Kid CuDi & Dot Da Genius Reveal Tracklist For WZRD Album

The duo formerly known as 2 Be Continuum unveils the tracklist for their upcoming debut.

Kid CuDi and Dot Da Genius have revealed the tracklist for their upcoming debut WZRD, dropping February 28th.

The tracklist, posted to CuDi's Tumblr, features the previously released tracks "Teleport 2 Me, Jamie" and "Brake," as well as an additional eight new cuts.

The LP, originally scheduled for January 30th, was delayed so that the two could "take time and pay attention to the sonics as this is new territory for us."

The Arrival
High Off Life
The Dream Time Machine
Love Hard
Live & Learn
Teleport 2 Me, Jamie Feat. Desire
Where Did You Sleep Last Night
The Upper Room

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  • Evander

    lil wayne? tha first black rocker, damnnn kids. lil wayne is tha worst. jimi hendrix was and always will be tha first black rocker

  • wtf...

    Lil Wayne's rebirth was a disgrace to the WHOLE rock genre. There was nothing "rock'n'roll" about it... just some ghetto black guy moaning auto tuned to a guitar riff... Tool, Godsmack, Disturbed, Chevelle, Staind, Korn, Rage Against the Machine, and bands like them are real fucking rockers. I'm a huge cudi fan... I own every mixtape and album.... but this is horrible. I definitely wont be buying WRZD

  • Yo

    TOOO many stand and trolls once So Icey Boy posts something lol

  • dentaldamboy

    I think we should all be concerned about the spread of Jay-Z and his devil-worshipping clan. Jay is lazy and afraid of hard work. Other artists have worked hard to achieve wealth and success. Jay-Z knew he lacked the talent and assiduousness to follow their blueprints. So he made an arrangement with the devil. Jay's first sacrifices were Pac, Big and Big L. Then he even sacrificed his nephew, buying him a Porsche with defective breaks. He will stop at no length to cheat his way into being the first hip hop billionaire. Would anyone be surprised if something happened to Beyonce and then Jay took all her paper and tried to frame Lil Wayne for the crime? All of you Jay Z stand better be careful around dude. He will have no problem running roughshot over you to please lucifer. And if anyone here disagrees with me, they are worse than NYPD and support Jim Crow.

  • So Icey Boi!

    HAHAHAHA Yall niggaz hatin! Fuck this fake rocker, Weezy was the first. All them YMCMB boyz are so gorgeous. swag.

  • Anonymous

    What about dose of dopeness?

  • So Icy Boi!

    niggas are mad cuz I speak da truth. lmao stop lyin niggas! stop fuckin lyin to urselves niggas! Lenny Krawitz is an R&B singa & Jimi Hendrix wuz a blues singa. Lil Wayne is da true first black rocker niggas.

    • Lw1988

      Lenny Kravitz is NOT R&B his first single was a top 5 on the ROCK charts. Wayne is NOT the first black rocker. The frontman of Sevendust is black, so is the bassist of P.O.D. So there have been several black rockers before Wayne and Cudi is proof there will be more after.

  • thought dog

    It's too bad that Lil B stole the original title for this album last year.

  • you know im right

    lil wayne makes music for all the dumb retarded ass niggas out there that get shot out their for some jordans.. most of the people that listen to lil wayne probably still live with their mom.

  • deez723

    To So Icy Boi, NO! Lil wayne is not the "first black rocker eva"

    • you know im right

      icy boy has got to be the most ignorant mother fucker alive.. what the fuck does he know about rock?

  • So Icy Boi!

    dese niggas aint original no more. Weezy wuz da first black rocker eva. niggas think if dey copy Lil Wayne dey sell a milli first week. epic fail niggas. epic fail! Rebirth wuz a rock classic. be original next time! swag

    • Anonymous

      i hope to god this is just some good sarcasm

    • Anonymous

      you named some of the worst "rock" bands if thats what you want to call them. and WTF!!! WAYNE THE FIRST BLACK ROCKER?!?!? never heard of jimi hendrix? living colour, or even fucking robert leroy johnson?!?!?!?! probably b4 your time since u said swag, but shit, im 17, i feel like the whole world should know who the fuck RLJ or jimi hendrix is over wayne. i like wayne, but he aint rock, and rebirth was so shitty i couldnt even wipe my ass with it. drop the world was straight.

    • So Icy Boi!

      I know rock bands. I like Limp Bizkit, Nickelback, Kevin Rudolf, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance. swag

    • what?

      motherfucker you dont know shit about rock!! rebirth was a rock classic.. bullshit.. that shit was made to be a coaster...lil wayne tries to corner that white boy market.. but its shit!! man on the moon has more rock influence than rebirth ever will

    • Lenny

      What about Lenny Kravitz?

  • Anonymous

    just hurry up and get that out of your system cud and start rappin again who quits smokin weed and rappin to make a stoner rock album?

  • blue car

    im feelin this.... and im stoned btw

  • Deeznuttzinyomouf

    Damm nigga i hope ymcbmb given u a check for all that dick riding u like to do.



  • Stone

    I love how u say cudi fell off before the album dropped. You're too stupid and one track minded if u think that. Go listen to Wayne if ur into repetitive tracks

  • Anonymous

    true cudi fans will like this

  • thekid

    lol @ people complaining that there's only 10 songs. Obviously you kids have no idea about making music, it's okay though, if you ever try to make a 10 track album, you'll see. It's not as simple as grinding out 10 shitty fruity loop beats and freestyling over a mic. Or maybe it is, in that case you add more bullshit to the 80% of rap that's made.

    • Lw1988

      I'm not complaining about only having 10 songs. I listen to Metallica and most of their albums have 8 or 9. My complaint is that "Perfect is the World" and "Rocket" are nowhere to be found.

    • Anonymous

      why are niggas so obsessed with lil wayne nigga aint even in this article and you singing his name and shit. no wonder he's on top

    • Lil Wayne

      Oh yeah? well imma pick the world up and imma drop it on ur fuckin head....

    • stone

      Finally someone with common sense...WZRD will be an actual music album. Not a Lil Wayne album with generic beats and content-less garbage with no meaning or purpose

  • ECU

    NO "perfect is the word" nor "rocket"??

  • lw1988

    What happened to "Perfect is the World" and "Rocket" I do like what I've heard so far but I do prefer Kid Cudi rapping

  • Anonymous

    not sure if i'll like this from what i've heard, but i'll still check it out. i mean, shit i kinda liked wayne's rebirth so i doubt this can be worse than that. i hate that this has been worked on for so long and theres only 10 tracks though. even wtt had more

  • Anonymous

    only 10 songs :,(

  • Taurus

    I don't know about this, especially with the 2-3 tracks I've heard. Who knows, it might grow on me...

  • TruffTella!


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