Ludacris "Ludaversal" Release Date Revealed

UPDATE: Ludacris announces the release date for his upcoming LP.

Ludacris has confirmed that his eight album Ludaversal is slated for release in May.

Speaking with’s The Juice, Luda said that he’s already collaborated with Usher for the project, but that he’s hoping to surprise listeners with a handful of guests.

“Usher is one person that I've already worked with," he says, "and in terms of other artists, you can say that there's going to be a lot of surprises on here."

Ludacris, who recently released his 1.21 Gigawatts: Back for the First Time  mixtape, previously collaborated with Ursh on “Yeah!” and Lil Jon’s “Lovers and Friends.” He further says that the album is “about 40 percent done” and that The Neptunes have produced for the project.

“I've pretty much collected about 80 percent of the beats that I need and I've started writing ideas on them. First I have to love the beat, absolutely love it,” he said, noting that the first single will drop in March. “It's been a minute since I've been away from music, and there is just so much to talk about… So [the album] is mostly about my personal life, my travels, my experiences, rumors, gossip -- you know, everything coming together in one."

[January 10]

UPDATE: According to HHNM, Ludacris' Ludaversal is slated for release on September 11, 2012. The first single, produced by Da Internz, will arrive in the forthcoming weeks.

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  • Anonymous

    Luda is worse than Vanilla Ice now.

  • Anonymous

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  • George

    Ludacris feat. Nas, Busta Rhymes, DMX and Jay-Z... that would be funky

  • Anonymous

    With That Being Said, This Is A Must See

  • be0

    no more battle of the sexes Luda, dat was horrible..Go back to da old Luda and dis should be decent. Plz no more subliminal disses either cuz we all kno aint no1 gonna respond

  • Alf Capone

    luda used to rip the mic up. now da nigga just makes shitty songs. maybe he lost it on the mic

  • Rajkaliod

    I wanna see Ludacris collaboration of the year Ludacris ft. Fabolous Jadakiss Styles P Sheek Louch DMX Lloyd Banks Maino Red Cafe Nelly T.I. Nas Swizz Beatz Game Pharrell Ja Rule Cassidy Mos Def Lupe Fiasco Push Montana Waka Flocka Flames Ghostface Killah AZ J.Cole Kendrick Lemar Big Boi Trae The Truth Twista Chamillionaire Paul Wall Bun B Junior Reid

  • Rajkaliod

    I wanna see Ludacris collaboration of the year Ludacris ft. Fabolous Jadakiss Styles P Sheek Louch DMX Lloyd Banks Maino Red Cafe Nelly T.I. Nas Swizz Beatz Game Pharrell Ja Rule Cassidy Mos Def Lupe Fiasco Push Montana Waka Flocka Flames Ghostface Killah AZ J.Cole Kendrick Lemar Junior Reid

  • So Icy Boi!

    Drake murked diss pussy ass nigga. yo career is dead Luda. go retire already. swag YMCMB WE DA BEST SWAG

  • Yeah...

    Don't forget, I'm sure he'll put some Enrique Iglesias and Jason Aldean in there also. Great, with the type of shit Luda's been releasing, I'm sure he'll make a follow up to gay ass, "Shake your money maker" song.

  • dentaldamboy

    Jay-Z has way too many dickriders. Jay-Z been a disloyal bitch for years and yet too many fags still talk about him like he's Biggie or Pac. Biggie and Pac were real dudes...they were loyal to the people who they came up with. Jay the exact opposite. He shit on everybody who helped him get to the top except Memphis he dude probably suck Jay-Zs dick when Beyonce is on tour. I swear, people who like Jay-Z worship him as if he was a god. There is nothing that he can do wrong in the eyes of his fans. Even when he makes shitty pop music like Young Forever people talk about him as if he makes only meaningful songs like Nas. Jay-Z definitely has he gayest fan base of all. I bet any one of Jay-Zs fans would agree to swallow his cock and fondle his balls on request. Everyone knows he's gonna be exposed as a fraud one day. And when he is, I hope all of his fucking bitch ass fans hang themselves.

  • Anonymous

    And just to throw it in, I'm not a Luda hater, I just don't feel Usher at all...

  • Anonymous

    Usher????? What the fuck Luda?/??? FUCK! And battle of the sexes was wack as shit...

  • jr88

    luda is dope and his mixtape is a buying that shit

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hopefully he brings this one back to hip-hop (B.O.T.S. is the only Luda album I haven't purchased).

  • idontknow

    Dude needs to get Scarface on his album and get Pusha T! oh yeh get the dude from Move B*tch get out the way! whats his name! but i dnt think he with DTP anymore! but Luda can hold an album on his own with 2 featured tracks!

  • Mr Neutral

    You've been in the studio since August 2010 working on this album and it's "40%" done? And you expect to do 60% by March to get it ready for May? You are stupid at times Luda. I'll still cop the album though.

    • ETK

      it's called focusing on it, b. when it's been months he's saying the album will drop in '12, you have to get a clue

  • Anonymous

    I hate hip -hop fans. more than any other genre, they judge something before its even come out. they attach a stigma to an artists, and when it's proven wrong, they won't admit it: Luda/Fab-can't make good album Nas-Can't pic beats rick ross-all lex lugar beats jay-z-just talik about money any act who debeut before 2000-irrelevant

    • ItsTheTruth

      Lol I co-sign. You got people like Jeezy and T.I. that can make a hot album, but then people like Fab, Banks, Jada, who shine in their mixtape game. Ironically, even though Jay-Z "only talks about money" he's still one of the most relevant rappers today who debuted well before 2000. Even tho I'm not a personal fan I can admit he is relevant. Him and Eminem, 2 of the most relevant, also 2 veterans

  • Anonymous

    don't waste your time luda, you can't win. u try to grow with release therapy and theater of mind, they say u fell off and didn't buy it. you go commercial and get your money with battle of sexes, they say u sold out. you already have a stigma: you can't make good albums. even if you make a classic, they are gonna repeat this line over and over again (even if they never heard the ablum, or only heard it once). stick to movies and make some real money.



    • 187JoshM187

      Young Money Cash Money billionaires Isnt that 5 letters right? o_O

    • ItsTheTruth

      Actually it's 4 letters if you break it down dumbass, Y M C B, you don't count M twice you fucking idiot. Unless it's an actual word than you can count letters. Now go pick up your nursery rhyme book and start from there you fucking moron.

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