Copywrite Announces New Album "God Save The King," Due February 28th

C-write preps the follow-up to his 2010 release "The Life and Times of Peter Nelson."

Copywrite has announced the upcoming release of his new album God Save the King, releasing February 28th.

The LP, which serves as the follow-up to 2010’s The Life and Times of Peter Nelson, features guest appearances from MHz, Jakki Da MotamouthTorae, Heltah Skeltah’s Rock and more. Producers on the project include RJD2, Khrysis, Bronze Nazareth, !llmind and more.

Check the full tracklist below.

1.Post-Apocalyptic Request Box (prod by Jason Rose)
2.Love Featuring Tage Future (of MHz) (prod by Bronze Nazareth)
3.Swaggot Killaz Featuring Jakki da Mota Mouth (of MHz) (prod by Illmind)
4.Sorrow Featuring Illogic (Prod by Stu Bangas)
5.Man Made Featuring Rockness Monstah (of Heltah Skeltah) (prod by Jason Rose)
6.J.O.Y. Featuring Jason Rose & Torae (prod by Jason Rose)
7.Union Rights Featuring MHz (Tage Future & Jakki da Mota Mouth) (prod by Khrysis)
8.YO! Mtv RAP Featuring Jason Rose (prod by Jason Rose)
9.Blue Ribbon (prod by Bronze Nazareth)
10.Miracle (prod by S.G. on the Trax)
11.G$k (prod by Stu Bangas)
12.Workahol (prod by Stu Bangas)
13.White Democrats Featuring Mac Lethal (prod by Jason Rose)
14.Golden State (of Mind) Featuring Casual, Evidence (of Dilated Peoples) & Roc Marciano (prod by Vanderslice)
15.Synesthesia (prod by RJD2)
16.Got to Make It Featuring Tage Future (of MHz) (prod by Stu Bangas)
17.A Talk with Jesus (prod by Poetiq Beetz)

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  • kountfif

    Copy is one the illest out there, always has blessed my beats. P.Y.T is one of my classic joints and real Copy fans know about it. Trust me I have heard this record and it is the real heat.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      yeah yo whaddup kount fif your joint on that ep was def. hot man. i been enjoying your shit more and more as you progress. that work on vast aires last joint was damn good. that underground overlord was a decent track too. keep working hard man nd thanks for getting me excited about this album

  • judgereinhold

    hopefully this is better than Life and Times. I want old C write to come back.

  • sloptophenry

    I don't know maybe Copywrite is going soft in his old age hope not but we will see. Im gonna wait for the next single to judge it.

  • shastamcnasty

    Been a big Copy fan since the EC days looking forward to hear what he has cooking. OH10 Big ups!

  • realhiphophead

    Man this tracklist is getting me excited? Anyone seen any preview tracks on ughh?

  • dentaldamboy

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  • LJ3

    This lineup looks dope. The illmind joint was heat too. I'll check it out when it drops, might even buy it

  • stricknine999

    This looks on paper at least like this will be his best album yet. I was concerned and still am about his crazy religious views ruining one of the best battle M.C.'s we got left. And this is from a cat dude deleted from his twitter feed cuz I challenged him over those views. I'll have my eyes open for a free DL when the joint leaks. (That's my form of protest for son being a douche on twitter, the rest of y'all support)

  • dj js1

    looking forward to this. 2 classic albums so far..let's see if he gets it right or wrong the 3rd time around lol

  • CliVe

    Copy is dope. Admiral Crumple is dropping his 12th album "Dark Sentences" on April 10, 2012 - On some Dark, Hardcore and Clever hip hop. Looking forward to that as well!

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