Irv Gotti Expresses Disappointment Over Lack Of CEO At Def Jam

The former Murder Inc. honcho sounds off on why the historical label needs a president.

Irv Gotti recently put in a bid to serve as president of Def Jam, a self-nomination that was supported by several others in the industry. Speaking with, the former Murder Inc. chief said that he’s disappointed that there isn’t anyone in charge at the famed label and how it reflects their attitude on the culture.

“Def Jam, I shouldn’t even comment on it because it makes me angry because there hasn’t been a president of Def Jam since [Jay-Z], really. It’s a terrible thing because it’s so important to the culture and they’re just letting it go away, they ain’t paying no attention to it. I’m from Hollis, Queens, so Def Jam was my inspiration to have Murder Inc. Just for them to have no one being president there, even after all we hooted and hollered, I want it so bad, not even for the money or nothing, I just love the culture. Def Jam is the light of the culture. So to have no one there it’s like, the powers that be, they don’t care about my culture.”

Watch the full interview below.

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  • Guess What

    Irv is a fucking snake, he must have forgotten all the grimy shit he did to ppl. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  • rydersix10

    Irv Gotti was responsible for signing DMX..say what you want about x now..but in the 90s he reigned supreme..nuff said

  • Hypestyle

    What would Irv Gotti do besides try to sign a bunch of neo-gangster acts and wannabe single-name R&B divas? He wouldn't be signing the next Public Enemy, Rakim, Stetsasonic, etc., nothing progressive at all, just the same old stuff that Urban radio plays now. He would also likely not give a damn about supporting and uplifting Def Jam's early catalog of the 80s and early 90s-- specifically, deluxe re-releases! No, Irv Gotti wouldn't mean much in the long run. Chuck D is way more qualified, but the powers that be at the label don't want that, they want someone who's all into the bling and flamboyance..

    • Hypestyle

      Ice Cube/Amerikkka's most wanted, Bell Biv Devoe/Poison LP, Young Black Teenagers (2 LPs), Leaders of the New School (2 LPs and spins off Busta), Terminator X (2 Lps), Professor Griff (several LPs), Sista Soulja (1 LP, plus "coldest winter" novel)

    • Shone Jones

      Name one successful act Chuck made and get back at me!!!!


    Broward County: These latent homosexual motherfuckers stay on that don't-drop-the-soap fuck shit. You got more faggots in your church choir than on a prison yard. Fuck ass motherfuckers... > LEARN 'EM!

  • D-Baggz

    How can that nigga run Def Jam when his whole lable got sunk



  • Anonymous

    Yall talking shit about Irv. Why don't you try to run a successful rap label? Business is tough these days for rappers. Even G-Unit isn't doing too well. 50 can't get his album out. Banks made a poor debut at #26 despite a hot single. And Yayo is in limbo. The rest of G-Unit have either been kicked out or on the shelf. Agreed peeps. Murder Inc for all we know has made some really shitty music in the past. Ja Rule went from gangsta to the dude only teenage girls would listen to. Ashanti was mad overrated. And Lloyd sounds like a bitch that is yet to enter puberty. But as a businessman, he was successful. Respect that.

  • Anonymous

    he just mad a g-unit nigga runnin things at def jam

  • jg

    murder Inc saaaank. This nigga is pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    Def Jam as a label jumped the shark because of Stuff like Murder Inc, everything they did from 2001 on was sell out fuck shit, Ja Rule crooning off key Thug Cliche's and Sappy Love Songs in Grease Videos, Forcing Joe Budden into doing songs like "Pump It Up" and the shit he did with 3rd storee and 112, then a few years later they signed Young Jeezy & Rick Ross and that was it for them as a hip hop label to me, they make HIP POP now and Irv Gotti's ideas were a main reason for the downfall With that said, might as well let Irv be the President, he was the main one who put holes in the ship, might as well let him sink it for good

  • jason

    let me get this straight theres barely any jobs in America right now but theres an opening for President at Def Jam? WTF lol shit i'll take it!!!

  • Juan "jon-jon" Valentin'

    Respect !

  • StressWon

    I love how these cornballs be throwing around the "culture" word like they even know what they talkin bout. Isn't this the same cat that had Ashanti all over Hip Hop tracks, fuck outta here.

    • thought dog

      Irv Gotti wasnt the first person to put an r&b chick on a hip hop record dumbfuck.

    • andrethagiant

      If Irv didn't throw Ashanti on most of those records we wouldn't have Eminem ft Dina Rae - Cum On Everybody, Drug Balland & Superman Jay-Z ft Beyonce - Bonnie & Clyde, Crazy in Love, Deja Vu, Upgrade U & Hollywood ETC


    i think yall forgetting he brought jay x and ja in the game and helped alot of other artists in there careers i think gotti would be a dope def jam head

    • Anonymous

      Irv is legit. He brought in A LOT of talents and produced many Num 1 hits..hes gotta come back one way or another..he has too much talent.

  • Anonymous

    Of course he wants the job. He's currently unemployed.

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck cares about Irv Gotti? Mother fucker hasn't been relevant since way back when.

  • Anonymous

    What exactly is involved in his culture?

  • Anonymous

    After Jay there havent been any break thru artist at all on this label. No 1 real want to get signed under Def Jam any more it is like a grave yard. An they are horrible at promoting................................... CHECK OUT THE MUSIC

  • Spliff

    Then don't comment you fat douche And where is ja my niqqa? Oh, so, he's still drooping that bar of soap

    • Broward County

      These latent homosexual motherfuckers stay on that don't-drop-the-soap fuck shit. You got more faggots in your church choir than on a prison yard. Fuck ass motherfuckers...

    • nieve

      You forgot to mention his album about to drop on Febuary 24th...but good effort

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