50 Cent Speaks On Headphone Market, Frustration With Interscope

G-Unit's 50 talks about his line of headphones and explains why it has been "discouraging" at times when dealing with Interscope.

During a recent stop at the Consumer Electronics Show, 50 Cent spoke about his line of headphones, as well as his frustration with Interscope Records. G-Unit's General spoke with SpikeTV about why he decided to get into the business of headphones and why he had to vent about his frustrations with his label. 

When asked about why he got into the business world of headphones, 50 explained that it has been a natural progression for him. He added that his involvement with music, his "passion" for it, has made him more aware of what it takes to create great quality of sound. 

"It's an extension to my passion for music," he explained. "I spend more time in the studio actually mixing material, making sure that the sound quality is right than the actual creating the idea. The song writing process for me is faster than actually finishing the song, mixing it." 

50 was also asked if he felt his headset was superior to Dr. Dre's very popular Beats by Dre headphone line. He acknowledged that 50's line is "huge" but added that his line contains the best "wireless" headset.

"I think it's the best sounding wireless headset," he noted.

His interview also included a portion about his frustration with his label. As we reported, 50 Cent has complained about his label and his upcoming projects a few times in the past. While he apologized to the label most recently, he still noted that "it's been discouraging" for him.

"I wrote this album. I went through the process of writing it. It's been discouraging at points to not see the same effort from everyone." 

More from the interview can be seen below, courtesy of RapDose

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  • Anonymous

    The bad thing about 50's wireless headphones is that they use Kleer technology instead of Bluetooth and need an adapter to work with anything... These headphones are only 39 bucks with free shipping and pair with all your phones. http://www.tenqa.com/remxd-bluetooth-headphones.php

  • Anonymous

    I think Interscope just isn't giving him the top priority for this record the way he used to and he doesn't get it. The label may be thinking his new shit is the same story as his last albums, that he's not hot, but that this new one has him actually putting him effort to step back up so he assumes the label should put in the same effort to promote and make way for it. It used to be Interscope relied on a new 50 album to get the shareholders' quarterly earnings up but that's not the deal anymore. It's still a stretch to say they're shelving him but he won't accept that no matter how successful he's been in his business ventures and investments, Interscope is only about selling music and that's it. Don't get it twisted though, 50 can still move records in decent numbers even if his albums have been progressively lazier and lazier - but the industry is wildly different compared to five years ago. Nobody is moving the numbers they used to. We don't know the whole story and nobody ever knows what the real deal is. For all we know, Interscope is pushing back his project to make way for Detox and they've been known to space out their bigger releases for maximum profits and promotion. Not too likely but with Dre doing Coachella in April and Mel-Man tweeting/hinting that Detox is finishing up, it's possible. It could be that his bad attitude and public dissing finally took its toll on pissing off Dre and Iovine, and he's drifted away from Em too much to get his support too. But come on, 50 will always be a name out there, he's a master at staying relevant even with mediocre ass albums, and he will always move records. For all we know this also could be a way to get attention and people talking about it because it's working. Too many people want to see the guys on top fail and even though I can't defend his last few albums, 50 can still pull it out and he's taken this new project and his music career a lot more serious and focused than he has in a while. Maybe it won't be terrible. I'm not even a big fan of him but it's laughable that so many people want to declare that his career is somehow over, Interscope is dropping him, Dre ain't talking to him, and he's a nobody. That's ridiculous. It just looks like a guy who hasn't noticed his actual music career and sales have been in a downward spiral for a while and is acting like some spoiled bitch ass because Interscope isn't bending backward to make his shit the top priority. His album is coming, he's just mad it's not coming exactly the way he wants, how he wants, and when he wants.

    • z

      50 is pathetic. for being such a boss, he sure does a lot of crying about his bosses. man up, and work your own record. i didn't see him crying about needing help when he was saying fuck jimmy iovine. b4isd was a massive failure, it was a disposable project with all kinds of bells and whistles and it was a commercial flop. if 50 just put a premium on delivering good music, the album would probably already be out, and the people would be shifting their opinion on 50 cent. but the guy always put a premium on record sales, and plaques, and hit records. that's how he defines his success as an artist, the art has always been secondary with him. he made his own bed, now he has to lay in it. it's not like he needs music financially, he just can't check his ego. he can't handle not being number 1, and would rather blame the label, than give his fans that are still there, something to sit with. how anyone can still ride with this dude is beyond me, how many times can you buy his wolf tickets? that finger pointing shit gets old. i didn't see banks pointing fingers when g-unit dropped the ball with the hunger for more 2. banks had an indy single go plat, and g-unit waited what? 6 months to deliver the album? banks actually had a buzz, steam, and momentum, and couldn't get the backing he deserved. 50 is all about self. most egotistical, selfish, rapper, i've ever seen. and all rappers are selfish and egotistical. sad thing is i think 50 has genuine talent as a rapper, he just doesn't care to perfect that, if it's not going to come with the media roll out and industry dick sucking he's grown accustomed to. greed and envy can be the fall of any man. he has no accountability, nothing is ever his fault. he's a stubborn soul and will probably die that way. 50 should flood the net with quality music and if the ppl respond, he'll get the backing he's looking for. didn't he just cry and blame his label for leaking that terrible girls gone wild track that NOBODY liked? he's clueless, lost, and looking for someone to blame.

    • Jack Compton

      @anonymous(first one.) Well said. I completely agree.

    • Anonymous


    • island boy

      well put. thats real talk. its good to see intelligent comments on here. lets hope his next album is on point. his mixtapes are there though.

  • crazychris

    50 done made numerous beef albums dissing faT JOE, NAS, CAMRON. and game buck and everybody else 50 made diss songs about rick ross showing off bragging about boning anothger man's ex girl okay well this time 50 is being screwed by the white man betcha 50 can't diss jimmy iovine, and those white folks who supply him. dre don't own interscope or aftermath and detyox ain't coming out only reason 50 sold was because of eminem and g unit was wack when game left, olivia was trash she sucked with j records and she sucked with 50, mobb deep's worst cd was when they was with 50, tony yayo's wack cd, banks was okay after his first album he sucked. 50 lucky his vitamin water's selling or he would have went broke years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Only niggas on the internet know he got some headphones. smh Without Game (west) and Buck (south) 50 aint shit in the rap game. Shawty Lo and Kidd "shit bag" together aren't equal to Buck and 40 Glocc aint no damn Game!!!!!! smh 50 IS STARTING TO SEE THAT HE NEVER OWNS ALL THE COAST AND THAT HIS CREW LOCKED THAT SHIT DOWN FOR HIM.

  • Anonymous

    isnt that all 50 talks about?

  • rico

    fuck this bum.. he done fucked every artist he had except yayo weak ass.. now he see how young buck feels..

  • Anonymous

    never thought id see the day 50 cent got shelved by interscope he has too much pride to say it but he knows whats happening his career is crumbling and his support team is finished with him this nigga been talking/crying about this album for YEARS now, hes waiting on the label to press the button and deep down he knows they arent gonna press it and now hes gonna try and compete with dre with the headphones and get crushed dre is a faggot but his headphones are a hot ticket havent seen anyone ask about 50s headphones 50 was once a very innovative hustler but hes now a copy cat hustler like every other nigga in the game sad to say but the bul 50 cent is washed up and he aint ever drying out. luckily he did very well in the past he should be ok moving forward but the writings on the wall whats the last movie 50 was in that made it to theaters? straight to dvd like van damme in 2012. no plat records, depedning on r and b artists to get on the radio, guy is flabby and sick

  • Anonymous

    it`s a diffrent sound......better than those beats.I`m sorry for those 300$ i spent on that beats

  • Anonymous

    Y'all niggas still sucking 5-0 dick

  • Anonymous

    i got these for Christmas off my girl and love them my boy got the beats by dre and i gotta say 50's are better

  • Anonymous

    i own a pair they are heavier than beats.the bass is excellent i gave my beats to my nephew.they really bring out the music in the backround not like beats.but they are both a good product.

  • Anonymous

    He shouldn't get frustrated over it... Jus keep on killin your mixtapes and generate that buzz to make yourself hott again... in the end they'll be runnin behind you!!

  • So Icy Boi!

    50 Cent, 50 Cent, 50 Cent... stop postin news bout 50 Cunt. hes an enemy of Lil Wayne & Ricky Rozay. dis is why I hate him! swag 1. Lil Wayne sold mo album den dis slave nigga. Weezy sold 1 milli first week wit C3 & C4. 50 cant do it. 2. Ricky Rozay ethered him. Deeper Than Rap sold mo den GTRODT. Rozay aint lyin. swag

  • Anonymous

    beats are overpriced garbage!

  • Anonymous

    50 made more money for Interscope than Eminem, when Em was on drugs, Fif carried Interscope and shady aftermath on his back from 2004 to 2008 now they hatin on the homie, it's G-Unit 4ever

  • Spliff

    That may be true, but 50 made interscope millions all by himself

  • Anonymous

    New Hiphop By Fast Growing HipHop Group Blac Infinity check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmNC24ZX2V4&feature=youtube_gdata

  • Anonymous

    50 doesn't realize why Interscope doesn't promote him anymore, its because he dismantled G-Unit at the height of their popularity by kicking Game and Buck out. Interscope lost out on millions of dollars that they would've made if they would have stuck together

    • Anonymous

      Game on Aftermath/G-Unit was a much better look than Geffen, name recognition alone will get you promo, you put a good west coast artist, and the only west coast artist that sells since Dre Snoop and Pac, on the "it" group of the moment and Dre on the beats, its win/win, and then 50 kicks him out for being "disloyal", they were probably like we can't give artists to this guy anymore, he'll just kick them out, that why TOS and BISD didn't get any promo, its ironic that they never really did tracks where all five of them are on the same record, the only one I can think of is the hate or love it remix on the massacre

    • Anonymous

      game has sold a shit load of records, 50 def done more but he cant get past the fact times have changed. people liked the whole gangsta image back then, now hes just a douche bag... game Killin it, dude has always dropped heat and thats why he strives. 50 fell of musically... its a shame... but fuk that nigga g-unot

    • Anonymous

      U idiots Game 15 mill altogether from his albums 50 35 mill altogether from his albums But the Game is more "real" compared to 50 BISD was all pop and commercial shit The R.E.D had like 3 real songs

    • DaStreets

      Not 100% true...game was a joint venture with interscope/g-unit so even though he was kicked out of g-unit..he was still signed to interscope... remember his albums are coming out under geffen now which is an interscope owned company, so they still get the same cut. And if interscope wanna nit pick...tell me how is it good for business to have game running around talking reckless about teh head of the crew that he is supposed to be in...if he was still in g-unit? At the end of the day..choose sides all you want..50 is still a bigger artist than game..so from a money stand point, wouldn't u rather ride with ur cash cow 50 who was at least 10 mil albums sold to game's 5 mil sold??


    he cant make that hit record so no release date


      can you read i said a hit record you know like in da club wanksta not no damn hot for a month mixtape

    • Anonymous

      did you bump your head or you must have been in a coma for the last 3 months.mixtape song on nation wide t.v.

  • Clap

    Wish you all the best 50,looks like things ain't going so well for you musically..i'm patiently waiting for the new album just to see in which direction you are gonna go lyrically.ONE.

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