Beats By Dre Splits From Monster Cable Products

Beats opted not to renew its five-year contract when it expires at the end of 2012.

After striking success over the past few years, Beats By Dre is splitting from Monster Cable Products when its five-year contract expires at the end of 2012.

According to Business Week, Beats, which held a 53 percent stake of the $1 billion annual headphone market in 2011, has decided to terminate its partnership with the electronics brand. While each company says that there is no animosity, the publication reports that there was ill will over financial terms, “with divergent views on which side deserves the most credit for the line’s success and Beats balking at its share of the revenue.”

Monster is planning on putting out eight lines of headphones to compete with Beats. Jimmy Iovine, Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman, isn’t sweating it. “We have very big ambitions for Beats beyond headphones,” he says. “Music has got to succeed on the phone or else the record industry will never thrive.”

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  • The Truth

    Don't believe the Hype. You want some better headphones for the same price, get yourself some Bose. I've got the QC-15's and they kick the shit out of the Beats set in that price range.

  • jackbrown

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  • Fado

    the beats solo sound better then they are because the average consumer is used too skull candy sound quality. The beats studio do actually have really good sound quality but by the time you pay for them you might as well purchase an even better brand. I cant get mad at a black man in America making money though.....

  • Fado

    Grado makes the best headphones on the planet. I own a pair. It sounds like an orchestra being conducted by an angel is blazing through your ears being amplified by speakers designed by Galileo Galilei after he took 2 LSD pills.


    This kind of negro is the reason slavery should start all over again. Stupid negro

  • raoul

    I wonder if the webmaster actually regulates these e-mails. Do we really need to have people insulting each other on a daily basis on these posts. Seriously, can't we just talk properly?

  • Anonymous

    OVERPRICED GARBAGE. all the models have decent bass, but the sound quality is terrible unless you get the studio version. which is what, 800 dollars? kiss my ass.

  • Mr Knight

    I am sick and tired about reading shit about all these fucking headphones which are over priced anyway and not as good as sennheisser any day of the week.

  • Logic

    Brilliant marketing over the years between Beats and Monster. Its on par with Jordan in terms of marketing over-priced goods to a urban largely low income segment. Beats are now a taste of the goodlife for those that can't get it.

    • jg

      well said man. Im so tired of seeing black people blowing 2 paycheques on these overpriced headphones. Complete bullshit.

  • Renzo rollin

    I'm tired of seeing Dre with Jimmy all the time. Dre should be in the studio, not hangin with greedy Jimmy.

  • Argyle

    Depending on if they change up some of the drivers, and who they go to for cable now, Beats could end up becoming a lot better or a lot worse.

  • h

    the reason for the success of 'beats' are branding, dr dre, and image.... as long as 'beats' continue to evolve, in terms of the look and design as well as continuing to keep up sound quality.... they'll succeed.... it's like having an mp3 player that wasn't an ipod in 2004... it's embarrassing, people buy beats because of the brand....

    • got that right

      exactly, people buy them just because of the brand. when its all said and done, i cant believe people spend 2 to 300 dollars for headphones. they arent even practical to wear at the gym.

    • Anonymous

      i dont know about it being embarassing not having beats the way i see it, you can spot who the chumps are who dont know shit about anything, especially audio when you see them with their neon orange beats by dr gay and his sidekick jimmy

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    I tried these headphones when my oldest nephew got them, and the bass and everything was actuly really good. I was in a store not too long ago and I tried the Beats By Dre Studio and the Bose that cost about the same price or more, and they both sounded great. I've heard about the Sennheisers being pretty good too. To me I think it's a matter of what is your taste or if you like the look of the headphones. Some folks even buy according to brand because they are used to buying a specific brand over the years and won't deviate away from that name. I wouldn't mind getting the Beats By Dr Dre, Bose or the Sennheisers, but I am just not sure I wanna pay over $100 for headphones. I have the loot to get all three brands if I want, and any other brand out there, but they seem overpriced. Great quality, but pricing sucks although I've seen a pair of each of those brands on sale for under $100 at certain times of the year.....

  • sennheisers suck

    anyone who think sennheisers are good are fucking idiots, i like ibeats and if you think skullcandy is better your a moron and a troll.

    • Thefunnythingis

      See guys the funny thing is Senheissers are actually aimed at the pro audio market you know the producers, beatmakers and djs and so if you like Senheissers then I recommend the Shures or Grado which are supposodely the very best in that niche.

    • casper21

      no sennheisers don't suck, you might not like them, but they're a top brand with bose and a few others.

  • mike

    beats by dre headphones are way overpriced. I had a pair and they broke within 2 weeks.

  • really?!

    Those headphones suck anyway. People pay for the name. the quality is shitty. My pair lasted 4 weeks before one side blew out. I know several other people who are on thier third and fourth replacement pair. Fuck Beats and Fuck Monster..Twenty dollar skullcandy earbuds are more durable and they sound good.

    • really clee?

      You are obviously the moron, because we all know that the headphones are a fashion accessory. You probably fell for the marketing ploy and bought the pink ones that were rolled out during christmas to match your thong faggot.

    • Anonymous

      I've owned 3 pair of beats, the Tours, the Power Beats and the Studio. I took the power beats back cause I didn't really need them. While I like the look of the headphones and I thought the quality of the sound was good I was wrong. I love my beats don't get me wrong but aside from hip hop and bass heavy tracks they're really not that great. They're not balanced and they're not that good for other genres of music. To say they're UNMATCHED is FAR FETCHED. You're not getting the quality you're paying for, you're getting the look and name of Dr. Dre. If you want a good pair of headphones pony up the money for a pair of Jerry Harvey headphones of Sennheiser HD 800's. Those are real headphones and they'll take you to a whole other level.

    • Anonymous

      you say the quality is unmatched but have you tried every brand of headphones listed below? sorry but ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about AUDIO knows they are an overpriced fashion accessory

    • Clee

      Dude your prob a dip shit who cant take care of his stuff, i have had a pair for over a year they are still working like brand new and the quality is UN MATCHED! please dnt talk about shit when you prob never even owned a pair





  • DJC

    And Beats fuckin suck. Invest in some Sennheisers if you want good shit.

    • Anonymous


    • buckeyewu

      @ The Truth. If you want to look pretty why dont you go buy some fucking make up to wear with your pretty ass beats headphones. I want a quality product that sounds good. Im not wearing the shit in public to get bitches.

    • Anonymous

      i could buy them if i wanted but its a waste of money to me because i dont even use headphones, i have a home stereo and a fucking car

    • The Truth

      Sennheisers may sound better but they look FUCKING ugly ass hell. U just mad cuz you don't got the cash to buy some beats. They look way better(the best looking head phones) and they sound decent so stfu

    • Anonymous

      its true, read the rest of the comments, the only people who think beats are good are high school kids who are used to listening to shitty mp3s on computer speakers

    • CLee

      your a idiot have you ever even used a pair of beats headphones, please dont just comment on shit u dont know about and give people the wrong impression

  • DJC

    He thinks the record industry can thrive again, LMAO. Indie is where it's at and these corporate fucks are done. We're producing, promoting and profiting 100% off of our own shit and there's nothing they can do to stop us.

    • MR.Wow

      Corporate fucks are not done, they just have to adjust to the climate. At the end of the day few indies are profiting 100% because they don't own pressing plants, pr firms, or distribution. Indies make more than what they were making fucking with the majors when sells are mediocre. When profits are good you can't front on the benefits of being down with a corporation. The record industry will thrive again and you would be a fool to think major funded corporations will not take part in the new business model. All the research that is going on right now looking for future technologies that the average artist/ indie label won't hear about until it out. Indie movements should feed you but you will have to have some corporate connection to feast. Besides that who wouldn't want to have a corporate army behind them.

  • So Icy Boi!

    I cant wait till Lil Waynes new headphones, Beats by YMCMB. we do classic shit, no fails like Dr. Dre. we produce quality sound, quality music and quality design. gettin money is all we do. swag YMCMB 2012 YMCMB 2013 YMCMB 2014

  • So Icy Boi!

    I cant wait till Lil Waynes new headphones, Beats by YMCMB. we do classic shit, no fails like Dr. Dre. we produce quality sound, quality music and quality design. gettin money is all we do. YMCMB 2012 YMCMB 2013 YMCMB 2014

  • Yo

    Enter for a chance to win tickets to see Underworld: Awakening in theaters January 20th, an autographed poster, T-shirt & Trilogy DVD box set!

  • FloJo

    I believe Monster has more to do with the price of the headphones than Dre or Lovine, and Monster doesnt put out good products. Ive bought Monster products before (never bought Beats) and it'a no better than the cheap stuff at Walmart. I have a pair of Sony MDR-v600 ($100) back in '04 and are some of the best headphones for mixing when monitors arent an option due to location. The people that buy Beats because they are "in" are the same ones that own Apple's because they are "in"...

    • overdose

      i agree, sony headphones are underrated, and the beats by dr dre should be categorised as bass amplified headphone, whent he beats ridiculously over compress bass and have a bad frequency reponse in the bass (you always hear kinda the same frequency in the bass even when the key change), treble aren't clear. the only good thing in the beats is the titanium coated driver who make you hear better the reverb. But the sony mdr-xb300 cost only 30euro this day and is far better than the beats by dr dre.

  • buckeyewu

    WHO CARES!?! Beats By Dre have always been overpriced. There are tons of headphones that have better sound quality for like 1/2 or 1/3 the price. Your paying the high price to have a Dre's name on the product. Your paying for the name of a producer thats afraid to release an album. LOL!

    • Grado

      Look guys when it comes to pro-audio headphone monitoring there's only one name to look for and that's Grado, anything by Grado after the SR80i or from there onwards is supposed to have one of the flattest and truest freq responses in any headphone product so look at them if you produce or engineer.

    • joem

      Those beats remind me of my old Skullcandy Skull Crushers that I had like 5-6 years ago.. In any case, they both suck. Currently my favorite headphones are: Over ear: Sony MDR-XB700 Buds: Sony MDR-XB41EX I want to cop those new MDR-XB1000's tho.. $300.. Sony don't fuck around with audio, their shit is worth the price tag.

    • Anonymous

      beats are ugly as shit. you need BATTERIES to use em. they are $50 quality headphones at the prie of $300 these are the best headphones for hip-hop heads (read: bassheads) over ears: (all $120 - $150) Audio Technica M50 Shure 750DJ Shure SRH840 in ear monitors: Sennheiser IE8 (~$200) Klipsch X10 (~$110) Klipsch image S4 (~$60)

  • Anonymous

    Dre is always getting pimped since the beginning of his career. from Jerry Heller, to Eazy E, to Suge, now Jimmy I lol. when HTC bought Beats, that $350 mil went to Jimmy's pockets, Dre is given scraps.

  • Anonymous

    dre and jimmy wear matching hats hmmmmmm

  • Rock Shot

    50 cent should sign sleeks with Monther with a 60 percent share for himself. This way he controls headphone market....Feeds of off Dre's rivalry with Monster. and plus push it with controversial but very smart business savy

  • Anonymous

    your gonna tellme Dre and Jimmy Iovine aint fucken each other!! Ya right these dudes are a couple!

  • PA

    Anyone who pays 250-350 on headphones is retarded. You are paying to have that logo by your ear and thats it. Go into any real audio/DJ store and they would never recommend these....sheeple...

    • Tyrone325

      The same as Air Jordans, True Religion Jeans, and anyother overpriced thing that people buy as status symbols.

    • Argyle

      Actually, it's quite common to pay $200+ for headphones when you actually produce/DJ. In fact, some of the better headphones can run in excess of $700. You're right about these though; you're pretty much paying for the logo.

  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck Dr. Dre. hes a wack produca. Lex Luger is much betta. swag Im waitin for Beats by Lil Wayne. swag YMCMB!

  • Anonymous

    and this is how Dr.Dre made 350 mill last year

    • Anonymous

      he didnt htc invested 300 million into the beats brand, which dre doesnt own all on his own that money didnt go into his bank account

  • Anonymous

    Might be a good business move for now but in the long run, it might be a mistake. Dre should have kept Monster as a backbrace when competitors release high quality headphones like Beats for cheaper.

  • jr88

    i own beats and they are def one of the best out but i bought sms and they are waaaay better....if dre can make a wireless headphone with bluetooth they will be untouchable

    • Anonymous

      Beat already have a wireless headset but it bluetooth. Bluetooth is compressed sound n is mainly used for telecommuntication unlike 50's headset which uses Kleer Technology, the same technology you'll see on a benz, audi n gulfstream jets


    • Negatic

      beats by dre products are highly overpriced , theres nothing special about it except the it looks and styles. i recently bought a pair of beats pro and im already regreting why i paid so much for this pair of shit , if you really want a pro sound go get a sennheiser or akg.



  • Anonymous

    Jimmy the jew, always thinking he is smarter, now it best time for 50 to launch his sleek ish. Take over the market fif. I always said it, those headphones has one major disadvantage, durability.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, Beats sells 53% of the worlds headphones huh?? And people wonder why Dre is bullshittin bout detox, he probably makes more of them Headphones then he would off of 10 albums

    • Anonymous

      ok that makes more sense! so its just because they are overpriced!!!

    • billy bucks

      Yeah, that's a confusing statement. But it's 53% of the billion dollar headphone industry in DOLLARS. They're not saying 53% of people who purchased headphones bought beats by means 53% of the income was from beats by Dre sales.... It makes sense though. If Apple ear buds are $30 and beats by Dre are $300 you're talking 10 times the profit margin. Apple I'm sure sold 10 times the units, but grossed close to the same revenue.

    • Anonymous

      sorry but those numbers cant be true 53% of the people who rock headphones arent stupid enough to pay for $300 headphones that aren't as good as a $70 pair of sonys i bet more people rock white apple ear buds than beats, i know i still do

    • No, man above you is correct

      No, it's 53% of the world headphone market, read again, man above is correct.

    • Anonymous

      No 53%shares in the company own by beats or jimmy and dre.

  • Anonymous

    beats will be trash now

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