Wale Addresses Pill's Split From Maybach Music Group

The Washington, D.C. rapper says that there are no hard feelings in their split.

Pill recently revealed that he was never signed to Maybach Music Group, despite the fact that he appeared on the label’s group compilation Self Made Vol. 1 and was seemingly part of the squad. During an interview with MTV, MMG rapper Wale said that he still supports Pill as a friend and that he wishes him the best.

“Personal is personal, business is business. I’m friends with people that I’ve fired. I’ve been in the game long enough that you separate the two. So shout out to Pill, and what he’s doing,” said Wale. “We still supporting what he’s doing. It just didn’t work out on the business side. Everybody get chances though. Everybody gets second, third, fourth, fifth chances. I believe in Pill, and I’m sure Rozay believes in Pill so we wish him the best.”

Watch the full interview below.

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  • BSPN

    lol Ricky Freeway Ross tryin to sue officer ross again. If freeway was the same guy he was when he was locked up a bullet would prolly be in rick ross fake ass head. I wouldn't consider MMG a good label since they dont even have one platinum selling artist and only three rappers lol, theyre mediocre at best, average if you include mixtapes into their resume.

  • Anonymous

    Rozay realized he jumped the gun on that garbage ass nigga...

  • 804boy

    Pill should've just stayed wit MMG, went back in the studio an drop a banger of a mixtape. If he would have done that, he buzs would be high, and then talks of an album would presume. I listen to anyting he put out, and yea he still GTRG Bang Bang Bang!!!!!

  • KG

    Pill will always be Grind Time to me no matter where he ends up. "It's Gangsta Pill you bastards!"

  • Luke

    in between the lines he's sayin, he didn't sell shit for albums, he costs us more money then he makes and hes gone. good luck.. lol

  • YouKnoow

    Wale is so fucking wack, he should just kill himself. Pill too, and the whole MMG roster.

    • theCool

      I hate MMG like most other people with a brain, but Wale is the only dude that can release something like "The Mixtape About Nothing" and still have a club song that makes him plenty of money like "No Hands"... In the end, if MMG headquarters blew up, I'd like Wale to be away on business at the time...

  • Anonymous

    Fast Growing HipHop Crew Check Video Out http://youtu.be/7rW9c9d9zdk


    Honestly, MMG doesn't suit Wale at all. Wale should have signed to G.O.O.D, it seems like he'd fit in there more on the musical spectrum.

    • ItalianJob

      Should have signed to GOOD? You guys are talking like it's open memberships. This ain't Costco. If you are not invited, you can't sign for Good, so the question is do you rather be without a label, or do you rather be with MMG. Conclusion: his album was #1, so I think MMG worked out for him.

    • Miaminigga

      dont y'all niggas rememba when kid cudi and wale was beefn? Cudi said da reason why kanye ain't want to work with wale and give him beats for his album was bcuz kanye said wale talk to much and he always fuckin the vibe up. Kanye wouldn't have signed his ass anyway a year after that he signed to mmg Ross is the one who squashed da whole beef

    • Anonymous

      NOOOOO!!! Maybach Music Fits Wale.. Ross Is Trying To Mix His Roster With Different Styles Of Rap...

    • YouKnoow

      Do you realize how gay you two sound, talkin bout "Wale shoulda bee signed to GOOD..." go watch some more WWF you little children. You wouldn't know real hip-hop if you walked in on it fuckin ya moms in the ass.

    • true-

      thats very true, he should've been with G.o.o.d music, things would've popped off for him a lot more, and kanye would've brought the true colors for wale out-


    YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK....GOODBYE! seriously everyone on MMG became a star on there own but Pill...he dosent have that star quality hes a underground rapper...

  • Anonymous

    Should've stayed with Grind Time

  • Unknown

    Someone actually had the nerve to tell me that Ace Hood is better than Big L



  • Edubb

    People really act like they dont know who Pill is. Has anyone ever heard The Prescription, The Refill, or The Overdose? Pill is a talented MC who can bring it on the mic, I wasnt really feelin him signing with officer ricky anyway. That just was a bad fit because if you have heard Pill's music you would know he spits about real shit, while mmg is on some bullshit. I feel the same about Wale as well he shouldn't be on mmg also but it is what it is. Anyway Im glad hat Pill split from mmg he's a real talent that would have been wasted at mmg.

  • jhuntdaprodigy

    He's not a bad rapper, but I was never really into Pill anyway. Now if Ross would just get rid of Stalley, and stop fucking with French Montana, then Maybach would be solid. MMG is good with Ross, Wale, & Meek Mill until another truly talented MC comes along

    • who are u????

      stAlley all day you stupid fuck Nigga

    • unclesam

      Stalley is easily a much better rapper than Meek Mill and on probably above both Ross and Wale when it comes to lyrical level. Just cuz he doesnt talk about his Js in every song or talks about pushing cocaine, doesnt mean hes a bad rapper.

    • G-Bo

      Meek Mill has one of the most irritating voices of all time...

    • Anonymous

      French is on Bad Boy Because you don't like Stalley doesn't mean other people feel the same way Pill was never signed to MMG, so Wale addressing a "split", and you dissecting what would be good or not is totally irrelevant

  • Anonymous

    thats good to hear. no beef

  • FromDat202

    Really haven't heard a lot from Pill before the MMG thing except that he was down with Killer Mike and he had a hit called "Trap Goin' Ham." As far as the Self Made CD, he ain't really stand out. He can flow, he just ain't "bring it" on that album. And the mixtape he dropped was kinda weak. But he'll bounce back. Good luck to Pill. Learn from this and rebound.

  • Anonymous

    It's like nigga why are u talking Rick Ross revived ur career an made it way better than what it was. Ross put the whole Maybach behind Wale. While Pill is back in ATL acting like he never was part of that Self Made album. CHECK OUT TH NEW SINGLE http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/12-i-s-private-show

  • Angelo

    Funny thing is I think they should've fired Wale. He's the weak link on the team. Meek & Pill are both way better & more credible artists. Any real nigga knows Wale is a phony bologni bitch especially niggas that have dealt with him. I have 3 homeboys in the DC area that have dealt with him & every single 1 of them have told me what a fuckboy he is. Not a surprise tho

    • Anonymous

      Wale is signed to the right label, bunch of phony niggas claiming they rich while fraudin! Pill did well, fuck that MMG bullshit, wack ass rappers, Meek Mill got potential, he don't need to be fucking with that south bullshit, nigga YOU FROM PHILLY! This nigga on MMG give Philly a really bad name, Wale is a straight bitch nigga, so is that fat fuck

    • DipzoDindaWaterZebra

      Yeah, but Wale moves more units then either of them dipshit, and at the end of the day, he's bringing in dough to the group. I mean, I think the whole group sucks (Millz is a privileged black poser, Wale is a corny gimmick, Ross is an even cornier gimmick, and Pill is a contrived rapper who isn't an artist and has no idea how to promote himself). But still, try to think logically.

  • Rizzy

    It's a beautiful thing that Pill isn't a part of MMG. Pill is a too good for MMG. He's one of the best new artists. IMO ofcourse

  • Anonymous

    He fired your father who was the janitor back when Wale was at Interscope.

  • Anonymous

    Pill didn't want to wait his turn and was jealous of the shine Wale and Meek was receiving. That simple. everyone isn't a star, some people just need to play a position.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck has this nigga ever fired? he aint a boss like that

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