French Montana Reveals Why He Didn't Sign With Kanye West

French says that 'Ye's lack of a phone was the reason he didn't join G.O.O.D. Music.

French Montana recently announced that he signed with Diddy's Bad Boy Records after hinting that he was signing with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music. Though he's remained mum about why he didn't contract with Yeezy, French spoke with Hot 97's Angie Martinez and finally revealed the reason why he snubbed 'Ye.

"I met up with him one time and then I met up with him again. There were things that I was used to ’cause I was already moving. I’m like a money train," he said. "Kanye doesn’t have a phone. If you need to get in contact with Kanye, you have to email him. You can’t tell me how to do that. I don’t know how to use an email, so I guess me and you is never gonna talk. And I’ma put my career in your hands? He’s definitely talented and I felt like if I went there, we would have definitely made history."

Instead, French signed with Bad Boy Records, with plans to drop his LP in the forthcoming months. For French, the choice was clear based on what Diddy could offer. "When I met up with Puff, everything he promised me came through. And Rozay was definitely there for me too," he said.

Listen to the full interview below.

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  • Anonymous

    Damn. That's... wow.

  • wavyassnigga

    this dumb fuck looks like bart simpson... fuck outta here wit that no email bullshit... tryna make ignorance and stupidity trendy or something

  • Anonymous

    I like frenchie but he looks like a jackass in that picture.

  • mike jones

    I can almost guarantee 3/4 of the people hating in here dont make over 50k a year! hell I give you 7/8. People with money respect people who grind! haters make excuses and reasons why they cant do something.BROKE people dont own Ish. Step your game up and stop the hate. -once again I dont think he makes the best music! but respect his hustle

  • bum

    If there is any guy who deserves to feel the wrath of puffy and how bad he manages his label, its this clown. What a joke, this guy is a complete bum and sucks

  • Anonymous

    Bad Boy will put up your debut LP but after that, Puff loses interest, you realize he cheated you, your buzz is gone by the time you even figure out he's not putting up for the second album, and then you probably end up around New York City sucking dick for buffalo nickels waiting for your contract to expire. Everyone who signs on that label either ends up broke, convicted of drug crimes, dead, or some combination of either. It takes some sort of special stupidity not to sign with Kanye West and go with Bad Boy instead. I don't even know what to call that. It's not even just about Kanye or Puff, it's common sense if you're an artist and common sense to everyone else; you sign with the reputable label, headed by someone who knows how to sustain success, with label mates that mostly have solid ass careers. You don't sign with the label with the exact worst reputation of failing to put up their talent, cheating their talent, and leaving them to dry after wringing out whatever smells like money out their talent with Puff's octopus tentacles. Bad Boy hasn't put out shit in a minute for a reason. I don't even know man... this French guy is another kind of stupid.

  • Anonymous

    French is so trash can't believe anyone would want to sign him

  • based landlord

    i wouldn't sign anybody that doesn't know how to send a god damn e-mail

    • Anonymous

      lol im sure he really didnt mean sure he meant he aint by the pc all the time..and its actually easier to talk if ur boss got a phone..u can call him anytime yall stop hating on french

    • Big Dan this day and age. That eesh cray! I can understand there are kids in the projects that might not have a PC at home, but common dude. If you are at the point where you are making noise, top names are hollering at you, surely you have sat in front of a computer. I think he is lying. If you are an artists that's not promoting yourself on the internet or have a crew doing it on your behalf outside of the label, you've got some serious learning to do on how to succeed today.

  • NO ID


  • Its Um

    Dude signed with diddy, doubt his album will ever drop, if does he might not sell well either.



  • Anonymous

    this dude is shitty of course he doesnt know how to use email he is from some third world shit hole and doesnt understand sophisticated american inventions

  • Lsn22s

    Did this fool just say he doesn't know how to send an email? That should have been the WHOLE ARTICLE..."Breaking News: French Montana Dumber Than Bag Of Hammers"

  • Anonymous

    "and I felt like if I went there, we would have definitely made history." LMFAO thank God Ye didn't sign this waste

  • mike jones

    You might want to youtube french. He a real dude. he talks slow because he got shot in the head(guy who shot him is dead). he had a 5 flr home before he got famous! Bottom line..He's a hustler. Legit( not saying he makes the best music either. just not hating

    • Anonymous

      he's lying. he talks slow cuz he's a fat rican drunk with a low IQ. carry on with your street dreams halfwit.

    • mike jones

      He's not lying about getting shot in the head.He had to go to court on murder charges after. And you can look at youtube and see it is his house.I heard of him before he got shot and you can see his speech changed.

    • Anonymous

      he should go hustle something that isn't wack music. if you can't use e-mail in 2012 you're not a hustler, you're an idiot. "his music not da best but he a hustla!" a guy that lies about talking to kanye west is also lying about getting shot and getting paid. figure it out. hes a broke bum with fake chains.

  • SuperNovaPlus

    This dude is a clown. I don't understand why he's even being mentioned. Not one post was pro French Montana. Is anyone checking for his music?

  • Anonymous

    from what i heard, this nigga is a deluxe bottle of wack sauce

  • rick

    niggas....smh! Dude doesnt know how to send an email? ........GO TO SCHOOL nigga!!

  • Anonymous

    basically you saying you diodnt sign cause you cann't call dude whenever you want to ,. you aint earned that right yet , and kanye wants things in writing,dumb dumb

  • Anonymous

    this fool a clown

  • RealTalk

    Shoulda kept that shit a secret Frenchie...dumbass can't use email??? WTF is that shit?

  • v

    yeah actually i am dipshit...

  • Anonymous

    this dude snorts more coke than he ever sold

  • v

    How in the ENTIRE FUCK!!!!!.... dont you know how to use an email??? smdh this is a disgrace to our people and our culture...

  • Worley

    I don't know what's worse: a dude signing to Rape'n You Records or the same dude claiming he doesn't know how to use e-mail. And take off the silly ass hat. We can still see your big watermelon head underneath.

  • ForRealThough?

    You dont know how to use email? You type and press send.... really though?

  • Anonymous

    chains = fake story = fake music = sucks why is dx on this bums dick? quit gassing bums dx you fucking faggots.

  • Anonymous

    you didn't sign to kanye west, cuz kanye west never wanted to sign you. who is interviewing this guy, and who can actually sit through one of his interviews? all talk and no action. one of the biggest bums in rap history. been in the game 10 years, can't tell you one song he's made and he had a deal with akon. LOL whoever listens to this guy has a very low IQ, no goals, no morals, and cracckhead parents. get help kids. if you can't see this guy is a bum, you're a bum yourself.

  • Jack Compton

    Would anyone else enjoy Ye dropping a track putting this liar in his place? Kill his 'career' before it's started.

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  • Anonymous

    For new the coupe to the Ghost dawg Pigeons on the roof like ghost dawg The white howard on the pose dawg My nigg-s got the powder through the post dawg Watch the body tilt when you hit the head Nigg-s lost mills tryna beat the feds 10 grams off my last 250 now Big ass crib, 250 down, damn Gave my n-gga Mac 75 Then gave my n-gga penthouse in another 30 F-ck got me thinking like Im 75 Damn, n-gga aint even seen 30 FM killed it on Stay Schemin, soo much swag

    • sup doe?

      gave my nigga 'MAX' 75, how you reppin montana and ain't even know max b..

    • Anonymous

      ghost dawg ghost dawg pose dawg post dawg man the kid is a fucking lyrical genius. you should mix bleach with your beverage of choice it makes it taste better.

    • Haze

      from the "hoopty" coupe to the ghost dawg "Dwight Howard" in the post dawg -not trying to be rude jus tryin to help

  • Whooliano

    You gotta be fucking kidding me... Kanye has tons of money out the ass yet he doesn't have a motherfucking cellphone? Seriously?? I figured he had like 5 or 6 gold-plated iPhones at one of his cribs...

  • Anonymous

    Dude is up there for the dumbest rapper of all time and that means a lot.

  • wakaflocka

    This guy will leave the game, just as fast as he arrived. Garbage belongs in the land fill.

  • Anonymous

    This dude is wack and his story is wack. Ye doesnt have a phone and this stupid ass doesnt know how to email. That sounds like some straight up bullshit!!!!!

  • Charles

    In the previous interview this clown said Kanye called him right before he signed with bad boy... or does no one remember that.

  • Anonymous

    Who doesn't know how to email?

  • Anonymous

    I want reimbursement for the time wasted reading this

  • aaron

    this guy is a f*cking clown! havent heard a good song from him yet! and believe me ive tried! no way he could run with anyone on good music and quite frankly thank goodness he didnt get signed cuz he suckssss

  • ItsTheTruth

    Excuse me guys, I'm so forgetful. But to be clear, this is the guy who sucked dick to get his vocals on 'Stay Schemin', If I'm not mistaken? Sorry kids. There's a good chance your favorite rapper is a closet homo. Don't know what happened to rap. Aint much to look forward to this year except a select few: DMX, Obie Trice, Slaughterhouse, Big Krit. But nobody wants real shit these days, they want "champagne poppin" music. SMH

  • Anonymous

    At least he's honest. LMAO.

  • Anonymous

    haven't heard his shit yet but he's got the Mr. Bean thing going on in his picture... and he even prob knows how to email.

  • hiphophead

    don't understand all the fuss about this dude, he's kinda wack

  • @cmoorbgreen


  • Anonymous

    This nigga is goin catch a brick.One hand snag Randy Moss catch a brick

  • Anonymous

    I dissagree that every1 wanted to sign this wack ass nigga but he swear he is the hottest thing out. I don't even kno how dude is signed now but o well he got fans CHECK OUT THE MUSIC

    • me

      I'm sorry but that was a waste of my time

    • HipHoppedUp

      Thats some whack ass music son. The only way you'll ever taste success is by giving someone successful a blowjob. Quit music and save yourself the time you'll waste. Go to school or lock down a steady paycheck. MUSIC IS NOT YOUR GOLDEN TICKET. Your crew would have better luck starting a jerk circle.

  • wtf

    What is this guy a retard or something? nvm probably answered my own questions. THIS GUYS IS A COMPLETE MORON, he can't use an E-mail in this age? he might as well go jump off a cliff. And honestly why in gods tarnation would Kanye sign this douche bag? Can't believe this tool is getting attention, and what race is he? looks like a white/black/mexican combination, dude is by far the ugliest mother fucker ever

  • I mean, just look at that pic...

    He looks like he rode a short bus up until he decided to dropout after repeating the 10th grade 5 times (Not factual info, just an imaginative speculation of what is clearly the dumbest mutherfucker in Hip Hop NOT from the South). Email, dude, email. That's what kept you from working with one of the most brilliant minds in modern music. Sure, Frenchie clearly has a great work ethic, but his lack of perspective on the big picture & his IQ level are obstacles he'll NEVER overcome. He's gonna look back at his decision to sign with Bad Boy in 3 years & regret it for the rest of his life.

  • 1

    yo.. this guy doesn't know how to use email? we're in 20 fucking 12. if somebody didn't find potential is his god-awful music, there's no telling what he'd be doing today

  • FreddieG

    Its sad you gotta hate on a man so hard. i mean what if he read this? hes a human being trying to make a living. leave him alone. i knowo someones going to respond to me fuck you blah blah but c'mon people really. this shit aint good for humanity. hate hate hate. when the elohim mother ship returns yall aint coming in lol

  • jr88

    this guy is terrible...his verse on stay scheimin is embarrassing

  • Pendleton

    this guy is going to bomb on bad boy. but probably anywhere

  • Get Out

    Wow, all I'm reading is hate, hate, hate....hate, hate, hate.....French Montana is siiccckkk. How you gonna deny the French Connection mixtape??....used to have respect for this site, now I'm rethinking it.

  • Sheezy

    wow, French is allergic to making $$$. if that was the only obstacle in the way to getting a deal, that was one lazy ass way of showing effort. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE BITCH, NOW GET IT!!! learn how to fuckin e-mail dumbass or get lost in the past...

  • B

    Really? This dude is the Stupidest supposed rapper that I have ever heard speak, wow.. how did this idiot ever get a deal? and no none of those songs are, or could ever be hits.. they are everything that is Wrong with hiphp... Kanye would have been dumb as shit to sign this moron.. haha and now he's with diddy so of course he's going to flop even worse.. like he had a chance anyway.. how can you be a rapper when you have a vocabulary of 6 words wow LMAO

  • Anonymous

    Can he explain why Kanye would want to sign him in the first place??

  • Anonymous


  • Montana is Stupid

    LP is nice but look how long Red Cafe has been at Bad Boy and still aint made an album yet. Youre stupid,nigga. Bad Boy was the worst decision. You'll be nothin more than a mixtape rapper or a ghostwriter for Diddy.

    • Anonymous

      But Red Cafe cant even make a catchy song. That nigga is DOODOO. French Montana got a better chance, cuz he got the southern style flow.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Stupid. Just stupid all around.

  • southsideking


  • thafranchise

    The email thing is funny but Shot Caller is hit record!!!! You cant deny that.

  • Anonymous

    dude looks like ol buddy from digital underground cept he dont need the glasses.

  • WZRD


  • thought dog

    Damn, if you cant figure out email or a computer then youre Diddys dream artist. Youll never figure out that contract Diddy has your dumbass sign.

  • Anonymous

    lol this nigga look stupid

  • Anonymous

    this guy is retarded..

  • Okay

    The amount this dude talks himself up, you'd think that people wouldn't be able to keep his name out of their mouth. I can probably ask 30 people if they know who French Montanna is, and at least 29 of them will say, "Who?"

  • Holy Hell

    "If I definitely went there, we would have made history" hahaha okay. He made a good move by going to Bad Boy, it keeps all of the trash off of my radar because I could give a fuck what goes on at Bad Boy or who's releasing what. Thank God he didn't sign to G.O.O.D., he would ruin every track he would be on, I can envision a nice sounding Kanye track that is ruined because French Montanna is featured on it and doing a shitty job rapping or singing on it. This dude is not going to sell shit, he's trash and he's basically trying to do a Lil Wayne type of hype up for himself i.e. someone blows dick at rapping but he hypes himself up so much that people start believing it, but I doubt that's going to happen with French.

  • Anonymous

    Why would Ye sign THIS dude; of all the emcees out there. No hate but he is pretty weak

  • jr88

    he is gonna regret this when puff is in all his videos dancing and asking him to ghostwrite all his

  • bklynsfynest2000

    let me understand didnt sign with Kanye cause you don't know how to use email? You signed with Puff aka diddy aka shiny suit man aka the guy who had his so called best friend sign his publishing over to him cause Puff "came through with his promises"? Man for a hot second i acutally though Montana had a little bit of sense. Apparently he not only can't use email but he can't read and dosen't have a TV or radio. How many previous bad boy artists gotta tell their horror stories before niggas stop going to Puff? matter of fact what the heck is Red cafe doing? last I checked he signed their and I ain't see a album yet....I did however see plenty of promotion for Dirty money which just happens to have Diddy as a member.....the countdown to montana going on HOT97 to cry about what diddy did to him has begun....

  • jprodigy

    thank god he didnt't join G.O.O.D. French is so overhyped it's unbelievable

    • Zing

      Thank you! This dude is garbage and he definitely doesn't have that G.O.O.D flavour at all. It actually worked out for the best! French will just stick to his weak guns, wack music and getting neglected by Diddy.

  • wtf

    Seriously? Don't know how to use an email? yoo, other than the fact he is a terrible rapper, he's technically challenged like that? c'mon son! step it up, we living in 2012!! smh... at least he don't gotta worry bout SPAM, lol~!

    • Anonymous

      @anon do you even know what sarcasm means? and what the hell does "read from an expressive view" even mean? if it was sarcasm french would be saying that he does know how to use email and kanye was easy to reach... which would contradict the entire point of the conversation. god you're dumb. its 2012 and people still dont know how what "sarcasm" is. smh

    • Anonymous

      its sarcasm learn how to read from an expressive view instead of just reading the words.

  • dentaldamboy

    Wow, this fucking terrorist doesn't know how to use email? That's straight up pathetic. Who the fuck does he think he is expecting to be able to hit up Kanye at all times. He acts like Diddy actually responds to any of his fucking calls either. Can't wait till this fag's album bombs and he's right back on the street. Actually, on second hand, I don't. This guy is a known terrorist sympathizer and will probably join a terrorist cell is he's hard up for cash. French Montana needs to be locked up to keep him out of the rap game and out of Al Quaeda.

    • dentaldamboy

      @Fuck No one is excusing past transgressions. But what the fuck can we do about it today? Live with hate forever? I mean we're all here now...might as well make the best of it. Do you want to go to Africa with "our people"? I'm sure you don't. As a matter of fact, people in Africa still kill each other over ethnicity. Racism still exists, but America is the best place in the world to live.

    • fuck

      Fuck America... you repping the same country that put your people through a holocaust for 400 years? The Dirtiest nation in the world and you are being the Lap boy, wow.. that being said Fuck french montana he is the weakest artist I have ever heard of any genre.. and that's not hate, just my ears trying to kill me after hearing his wack wack ass shit.. get it together.. and stop being a cheerleader for the Evil Corporation of america .. faggot

    • Anonymous

      you aint never getting no proof. this niggas behind a computer on the hhdx. he's just talking out his ass.

    • Anonymous

      And of course you have all the detailed proof to back up what your saying, correct? Why don't you upload it so we can believe what you're saying.

    • dentaldamboy

      @Anonymous (the first person to respond) I am an American before I am a black person. Islamic terrorists, ones that French Montana openly supports, want to kill all American, regardless of our race. All Americans; Black, white, Asian, Spanish need to unite against this existential threat. If you think me being critical of international terror is racist, they you, my friend, are probably siding with the terrorists against America. I hope one day Navy Seals kill you too.

    • Anonymous

      Lol, It is sad that he doesn't know how to use an email very sad. But who cares i aint a fan of French Montana and never will be his music sucks bad.

    • Anonymous

      there's nothing more heartbreaking than a racist black man.

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