DJ Whoo Kid Recalls Getting Chased Out Of Club By Suge Knight

Whoo Kid recalls the time that Suge Knight and an army of gang members chased him out of a club.

In his 10 years of work with 50 Cent and G-Unit, DJ Whoo Kid has managed to come out of it all with a few good stories. Now, in a recent interview with ThisIs50's Young Jack Killer, Whoo Kid recalls the time when Suge Knight and some hired goons chased him and other members of G-Unit out of Los Angeles, California club.

Whoo Kid explained that 50 Cent and Suge Knight were feuding around the time that the event occurred over the song "Tha Realest Killaz," which featured a previously unreleased verse from the late Death Row rapper 2Pac. So when Whoo Kid hit Los Angeles to spin at a club, Suge made sure to give him a special welcome by hiring an army of 34th Street Gang members to chase out of the club at which he was performing.

"I got paid five G's to DJ at a club in [Los Angeles], but I didn't know that they were promoting [the event] on LA radio, so good old Suge Knight is in his car tuning in," he explained. "It was [at] the time that I leaked the 50 Cent and 2Pac song 'Tha Realest Killaz,' which it was a record that Snoop Dogg couldn't clear on his album, so whoever they [originally] gave the record to, they gave it to me, so I kinda spliced it up [with a verse from 50 Cent] and made it a bigger record, 'cus it was a verse [from 2Pac] that nobody ever heard, and the fact that [Snoop] couldn't clear it, he gave it to me to leak."

He continued, "Suge Knight took it upon himself to 'find me' that day…he set it up [so] that everybody in [the club I was DJing in] was in [the 34th Street Gang]…the promoter got tricked, too. The promoter gave me the five G's and once I got to the stage, of course, at the time 'In Da Club' was the biggest record, so of course the first record I played was 'In Da Club.' So as soon as I played 'In Da Club,' the whole club turned and looked at me…[then] the promoter came up to me and was like, 'We gotta get you out of here…Suge Knight's in the front. We're trying to call the cops so he don't come in, but he wants to come in'…we started running out the back, I'm jumping in the van, and then for some reason - I don't know where, but C-Lo got the dirtiest looking gun I ever seen in my life…so I'm looking up and I see the 34th Street Gang running up to us with knives, so I'm like, 'Holy shit, I'm about to get stabbed for some 50 shit!' I'm like, 'Yo, get the gun!' By the time [C-Lo] grabs it…the police come [up]…[C-Lo] throws the gun all the way to back of the van. The cops grab the 34th Street Gang, and we peel off."

Check out the full interview with Whoo Kid below.

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  • Anonymous

    fuck g-unit buck and game were the best and only real members who the fuck are g-unit now?

  • Anonymous

    Anybody that says whookid was a bitch for tryna get away is clearly an idiot bein hard aint worth ya life they would have murdered him in cold blood lol OVER 50 CENT! Would you die over 50 cent??????

  • Mjay

    NY niggas always talking shit Cali niggas are about action. 49er's will do the same to Giants on Sunday, run them bitch ass talking shit NY niggas up out of Cali.



  • Anonymous

    A grown man doesn't let another man slap him around, whether real or fake. I don't know what foreign country you're currently hiding out in, but that's the way it is. Glad I could educate you.

  • Fish

    LOL!! This faggot really puts the 'not' in G-Unot!!

  • Anonymous

    You guys are clowns/pussies on the low. I don't care for Whoo Kid, but the cat is keeping it real with himself so oh well. Wouldn't you prefer to hear the truth when foos get interviewed instead of some fictitious gangster life? People slap each other up as a joke plenty y'all were born yesterday or what? It's all in fun and Whoo Kid obviously has a sense of humor. Y'all don't know how to take reality that's your problems. Y'all are gangster until you shut off your mom's PC GTFOH

  • Anonymous

    Slapped up, and chased out a club. Goodbye credibility. Hello VH-1 Where Are They Now.

  • StopBeingStupid

    Yo..on the real..most people on here are just stupid. Yo Who Kid? He seems like he's opening the door to another carrer, no bullshit. The dude is naturally funny. If you think this isn't all part of it you're stupid. He can tell a story, and he's defintely not caught up in trying to be gangster - he ain't, and not trying to be like all these cyberthugs. But I would bet most of these internet killers would probably get their asses handed to them if they tried to put their hands on Who kid. Just saying.

  • IamHipHop

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  • Anonymous

    I aint mad at Whoo Kid because a good run beats a bad stand any day. But as far as that 50 slapping people thing goes I aint feelin that. Aint no way in hell anybody gonna get away with slapping me I dont give a fuck who you are.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Public service announcement: I will retire from commentin' here forever. HHDX didn't pay my full check. swag

  • Anonymous

    No matter how hard or gangster you maybe you can't take on too many people or protect yourself, the only option is too make a quick dash. I think some of the biggest egotistical gangsters will let you know that.

  • jj

    Damn lmao Whoo Kid funny as hell!

  • Anonymous

    Who ever the Nigga bricks is u probably bitch enuff to let a Nigga slap u hoe ass Nigga .anonymous is a comment not a choice cause ain't nobody paying attention to what the Fuck nobody is saying on if u such a god Damn coward let another man slap u in your face wit out doing Shit .I rather get peter rolled by reacting to a slap then.not saying i can't get slapped but not reacting bitch Nigga u stupid

  • Fossie

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  • Anonymous

    this man who kidd a funny man but some shit just shouldnt be shared to save yur manhood man.... Almost killed and chased is one thing but slapped around smh

  • Anonymous

    unreleased verse from 2pac ,bet 50 cent fucked it up thats why suge prob got mad

  • Anonymous

    whoo kidd is madd funny! He is a non-pretender!!

  • Anonymous

    suge dont play around thats for sure

  • Big D

    Two of the funniest niggas on earth!

  • realniggasdontrun

    Whoo Kid is a mark

    • Anonymous

      man I bet you 60% of these niggaz in the industry are MARKS! but respect to him for being true to himself n not putting a front on camera!


    good example how ignorant and sick this biz is: 5 Gs for a "dj" with a macbook, leaked uncleared tracks and a label boss hiring goons to make a point.

  • So Icy Boi!

    dis nigga aint poppin cuz he aint on YMCMB. so fuck dis DJ!!!! DJ Khaled is da best DJ of all time. swag

    • Anonymous

      SO ICY BOI! you like that swag so much huh? SWAG = Sex With Another Guy

    • Anonymous

      stfu, stupid kid -.-

    • Matt

      you guys are idiots, DJ whoo kidd is the whole reason dj khaled can put out a cd. G-Unit started this mixtape shit and this the motherfuckin thanks they get?

    • Anonymous

      lol!!he not even the best dj in miami!we da best !! no

    • SoIcyFag

      You niggas need to stop taking So Icy Boi so seriously, he's obviously doing this shit on purpose to get you motherfuckers in a twist, grown men with hip hop knowledge don't behave like this so fall back and let him and cry for the attention he doesn't get in real life...

    • So Icy Boi!

      ma dad a fan of dose old ass DJs & rappas. he calls it "real hip hop".... cmon 21st century hip hop is da truth. new hip hop is da best. swag Lil Wayne > 2Pac Rick Ross > The Notorious BIG Drake > Common Odd Future > Wu-Tang

    • We know

      You said swag. So, we know you're not an 80's or 70's baby. You only know this current stuff... and know nothing about Jam Master, Preemo, Grand Master Flash, Jazzy Jeff, Hurricane, Mister C, etc. You know, back when the DJ was known, and had featured one cut/scratch record on each group CD. Keep supporting those lip-locking lovers named Lil Wayne and Baby.

  • Anonymous

    DJ Whoo Kids funny see you aint gotta always act hard and make up fake stories just be yourself shout out to DJ Whoo Kid for keeping it real

  • Anonymous

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  • ETK

    lmao, gettin slapped around by Fiddy and now being chased out of the club by Suge.. that kid sure ain't frettin it. props to him least he shows not everybody has to try and act hard when they ain't

    • Anonymous

      True talk at least he's honest. I wish 2pac was alive though, he wouldn't back down from that asshole suge knight

  • bricks

    LMFAO whoo kidd is a funny 1 tryna play him for that story is an idiot...i guess you rambo ass niggas would stand around and fight a bunch of niggas with knives...smh #WeDontBelieveYou cut the crap ZIP EM UP

  • dentaldamboy

    Ya vam pravda gavaru, DJ Who Kid samay nastayshiy pedaraz. Evo fse muchene yebayoot. Scora, fso v rap budent YMCMB.

  • ItsTheTruth

    I mean, the truth is the truth but damn, keep some shit to yourself. Talking about getting chased out of a club is not a good look. And I don't know what he was thinking when he was talking about getting slapped by 50 Cent. I respect DJ Who Kid but stick to doing the interviews, not the one being interviewed. 'Bottoms Up' 2/28

    • Anonymous

      alot of niggaz would have ran...he in a city he ain't from (LA)...he is just a dj...and he got Suge Knight and a gang of bloods on his ass with nives.....who would hang around for and and live and fight another day. PICK YOUR BATTLES!!!

    • ETK

      he clearly doesn't give a shit if he's talkin about it.. he's being himself, that's all I see. he probably always a jokester in the group

  • jr88

    lol whoo kid is crazy...but the thing about whoo kid is that he doesnt claim to be a gangster or a thug, he is just himself so i dont put him down for it

  • Anonymous

    I stopped reading when it said Whoo Kid was hired to DJ...playing a playlist off a Mac isn't DJ'ing...

    • Anonymous

      Are you retarded or something?Whoo Kid himself says he doesn't know to DJ..he hosts tapes and "produces"...He was one of the first to use serrato...I have been to a party he "DJ"ed and its all off a mac...

    • Anonymous

      were you there? how do you know he didnt have a pair of 1200's????

  • Anonymous

    Dj whoo kid sure got a lot of stories about geting tryed like a sucker.I won't be surprised if his next storie is about geting homosexually raped by rupaul .well he's been slapped in the last story he told and he's got a lot of buster tales to tell. lol .I might let me refrase that I will run from a gang of niggas with knifes if I have no heat or tru niggas around but geting slapped in my mothafuckin face by any man translates to death for me .its a line to be drawn and thats it right there.die for respect Fuck it if you ain't Shit else to die for.

    • bricks

      LOL man stfu you wouldnt do shit if u got slapped...fugazi internet thug...yea u real tough typing on the cpu with an anonymous name...u wouldnt do shit...cut the crap zip em up

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