Tony Williams Recalls Kanye West Showing Jay-Z "Big Brother"

The G.O.O.D. Music singer talks about the first time 'Ye showed Jay his '07 song.

In preparation for the release of his debut album King or the Fool this February 14, G.O.O.D. Music crooner Tony Williams has been releasing a series of videos chronicling his career and work with younger cousin Kanye West. Now, in the series' fourth installment, Williams talks about sitting in on the studio session in which 'Ye first showed Jay-Z his 2007 track "Big Brother." 

Williams explained that 'Ye and company were recording in New York when Hov first heard the song off Yeezy's third album Graduation. He said that everybody - especially Jay - was fairly emotional after hearing the song the session. 

"I remember the New York sessions [for Graduation, and] the thing I remember about that session is that Jay came to the studio that day, and I remember that was the first time 'Ye showed Jay that 'Big Brother' song," he recalled. "It's funny 'cus Jay kinda got emotional about it. You know, you hear a song talking about my big brother and how he influenced him, it was like damn, it was an emotional moment in the studio. Everybody was in there that day. I remember Big Sean was there, Dwele was there."

The full interview can be seen below.

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  • Mike Love

    dope article. I was actually interning at Chung King Studios when this exact story happened. Pretty cool. Those couple weeks of sessions were fuckin crazy!!

  • Anonymous

    Heres for all YOU dumb negros that keep defending YE and JAYZ as saying "there aint no black freemasons, there aint no black illuminatti"" heres SHAQUILLE ONEAL admitting to being a mason... CMON WAKE THE F*#@ UP!!

    • Ny777

      So the 1st dude is right, and the 2nd cat is buttheart cus the rumors were true... ahhh poor baby must be a JAYZ or KANYE fan..... the words of Gandhi "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" Read a book dumb nigga!

    • Anonymous

      i dont deny i just dont care. what does that have to do with the music. I dont let musicians personal lives dictate how good their music is. kanye can worship a space goat but musically hes still unbelievable. you're just a shallow bitch ass nigga who cares too much about what a rapper does in his free time. i have no proof that kanye believes that shit. he has denied it multiple times and publicly praises jesus and says he's christian. yet for some reason that's not a good enough for you. you a truly pathetic... you believe what you want to believe. this nigga could ccure cancer tomorrow and you'd still find something wrong with it. you are just a bias person too stubborn see things the way they are. that''s why you'll never amount to anything

  • sizakhoza

    Once upon a time Kanye used to be a dope producer. Nowadays he is just an egocentric prick who thinks he is the best emcee/producer in the world. #smh

  • Trolls

    So Icy Boi, dentaldamboy, YESSIR and YADIG is the same guy or same fools with the same whack ass mentality! They're obviously out to create hate towards YMCMB, I mean, no one in their right mind thinks that representing in the fashion they do helps the label, it only increases hate. Go ahead, I dont like YMCMB anyways, but ignore those fucks!

  • Bugz

    i understand why Jay would feel emotional after hearing that song,Kanye poured his heart on that one.Beautiful Song,one hundred!

  • Anonymous


  • So Icy Boi!

    Tony Williams? WHO? Kanye West & Jay-Z are trash. Graduation sucked dick. Big Brother wuz a weak song. fuck Kanye, he a wack produca. 40 & Boi-1da are da best. swag

    • Eric George

      ^was thinking the exact same thing earlier. he's on bullshit mode to the fullest. he does this shit over and over all day just for a one sentence reaction. your life is a joke.

    • Anonymous

      the amount of energy you put into trolling is depressing fam. you must have like nothing going on.seriously. like nothing

  • dentaldamboy

    Jay-Z has way too many dickriders. Jay-Z been a disloyal bitch for years and yet too many fags still talk about him like he's Biggie or Pac. Biggie and Pac were real dudes...they were loyal to the people who they came up with. Jay the exact opposite. He shit on everybody who helped him get to the top except Memphis he dude probably suck Jay-Zs dick when Beyonce is on tour. I swear, people who like Jay-Z worship him as if he was a god. There is nothing that he can do wrong in the eyes of his fans. Even when he makes shitty pop music like Young Forever people talk about him as if he makes only meaningful songs like Nas. Jay-Z definitely has he gayest fan base of all. I bet any one of Jay-Zs fans would agree to swallow his cock and fondle his balls on request. Everyone knows he's gonna be exposed as a fraud one day. And when he is, I hope all of his fucking bitch ass fans hang themselves.

  • Kself

    "Big Brother" is a dope track. Gotta give people the roses while they can still em!

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