Swizz Beatz's Megaupload Shut Down By Federal Prosecutors

Shortly after it was revealed that Swizz is the CEO, the Feds shut down the cloud storage site.

Shortly after it was revealed that Swizz Beatz is CEO of Megaupload, the cloud storage site has been closed down by federal prosecutors.

According to the Associated Press, feds in Virginia have shuttered the cyberlocker site, charging its founder Kim Dotcom and others with violating piracy laws. The indictment claims that the site has costed "copyright holders more than $500 million in lost revenue from pirated films and other content."

In December, Swizz helped recruit artists such as Kanye West and Diddy to appear in a video promoting the site, which was once the 13th most trafficked site in the world.

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  • NY777

    keep throwenup the Satanic Horns... U lucifarian bitch! Fu*@ Swizz Beats... nigga is a good producer, but terrible human!!

  • BPSN

    lol I dont know why a big name producer would invest in a pirate site anyways thats dumb as hell on his part. Megaupload was the shit, RIP

    • Anonymous

      It's not really dumb as hell, though, is it? Swizz Beatz' work only accounts for a ridiculously small percentage of all pirated work distributed by Megaupload. He would hardly be losing out, meanwhile capitalising on all other content that people want to download. It does make sense - just not in an ethical sense.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    rapidshare, mediafire, depositfile...

  • dmx

    what is umg got to do with that leave hm alone what is he gna do now yh.

  • Anonymous

    Shitty news. Best site to get new albums is gone...

  • FuckJonathan

    Where that fucking backpacker at? Where you at nigga? Don't make me catch you slippin bitch

    • Jonathan

      Okay, I'm sorry. I acted like a ignorant backpacker yesterday. In theory BoDee and ATCQ were right. I'm sorry everybody! I won't act like a clown and a troll ever again.

  • Austin Hoffman

    I can't believe they went and arrested him in ANOTHER country!!! p.s. LOL @list of the owner's seized cars: (i call dibz on the royce!) http://www.peeje.com/positivity/5666-megaupload-sued-defendants-property-lol



  • Anonymous

    Good.. this nigga aint a role model... he aint a good person, husband, father.... he is hollow on tha inside....

  • Rob D

    lol, seems suspect. They cant stop all these sites, a link goes up muthafuckas is on it and downloading fast as hell. what about all the other sites out there.. feds this and feds that, they can not stop piracy or people sharing shit. it's a free society with shit now a days, people gonna find a way to get something without paying for it regardless, these sharing sites been running for years now and show now signs of slowing down one bit. i see where both sides are coming from but hell feds get their hands dirty too like any other group or organization. everyone is a theif in some kind of way, we all done got some shit free here and there ..

    • Anonymous

      You not understanding SOPA & PIPA. When those links go up, not only will they take it down, they will take down the site it was posted on and research the IP and go through your computer files before they come knock on your door. The protest comes because the big companies don't want to be responsible for YOU pirating stuff, and that's the vague wording on these Acts. Once the wording is rectified, BELIEVE ME, IT WILL GO THRU.

  • Anonymous

    racist mother fuckers

  • p

    shitz beats doesnt own MU. get the fuck outta here.

  • JPreme Sincere

    "The US government dropped a nuclear bomb on "cyberlocker" site Megaupload today, seizing its domain names, grabbing $50 million in assets, and getting New Zealand police to arrest four of the site's key employees, including enigmatic founder Kim Dotcom. In a 72-page indictment unsealed in a Virginia federal court, prosecutors charged that the site earned more than $175 million since its founding in 2005, most of it based on copyright infringement. As for the site's employees, they were paid lavishly and they spent lavishly. Even the graphic designer, 35-year-old Slovakian resident Julius Bencko, made more than $1 million in 2010 alone. The indictment goes after six individuals, who between them owned 14 Mercedes-Benz automobiles with license plates such as "POLICE," "MAFIA," "V," "STONED," "CEO," "HACKER," GOOD," "EVIL," andperhaps presciently"GUILTY." The group also had a 2010 Maserati, a 2008 Rolls-Royce, and a 1989 Lamborghini. They had not one but three Samsung 83" TVs, and two Sharp 108" TVs. Someone owned a "Predator statue." Motor bikes, jet skis, artwork, and even 60 Dell servers could all be forfeit to the government if it can prove its case against the members of the "Mega Conspiracy." The case is a major one, involving international cooperation between the US, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Canada, and the Philippines. In addition to the arrests, 20 search warrants were executed today in multiple countries."

  • J

    What about all the other fileshare sites out there? Just because a rapper is tied to one, it gets shuts down? Really?

    • Anonymous


  • ja u

    the founder last name is Dotcom??? really?

  • Anonymous

    When you take a leaked album, upload it to your filesharing account and get some ads to get money off of the traffic, expect the feds to be knocking on your door. SOPA & PIPA are ready to stop this, but the problem with these laws is they would shut down places like HHDX because you morons would post the links here. You Tube would be shut down because you people up freshly released albums to the account just for traffic (and that's why they have VEVO shutting those rogue You Tube accounts down). These internet companies want to make sure the law gets YOU, not them, and looking at a lot of comments I see here now, y'all are FOOD. This is the REAL protest, they ain't paying hefty fines and losing revenue because of YOUR thirsty intentions.

  • Anonymous

    See you can upload some music YOU did in a studio, but you can't upload a Jay-Z album you bought. You own a COPY of Jay's album but the MUSIC IS NOT YOURS TO DISTRIBUTE. The same goes for sports, pictures, and movies, so if you are going to break the law, at least know what the law is about.



    • TEXAS


    • Anonymous


    • talksick

      Tex...it's SOPA btw you dumb fuck. You're a fucking simpleton. Your kids wear special helmets and your mom and dad are inbred pieces of shit who only taught you one thing. How to push cap locks. Go read a book.



    • Anonymous


    • BlazeDatishUp

      CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer and Owner is self explanatory, but yes they are both two different positons. The CEO is the highest ranking executive in the business/company and usually reports to a board of directors, but again that person is not the owner who is usually the one in the most hot water when shit goes down. I too wonder if people know the difference. Yes the CEO can get in trouble, but the owner who actually started the business is the one who takes most of the blame or suffers the most consequences.

    • AJS

      TEXAS just STFU and quit while you are ahead. LMFAO, dude made you look like the dumb ass.

    • TEXAS


    • Anonymous

      Do you know the difference between being a CEO and an owner?

  • DMX

    Ayo Swizz, just don't drop the so- aww who tha fuck am I kidd- THEY GON FUCK YOU ALL KINDSA UP IN THERE SWIZZY RUFF RYDAZ

  • Me

    If Common likes Drake's music then why is he talking shit on songs? MAKES NOT SENSE HE SAYS, -ME

  • Swizzy

    does anyone know how i can avoid being butt-fucked in jail??

  • Anonymous

    FUCK THE FEDS. They have bigger shit to worry about than a filesharing site that is perfectly okay.

  • hunkE

    filesharing does not equal stealing

    • Anonymous

      IT IS NOT A PIRACY SITE DO NONE OF YOU GOT THAT. JUST BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE WHO COME ON THE SITE AND USE IT FOR ILLEGAL PURPOSES SUCH AS SELLING DOES NOT MAKE IT THE FAULT OF OTHERS. The site is A FILE SHARING SITE. There is nothing wrong with someone buying a cd and giving it to a million people to make copies THAT'S LEGAL. This is what file sharing sites do make that process faster and convenient that's it. Just because a few people do something illegal doesn't make it illegal otherwise the everything in this world should be illegal because everything to a certain extent is abused. SHARING IS NOT PIRACY DO YOU PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND THAT. You own rights to the material you bought and as such you can share it and do whatever you want as long you don't claim the material is yours, copyright etc. But the shutting down doesn't have to do with none of this. Swizzy sued UMG i'm sure UMG has the feds in there pocket so this gave the feds a opportunity and use the law as an excuse to make some money plus the elite has there own agenda with these laws as I have explained. These laws violate people's civil liberties but that's already going on so it doesn't matter anymore. Sharing is not piracy the definition of piracy is unauthorized manufacturing and selling of works in copyright MAJORITY OF PEOPLE LIKE ME DO NOT SELL OR MANUFACTURE IT WE USE IT FOR PERSONAL USE which is legal.

    • ETK

      there's a big fucking difference between your friend and a piracy SITE attracting millions of visitors, gonzo The SOPA thing is over the top, but sharing in that manner IS stealing.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Your a joke. THE MUSIC IS NOT YOURS BUT YOU STILL OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE MATERIAL BECAUSE YOU PAID FOR IT AS SUCH YOU ARE OR AT LEAST SHOULD BE LEGALLY ALLOWED TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH IT. Are you telling me if i bought a cd and gave it to my friend it's illegal? This is what file sharing sites do they make the process OF SHARING FILES MORE CONVENIENT AND FASTER. Are you telling if I buy a PS3 game and share it with my friend that's illegal. THE MUSIC, GAME OR WHATEVER IS THE THINGS ON THE DISK ARE NOT YOURS BUT YOU OWN THE RIGHTS TO IT THEREFORE YOU CAN DO AS SUCH WITH IT THIS IS COMPLETE VIOLATION OF CIVIL LIBERTIES. You are a brainwashed puppet who does not see this. THERE MAKING MARTIAL LEGAL OF COURSE THERE GOING TO MAKE SHARING ILLEGAL. READ MY PREVIOUS POST CLEARLY AGAIN AND ILL SAY IT HERE AGAIN SHARING IS NOT STEALING NEITHER IS SHARING SELLING. Go do your research on sharing and the rights you have with purchasing music, games or anything like that before commenting. I'm guessing your brainwashed, paid or ignorant either way SMH. This is the third step to a dictatorship your too blind to see it because you got your head stuck up the governments and Hollywood/corporations ass.

    • Anonymous

      C'mon son, stop acting like you the only one with the science of what's the real deal going on. Like I said WAY up there, you can't share the next man's music because it ain't yours. No matter if you copped it in Best Buy, YOU PURCHASED A COPY. YOU ARE NOT THE OWNER OF THE ACTUAL MUSIC ON THE CD IDIOT, THEREFORE YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO POST IT ONLINE FOR SHARING PURPOSES. All that is yours is the CASE, CD, SHRINKWRAP. NONE OF THE LYRICS OR MUSIC OR ARTWORK ON THAT CD IS YOURS PERSONALLY TO SHARE. YOU GET IT NOW? Now if you REALLY want to talk some SCIENCE, let's talk about how THE GREED OF THE LABELS MADE THEM TURN AWAY FROM VINYL, AND VINYL WAS VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO BOOTLEG. You had to have a PRESSING MACHINE to bootleg vinyl.

    • Anonymous

      O and I meant put people to death or in jail without a trial or even with a trial and found innocent is illegal but now legal same thing with sharing only now there making it illegal

    • Anonymous:

      ^^ Your so ignorant. PUTTING PEOPLE TO DEATH OR IN JAIL IS ILLEGAL AND YET THEY HAVE MADE IT LEGAL. Same thing with sharing only opposite its become ILLEGAL BECAUSE THE ELITE AKA CORPORATIONS, DRUG COMPANIES, WAR COMPANIES, THE RICH ETC. ETC. OWN THE GOVERNMENT MAJORITY THEM ARE PUPPETS. Your telling me if you buy a cd and give it to someone and they make a copy of it it's illegal? SMH all file shairng sites do is make that process easier but the elite are going to make freedom of speech illegal soon to then you'll see the consequences this all happening because of brainwashed puppets like you. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SHARING AND SELLING AMERICA IS BECOMING A FACIST MILITARY STATE AND THIS IS THE THIRD STEP THE FIRST WAS PATRIOT ACT THE SECOND WAS NDAA AND NOW ITS THIS YOU AMERICANS BETTER DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO, TO PUT RON PAUL IN OFFICE OR WW3 IS HERE AND OUR FREEDOMS ARE ALL GOING TO DISSAPEAR AND THE WORLD WILL BE IN CHAOS. America is trying to control the WORLD WIDE WEB and one world government type of stuff is already in place with the UN, WTO, Bilderberg wake up you ignorant puppet go do your research sharing is not stealing

    • Anonymous

      So can you explain why Limewire, which was a filesharing site, was shut down and successfully sued if it's not illegal? Please note you will have to prove with facts and not opinion. And also notate I know it exists somewhat as a PIRATE site these days. We, the people will await your response.

    • Anonymous

      Sharing is not stealing you dip shit anon. It should only be illegal if the person is selling (not sharing) the content. Just because record companies take small hits financially doesn't mean sharing should be illegal. There is nothing morally wrong with it at all.

    • @ hunkE

      Tell that to LIMEWIRE & NAPSTER and see if they don't laugh at you.

    • Anonymous

      when your sharing copyrighted files, thats EXACTLY what it is, stealing

  • Anonymous

    NATO war crimes in the Middle-East & Africa over natural resources!!! Wall-Street bankers emptying peoples 401k ....but these internet thugs have to be stopped!!!! smh

  • Anonymous

    Swizzy in handcuffs. Again, Boy Alisha sure knows how to pick them. That's what fucking with the corniest man in hip hop will get ya.

  • Bean

    Makes me wonder what would have happened if he hadn't revealed himself as the CEO. Maybe it wouldn't have been shut down? Either way, I can no longer watch videos on icefilms, which pisses me off.

    • Infoe

      I was wondering that exact same thing. I heard earlier that he revealed himself as the CEO, less than 24 hours later it's shut down.

  • based landlord

    scary....everyone really needs to act against SOPA. clearly MegaUpload was used as their example to show people what they are capable of...this isnt right. it's all about money.

  • Acesun

    That's the beauty of the World Wide Web, laws that they may pass in this country cannot resonante throughtout the internet because the internet is not only comprised of US nodes, ITS WORLD WIDE :) No way can you control a World Wide entity, which is what SOPA/PIPA is trying to do.

    • Anonymous

      Here's the whole story: The Justice Department has indicted seven individuals and two companies behind the popular file sharing website Megaupload.com which has been touted by stars will.i.am, Kim Kardashian and Puff Daddy. The indictment alleges that the website and a shell company associated with the website, Vestor Limited, caused an estimated half-billion dollars in copyright losses and made an estimated $175 million in proceeds. The website was established in 2005 and at one point ranked as the 13th most visited website on the Internet. The feds indicted the site's founder, Kim Dotcom, aka Kim Schmitz, a 37-year-old resident of Hong Kong and New Zealand. He was arrested in New Zealand by New Zealand authorities. Also indicted were employees Bram van der Kolk, aka Bramos, 29, Julius Bencko, Finn Batato, Sven Echternach, Mathias Ortmann, and Andrus Nomm. New Zealand authorities arrested Batato, Ortmann and van der Kolk. Bencko, Echternach and Nomm remain at large, officials said. Wikipedia Blackout: Online Piracy Grows Watch Video SOPA Protest: Wikipedia Blackout Watch Video TechBytes (01.17.12) Watch Video The indictment accuses the suspects of being members of "the Mega Conspiracy, a worldwide criminal organization whose members engaged in criminal copyright infringement and money laundering on a massive scale." The case comes a day after internet companies and websites such as Google, WordPress and Wikipedia protested about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). An hour after the indictment was announced, the Justice Department's website, www.Justice.gov, came under cyberattack with a denial-of-service attack. Anonymous, the hacktivist computer group, is claiming responsibility. The indictment returned by a grand jury in Virginia alleges, "In exchange for payment, the Mega Conspiracy provides the fast reproduction and distribution of infringing copies of copyrighted works from its computer servers located around the world. Premium users of the site... are able to download and upload files with few, if any, limitations." Describing the operation of the site and relations with users the indictment noted, "For much of its operation, the Mega Conspiracy has offered an 'Uploader Rewards' Program, which promised premium subscribers transfers of cash and other financial incentives to upload popular works, including copyrighted works, to computer servers under the Mega Conspiracy's direct control and for the Conspiracy's ultimate financial benefit." The seven suspects have been charged with participating in a racketeering conspiracy, conspiring to commit copyright infringement, conspiring to commit money laundering and two substantive counts of criminal copyright infringement. If convicted they could face a maximum of 20 years in prison http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/justice-fbi-crack-megaupload/story?id=15396526#.TxiboVqF9HM ^^^^^^ As you can see, they clearly had no problem going into other countries to do this

  • Anonymous

    What I write earlier. This was a dumb move. The commercial was dumb. Suing Universal was a death sentence. Alisha. I told you not to marry that petty ass thief. You better run quick before they come after your assets.

  • Acesun

    Man what a coincidence that while all this SOPA/PIPA issues, are happening that MEGAUPLOAD get's used as the example, the same way the feds shut down MEGAUPLOAD is the same way they would go about shutting down numerous sites on the internet if that BILL is passed. That was just to show you the power the GOV has and wants over the World Wide Web. Their about 10 years too late though, because for every MEGAUPLOAD, there's about 100 other 'sister' sites that house the same things, and when people host their servers OFFSHORE you cannot just shut the site down if it's not hosted in this country.

    • Anonymous

      Thats where your wrong They went into New Zealand and Switzerland to shut down Megaupload, with the assistance of Interpol and several other foreign legal forces, other countires dont like being stolen from anymore then this one does

  • Anonymous

    Mediafire's next, gulp

    • Anonymous

      Maybe. But since it's free and you don't have to have an account to upload things their business model can survive.

  • Swizz Beatz

    Damn, this is really fucked up people! I hope, really hope, that I won't have to do any jailtime. Swizzy!

  • Anonymous

    This lawsuit coincides with PIPA, SOPA, COICA, and all the other internet kill switch or regulatory legislation -- it's rather convenient, don't you think, after Wiki and other sites blacked out in protest of these things that Swizz is going through this? *knock, knock, knock,* wake up nigga

  • Anonymous

    Damn this has to be the worst business deal i have seen in my life. I feel like some1 inside knew this was gona happen so they hurried up an made the blk man the CEO to take the fall. Damn i'm a miss Megaupload where will i stream movies now........... CHECK OUT THE SINGLE http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/12-i-s-private-show

  • hm

    Swizz Beats is probably the last person i would expect to run a company like Megaupload which is probably the most known file share website for free music and even movies, and some porn lol. Props to him.

  • toby

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    • HRH

      it's only file sharing... what's next suing kids who trade hockey cards, or ppl for donating to various charities? Fucking stupid Jew.S.A

  • Anonymous

    Shocking. people who are being stolen from are fighting back against the people who are stealing from them I download as much as the next man but I'm not arrogant or stupid enough to think I'm not doing anything wrong when I do it, lol, alot of you actually have yourselves convinced that Downloading records people spend their money in the studio making is the right thing to do, which I find hilarious......... I dont blame the labels for fighting back, if somebody hacked into my companies CP and tried to Download the profits and my employees paychecks, I'd stop at nothing to stop you from it Alot of you are the same delusional clowns that would sell cocaine and then look in the mirror and see yourself as some great Admirable Buisnessman, lol, Fuck outta here, you sell poison, do what you have to do but dont try and act like your more then you are But, like I said, I'm a hypocrite because I download as much as the next man, and MEDIAFIRE>>>>>>>> MEGAUPLOAD anyway

    • Infoe

      First of all, if filesharing is such a big deal, then how the big artists keep going platinum? Obviously someone is buying albums. There are plenty of die-hard fans who'll buy the music. I for one am addicted to music and buying new/old/used cd's, even if I already uh...possess the music. And another thing, someone like me who is only into underground and old school hiphop and live in suburbia where those kinds of cds are reeeally hard to come by, it's the only way I can get the music. Ok, sure, there's itunes and other places where you can order it online, but I don't own a credit card, and more often than not, I consider it my duty to purchase a tangible copy of music as soon as I lay eyes on it. I rather own physical goods than a few mb of something nonexistent on a piece of equipment that could easily crash or lose your purchase. Plus if there's ever a good concert around, I make sure I get in, what ever the cost. And I buy so many band shirts I should be charging for advertising. And for the record, stealing is taking something from someone. You can't "steal" online music because data doesn't just run out. It's making a copy. The artist doesn't lose anything. I don't really see myself becoming any big music star, but if I ever do, I wouldn't care if my music was downloaded, pirated, whatever. As long as I know there's someone in the world who appreciates my music enough that they're willing to "break the law" just to listen to it, I'd be more than happy, and I don't care if I have to get a real job to support myself. Anybody with me? and btw, feel free to download these: www.soundclick.com/infoe

    • Assassin221

      Well it's not really like shoplifting in the sense that the store/record industry doesn't actually LOSE any money per product downloaded...they just don't GAIN it. They're not paying for the files that you download. Example, if I'm broke and I want The Blueprint my choices are to a)download it, or b)just not listen to it at all. That choice has no effect on Rocafella or whoever, they get no money either way. Hell, if I download it and bump it for my friend who does have money, he might go and buy it. So then why should I feel bad downloading? Here's a better analogy...is it wrong to sneak into a concert with plenty of room left? If I don't go, it's lose-lose. If I sneak in, not only do I get the show but I improve the overall experience because usually bigger crowds=better shows. Not to mention downloading has promotional power. I don't have loot like that, and it's plenty of arists I never would have bought their albums or even known about if I hadn't downloaded their shit first and discovered it was tight. So that can actually be beneficial to artists, too. I'm not saying it's not a problem because there's no question the record industry is taking a huge hit overall from music piracy, I'm just saying it's not such a black and white issue like you make it sound. Anyway, file-sharing is just a fact now. I doubt the government can stop it, and people won't just stop doing it. If you found out you could turn water into gasoline, would you still go to the gas station? Hell no. The music industry will just have to figure out how to adapt.

    • Tony

      Again Megaupload can't type every album name known to man into Google just to find illegal downloads, and its the top hit because its the most visited. Thats on the downloaders not Megaupload, they "behavior" they have to curb? Allowing people to use their site? Every thief uses a ski mask, but it doesn't mean they shut down the ski mask company. First its Megaupload, then mediafire, then other filsharing sites then whats next? The regulation of our emails? The censoring of the internet or blogs like HipHopDX?

    • Anonymous

      @ Tony If you type in "Jay-Z, The Blueprint, Zip file" into Google, a Megaupload link is one of the first it gives you to steal it They have done nothing to curve the behavior and profit more then anyone from it They dug their own grave

    • Tony

      I think youre analogy is a little off, you dont close a store down if a percentage of the customers are stealing or if drugs are being sold on the property. Store owners know shoplifting occurs but its not like theyre facilitating it, and they cant help if people choose their back alleys or doorsteps to deal drugs, its not like theyre not setting up the deals or providing the drugs. Plus with this reasoning youre basically saying they have a right to shut down other filesharing/cloud sites such as Box.com or even Amazons cloud system. The majority of their customers use the sites for legit reasons but Im sure theres a small minority using it for illegal purposes, but its not like the sites have the right to look into their customers files and invade their privacy. Is the government allowed to shut down email sites just because people send illegal downloads or links to illegal downloads through them? This is the same kind of mentality that supports the SOPA bill, and the shutting down of Megaupload is the start of a slippery slope that leads towards the passing of that bill or a similar one and the erosion of our civil rights.

    • Anonymous

      @ Tony it is there fault when they facilitate the crime Its like If I own a wherehouse and then allow people to buy, sell and trade stolen property in it....... In the real world, I would be arrested and sent to prison so why should these websites be allowed to get away with it They know damn well that a vast majority of people who click a Megaupload link are there to Download copyrighted material, and they profit from it by selling Ad space and subscriptions You cant make an axcuse for it, there in on the crime and they profit more then anyone from it

    • Tony

      I agree 100% with your opinion of illegal downloading Anon, but I think the issue here is that Megaupload (and other similar sites) are merely tools. The idea of filesharing sites isn't or at least shouldn't be illegal, its not Megaupload's fault what users load into the site. What are they supposed to do, open or inspect the millions of files on their website to find the "illegal" ones? That's unethical and probably impossible anyways.

    • Nobleman

      You're cocaine analogy makes absolutely no sense. First off, file sharing and copywriting are not the same thing, so what does downloading material have to do with being "right"? If i buy an album and decide i want to share it with people, its my right to since i own it. What's the difference with burning a cd of a new album and giving it to a few friends? The only difference is rich corporations are losing some money, but there is no guarantee that those who can't download will buy the material being "stolen". Now if its an album that hasn't come out yet and is leaked, this is a different case. But for files that are already released of shows, films, albums, etc, then they should be shared if people own it. The problem is you can't create a precedent saying who owns what and what you can and can't share. It's a slippery slope and isn't so simple to deal with. You probably would love the draconian bills like SOPA and PIPA, but guess what buddy, you might not even be able to comment on a site like this if those bills passed.

    • Nobleman

      You're cocaine analogy makes absolutely no sense. First off, file sharing and copywriting are not the same thing, so what does downloading material have to do with being "right"? If i buy an album and decide i want to share it with people, its my right to since i own it. What's the difference with burning a cd of a new album and giving it to a few friends? The only difference is rich corporations are losing some money, but there is no guarantee that those who can't download will buy the material being "stolen". Now if its an album that hasn't come out yet and is leaked, this is a different case. But for files that are already released of shows, films, albums, etc, then they should be shared if people own it. The problem is you can't create a precedent saying who owns what and what you can and can't share. It's a slippery slope and isn't so simple to deal with. You probably would love the draconian bills like SOPA and PIPA, but guess what buddy, you might not even be able to comment on a site like hiphopdx if those passed.

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