Uncle Luke Announces 2 Live Crew Reunion & Tour This Summer

Luke announces that he and the boys are going on tour.

Uncle Luke has announced that 2 Live Crew has reunited, and will be touring this summer.

The emcee, who last year ran for Mayor of Miami-Dade County, made the announcement at the Sundance Film Festival, at which he promoted his spot in the short film The Life and Freak Times of Uncle Luke.

"I just can't wait to just start practicing," he said to the Associated Press. "That's going to be a blast."

"We're going to perform the songs and everybody's going to be excited," he said. "Some of the older people of our generation will be able to tell their kids, 'You're staying home tonight, we're going to see 2 Live Crew and shake our booty!'"

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  • Anonymous

    2 live crew is just an example of what wrong is with hiphop. Do you really wanna see a 51 year old rapper rapping about pussy and dick? Grow the fuck up!!!!!

  • Hypestyle

    Does this mean everyone, including Mr. Mixx as the DJ? A lot of these rap reunions have included the MCs/vocalists, but that's it.. the DJ has been pushed into the background, to the extent that anyone who is at least moderately competent with a CD turntable and Serato can fill in.. I guess it's premature to talk about a new record.. though it's probably for the best, they'd have to step up their lyrical game, lay off the explicit sex talk..

  • Fish

    YES!!!! Soft hip hop is over now that the Crew is back. PUT HER IN THE BUCK!!!

  • Wtf

    Fuck uncle luke bitch ass

  • Anonymous

    Someone has a vivid imagination. Don't worry though. The Patriots/Baltimore game is just starting, so it will give you a chance to give the conspiracy theories a rest. At least till halftime.

  • dentalda,boy

    I think we should all be concerned about the spread of Jay-Z and his devil-worshipping clan. Jay is lazy and afraid of hard work. Other artists have worked hard to achieve wealth and success. Jay-Z knew he lacked the talent and assiduousness to follow their blueprints. So he made an arrangement with the devil. Jay's first sacrifices were Pac, Big and Big L. Then he even sacrificed his nephew, buying him a Porsche with defective breaks. He will stop at no length to cheat his way into being the first hip hop billionaire. Would anyone be surprised if something happened to Beyonce and then Jay took all her paper and tried to frame Lil Wayne for the crime? All of you Jay Z stand better be careful around dude. He will have no problem running roughshot over you to please lucifer. And if anyone here disagrees with me, they are worse than NYPD and support Jim Crow.

    • Anonymous

      @NY - The only thing worse than someone spitting false knowledge, is someone that thinks they know something and it's also false. Masonry is not a religion. So being one doesn't mean that you are not Christian. You can be of any religion and be a Mason. In FACT, that is one of the main requirements that YOU in FACT believe in God. Also, Masonry does not recruit members, so your comment about "they look for people who are powerful with influence and his wealth" is false. Man seeks Masonry, not the other way around. I know this is off subject, but I hate when people talk about shit they know nothing about.

    • Stefan Restuccia

      You are all idiots

    • NY

      @killz Do you realize that just because it's on the internet doesn't make it true. Freemasons are not Christian but that doesn't make them devil worshippers because they don't have the same beliefs as you. Using that logic would mean that every other religion worships the devil then. Also define "false god" because thats all opinionated and who knows if their is a god anyway.

    • killz

      Free Masons are devil worshippers under the falsehood of worshipping God http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/006/freemasons.htm

    • NY

      Is Jay-Z apart of the Free Masons? Most likely because they look for people who are powerful with influence and his wealth. Is Jay-Z a satan worshipper? No, Free Masons are often viewed as devil worshippers but they're just basically an old fraternity that is very secretive. Also by the way illuminati comes from the latin word illumine which means light so someone who is enlightened or brilliant who would be called illuminati during that time. Whenever a society withholds secrets people often speculate that they're trying to do something destructive and evil.

    • dentaldamboy

      You amuse me. Are you unaware that anything following the word people should be plural and not singular? It's funny that you impugn my ability to score pussy. I am intelligent, articulate and successful. With you lack of knowledge of the English language, I doubt you make more than $10/hr. I think we all know girls don't dig broke guys, even if they are Jay-Z dickriders.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ what the fuck are you talking about. I thought this article was about Luke and the crew. Ppl like you needs help or pussy

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