Swizz Beatz Is Still Interested In Becoming CEO Of Megaupload

Swizz was previously in talks to join the cloud storage site with an executive position.

Despite the fact that Megaupload was put in the government's crosshairs last week, Swizz Beatz is still interested in pursuing a CEO position at the company. A source tells MTV News that Swizzy was in negotiations to take on an executive position once the legal issues clear up, and while they prematurely pulled the trigger by adding his name to the staff list last week, he's not turning his back on the opportunity.

"He's not walking away from this," the source told MTV News. The tipster also confirmed that Megaupload put his name on its site before it shut down before any deal could be executed. "They put that up prematurely."

The news comes in the wake of last week's crackdown on Megaupload. On Thursday (Jan. 19th), the feds shut down the site and arrested a handful of employees. Swizz was not named in the legal documents.

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  • Anonymous

    Wait a second... so he wants to become the CEO of a company that is now about to be demolished. I have a better chance of robbing a US military base than you becoming CEO of MegaUpload.

  • So Icy Boi!

    dis nigga is lyin! straight lyin! fuckin liar! Lil Twist must be da CEO of dis shit. dont worry ma niggas, YMCMB Upload comin soon niggas. watch it! Lil Wayne will do things dat you cant even dream of! swag

  • dentaldamboy

    I think we should all be concerned about the spread of Jay-Z and his devil-worshipping clan. Jay is lazy and afraid of hard work. Other artists have worked hard to achieve wealth and success. Jay-Z knew he lacked the talent and assiduousness to follow their blueprints. So he made an arrangement with the devil. Jay's first sacrifices were Pac, Big and Big L. Then he even sacrificed his nephew, buying him a Porsche with defective breaks. He will stop at no length to cheat his way into being the first hip hop billionaire. Would anyone be surprised if something happened to Beyonce and then Jay took all her paper and tried to frame Lil Wayne for the crime? All of you Jay Z stand better be careful around dude. He will have no problem running roughshot over you to please lucifer. And if anyone here disagrees with me, they are worse than NYPD and support Jim Crow.

    • Anonymous

      Never feed a troll. Damn it. But, yeah, let them starve.

    • KEYS

      Trippin wit no map...It was a 300 by the way not a porche

    • Lisa

      Wow you must be one of those ignorant hoodrats who does not comprehend hard work, and dont believe that black people can work hard, utilize their talents and be successfu. Only in the black community your hear this illumaniti sh*t and the only people who spew this mess a lazy people, its just like people who cant believe that Jhud lost a measlye 80 pounds on her own, she had to have some work done, thats because they are lazy people who dont understand that hard work shows results. Stop taking that welfare check, get out of the hood and see the world and gain an understanding of what hard work is and how far you can get with it. SMDH

    • sharp

      you're fucked up

  • Anonymous

    There is no way in hell that this shit is tru Swizz can't be that fucking dumb no 1 is. He is better off making his own file sharing web site........................................ CHECK OUT THE MUSIC http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success/

  • Anonymous

    this dude is dumber than i thought! yo sign me up for this shit, i wanna be indicted and get my shit repoed too!!

    • CadillacEfromDC

      Obviously you both don't own businesses. Megaupload was like 1 of the biggest file sharing site and making about 40 Million yearly AFTER EXPENSES. The problem with them is they didnt regulate it right. Same thing could have happen to Youtube but Google bought them and ran it right. Any smart business person with money would buy this profitable company. This is a no brainer!

    • Anonymous

      haha u aint liein

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