Gang Starr Affiliate Gusmo Says Drugs & Theft Broke Up The Group

Guru's close associate explains from his perspective why the group split.

Gang Starr Foundation member Gusmo recently spoke to Forbez DVD in anticipation of the release of his upcoming DVD documentary Breakup of the Chain & Starr, making shocking allegations about why Guru and DJ Premier went their separate ways. During the interview, he said that drugs and theft caused a rift between the group members and that Preem had issues at the time.

“[The DVD is] exposing how the whole shit went down and why Guru left. And the situation why he left, there was drugs involved and all of that. Preem, you know what I’m talking about,” he said. “Niggas was cracking that fucking nose candy. I ain’t saying everybody, but Preem know what I’m talking about. Niggas getting high, taking money, niggas robbing tour money… Guru just got tired of it and said fuck that, I’m out.”

Stating that Primo would most likely deny the allegations, Gusmo said that ego also played a part in the demise of Gang Starr around the time that the two were working 2003’s The Ownerz.

“What really happened was ego. It was ego. Preem had the ego,” he said. “He wanted to be the nigga in charge and try to run shit and tell niggas what to do and who can go on tour and do this and do that. Guru was always fighting for niggas to go, but he didn’t want certain niggas to go on the road. So I guess Guru got tired and wanted to do his own thing and that’s what it was.

“I’d say it was around the Ownerz album,” he continued. “I think it was over the money and what Preem was doing was he was doing beats for porn. Guru was getting tight because he was like, ‘I don’t represent that.’ Guru got tight and was like, you know what? I’m out. He didn’t want to deal with the situation no more. Plus, it was over sample clearances, they were getting sued. Guru was like, I want to do my own thing and I’m going to just move forward and move on. And he left everybody, but he stayed in contact with me.”

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  • tk

    gusmo is seriously effing dumb to forget that people like him make real legends look even more great premo is a legend for his genius, which you cannot 'expose' in any negative way. that part of hip-hop history is locked in the past and cannot be changed or refuted IN ANY WAY even if a video surfaced of him doing a line of coke off a little boys ass while counting money from an old ladies purse that he snatched, IT WOULD ONLY MAKE HIM LOOK MORE OF A GENIUS!!!!!! so....thanks for increasing premo's stock, and good luck showing your face in public. oh and congratulations on selling two copies of this dvd to support your drug and alcohol addiction

  • fucksolar2012

    Solar is so over these comments, posted with over a 100 aliases, just like he is all over YouTube spreading rumors. He has no job now so of course he has all the time in the world.

  • Sreetz

    This dude is on a gay Porn site having sex with a dude! Fucking disgusting! No wonder guru bounced on this fucking degenerate. DJ Premier is a fucking gay dude who would have thought this shit yo?? Shameful shameful

  • pop pop

    Solar was the only one holding Guru down. Now that the truth is out P better run and hide cause nigga's are comin for his head.

  • westcoast


  • westcoast

    Shame on Dj premier. west caost aint got no love for you faggot.

  • Bethel

    PREEM needs to keep doing gay PORN and leave Hip Hop alone he is A DISGRACE RIP GURU

  • Bethel

    I never thought that Dj premir would do someyhing like this. I am a fan of guru and premeier. And this is crazy! I heard a lot of fucked up things why gangstarr broke up. But i thought it seemed off. guru was doing his thing and i like his new ish. Now this all makes sense. I agree that hip hop has sank to a new low form premeir. he should burn in hell for wht hes done.RIP GURU

  • another solar account

    yo Solar - stop that shit. you use again 20 different nicknames. sh++++t da fak up stop talkign to yourself hahahahahah the voice of the guy that makes interview... remarkable ???

    • Anonymous

      Everbody read this comment please. And see for your self what scum premeir hired to slander Guru. he's laughing at this tragedy just like peem is. This is premers fanbase that he incourages and pays. Disgrace ontop of disgrace.

    • Anonymous


  • Shakim

    your a fucking asshole. this shit here aint got nothin to do wit Solar. This bout preem and his credibilty, being he shit on Guru after guru was dead. he never has spoke to defend Guru like Gusmo said this dude knew guru was no Homo, and he went in on him anyway after guru was dead. This shit is Foul, yo Guru got a son that got to hear this shit. this whole preem thing is fucked big time.

  • Shakim

    I searched dj premier on the gay websites and he came up in multiple hits. WTF is going on wit this dude?? all i know is this aint what Guru represented.And it sure aint Gangstarr.

    • Anonymous

      Preem and gay porn. no wonder why he framed Guru, he don't want this out there. Everybody knows GURU AND SOLAR WERE CLEAN THEY DON'T DRINK SMOKE OR DO DRUGS.

  • dj cam

    Gusmo Guru would thank you for this.And as A Guru fan Thank you. RIP GURU

  • dj cam

    This shit is crazy. Where the fuck is the justice? Gusmo goes all the way Back with Preem and Guru as well as all the whole Gangstarr foundation. If this ish is true preem should be banned from hip hop for life. RIP GURU

  • steve

    I am a Gangstarr fan from back in the Day. I am shocked That someone who came up with Guru would do this to him. RIP GURU you deserve better Peace

    • Anonymous


  • Stan

    This shit is disturbing gangstarr was one of the realest Hip hop groups in the game. what kind of scumbag does this to Guru after he is dead? RIP GURU

  • another solar account

    the voice of the guy that makes interview... remarkable ???

  • another solar account

    yo Solar - stop that shit. you use again 20 different nicknames. sh++++t da fak up

  • Dj Sick

    Yo I was down for this dude! I am fucking disgusted at this piece of shit. GANGSTAR AINT REP NONE OF THIS BULLSHIT THIS DUDE IS DOWN WITH. Fuck this Nigga big up Gusmo Keep your head up bruh.

  • Anonymous

    Now we see why he(Peem) is down with Jay Z and Kanye, he is them. Guru and solar hated these dudes, they were not afraid of these fake fag boogie man cowards. check the record Guru went in on Jay on that young Guru garbage.And kanye was JEALOUS OF THE GOD SOLAR. Thats why these snakes murdered Guru. Yo the Truth can't be stopped. Justice is comin to these Devils Peace RIP GURU

  • Anonymous


  • Sreetz

    This is how Hip Hop Got fucked up. Guru always got mad respect then jealous niggas egos get the best of them and they start talkin shit. what makes this worse is Guru was dead when this was done. This is the lowest shit ever in the history of Hip Hop. Fuck Dj Premier thsi niiga need to get stepped to by the gods. Rest in Paradise Guru.

  • Anonymous

    The truth is out SOLAR AND GURU WAS FRAMED By this snake! Gusmo spoke the truth Solar spoke the truth Guru was dead so he could not defend the situation. Which gave this snake the perfect opportunity to spread his lies to cover his Gay porn stealing and drug use! There is more niggas steppin up to speak on this snake preem. Yo he slandederd a dead man with lies thats fucking wack. RIP GURU the best.

  • Phil Cee

    Porn split up Gangstarr I remember Premier sayin it on an interview on UK radio station conspiracy radio last year google it

    • shaikim

      I searched dj premier on the gay websites and he came up in multiple hits. WTF is going on wit this dude?? all i know is this aint what Guru represented.And it sure aint Gangstarr

    • Ron

      Preemo is down wit Gay Porn. Guru was shocked when he found out this dude was down with that shit. but for the fans of Gangstarr Guru kept it moving and rose above. if he had known this shit was going to down you can beleive he would have popped this dudes head. RIP GURU

  • Anonymous

    Hip Hop history(His story) Is of Supreme importance! The truth has to be brought out and respected. Look at this Preem BS Him calling Guru and Solar gay, cause Guru bounced on him cause of drugs gay porn and stealiing, Rhe truth is coming out late but it is coming out and thats whats important for hip hop. all this making up shit to make niggas egos feel better need to stop.

  • KillaCipher

    yo preem is Fucking snake! I was a fan, but fuck this nigga. calling guru and solar gay when he is doing gay Porn. and Solar broke up gangstarr, yo I believed this foul snake. Now the truth is coming out. gusmo is a real nigga who was down from the beggining. Yo somebody need to see this fake ass preem dude. guru is one of favorite niggas of all time. RIP GURU

  • miss thing

    Pre is gay,How do I know because Im gay, and we use to be lovers. He lives a double life.

  • nurse

    Guru disliked his family and his sons mother.He also hated premo. They all made Solar the bad guy in the media because they was plotting to get Guru's money sellin Tshirts sayin that the money was for Guru's son that was bullshit. When in fact Solar was the only one that was taking care of Guru. Taking him to doctor appointments, cooking and cleaning for him and some times washing him because Guru could'nt that's what a true friend and brother does.Guru's family was no where around. Justin and his mother Trish tried to use Guru for years because Justin wanted to become a rapper but he sucked.

    • Anonymous


    • Chris

      I bet this is Solar again acting as different people like he does all over the youtube clips! What a wack dude! Why don't you ball up in a corner and die already....

  • Anonymous


  • Bville Rider

    Yo there is pictures out now of preem with Homo Gay Porn stars, at patys and shit. whats the deal with dat?? His gay partner keebler has been talkin to mad people about his love affair with this dude. All this is on the net. Why thisw dude started this homo shit on Guru is fuckin wack to the max. if he was a fuckin man he would have brought that to guru while guru was alive, what kind of scumbag slanders a dead man who can't defend himself?

  • Anonymous

    Premier Is Illuminati! he has murder all around him Big L, Guru, headquarters, BIGGIE, and he tight with the head hip hop lucifer Who tried to steal Guru'sa righteous name and give it too some fuckin Homo rock engineer for those who don;t know Young Guru Guru's fans put a stop to that shit. but this lucifer and premier held a grudge. Infect truth Killalumanati

  • Knowledge

    Guru and Solar are 5 Percenters. As Gods they do not deal with Homosexuality. Anybody that knows anything about the 5 Percent knows thats true. Preem made that shit up cause he was hateful of guru and solar as men. Guru and Solar are stand up SOBER honest Gods and role models . And the world has been hurt by the disgraceful way they have been portrayed. Justice will be done! This scumbag and his cohorts can't hide from what coming to them. PEACE

  • Dj real

    I agree Solar was framed to cover all this ish up! Guru's nephew admitted he lied on his second youtube post. He went to the hospital along with his mother and uncle. CNN NEWS reproted that he was lying but the hip hop blogs rushed to judge Solar wrongly. Gangstarr was a great group but Guru's Solo work is tremendous and world acclaimed. It seems like preem did not like that and used his influence to disgrace Guru as a solo artist while focusing attention on gangstarr and himself almost seperating guru from gangstarr. FOUL FOUL FOUL

  • JT

    Now you see the truth coming out about how shady Preim is. He framed Solar along with Guru's shady nephew and his crazy sister. Nobody ever said anything Bad about Solar or Guru until Guru got murdered. And they framed Solar to stop him from saying what Gusmo is saying and much more. Imagine what Solar as guru's true Brother knows. More truth needs to come out before Solar is considered wrong in this tradgedy.

  • Anonymous

    Nibs - Nobody uses that word anymore. You must be a nerd.

  • wishworks

    even though Guru Gone, This Shit Still hurts to hear. look i make beats , one of my hero's is primer let alone the most pioneering (i FeeL) Gangstarr next to slick rick, Run dmc, Kool g , krs one ,Kane, rakim, and Public Enemy. Look Guru wasn't the nicest, so far,as being on some hype but still, his course of flow, and a style all his own(real poetry being spit, almost on some spoken word shit)Back by a beat maker that just completely dominated his era. Yall can talked that pete rock shit if you want, and by all means honest to God, i'm not dissing Pete Rock but, unless your name was dr.Dre, you was not getting the same spins. These two together Good God GANGSTARR. you can miss me wit dat shit, i ain't tring to hear it

  • Anonymous

    RIP G love u my nigga preem is a real flaky dude. nothin new. man is a genius, but he's a flaky character. artists pay him, and he has them sitting on ice for months waiting on his 1 beat. he's fucked a lot of album releases up with his own scheduling. look at his record label for example, what's going on with that? failed promise after failed promise. almost as if he's disinterested in it all. there's a history of primo fucking niggas over, nobody ever came out of pocket to say anything about guru. honest, humble, cool. even when everyone was hating on him, for doing his own thing, he kept it cool. one of the coolest guys in hip hop, smart as a whip, hard working, real dude. preem fell out with chuck d, jeru, 2 level headed, cool brothers. the man is a genius but not without his faults. peace. gangstarr for life mothafucka

  • Anonymous

    Everything happens for a reason (splitup, breakups) Still all gangstarr material is classic NYC shit. Let it go no need to point fingers at preem

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or doesanyone else find it odd this dude, who was so tight with Gang Starr and down with them since day one - reppin' Group Home and Gang Starr Foundation, is not noted on anything in Wikipedia?!?! Dude was that tight, but not mentioned... shady self promotion, don't cop that DVD even if Preme was doin' lines.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga sound like he got his feelings hurt! His whole motive is out of spite! Come on... you ain't doin nothing to help Guru's legacy, muhfuccah!

    • Young G

      The truth is what Guru Repersented homie Let me remind you Moment Of Truthgangstarr best album. Get your heads out Preems wierdo egomaic scheme. Dude is Fucked up and Guru bounced on him. What Guru should have done is Fuck him up! word is bond.

  • honest truth

    preemo smoking preemo dammit man not my homie smh

  • Anonymous

    What dude is saying is true...Preem used to produce for Heather Hunter...As much as dudes want to paint themselves as angels Preem has blood on his hands as well...I respect Primo's genius as a producer but a lot of dudes fell back from working with Premier during that era (Nas,Jay) so people should embrace their faults and come clean..Solaar is a scumbag but Preem also had a hand in the breakup...

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't be surprised if this were true very few real people in rap who practice what they preach most in the industry are snakes greedy those few that weren't and were or are real are people like 2Pac & The Game who fed so many people bought shit for all there friends let them live at there house etc. The rest are all snakes 50, Nas, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E etc. and I can go on and on all have done it and I respect all these guys but they have done it unfortunetly most people in the industry are like this another reason why Pac will always be my favourite go look how many people he took care of, fed and bought shit for. Most get caught up with money he didn't

  • oskamadison

    OK, let's play devil's advocate here. Even if all of what dude said was true, why bring that out NOW? Guru's not here to defend himself and Preme, out of respect for Guru, probably won't even respond to these charges. So what, you sell a couple of DVD's? Then what??? You got a sequel in store? FOH! Gang Starr made timeless, classic Hip-Hop, leave it at that...

    • Pay Attention

      You're an idiot, he gave his reason in the interview. You might want to watch the video again and get the wax out your ear.

  • nastynas4life

    Premo* my bad.

  • nastynas4life

    Hard to believe this. If Preemo did cocaine, who gives a shit?! They made good music, released classic albums, thats all that matters. Cocaine is everywhere.


    All I know , many artists worked with Premo.. and as far as I know have character...and this is the first time we here a story about Premo like this? It truly sounds like this kid is aiming for a buzz to sell his new DVD He says he's down and out and hoping for new work, why take this route homie? He wasnt talking this shit when he earned money with them and rolled with the team, he whas even reaching out to Premo to help Guru, why do that if Premo whas so bad, why outta all people ask Premo? His story sounds like bullshit, but the truth will come out eventually, let Karma do the math

  • tju38

    He's a fucking troll looking to get paid.

  • The Riddla

    Beats for porn? What does that mean? Like, porno movies??? Why not do the beats for real girls? lol

    • IDK

      ...unless the porno music scores are for the movies "Fuck a Bitch or Die Tryin," "Sluts n the Hood" or "Hustle & Blow"

    • Anonymous

      Maybe he was talking about the background music for porn. But porno music scores arent usually hiphop sounding....

  • IDK

    It's really hard to really determine the split between Guru and DJ Premier unless the two of them can tell us what really went down without hiding anything. So far, all we have is one of Guru's close affiliates from his and Solar's Jazzmatazz band, Brownman, and Gang Starr's close affiliate, Gusmo. Both Brownman and Gusmo gave us different sides of the story. Brownman, along with having fellow bandmate DooWop as a "witness," said that Solar controlled Guru and isolated him from everyone, including Guru's family, who also felt that Solar is full of shit. But it looks like Gusmo, according to this article, said that drugs, money, and Primo's ego caused Guru to leave. Now my mind is full of fuck. Unless, both stories actually come together, with Guru ended up leaving Gang Starr and then found Solar and then severed ties from everyone in his life from there thanks to Solar. We'll never know, unless we can really hear it from DJ Premier, who might fabricate the story or probably doesn't know all of it, and the late Guru himself. RIP Guru

    • Anonymous

      Neither Brown faggot or his lover Dj Doo doo said anything until months after Guru was murdered. any one who knows Dj Shit stain knows he is a Gossip whore. he never could stay out of beef. Why would he wait until months after Guru was dead to say shit?? Cause shit aint true and they know it or this shit would have come out while Guru and Solar were on top. preem and gurus money hungry scheming nephew and crazy sister cooked this half baked bullshit up as play to get they hands on gurus legacy. Pay back is coming for them Hellfire for sure.

    • Anonymous

      gusmo didn't deny that, so how do their stories contradict each other??

  • Me

    All these rap dudes are grimy FOR REAL none of them practice what they preach..their all lunatics..none of them are really good people and wanna hate on people who actually make a difference on this world..#Rapissolamenowadays

  • Broward County

    Not to slam Keithy Keith, but... he went to Morehouse. Word life, like 50% of the dudes who go to that college are queer.

  • Tyrone325

    Every time there is a negative article about someone, all you clown ass chicks jump on the band wagon and start blogging as if you know the parties in the article. None of you were there, so STFU!

  • FernandoP

    I love Solar and Premier. I dont give a fuck about behind the scenes. guru dropped ''look to the sun'' with SOLAR and thats gurus best song ever. look to the sun. go tell me you cant rock that with a fat gold chain while feeling up your womans thighs. nooch.

    • Anonymous

      the material guru did with solar is so unfairly criticized. is it as good as gangstarr? no. is it dope hip hop music? YES. cracked me up when #1 primo dickrider statik selektah came outta pocket dissing solar after guru died, claiming solar had never made a good beat. that's irony. statik selektah is a hack, period. i don;t know solar, from what i read, doesn't sound like a good person. but the material he and guru delievered was dope for the most part. preem is a rap god, so a lot of fans give him a pass for eevything. like the end of gangstarr was entirely guru's fault, that's bullshit. guru is a rap god his damn self, and was a living legend amongst those who valued real emcees. we didn't pick sides, we followed both preem and g in their respective ventures. R.I.P. guru miss ya pop

  • Anonymous

    People are only defending Preme because of his beats. YOu the same people who don't give a fuck about lyrics... All I'm saying is you can't judge Solar (or Preme) without having been there. Peace to both Solar & Preme, and eternal rest to the Guru. May your words flow forever.

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Aight..dude not be a Solar puppet LOL I jumped the gun...but damn airing Premo out like that...then sayin "no I am not bitter"... to "If you gotta job come holla at Gusmo" DVD motive ...the economics are down at the moment, damn

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Gusmo fucked up almost every oppertunity he had in this bitch!! This dude is a Solar puppet I guess...How can you explain that Gurus Fam always spoke shame on how Solar drove Guru and Premo apart... Ok Premo has always been close to the most grimiest...but damn Gusmo sounds bitter. All I can say is, if you ever be in Brownsville KEEP YA HEAD UP LMAO

  • Terrance

    Ya man, I can see Dj Premier being shady. I remeber him talking about his porn collections etc...way to corrupt the purity that was Guru's take on hip hop. Premo is overweight, looks like don't care of himself how he gonna take care of a group? Also Guru not reaching out does show a statement, whatever. Premo should tell the truth, clean up and do something positive again. R.I.P Guru

  • mike from BR

    my mistake. not on the 45 king interview. the one with dj revolution. my bad. but peep it out and see for yourself.

  • Nico 3

    Just because two people release albums together doesn't mean they're quote on quote "friends". I'm sure at first the money was good and kept them on the same page, but at some point, teams break apart, and visions clash.

  • mike from BR

    on the interview preemo did with the 45 king he sound like he was sniffin and rubbin his nose off camera so thats not far fetched.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love how many people blindly follow Primo's every word as if it were scripture Guru hated the man, he was on his death bed and still didnt reach out, that should tell you something Being talented doesnt make you a good person

  • Anonymous

    I believe him on a sly regardless of him trying to profit off the situation, on the basis that a lot of members of the Gangstarr foundation having problems with preem. Can anyone say Jeru da Damaja? The truth is Preem is a great producer but to say that he's good person maybe very far from the truth.

  • So Icy Boi!

    MelloyHype is da new Gang Starr. Odd Future 666. swag

  • F. Rap

    Sorry to hear that. Gangstarr dropped classic rap album's, no one can take that away.

  • Anonymous

    Cocaine is everywhere

  • nibs

    I love how all these comments below defend preem like he's your boy from back in the day. I love his beats, but in the few interviews I've seen premier speak he always comes off like a dick, and always seem like he got mad ego. Sure this guy just wants 15 seconds, and it may not be true, but it's definitely believable. Don't stand up for someone you don't know. Talent doesn't make anyone righteous, and it's generally the opposite.

    • plus

      and for a dude who constantly has to remind everyone he's top 3 dead or alive he never progressed. pete rock, hi-tek, dilla, all went thru diff phases and explored diff styles to expand. premo been making the same beat since 2001.

    • yup

      co-sign! i will never dispute his place in the game but he does come off like a dick. you must do THIS to be hip hop, you must have THIS many records to be a dj, etc etc.

  • Anonymous

    its was because of guru's homosexuality. come on

    • Anonymous

      Guru was never Homo. But peem on the other hand Gay Porn? Guru and Solar are international role models. The fact he would slander a dead man speaks volumes about his agenda. like they say you are the company you keep degenerate Gay male pornstars.

    • Anonymous

      either Brown faggot or his lover Dj Doo doo said anything until months after Guru was murdered. any one who knows Dj Shit stain knows he is a Gossip whore. he never could stay out of beef. Why would he wait until months after Guru was dead to say shit?? Cause shit aint true and they know it or this shit would have come out while Guru and Solar were on top. preem and gurus money hungry scheming nephew and crazy sister cooked this half baked bullshit up as play to get they hands on gurus legacy. Pay back is coming for them Hellfire for sure.

    • The Chain

      Preemo went to visit Guru in the Hospital. He even brought a Gangstar shirt and laid it on him. Solar tired to keep him and even Guru's family out... He didn't even let Guru's parents in .

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Ok...He says this: What really happened was ego. It was ego. Preem had the ego, he said. He wanted to be the nigga in charge and try to run shit and tell niggas what to do and who can go on tour and do this and do that. Guru was always fighting for niggas to go, but he didnt want certain niggas to go on the road" ... right after he said this: [The DVD is] exposing how the whole shit went down and why Guru left. And the situation why he left, there was drugs involved and all of that. Preem, you know what Im talking about, he said. Niggas was cracking that fucking nose candy. I aint saying everybody, but Preem know what Im talking about. Niggas getting high, taking money, niggas robbing tour money Guru just got tired of it and said fuck that, Im out. Now doesn't that seem like Preem was actually doing the right thing by not letting certain niggas who were wilding come along for tour and Guru was mad about it? Man this dude Gusmo is a certified bitch. I'm sorry. Your shit doesn't add up. And I think it's very safe to say that Guru was the one that wasn't handling business. You can see it from everything he did with his record label, his music, and the ultimately "rape" he suffered from Solar. Seems like it was the other way around: Guru was jealous of Preem (which has been spoken about and been a long known FACT) because Preem was indeed the biggest star and Preem thrived without Guru and Guru didn't thrive without Preem. Truthfully, no one should even download a copy of this nigga's dvd, let alone watch it. And quite frankly, Preem was super loyal to Guru cause Preem kept silent about Guru's alleged homosexuality, which unfortunately seems more and more likely. I can't believe it either but shit... RIP Guru. Hope you die Gusmo. Faggot ass swine eating dream merchant.

    • Anonymous

      Guru did great with his solo work all his 7Grand albums mixtapes and all sold Big worldwide. They generated 3 sold out world tours feat Solar. Guru's earlier Jazzmatazz albums changed the industry. Guru did crazy solo work with major stars of all music. This is a part of peems ego maniac scheme to make people ignore Guru's success out side of him. he's a piece of shit and should have his head cut off for this snake behaviour.

    • G-Building

      First off, faggot, I ain't on NO ONES SIDE! If you read my post you'll understand that, I see you the one siding, I'm saying though, Gusmo knows more than what you, or me, or mr flamboyant knows, that was my point. and I doubt you would be talking to me like that outside of this internet shit pussy, don't disrespect me like that. I will slap you like the bitch you are. RIP GURU real niggas know!!

    • Rebel music

      Because Gizmo nah my bad Gusmo say something it must be the truth, just because he whas close he's the holiest, FUCK YOU G BUILDING!!!...he needed premo to get Guru out of that situation..he can be talking shit without us even knowing it. Get the Fuck outta here... And by the way rappers using drugs is soooooo rare LMAO...But in the mean while he asked Premo to get Guru outta the situation with Solar...yeah Solar the bitch who even isolated Guru from his own family (with that I mean family by blood)...get the fuck outta here This stinks like rap propaganda, the bitch just needs to sell his new DVD He almost dares to say its Premo fault that Guru died!! Now he's forgotten and bitter that Premo dont take him in, he litterally said that. Fuck all ya'll sidin with this bitch, his actions scream traitor. Just another rat trying to make money over his lost "friend" and dissrespecting his back in the day colleague RIP GURU

    • G-Building

      just because you writing a long ass paragraph displaying your hate for what gusmo had to say, I still believe gusmo more than you nigga, you sound like a fan boy, bitter they called out your favorite producer. Do you know these niggas personally?? Gusmo was in the gangstarr albums, he would know a lil better. And if you do know these niggas, why you hiding?? stop with the bitch hatin shit fam, rest in eternal peace my nigga Guru! One of the realist to ever do it, Preme, you got some explaining to do fam! That list was some some straight industry dickriding shit fam, you lookin mad suspect, and fuck wack blog niggas that act like they know

  • Anonymous

    wow, to do this primo? especially after he never "outed" guru (ya'll know what i mean). where's the loyalty?

  • Anonymous

    Promos about to go ape shit. It would suck if all this is true but I doubt it. Your telling me 15 years down the line money became the issue? Now the ego might be true but only primer knows the truth

  • Dj Speed

    Dudes allways trying to get shine after someone dies its very lame.

  • Hypestyle

    So dude is dry-snitching several years after the fact, and Guru's dead thanks to that snake Solar. Who is Gusmo besides some hanger-on homie and maybe a 3rd-tier hype man who never put out a record or produced a beat? Gusmo, shut up, nobody's trying to hear any of that.

  • fuck sosa

    we dont know this man but he knows them so lets just leave it at that.dont start with the bullshit and gossip .

  • Nike Champ 718

    Primo beats over porno? Double dopeness. But as far as the legitimacy of this story, who knows. Hopefully it's not true. I'd hate to hear about my favorite duo going down like this.

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