Masta Ace recently addressed the beef between MC Shan and Marley Marl that sprung up over beat-jacking accusations. During the interview Brooklyn Bodega Radio on, the Juice Crew member said that he was disappointed to see the pair trading barbs over a song recorded decades ago.

“It’s a little sad, man. To kind of think about the history of them. They both kind of came up together. To see kind of — after 30 years or something — dwindle down to taking shots at each other on the internet, I thought it was pretty bad. Pretty weak,” he said.

He also touched on the upcoming Juice Crew reunion tour in Europe, and that Kool G Rap is the sole member who isn’t on board. “We have a tour allegedly coming up in April. We’re going to Europe. All of us. Everybody. The whole Juice Crew. The only one up in the air still is G Rap. G Rap is still a little up in the air. We’re all supposed to be getting on a plane and riding in buses and vans together. I had meetings trying to get a camera crew or a couple of camera crews to travel with us. The reason why it hasn’t happened yet is because the people that are organizing the tour don’t have their stuff together.”

Listen to the full interview below, where Masta Ace also previous cuts from his collaborative album with MF Doom, MA Doom: Son of Yvonne.

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