Cypress Hill To Release Dubstep EP With Rusko, "Cypress x Rusko"

Exclusive: Following Brand Nubian's move, Cypress teams up with renowned Dubstep producer Rusko for a five-song 2012 release.

Today, a spokesperson from veteran Los Angeles Hip Hop trio Cypress Hill revealed to HipHopDX that the act is at work on a collaborative EP with Dubstep producer Rusko. Titled Cypress x Rusko, the EP will release later this year.

Cypress emcees B-Real and Sen Dog worked with Rusko, a fan of the early '90s veterans, for over six months. The five-song EP is entirely produced by the English-born Rusko, who has previously worked with and remixed the likes of Kid Cudi, Kid Sister and Gucci Mane. Rusko's last album was 2010's O.M.G. Cypress Hill also made their Priority Records debut in 2010, releasing Rise Up.

Previously, fellow golden-era group Brand Nubian has made two Dubstep albums.

Although no exact release date has been announced, HipHopDX will keep you posted. The following trailer, including "Roll It, Light It" was also released:

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  • Gusto

    I fux with the Hill period. Muggs doin' his thing so why can't B and Sen? And the Cypress Hill legacy is way too big to disappear anytime soon son.... Cypress Hill, Cypress Hill!

    • Anonymous

      i agree cypress hill dubstep sounds like a great idea. get real you idiot. muggs still puts out dope and b-real is a dope. b-real wanted to call the shots and it blew up in his face. his solo stunk, last cypress stunk, and how does he come back? dubstep refried bean head

  • Gusto

    No pointing hating on the Hill fam! Muggs is doing his thing on the outside production tip so I can't front on B-Real and Sen wanting to fux around and make a dubstep EP... more power to em! And the Cypress Hill legacy ain't going nowhere.... SOUL ASSASSINS!!

  • Anonymous

    say its not so....

  • Anonymous

    this shit aint cool son,

  • floppydisk559

    well i can't get to mad at them for going the dubs step route because child of the wild west was kind of dubstep and i loved that song when it first came out.

  • ugh

    DJ Muggs was the best thing about Cypress Hill, and these twinks are trading his importance in hopes of B-Real getting dick wet. Sad. I guess Sick Jacken will get the dope beats.

  • Anonymous

    LOSERS the second b-real became BOSS of cypress hill is the second the FELL ALL THE WAY OFF guy is a fucking idiot

  • nuc

    ahhh, for fuck sakes! cypress hill legacy is like marty mcflys family photo in back to the future,,, slowly disappearing...

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