      @Nas i know you sent stoute to me to get his ass whooped. But lets forget the past and get this paper, son. I got lots of paper and you got lots of bills. GET AT ME!

    • Nas

      @Usher yo if Justin Bieber needs a ghostwriter for his rap album, holla at me. I got some ill some nahsaying?

    • Usher

      Birdman - I'll only join if I can be the only man you'll ever kiss? Hey baby, daddy's home.

    • please

      Oh Nas hurt your feelings LOL!

    • Nas

      @Diddy naw after what you did to Steve Stoute, i ain't fucking with you no more. @LilJon crunk is dead, GTFO the bravehearts don't need your crap

    • DIddy

      Im sign artist to Bad boy records if you down. The money is good, you just gotta shoot when i say so and not get caught. Come check me out at bad boy you guys know where its at

    • Lil John

      What???!!! Yeaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!

    • Nas

      @Birdman only if the money is good

    • Birdman

      Call him a loser if you want. Ill eventually sign you both to Cash Money as well when no other label wants you.

    • Usher

      Real talk. That's the only reason I worked with this loser too.

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