Kid CuDi Speaks On Trashing Australian Stage

Cudders threw a tantrum on stage at The Heatwave Festival.

Kid CuDi was captured on film trashing the stage after his set was cut short at The Heatwave festival in Australia. In a post on his Tumblr page,Cudders addressed the incident and explained that promoters will have to deal with his temper if they decide to prematurely pull the plug on his performance.

"If my set is EVER cut short at any show, im trashing the stage. Not out of anger, it takes a lot to get me furious nowadays, but out of principle," he wrote. "The fans always deserve a full set at all shows, especially when they spend their hard earned money on expensive tickets. A lot of artist wouldnt do what I did in Australia, but I will. Spread the word. No matter the circumstance, cut my set short, im breaking shit. And next time im startin a riot. Me and my fans. Cause promoters will sometime take advantage of the artists, and u gotta let em know what time it is. Cutting nobody any slack."

CuDi is currently prepping his upcoming album with Dot Da Genius, WZRD, which is tentatively set for a February 28th release.

Watch footage of CuDi trashing the stage below.

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  • Anonymous

    "KiD CuDi" is ah' "BaseHead" #RealTalk

  • PiffDaddyKane

    Im a fan of cudi. Maybe not his typical fan but a fan none the less. True shit. Cudi loves his fans. More than 98% of artist. Cudi was being cudi nah mean. Da nigga dont play that shit. Lol. But as far as he doing less shows...cudi dont care. Little do motherfuckers know Cudi got money. He is Good Music top 5 artist(Ye, Cudi, common, chyi, mos def[No order]). Outta all da XXL top 10 in the past 3 or 4 years. Cudi is at the top of da game. He got a show on hbo, he got 2 albums and 1 mixtape and his doing shows all over the world come on now. Before you niggas talk shit...real shit. Peep at this niggas tickets cost...And he sells out shows.

  • AnonymousWhite

    Smh just another nigga fucking things up. These coons dont learn.

  • kaos

    For those who think they cut his set short to put another act on, get your facts right. The festival was shambles from the beginning, and the organizers fucked up times and put Cudi on way too late. So they tried to kick him off after 20 minutes, and he wouldn't go off because his fans payed a shitload of money to see him. Much respect to Cudi, hope he comes out to Melbourne by himself soon.

  • Anonymous

    He on that blow again? Because he know he's going to get sued for damages and get booked for less shows acting up like that.

  • anonymous

    cudi is my hero tbh, my favorite artist and shit. this is cudi being cudi. he sticks up for the people who put him where he's at....his fans

  • Nick

    Im just a little confused why everyone on here is shitting all over cudi for trying to stick up for his fans...he could have said "that was bullshit my time is the most important blah blah blah." but instead he spoke up for the fans who paid a lot of money to see a show. concerts arent cheap. if you dont like his music thats fine. but to say that hes a piece of shit and this and that just seems kind of out of place for his reasoning.

    • Nick

      He listed two examples. One vague one. I dont really think that constitutes bitch shit. All im saying is that a lot of people are shitting on him for this when its not deserving. Hes said and done things I think are stupid. Im not defending him like hes some absolutely great man. But saying that other rappers who know about money and thats what really matters are the real rappers is absurd. At least he was claiming to stick up for the people who matter, whether that was his original intention or not.

    • G

      @Nick are you faded,, dude just listed examples,, plus closer or not. grown men should act like such,,, the promoters clearly had enough on their hands if the show was running late,,, and considering there are only about 300 ppl making up the crowd looks like show was over as is..

    • Nick

      And I would agree with you except he was the headliner for the night and the last piece of the show so everyone left was there to see him. What other bitch shit does he always do? Wanna cite some examples instead of just cursing a ton?

    • YouSerious?

      He's a bitch because he's constantly doing bitch shit. Punching fans, easily offended, and now throwing tantrums on stages.

    • Anonymous

      I see where you're coming from but it wasn't a cudi concert.. it was heatwave festival, lots of different artist were preforming.. he should have just done his set and left..he wasn't really sticking up for his fans because some people weren't even there to see him. he just said that he did it for the fans to not seem like a cunt

  • Anonymous

    WOW! what a rant! plus there were 300 fuckin people there. Whoa! that's a lot of fans. Ha! I'd have this fool do a show and cut his ass 1 hour and 59 min short. let em know whats up.

  • dentaldamboy

    This scrawny little piece of shit really needs to stay in place. He's a fucking punk and if i was promoting a show which he trashed, I would beat the shit out of him. There is a reason why guys like Drake and Wayne are so much more successful than these other dudes in the industry. Wayne and Drake know that it's about getting money. When you make as much money as them, you can stunt in real like. Kid Cudi hasn't learned that lesson yet. He's acting out because he's not rich and wants to prove to the world that he's a big man. Get your weight up and then you won't have to prove shit to the world you fucking anorexic faggot.

    • Nick

      umm what? haha are you trying to say that lil wayne is a good rapper? or that drake is? shouldnt it be about the music and fans? not the money? anyone can love money... he did it for the fans. which is actually a good reason. shouldnt it be for the fans? if not then for who? music isnt just about the money. if thats what you think then youre really missing out

  • nguyendale

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! DID YOU SEE HIM KNOCK OVER 2 LIGHTS!!??? THAT WAS CRAZY RETARTED GANGSTER!!!! (major sarcasim)))

  • Anonymous

    Say what u want if he was so garbage ppl wouldn't work with him he obviously signed wit good music featured on David guetta album Travis barker album Steve aoki album TI jayz wale album I mean dude gettin consigned by big ppl he doesn't even consider himself hip hop lol he's an artist how many rappers songs get covered by bands no many I don't blame hip hop fuckin sux same niggaz talkin bout the same shit hip hop is trash all recycled no creativity or originality now days the only time I listen to hip hop only if 3 stacks or Nas is involved other than that shit is fuckin whack What did Em say in 8 mile "pay attention meat head ur sayin the same shit that he said". That's how so called " hip hop" is now days

  • nuc

    well atleast the 200 ppl there got a show. douche move, by a douche entertainer.

  • Jacob

    Maybe not the best way to send a message but I dono why promoters want to cut his set short. Let the dude perform! If youre looking for alternative, positive entertainment and media then check out Urban Icon.. the yahoo for positive urban entertainment for the global urban community

  • Anonymous

    I just can't say that I honestly WOULD give a fuck

  • Anonymous

    Cudder is a bitch. I like some of his material, and he's got some good ideas, but all in all this guy kinda sucks. Everything I ever hear about the kid, news wise, is always some nonsense on how he either got offended and acted stupid or was acting stupid and offended someone. I just can't say that I honestly wouldn't give a fuck if the dude stopped making music and fell off entirely. The ability to be humble is way more impressive than acting like a bitch. "Promoters wanna cut my shit short, nah fuck that, I'm a mature adult... LETS BREAK SHIT!" Your not Jello Biafra or Fat fucking Mike... You don't have the necessary intelligence to claim that you "Rioting" is your answer to promoters, because without promoters and twelve year old first time smokers, your career would be fucked.

  • Anonymous

    LOL sooooo many empty seats

  • Anonymous

    This nigga looks like a fag. Looks like G.O.O.D music has more fags than YMCMB

  • ..

    Who are you too down talk CuDi? He's clearly earned his right as a rapper, maybe not sold out but everyone in the rows are rushed down at the bottom. stop jumping on lame rappers dicks and embrace the martian! he's a genre of his own. Hatin cus you aint him

    • Anonymous

      YouTube Kendrick Lamar out of his mouth say that kid cudi motm 2 and Teflon don were the 2 best albums in 2010 lls obviously real ppl feel him

    • And?

      I listen to them too, as well as Cudi. It's about feelings as well as lyrical ability. I agree with the above comment. If you don't like him, stay off articles about him.

    • YouSerious?

      I don't give a shit that I'm not some skinny ass wannabe rock star. Who are the lame rappers? Cause I'm on Outkast, Jay-Z, Nas, Ghostface, Kendrick Lamar...they all shit on Cudi any day of the week. The point is this dude acted like a childish bitch.

  • qwerty there was alot of people as I see

  • L

    This MF is Wack and THATS WHY he was cut short

  • Yessir

    Buhahahahahaha!!!!!!! Look how emptey the venue is there's damn near no one there! Hahahahahaha, and that fool look like a faggot on that pic.

  • tangents

    i wish he did this anywhere BUT australia. promoters are hesitant enough AS IS to work with american hip hop because of shit like this. thanks for making us all look bad!

  • gaydar corp.

    Just one look at that picture of kid cudi and our gaydar alarm started beeping like crazy. He's more than likely gay

  • realtalk

    Do people really think concert promoters randomly decide "I don't like this, lets cut the mic."? If you think that you are retarded. If artists are going to throw 7th grader hissy fits when they can't keep their show within a set time period they don't deserve the show. Plain and simple.

  • Anonymous

    was he also standing up for his fans when he tried to kick that girls door down and smashed her cell phone??

    • YouSerious?

      No, he isn't. You think this is a good look? Act like a little bitch because somebody cut ONE out of your many many shows short? Destroying equipment like its nobody's business? Kid Cudi just looked like a straight bitch on this.

  • Rua

    Respect to Cudi for that, particularly for his message. You guys really gonna down someone for trying to give his fans more, longer shows? While legends like Slick Rick and Rakim sometimes come for 40 minutes and bounce?

    • YouSerious?

      I would rather hear Don't Sweat the Technique 20 times live before going to a Cudi show. You're really gonna argue KID CUDI is the new jack? Lol he's barely worth mentioning in the up and comings.

    • Rua

      "Cause so many MC's get star struck Get on stage and find out that they're washed up Cause some new jack took em out But they was sleepin so what's the surprised look about" - Main Source, 1991

    • Anonymous

      slick rick and rakim paid their dues over 20 yrs ago son, dont try to compare them to kid cudi, a junkie who dont even rap

    • YouSerious?

      Alright, so how about you pay for that equipment he decided to fuck up as if he's a child? Also, how the fuck are you gonna compare CUDI's situation to someone like Rakim? I'll tell you right now, that would have been a SOLD OUT PLACE if Rakim and Slick Rick were there. Legends earned certain rights after being in the game for so long. Cudi bitched out, so nobody should respect this.

  • they

    they probably cut the show because NO ONE WAS IN THE STANDS.

  • BWS

    Promoters should just stop booking dude. He wont be missed. See how he does then. Such a little puke, bitch.

  • nuc

    i can still faintly remember when hiphop wasnt embaressing. what a douchebag.

  • c

    That ain't trashing a stage... here Cudi, lemme learn on how you crash a stage. Peep the science on the youtube link: Haha what scott did was just act like a grown ass man throwing a hissy fit. I guess that's why he calls himself 'KID' Cudi. Not quite a rockstar yet bud...

    • dariel

      Word! That fool ain't trash no stage. He knocked over like 3 things and that was it. I was expectin' instruments get smashed, all amps and speakers knocked over, mic stands used like a Super Smash Bros. melee weapon, etc. Ed Lover needs to C'MON SON! this shit like, "C'mon son. You ain't trash no muhfuckin' stage son. Getdafuckouttaherewitdatbullshit son."

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