Wiz Khalifa Talks "O.N.I.F.C." Album

The Pittsburgh native reveals his approach for his second major label album.

While at the Sundance Film Festival this week, Wiz Khalifa offered his thoughts to MSN about his upcoming album, O.N.I.F.C..

"I'm working on my second album," said Wiz, who said he was only in town for the festival.

“Me, I come from we made everything on our own. It’s a process of just recreating what we already know how to do and just taking it to the next level, and I’m having a great time,” he explained. “I’m getting great new fans and doing new things.”

Watch the interview below:

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  • Anonymous


  • Doombot

    I don't know what's worse Wiz Khalifa/Mac Millers music or fake "90's rap listeners" like dj nemesis. There's only one dj nemesis I know, he's from Canada and he certainly doesn't have anything to do with hip hop .............

  • Anonymous

    he wants to skeet all over wiz smh

  • Anonymous

    that gay guy was a great interviewer. fuck any bitch nigga discriminating on someone for being different. disgrace to your own struggle.

  • Anonymous

    Get the fuck outta here with that faggot interviewer I'm mad at Wiz he even stood there smfh

  • TwoSmallBallz

    Remember The Time Wayne And Drake Said They Wished They Could Fuck Every Girl In The World And Then They Did? That Was AWESOME!

  • Anonymous

    oh no its fuckin cops.


    What does ONIFC stand for? can someone explain?

  • Anonymous

    ummm, let me see....totally sell out by catering to white teenagers?

  • UHHH

    The next Wiz CD is just gonna be a watered down Kush & Orange Juice. Mark my words.

  • Anonymous


  • ItsTheTruth

    'Bottoms Up' 2/28

  • antipastarasta

    lol @ the gay dude

  • CONSPIRACY!!!!1!!!!111


  • Mad rapper

    Wiz Khalifa is garbage. He nothing but snoop dogs blunt roller. THis piece of trash dissed Ghostface killa. I swear man i wish he would die a slow death. to think this little faggot would dis a god like that someone should gut this fool like a pig.

    • dj nemesis

      he didnt diss ghostface jit, someone pretending to be ghostface said wiz khalifa was trash, so he responded by sayin ghostface was corny for goin at a newer cat tryna make it big...everyone would do the same

    • ETK

      I think him being a god is pushing it, but he's certainly miles above Wiz for sure. silly Wizzy

  • faggot white boy in sandals

    OMGZ wiz smokes soooo much weed its crazzzaaaay. hes a baller dudes rapping about weed all the time and the good life really whats better brahs? i wish i was wiz i'd be tated up and have every dude wanting to be me his girl would be mine and id be hanging outt smoking weeds in the studio with my pittsburg crews. id get to chill with mac too shit REALITY - wiz is wack and his only fans are string bean college kids who dont know shit about rap. he weighs 79 pounds and would lose a fight to a gust of wind. fuck this nigga dude sucks.

    • dj nemesis

      i never been to college,im broke,i listen to 90s rap on the daily,i have most classics ever made...and i like mac miller...songs like She said,face the facts,Bde bonus,rabbit in the hole,trippen out are real hip-hop 90s type shit,one even bein produced by dj premier,so stop bein a closeminded bitch

    • jg

      wow u have waay too much time on your hands dog

  • yeah...

    i already know his gameplan...just rap about weed, and that's it. Dumbass teenagers and bitches will always buy "cool" weed rappers.

  • Hand

    Went str8 to the comment section after pressing play. Thought it was a fucking woman interviewing him. And then...VIOLA!!! A fucking dude. Nice way to keep your composure Wiz.

  • WhiteMike

    your from the burgh wiz, you should atleast have a crib here too

  • trooth

    hiphopdx please dont' say pittsburgh with this guys name anymore.... this nigga not allowed back in the burgh. trust me the streets are watching him. S mula birthed this nigga and now he 4got where he came from. Trust me this dude was a lame back in the day...he ain't have no goons. shout out to Hazelwood and wilkinsburg. His concerts are 99% white people. The streets do not approve this lil nigga

    • CGunz

      What's it matter if there's white people at his show. You do realize black people go to his shows too right. Quit being so ignorant. If you don't like Wiz then go away.

  • gotta take a wiz

    that is one gay ass nigga. and i ain't talkin bout wiz.

    • Spliff

      You wanna talk about gay? This Khalif niqqa first name is WIZ, that's a little too close to dick And to add insult to injury...the niqqa rapped on a T Pain track! I will never listen to these new school pop gimmicks

  • dentaldamboy

    I think we should all be concerned about the spread of Jay-Z and his devil-worshipping clan. Jay is lazy and afraid of hard work. Other artists have worked hard to achieve wealth and success. Jay-Z knew he lacked the talent and assiduousness to follow their blueprints. So he made an arrangement with the devil. Jay's first sacrifices were Pac, Big and Big L. Then he even sacrificed his nephew, buying him a Porsche with defective breaks. He will stop at no length to cheat his way into being the first hip hop billionaire. Would anyone be surprised if something happened to Beyonce and then Jay took all her paper and tried to frame Lil Wayne for the crime? All of you Jay Z stand better be careful around dude. He will have no problem running roughshot over you to please lucifer. And if anyone here disagrees with me, they are worse than NYPD and support Jim Crow.

    • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

      ayo you forget a few...Jay Z also killed Ben Ladin Khadafi Amy Winehouse Steve Jobs ...is responsible for the big recession .....and is the man behind 9-11 Are you guys fucking serious?? LOL

    • So Icy Boi!

      dentaldamboy speak da truth niggas. Jay is da Devil. he killed Biggie, Pac, Big L & Aaliah..... dis nigga wanna rule da world. Weezy gonna stop him. support YMCMB! swag

    • Marx1684

      dentaldamboy - You're an idiot. You & all that sound like you sound like some folks that sit in basement rooms covered in newspapers. Stop writing paragraphs on this BS, get in church & worry about you're own soul instead of worrying about someone's who has no affect on you unless you choose to listen.

    • Anonymous

      Don't ever write, type, or text anything ever again.

  • gaydar corp.

    Our gaydar meter reader went crazy after reading your comment. P.s youre gay

  • So Icy Boi!

    gangsta shit nigga. straight gangsta shit nigga! STRAIGHT GANGSTA SHIT NIGGA!!! Wiz is ma boy nigga. he raps like a modern day Grandmaster Flash nigga. I downloaded da Rollin Papers CD & errday I bumpin it in ma car . swag

  • jr88

    wiz used to be dope but its like he forgot how to rap!?...he has been rapping like the third verse on black and yellow for a minute now....have you guys heard the verse he did on the t-pain track "5 oclock in the morning"?...it was soooo bad i was embarrassed for him..smh

    • Anonymous

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwcmzPHQsqY Listen to this, Wiz kills this verse, it's extremely good, It's "Napkins" Feat. Chevy Woods

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