Lupe Fiasco's "Lasers" Certified Gold

Almost a year after its release, Lu's latest earns gold certification.

Lupe Fiasco has earned gold certification for his fourth album Lasers, which released on March 8, 2011.

According to The LupEND Blog, the LP took 10 months to cross the 500,000 copies sold mark. Upon its initial release, the album sold 204,000 copies in its first week and debuted atop the Billboard 200. The album had the best-selling first-week sales of his career, and second top 10 album on the chart.

The Chicago, Illinois rapper is currently working on its follow-up Food & Liquor 2, as well as a joint project with Pharrell Williams.

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  • Anynomous

    Finally, congratz to the plaque. LASERS is still his weakest album, mostly pop-oriented electronical sound with dumbed down lyrics and lightsome subject matters. To be fair, it has moments for Lupe's hardcore fans too, but its 4-5 tracks at maximum, thanksfully to Atlantic Records. I hope since their plan (making LASERS a financially succesfull project) worked, they give Lupe a free hand for "Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album". It could be Lupe's last chance to prove his fans that he ain't a sellout by making a true hip-hop classic.

  • Anonymous

    it's sad how the label tried so hard to make it commercial...and yet it finally reached gold..smh

  • theCool

    Lasers was trash, fuck trying to appeal to anything, thats not what Lupe is about and he even hated Lasers. Atlantic records made him sound like some club-fag. Lyrically, every verse was on point, but don't sit there and argue that Lasers was a good album, because your fucking wrong. I got chills when I first heard lupe fiasco. I threw this cd out when I first heard lasers. Period. F&L II is gonna be straight fire.

  • Anonymous

    New Music By fast growing hiphop band Blac Infinity

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful Lasers is legit. I Don't Wanna Care Right Now is legit. Show Goes On is legit. Words I Never Said is legit. That's four right there that I'd break down bar for bar as quality. And there's a few more (Letting Go, When I Get There) that I'd be willing to argue with. The album ain't The Cool, but that doesn't mean it's automatically trash. It's sad that so many people just can't hear past the beat.

    • Anonymous

      You put it right, dokevoc. This is MUSIC and that counts, if you can't transform your lyrics into an appealing product, get the FUCK out of the music business, you ain't talented enough. That's the reason why countless underground rappers fail.

    • dockevoc

      It's called MUSIC. The beat is essential. Great actors don't get awards for being in bad films...

  • da1

    It shows what hiphipdx knows. This was his third album you idiots. And you clowns need to stop acting like this album was like 50 cent last two albums. Like it was so bad. The lyrics was still pretty good. He still the dopest lyricist in the game. He just need to get out of his contract with Atlantic.

    • dockevoc

      it means that in a circle of faggots down on their knees getting cock shoved down their throats he would be the best lyricist amongst them.

    • theCool

      dockevoc, what does that even mean? how can you be the dopest LYRICIST in the game of gag reflex? Furthermore, Fiasco is the best in the game. Dude is a non-gangbangin' version of Nas, except with a much deeper, unique & intricate way of writing and rapping. Not takin anything away from Nas obviously because he is arguably the best storyteller (since BIG, they were both madfire with that ability) in the rap game. But I could list 50 songs by Fiasco that squash anything Rap has put out in the past couple years. Lasers, however, was fucking shit.

    • dockevoc

      dopest lyricist in a game of gag reflex testing



  • Gold

    Saying the album sucked is irrelevant, because Lupe always go gold. That's why it's so mindboggling that Atlanta tried so hard to make him switch his beat selection up. It's not as if Lupe isn't marketable as Lupe. And the album wasn't classic or great by any means, not even solid, but it wasn't that bad. There were songs like Out of My Head than songs like Words I Never Said, than songs like Show Goes On that sounded like he usually does...album was meh but all of y'all saying it was an abomination obviously never heard of most other mainstream artists who come and go like the wind.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Lupe i would have thought u would have been gold already all those ppl that petitioned must not have bought the album.. CHECK OUT THE MUSIC

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Lupe! Though honestly I didn't buy the album bc it wasn't him all the way on it (or so he claims...), but regardless, I'm glad he went gold...

  • 1st and 15th

    That's a shame,everyone else makes garbage and goes gold in about 3-4 months tops, Lupe dose it and it take him 10 months.The music industry is pretty fucked up.

  • ETK

    I wasn't fuckin all that much with Lasers either. there's a theory some niggas out there put that, that the reason Lupe may have gone with pop-sounding beats is that he could reach a wider population and further send his messages through.. yknow all that shit he's talkin about, politics, his views on society etc. It's not that I 100% believe that either, but then I listen to some beats in Friend of the People, most of which tracks on there are Lasers throwaways, and on some tracks like WWJD he was addressin healthcare and shit. all I care about is whether lupe keeps to his promise and keeps his old stuff relevant like he said he would. Lasers was disappointing(esp. out of my head) but not bottom of the pile like some YMCMB bullshit. leggo F&L2.

  • ark

    ONe of the worst albums last year and it goes gold. "I just don't understand it" - BIG L

  • Anonymous

    Lupe is like that Vince carter typa dude,. tracey mcgrady, alan houston, ... he was dope but just thought he was bigger and better than the game.

    • Anonymous

      Ok I think Lasers is a pretty bad album, and the most commercial hip hop album I've ever heard, but there were a few songs on there much better then "Ok." All Black Everything is definatly better then ok, and Words I Never Said is great. The Show Goes On is pretty good, although overplayed, and Letting Go isn't bad. That being said songs like I don't wanna care right now are absolutely horrible.

    • Anonymous

      LOOOL yes you are, don't lie all because this is the internet

    • Guillaume

      I don't think so ... There is only one song ok in Lasers, All Black Everything, the rest is mainstream bullshit. The featuring with Trey Songz is big crap. Tha Carter IV was better, Take Care too. And I'm not a Young Money's balls sucker ;)

    • Anonymous

      Compared to Drake, Wayne & Nicki its incredible tho Lupe on his worst day >>>> Most mainstream rappers at their peak

  • Ash Motown

    Yea very much half-ass album but still a noteworthy listen though

  • Anonymous

    Glad for him, a half assed Lupe record is still better then the lame shit thats out there now

  • Anonymous

    Well glad to see Lupe being successful even though he basicly sold out...

  • So Icy Boi!

    dis aint hip hop music. swag

  • illagodzilla

    It was one of my favorite albums. long over due.

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