Nicki Minaj Breaks Vevo Record With "Stupid Hoe" Video

The Harajuku Barbie racks up the highest ever first-day views with her Hype Williams-directed visuals.

Nicki Minaj has broken a Vevo record for racking up the highest single video views within the first 24 hours of release.

The Harajuku Barbie, who dropped her Hype Williams-directed “Stupid Hoe” visuals on January 20th, accrued 4.8 million views during its first day of release. Vevo confirmed with Digital Spy that she has broken the record.

Nicki is currently gearing up for the release of her sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, set for an April 3rd release.

Watch the video for “Stupid Hoe” below.

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  • hmmm?

    she said she was the female weezy and shes right....she wastes her talent

  • Guess What

    Nicki is the real "Stupid Hoe". Just ask all of YMCMB, they all know from personal experience. It's so sad what female hip hop has been reduced to. This clone bitch is the worst to ever touch the mic. Plz believe that GAY child molesting homo Baby will be buying her records again just like he did the first time.

  • Mr. Mack

    Really. How this song sucks!!!

    • Kasia

      The more negative something receives, the more it is viewed. I watched this because of my sister and now I really like it, better than those teenagers who try to ruin the meaning of good music, though this isn't the "best" music, but go Nicki Minaj!! You know who those teens are that try to ruin music, so no names are mentioned.

  • Young Money

    Don't really like the song or video, but congrats to Nicki!

  • PiffDaddyKane

    I dont like dis song...dont niggas cant lie. SHe took mad shots @ lil kim...thats what i got from dis video. Its fun i guess. We all know nicki can spit sum shit a lil bit. But she was sendin shots...i hope that that was da whole point behind this.

  • Anonymous


  • Jeff

    Worst song ever. 4.8 million idiots... jeff @ www . illestrhyme . com

  • Jeff

    Worst song ever. 4.8 million idiots... jeff @

  • Anonymous

    Nicki is the stupid hoe.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck That.I just dont get what the hell people b thinkin.4.8 million 4 that shite video and J dilla Just started hitting million views on some videos and he died 5 years. What the Fuck wrong with people?

  • wolfman

    In fact, if this is all it takes to entertain children today, then I'm dead on this generation. Fuck you kids and your future. I'll burn my money before these kids get it!

    • Anonymous

      Smarter thing to do would be to take the older music and play it for the generation AFTER this one and let THEM create the hybrid to take out the current phase.

  • wolfman

    Scam... NO WAY this shit is getting this much play.

  • Anonymous

    Man. Why don't people do like us 90's heads with videos involving booty today with terrible lyrics/beats? Watch that shit on mute...nuff said. case closed. You still get the visual. that's word to BET uncut videos. I miss you man!!!

  • blitzlegga

    yeah, this song is some royal bullshit. but something tells me thats what Nicki was going for. she knows, just like Wayne knows, that people love bullshit. even the haters love to critique the bullshit, but guess what, they still listening to it...

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this song is horrible. And BTW, the video where the cat mom is hugging her kittens has 41,734,414 views, so if you are going to say this means something for Nicki, then whoever upped that cat video should have a multi-million dollar movie or commercial contract.

  • Tony Blair

    I really wish Rah Digga would come out and put this chick on blast or when remy ma comes out and murders chick......this is young money is so bad for hip hop revolutionary???? ha they set back hip hop 40 years

    • Raiden

      Its the kids/girls/birdmans fault for buying the cds. They dont want nice beats/lyrics to play on the radio or in the media. The saturation is going to end soon though and when real hip hop comes back they're all going to be broke and cracked out doing VH1 documentaries called, Hip Pop Plague: Fake Bloods & Trannies



  • anonymous

    that garbage video has more dislikes than likes. you'd have to be retarded to like her "music"

  • Anonymous

    The only reason it's getting views is because of her ass. Her voice and facial expressions are annoying hence all the dislike on YOUTUBE.

  • HereWeGoYo

    I just want to see that body but the stupid ass facial expressions make watching it, even on mute, unbearable.

  • mzrita

    this song has been out for over a month an broke no record or had rave doubt nicki is some eye candy...she broke the record bc people wanted to look at her...not neccesarily hear her...ijs

  • Shame

    Muted this shit and put the video on repeat allllll dayy moe

  • Swordz

    I think the tune is a little reaching but the is no denying she got skills. And the visuals on video - 5/5. No Hate. No Love. Just Facts baby!

  • Anonymous

    If hip hop was dead a few years ago, she just pulled the plug on it with this hot garbaaaaaage SMFH!

  • Anonymous

    I knew this was gonna happen but i didn't want to believe it. The song sucks horribly but i guess ppl just wanted to see Nicki making crazy ass faces...................... CHECK OUT THE MUSIC

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Truthfully I just wanted to see the video cause the chick is mad fine. I started to look at it without any sound. I wish I used my first thought. This, my friends, is some of the worst shit I've ever heard in my life. Seems like she's going in on Lil Kim. That in itself is a shame and fallacy. Lil Kim needs no extra attention. She can't suck Big's dick anymore for raps so who cares about her. But wow. This shit is awful. It's very terrible. YADIG and YESSIR need to both kill themselves for backing this bullshit ass label. They can't possibly have lives let alone be worth anything to remotely contribute to their communities, let alone society. But man... this shit made my head hurt. This shit is beyond disgusting. She should strictly do porn. That's it.

    • Anonymous

      Your right Mr Flamboyant, porn seems like the best route cause this music shit aint going to last. What happens when faggots like yadig grow up? Is she gonna make country or rock?

    • Anonymous

      Well put Flam, 100% spot on.

    • Swordz

      Apart from trashing Kim. Do you history youngon. Kim has 2 classics, Nikki aint got 1 yet... so chill. Agreed with the rest - music is trash. But can Nikki rap? Hell Yeah... Is she talented?? I think so.... So no hate. No love kiddies. Just facts.

    • stew

      this guy is right on the fuckin money, shake that ass for porn directors and quit making shitty music

  • ian

    ahhh another over egotistic popstar claiming to be a rapper, long gone are the days of lil kim,lady of rage and foxy. mainstream rap music is a joke i wouldnt dare even click play on this video, just wanted everybody to know ima hate of this hoe and all things that come from young money. disgrace to rap

  • EWAY

    This stupid hoe SUUUCKS! Kill yoself if u like dis bitch..foreal!

  • Lalal

    Ok, maybe the first 45 seconds are like Alright This is Good. Then she goes "Stupid Hoe" and then it all goes DOWWN HILLLLL

  • Anonymous

    I'm starting to like Nikki her music this shizz is HILARIOUS especially when she is going EEEEeeeeeeeeeeEEEeeeEeeEeeeeeeeeeEeeeeeEEEeeeEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Then sings "STUUUUUPID Hooooooooeeeeee!" Oh my god who's gasing this hoe?.... BP *dead* These bitches is my son and I don't want custody. *DEAD* Oh and the part where she is a lil kid. Oh god help me I shouldn't watch this in class or public I'm distracting everyone with my laughter. Peace everybody hope you enjoyed this video like me.

  • Doubl Negative

    Measurin' an artist's success/popularity by how many video views they accumulate is a pseudoscience. If you post a video on Youtube of a baby squirrel break-dancin' you'll hit a million figures in no time. Discerning B-Boyz don't care for Nicki, no matter how cute she is. Only real female rappers in the game I bump now are Jean Grey, Starrh tha Femcee, GA Muldrow and one the best emcees regardless of gender, Invincible.

  • Alphabet

    Very sad day for hip hop. 1. Nicki Minajs breaks Vevo records. 2. Dr. Dre works with Rick Ross and DJ Khaled 3. BET premiers Bow Wow's new video. SMDH!

  • Anonymous

    Goddamn it, FUCK everything YMCMB! Every single one of their artists just keeps churning out garbage like this. Can't believe people keep eating it up. Worst song I've heard in a damn long time.

  • Anonymous

    they left out the fact that its the most disliked video EVER

  • room2roam

    tell em why u mad son!! lol... YMCMB $ EVA HAYTUHZ... HA!!

  • BIZ

    LMAO what a terrible song and video.

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck was that? Could seriously be the worst song ever made.

  • GoReadABook We would need a fuckin time machine to measure how far back this set hiphop. Nikki might as well get a Gucci feature and throw this on the BAYTL album.

  • x

    do people actually like this crap?? I find it hard to believe. one of the worst songs ever made.

  • G-UNIT

    Worst song ever, period.

  • fancccc

    STUPID HOE describes very well her.



  • Anonymous

    check out the reviews for this song/video shes got gay dudes crying about how embarrassed they are to be a fan of her!!! LOL you know your fucking up when they homos stop messing with you

  • Mook

    I don't normally hate on Nicki or anything...I could care less that she's a female rapper if she makes good music than she makes good music...but Stupid Hoe is one of the worst songs ever. Everything about it. I think she did it so she could prove that she could make a song not talking about shit and it still become popular because of her fans. That we already know but is it really worth it if your gonna than push your album back?

  • Anonymous

    too bad the song has over twice as many dislikes than likes on youtube! this is one of the worst songs ever made! whoever made the beat should be executed

  • Kap Diva

    Lil Kim sold 120,000 copies of Black Friday in only 24 hours, so she broke a record too!

  • Anonymous

    LOL!!!! Now all yall haters made this possible!!!! Yall kept viewing this video so yall can hate on it!!! Damn great strategy by Nikki. Her buzz is going strong!!! Now let me see if Lil Kim can top this? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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