Common Performs "Celebrate" With The Roots On "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"

Com makes an appearance on the late night talk show to perform his new single.

Common graced the stage last night to perform his single "Celebrate" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

The Chicago, Illinois native performed the feel-good cut with backing from The Roots, cutting across the stage as gold confetti fell from the ceiling. The song, included on his latest LP The Dreamer, The Believer, serves as the fourth single off the project.

Watch the performance below (via MWP).

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    i'm sorry but this beef between common and drake is a battle for being the softest. It's a pillow case vs. a bed sheet. the black mr. rogers vs. captain save a hoe.

  • Anonymous

    common was on the radio last night talking about drake. he just wants to battle for hiphop, and drake started that shit so it is what it is! its no beef though

  • So Icy Boi!

    Drake ethered Common. dis old ass nigga is a hater, Drake is a legend. haters gonna hate. YMCMB gonna win. swag

  • Anonymous

    is that a cross colors jacket i spy? solid.

  • Anonymous

    so common doesn't make bitch music? man, i wish mop and kool g rap would make a diss to drake and common over a fuckin alchemist beat

    • Cole

      What part of this song was soft or bitch-like????? Yeah talking about celebrating with the people closest to you is real soft, G Rap hates friends and being social himself. Get real dude.

    • Ttito

      You couldnt be more right. absolutely true

    • Anonymous

      when i say people can relate to ice cube's music, i meaning blacks in the hood and people that generally hate cops...

    • Anonymous

      lyrically, ice cube was never on g raps level and never will be, so you can't compare the two. ice cube had a great flow and had good topical rap that people could relate to, but lyrically, he was on some abc 123 shit all the time. either way, he's still dope, just g rap is better (this is my opinion, and there's a reason g rap is called one of the godfathers of gangster music). point is, and don't get me wrong, common is a good rapper and thousands of times better than drake, but common still makes lots of bitch ass preacher, lovey poopey shit. kinda hypocritical no?

    • shomar

      If Common murked Ice Cube in his prime, he'd murk mophead and Kool G Rap. C'mon son

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