Birdman Betting $5 Million On New England Patriots For Super Bowl XLVI

Birdman's betting it big on this year's Super Bowl, saying that he's got $5 million on the Pats.

Birdman's been known to drop vast sums of money on bets, and for this year's Super Bowl, it looks like the Cash Money rapper is reaching deep into his bank account. MTV reports that Baby is betting $5 million on the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl XLVI.

The Cash Money impresario and former Big Tymer Tweeted yesterday that he's putting $5 million on the line that the New England Patriots will defeat the New York Giants this February 5. He explained that he's putting his faith in the AFC Champs because his nephew is running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

I like New nephew play RB# 42.I'm Bet 5million 2 any tha Giants YMCMB.BabyMoney anybody kan Getit.
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As previously mentioned, Birdman is no stranger to seven-figure sports bets. Last year, he famously bet $1 million on the Green Bay Packers to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, which he spent on a Maybach.

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  • paul

    Bird man you lost again...

  • Anonymous

    Time to cut the check!

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is ugly as fuck

  • Anonymous

    haha he hella lost 5 mill I hope he really did bet this

  • Anonymous

    i hope he loses that would be funny

  • benson

    why are these haters mad? I mean, Dont hate the player hate the game... 5 mill aint nothing... and birdman do donate to charity... stop the hate appreciate

  • alex gilles

    Ha I love this genius Birdman. Gotta admit won a couple of hundos on my beloved mavs (I'm born and raised central dallas county). Anyways, he lost a mil on the great white hope, now I hope he recovers it with the Pats. No racism intended, my girls black

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this cunt. if he got that much coin why don't he give 5mil to charity.

  • Nico 3

    I'm sure he has the money, but I'm also sure he has a side bet on the Giants, who have already beaten the Pats in a SB.

    • joem

      He doesn't have the money.. but even if he bets and loses he can just use that dragonball head and wish that shit back.. Lol.

  • joem

    Lol.. this clown doesn't have $5 million on hand.. Secondly, he didn't say he was actually going to bet 5 mill, he's just talking shit that he'll put up 5 mill against anyone. Third, I'm a patriots fan but if this clown bets 5 mill I HOPE they fucking lose.. I can't stand this faggot. I'm from Miami so I'm a Heat fan.. my ONLY solace last year was knowing that punk ass birdman allegedly lost $2 million on the Heat.. LOL.

    • NONO

      I agree that he is aclown, but I'm pretty sure he has 5 mil on hand. Hip hop isn't like the sports game, where you can't touch your money..

  • The Fuck

    Thank god he didn't use that money to pay any of the producers that he owes, or donate to charity. I mean really, who uses their wealth to try to help the people they wouldn't have been shit without anymore?

  • Sure

    First of all this nigga done even got 5 million, these niggas need to stop fronting trying to fool the young and dumb, nigga if you had that much why you haven pay for all the producer's that keep sueing you

    • NONO

      I agree that he is a clown, but I'm pretty sure he has 5 mil on hand. Hip hop isn't like the sports game, where you can't touch your money..He's just a thief, that's all

  • lambo

    i fuckin hate birdman & lil wayne they have all this money and never in there entire lifes they tried to donate to charitys. FUCK LIL WAYNE & BIRDMAN

    • Anonymous

      Gotta agree. Lil Wayne definitely donates to a lot of charities. I don't know about Baby tho...

    • ETK

      another hater talkin out his ass... if you wanna hate say some shit thats actually true. lil wayne has donated to plenty of charities and donations, especially as.. well where the fuck does he come from? new orleans. always shit goin on down there, wayne did his part.

  • vczell

    this man is dangerous for society at all. he is not an idol for kids, he is stupid.

  • So Icy Boi

    I'ma bet five HUNDRED million dollars that birdman gives me that big old dick in da ass. Who wanna take dat bet?



  • Anonymous

    Donate that shit to charity you dumb fuck. Mother fucker won't pay 5 million if they lose.

  • Anonymous

    Fool was probably drunk tweeting. Don't take Birdman seriously, just like his whole record label people.

  • Anonymous

    this guy is lying! if they lose hes gonna say he never actually bet 5 million but if they win hes gonna act like he came up on 5 mill

  • King of Kingz

    Just to say: this idiot is such a loser. First off, nobody cares how much he bets on whatever he bets on. Whether he gives $1 or $5mill. I mean, wtf am I supposed to do with that. Is this supposed to go in the guiness book of records? Is this supposed to be a talkin topic at the diiner table? Am I gonna text mesg, call or email all of my friends that this dude is throwing 5 million away on a game that is played by multi-millionairs? NO! So WTF is he tryna say with all of this? That he got so much money to spend that he can afford to wipe his ass with $5mill? Second: WTF is anybody with that kinda money doing throwing it on a bet? Now fair, dude made his money , aint nobody else need to comment on it, he can do what he wants. But where tha fuck is yo consious man? THis dude always yapping that he "came up", "rags-to-riches" - New Orleans, is so hard. This fuck-nuts aint had a hard life since hot boys made it. If he really got that much money, why doesnt he help his own black folk during this shitty economic times. Guarantee that TWEET would make a lot more news. And this is the difference between a guy like "birdman" and a guy like Jay. Birdman thinks its cool to post a tweet like that. And you kno...for alot of ppl it might be "cool" or "ballin'"...right? thats cool, im just saying parading like this aint cool. It aint classy. It's cheap, it's low n it just goes to show that having money in this world dont mean shit - some idiots jsut stay idiots - and others just become smarter and more wealthier. Even if you are genuinely want to piss on the last album sales that got you that $5m pocket change, keep that shit to yourself!!! We all know you got money, we all know you've got nice houses and rides, and thanks to your tweet, we still know your an un-educated loser who doesn't know how to rap or produce - I don't care how much dough you swimming in. I'd rather be real n mean something to ppl, have no cash n no money, then be some pompous dude who thinks his actions are fresh. Real lame birdman, super lame....brrrrrr brrrr!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Turdman. He's about to lose 5 million anyway because the Giants are going to destroy NE.

  • dher

    this nigga spending all that young homo money...well if he win , gotta pay the tax man...

    • Anonymous

      nigga you have nothing going for you and here you are trying to put a negative spin on another man earning money and having to pay tax.... what do you do that's so special nigga?

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    This idiot better understand the tax law (state and fedeal) before blasing that shit on Twitter.

  • Anonymous

    haha i guees him and wayne jumped ship after the giants gave the packers a beat down now you gonna bet against big blue again not a smart move.

  • Anonymous

    every rapper that signs with bad boy thinks theyre going to be the next biggie. then shit gets real

  • Anonymous

    That will b 5 mil down the drain because the Giants are gonna beat the shit out of the cheatin ass Patriots. Patriots shouldnt even be in the bowl because I still say that was a catch by Lee Evans last week. Oh well If you got it to bet like that then it is what it is. I know If I had it like that I would not put up 5 mil on the stankin ass Patriots.

  • Anonymous

    this is riduculous there are people starving in africa because they have no food and this dumb fuck is betting for 5 million!

  • RedK

    My nigga stuntn. Real recognize real bruh. U da mayne Baby, keep grindin blood!

  • Anonymous

    its true, humans only want to be told what they already know. that's why when jay z or kanye make songs and comments thanking god and jesus and spreading positivity conspiricists just ignore it. but the second kanye wears a tshirt with a triangle located on it they come up with a thousand satan references.. human's are pathetic. they only hear what they want to hear and filters anything that contradicts their cause.

  • Jerry

    im not a fan on birdman but its funny how you niggas act like these entertainment headlines determine what a celebrity does with all his time and money and how much charity work he does. you make the worst assumptions about people based on such little information. how do you figure how much charity work he does based on something that is completely unrelated? you people only want to hear shit that re-affirms you're per-concieved beliefs....when dx post articles about birdman giving away free turkeys and giving back to the community you just pretend like you never saw or it never happened - because challenges your idea that birdman is not a good person.. but then the second they post an article about birdman's shopping spree there's million "i told you so" "this nigga is greedy" commments. You niggas live in bubbles.

    • ETK

      real fucking talk. I seen Wayne donating shit since fuckin 08.. and maybe befire that. some niggas in this place are biased pompous haters man. I dont even listen to his shit but Jesus.

  • drujba_city

    this fool is about to lose 5 mill to the NFL. why don't you give 5 million to charity, there's plenty of starving ppl around the world and in America.

  • daviddanielz

    I truly hate this guy. With a time where people in this country are looking for work, you have this jackass making bets or claiming he's making bets like that and he has the nerve to call out Jay-Z from time to time. You would never see Jay-Z do stupid shit like that.

    • daviddanielz

      Number one kid relax on the faggot bs. Im not a little kid Drake fan so don't talk down to me or anyone who has his or her own opinion. Its cool if you don't like my response and we can have that debate but the truth is I have the right to make that statement. This guy and his artist run around making reckless comments all the time and I'm tired of it. It effects our youth and it effects the culture of hiphop. Him along with a number of no talent so-called "rappers" almost killed real hiphop and I take offense to it. I'm happy Luda, Common, Lil Kim, and Beans took shots at that crew. They need more real artist putting them in there place. If you haven't noticed I'm 100% hiphop all the way. Not pop, not R&B or some fake rap shit. I listen to everything but hiphop is me and the bottom line is good music is good music. That being said, I wont allow DJ's to play any Young Money bullshit at my bar and I have other bar owner friends in and around my area that also do the same thing. So I'm not alone and if you don't like my comment then oh-well. You'll get over it...

    • Anonymous 2

      Co-sign Anonymous! FUCK A HATER!

    • Anonymous

      its his money and he earned it. he's enjoys gambling. exactly how does this reflect what he does with all his other money? he gives alot of charity... but you're just so set in your beliefs that you only want to confirm your own bias so you act like this one thing defines the type of man he is. not to mention having "true hate" for somebody whom you dont even know says more about your life than anything. maybe YOU should focus more on things that affect you and yours and stop worrying about what birdman does for leisure. p.s. faggot

  • Alphabet

    Fucking celebs! Fucking millionaires! What is the message of hip hop? Money, girls, cars?

  • Yolaindanola

    Assholes it says he's got 5mil on whoever wants to take it it doesn't say anyone took the bet!!, looks like he's lookin for another baller to match! Why don't jiggas punk ass take the bet and see who gonna take some baby money?

  • ofbuttercup

    obviously this nigga aint never heard of charity rich bastards and fuck YM none of the real talent gets shine

  • Guess What

    I can't stand this GAY child molester Baby. That's probably Nicki & Drake's 5 million dollars that he's betting. All the money he's been stealing from his artists for years & molesting them. Sick bastard.

  • Anonymous

    lol at everybody who thinks he aint puttin that up cmon now lets be real here

  • Anonymous

    birdman lying again. this nigga aint betting no 5 mill. funny baby loves to stunt cuz thats all it is, a stunt. i wonder if baby molests his nephews that dont work for him aswell?

  • Anonymous

    looks like 5 Million is going down the drain. Go G-Men!

  • Anonymous

    this nigga stupid

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like bullshit to me. It's real b/c he put it on twitter. If it's real, put up your betting ticket like mayweather does.

  • Fred

    HHDX there seems to be a problem with Birdman's tweet. All I read was a bunch of gibberish and randomly capitalized letters. The rest of the article is fine but can you please fix his tweet for us. thanks

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    A KFC ad on a hiphop website...stereotypical

  • Tony Romo

    Gayman I mean excuse me Birdman, and George W Bush fit the stereotype of "DUMB SOUTHERNERS"

  • So Icy Boi

    niggas makin shit lists. lmao swag to clear yo minds best hip hop albums of all time: 1. Tha Carter IV 2. Tha Carter III 3. Take Care 4. Thank Me Later 5. Pink Friday 6. I'm Gay 7. Goblin 8. Like Father, Like Son 9. Rebirth 10. I'm Not A Human Being

  • IAmControverse

    GO GIANTS 7-11

  • Anonymous

    He could give 1 million to 5 different do all these people with no talent get all the money while the people who are working hard and putting blood sweat and tears into what they do get nothing....fuck the economy and fuck society

    • Anonymous

      Man shut your bitch ass up. how do you know how he divides his funds? that money your spent on your PS3 could have went to charity as well right? that money you spent at the strip club could have went into the collection box on sunday. but it wasn't for that was it? but its ignorant to assume that that automatically means you dont have money for the purpose of charity. tired of judgmental working folks who are bitter about everything. people have different purposes for different funds. stop passing judgment on wealthy people acting like you have a copy of their bank statement and shit. you just sound ignorant. aint shit cool about that. you're like those occupy wallstreet cats who got mad that niggas like kanye and russel simmons came down to fucking support you. how fucking retarded are you people.

  • JC

    I'll be laughing if Giants win. I hate this mofo and all his crew Wack wack wack

  • ImYaHuckelberry

    i'll take that beat real quick. i dont have 5 mill but i sure as hell could use it. I'm that confident in the Giants.

  • Anonymous

    damn. I know all those artists he shitted on mad as hell...

  • Anonymous

    nigga you got baby money

  • dentaldamboy

    If the Pats win and Birdman doubles his money, he's gonna kiss Common. Common has been making moves on Birdman for a while now. He knows the way to Bridman's wallet is through his lips. And BTW, where is that fag Jay-Z. He never puts money on the line. He probably doesn't have too much cash...all of Jay's money is tied up in investments. I hope Jay's ventures fail and he goes bankrupt, just like Hammer.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly i am not a fan of Jay-Z but he needs to let his cat out of the bag and eat that bird(man). This fool is trying to gamble his way to half a billi. Show him the real meaning of baby money.

  • Anonymous

    Why can't he bet his rap career? 5 milli ain't shit to him. Betting that if Giants win, he will retire is a way better idea. At least there would be some real high stakes for everyone.

    • Anonymous

      baby doesnt make no fuckin music.. he drops 8 verses every 4 years and is gonna be worth a billion when all is said and done.. that is a fuckin baller, i dont give a fuck what yall say....

  • Doublespeak

    I don't believe a word he says until he posts a copy of his betting receipt. Hell, even an average fuck like me can claim that.

  • Anonymous

    I just don't understand how some motherfuckers have so much success and fortune when they constantly fucking people out there money and geting goes to show u that shiesty people in this world have the best luck.some hard work some luck but most of it is from the money they fucked over.sad

  • mistasofly

    a fool and his money are soon parted.

  • canubelieve

    give that money to charity you fuck

  • Anonymous

    He bout to be $5milll richer Patriots aint gonna lose this time yall can believe that. CHECK OUT THE MUSIC

  • ESPN

    Lil Wayne and Baby are some flip flopping bitches why don't yall ever support the NO and why does Wayne run around saying his a cheese head he not from no white bay oops green bay I hope birdshit takes a 5 million lose

  • DickDastardly

    For that reason alone i hope that the Giants beat the Pats ass.

  • Anonymous

    There's nothing more irritable than a rich person with bad grammar

  • Anonymous

    God damn....I wish I was that fucking rich.

  • Anonymous

    For a rich as man he sure dont know how to spell. And nobody cares about 5mill its your money not ours, This mans just showing off his money like he always does.



  • idontknow

    I would put my money on the Giants..... So what happens when he loses? from 1 mill to 5 mill is a big jump then again last time only weezy was bringing in money this time he got weezy, nikki and drake.... all i want to know who takes a 5 mill bet on? whats the odds?

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