Common Remixes Rick Ross' "Stay Schemin," Disses Drake

Com makes it clear that he's going at Drizzy on his latest diss cut.

Common has extended his beef with Drake to another diss track . Com, who originally sparked the war of words with his salty cut "Sweet," has recorded a remix to Rick Ross' "Stay Schemin" that originally featured Drake and French Montana.

Releasing the remix to MTV's RapFix, Com photoshopped "That Hoe Ass Nigg%" where Drake's name would be on cover art for the cut. He leaves Drake's verse intact, which features lines including "I see no need to compete with niggas like y'all."

Com unleashes on Drake on his following verse, even calling him out by name. "My motto is Chicago bitch, everybody know you're sweet, what the problem is? / Don't play dumb, I'm the one that acknowledged this," "The rapper of the moment, the style he don't own it / Acting all hard when he hardly like that / You gon' mess around and make me catch a body like that / Don't do it, 'cause every song you make Joe is really hoe music."

Listen to the track below.

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  • house of pain

    when we called jump around i got a sound on im simpsons hosund ill just pound on the clownd

  • daviddanielz

    I use to think Drake was a dope MC when I didnt know who he was. When Jay and Kanye had him on there songs but then I got to know about his charator and his past and I quickly started to dislike him. It's not that he grew up in a stable home or the fact that he was on a disney show that made me dislike him. It was the fact that he was a phony rapper. He was made to be something he's not and I'm sorry I don't like it. I don't care for Rick Ross and Lil Wayne for the same reason. How can I listen to your music and not think your a lying to yourself and your fans. I'm a true hiphop fan, I love the culture and I'm sorry guys like this will never be respected in the true hiphop culture. Yeah they will make good money being pop like Nelly and Ja Rule but they will never truly be respected. Drake is not an MC, he's a pop artist and if he isn't careful he will fade away faster then Ja Rule did and Nelly did.

  • Sean O'Loughlin

    Hahahahaha. I love how he sampled "Say My Name" at the end. Lol. He's like nigga, say my name! Haha. But, yeah, both rappers are dope. Common is a legend and Drake really is in my opinion the best dude as far as the new cats and rookies and has a lot of potential to be considered one of the best ever if he keeps going at it like he's been going at for years to come. "Sweet" was the shit, but then again Drake went H.A.M. on "Stay Schemin'." But there is one thing you gotta realize. I don't care how good Drake is. Common is a legend. I said this at the beginning of this bullshit beef. I was like Common's not gonna play that. He's gonna diminish Drake and that's what he just did. Drake has to respond. He already unfortunately has a soft image among certain people so imagine what it's gonna be like if he doesn't end up responding. But they're both amazing MCs. So, let's try not to take sides and grab some popcorn and lay back and watch this interesting match in the ring.

  • rushhour3

    common dissing drake lol, can somebody explain to me the truth why this is happening and how it all started

    • Your Name

      It all started with the "Sweet" record that Common put out. This wasn't a direct shot at Drake, but it was to ALL the soft rappers out there. Common later stated that if any artist feels a certain way about the record then they're the "sweet" rappers. So Drake took the song as a diss towards him, and said some shit at a concert in L.A.. Common later said that if Drake embraces it, then he should wear it. When the beef seemed like it was over, Drake said some subliminal shit on "Stay Schemin'". And that's where the remix came in, where Common said his name to let people know that he isn't hiding anything. That's basically how it all came to be. Sorry this turned out like a fuckin' story, but I had to put it all together. lol I think I might've missed some things but that's pretty much the whole story, as to where it's all at now. All I can say is I'm waiting on what Drake's gonna respond back with, IF he responds back at all. If he comes back and calls out Common, then Common needs to fuckin' DESTROY him. But if Drake doesn't do anything or say, then I think Common should just leave it alone. That's just me.

  • Anonymous

    glittery gangsters, the both of them. canada dry!!! ha!!

  • some one

    i hope all lyrical rappers including eminem nas jay kanye all of slaughterhouse cassidy jump on this beef kill all of ymcnbs careers so we can get back to that real hiphop music

  • Nico 3

    HiphopGodd - So you're saying Common's music is like a Toyota Camry? lol We agree on something.

  • Anonymous

    Drake ur career is dead coz if u fuck wit common ur career is in a bodybag look what happened to Ice-Cube he was a platinum artist just like you but he got in to a beef wit Commmon and his career ended and now he can barely sell 400k.



    • Chi_CiTy773

      Niqqa u dumb Drake cant fuk wit Common hell stomp on him u dumb ass fag saying ymcmb niqqa fuk ymcmb bitch ass hipster pussy bitch

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      Nothing like a "Rider"....

    • Anonymous

      I dont think big rappers are gonna endorse him anymore. Coz everyone knows Drake has no rapping style and isnt lyrical at all and if he loses the beef those huge rappers are just gonna go back to other albums to feature on.

  • tresdemayo

    The real problem is how Drake is endorsed by YMCB and huge rappers. I mean Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Kanye West, Eminem, Jay-Z, T.I., Bun B, they all did tracks with Drake. Then son thought he grew balls, but they shrunk when Common dropped Sweet and then called his name.

  • Nico 3

    Like Water for Chocolate - 70,000 1st week Electric Circus - Under 300,000 Total Sales Be - 500,0000 Total Finding Forever - 500,000 Total Universal Mind Control - 211,781 Be - 69,000 copies 1st Week Wow. Never went platinum. What a gangsta.

    • IAmControverse

      YADIG, is this you?

    • DumbAsHell

      @Nico 3 If we giving stats on what's hot: Crack: 10 million - Total Dead Heroin: 7 million - Total Dead So I guess what you saying is that if its hot and a lot of people are into it then we need to give it high praise. @Nico 3 - If stats is all you got to go on...then it looks as though you forgot a few people..MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice

    • Sqwash over beef al day 101

      actually common's be album sold over 800,000 copies total not 500,000 just to clear that up so he nearly went platinum on that one it was he's best sellin one to u know i don't know what's goin on wit common right now it's not like him to stoop so low and start dissin other rappers like drake over little ass stupid bullshit the common i know only started dissin and beefin out of self defense ice cube for example fired shots at common but common didn't respond at first but ice cube continued to fire shots at him so common ended up dissin ice cube on stage in his hometown ya'll wonderin how i know this watch the tv series called beef that show dicusses all the most violent and noticable beefs in the past like t.i. and lil flip, 50 cent and the game, nelly and chingy, ja rule and 50 cent, nas and jay-z, ll cool j and canibus, tupac and biggie, krs one and nelly etc. gettin back to what i was sayin bout common this just is not like him to do this when u listen to common's music it's lyrical not only that it has a very very positive message in it songs like a dream, come close, the people, testify, celebrate, and even blue sky that is the common i know makes hip hop mean something not for all the negativety and igorance in hip hop music today but i guess common has changed for the worse startin beefs now with rappers that aren't really tryin to start stuff just makin money and gettin big drake is not really a negative rapper common he doesnt start controversy with other rappers he's gental but not when he's provoked so common your igorance u have shown toward drake may come back bite u just remember what goes around comes around like a hula hoop karma is a bitch maybe u should do what canibus did with his issues wit j.cole and apologize to drake for calling him sweet, soft, and canada dry because your goin to end up fuckin up your career now common messing around wit drake he's in the prime of his career with over millions of fans that support him and he's got young money backing him up who u got common the dreamer the believer maybe your last album man quit dissin airin drake out while u are a head

    • tresdemayo

      Great, and Chingy was double plat on his first LP but who remembers him ? Even Nelly, who was 9x platinum just on Country Grammar, will not last compared to Common's discography (2 indisputed classics and many great albums). You think Jimmy Hendrix or Janis Joplin was the biggest sellers of their era ? Hell no but their music is still relevant and a big influence for today's artists, 45 years later. That's the difference between real music and audiofeeding

    • Anonymous

      But Like Water for Chocolate is a classic hip-hop album. Neither of Drake's albums were close.

    • bigfoot89

      HipHopDX breeds a cluster of morons that does not understand to the culture of hip hop such as yourself. You're probably the type to shoot yourself in the leg just cause Lil Wayne did it. Clown...

    • HipHopGodd

      Going platinum makes you a "gangsta"? Man, Adele and Katey Perry must be Krypts and Bloods then. Sales don't determine quality my friend. Toyota Camry's and Honda Accords sell more than Lamborghinis and Porches. Which cars are better quality? Touting sales figures in a rhyme battle is purely asinine.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe after this drake will shut that trap of his. Or he'll say some slick shit about somebody else. They'll respond and drakes fans will go crying hater

  • HipHopGodd

    Whats odd is how everyone is making claims that Drake and Common are gay. Whys that? Is it because they dont go around acting like wild animals like Lil Wayne or Gucci Mane? Is it because they dont have a billion tattoos and gold teeth? Seriously people, listen to yourselves. That being said, allow me to address the beef. First of all, there has not been a legitimate rap beef since Jay-Z and Nas did it back the early 2000s. Everything since then has been petty bickering and name calling. Drake is the winner in this battle only because he cant lose. Nowadays rap beefs are popularity contests and its not contest that Drizzy is more popular than Common. Thats not to take anything away from Drake because he did rip his verse. But Drake fans have to admit that no matter what Common says theyll declare Drake the winner (and vise versa). Common is one of my favorite emcees. He murdered his verse as expected but I dont like this look for him. Id expect more from a person of his character. Its like how he and my favorite rapper Nas did a track (Ghetto Dreams) and I didnt like it because I just expected more from collaboration between the two of them. This seems diss seems petty on Commons part. Though its only conjecture that he was in fact talking about Drake on Sweet it is safe to say that he was. Oddly enough though is that Drake feels that whenever a rapper says another rapper is sweet they must be talking about him. Finally though, Im hoping this all stops here. Fans of both rappers will forever be blinded by their fandom and will never admit defeat no matter the outcome. Ive seen things saying how Drake is Canadian so he cant be hard and how Common is a broke rapper who hasnt made a good album since Be (check out his catalogue and come back to me). Both rappers are exceptional artists with two vastly different fanbases. Each group wants to feel like theyre chosen artist is superior to the other and itll just lead to a bunch of petty BS.

    • Anonymous

      No G-Unit and Game was an interesting beef.

    • shago

      It is not the fact that drake is canadian that makes him sweet, it's more about his up bringing and the fact that he is constantly singing on his track. The only street cred Drake has, is his association with weezy and baby... Honestly thought this attack on his street would come earlier only surprised that its coming from common.

  • Anonymous

    Nah man it ain't hate or serena. Drake been saying slick shit in interviews, on Twitter, subliminals in songs etc. Beanie Siegel caught on to that and aired him out in an interview while he was talking about jay. Luda dissed Sean not drake but drake felt some heat on that too. If not than he wouldnt have tweeted that crybaby bullshit. And now he said something that common didn't like. Obviously the kid is a disrepectful little punk. And needs to be checked. Stop with the excuses. DRAKES A SHIT STARTER. STOP ACTING LIKE HES INNOCENT. He's young, hes young, commons jealous, the serena shit, record sales its all excuses and bullshit cop outs. Wake up to reality. If you start shit u get shit. Yall act like he was minding his own biz.

  • Spliff

    Whats this? One faggit dissing another faggit! They probably gonna squash this so called beef in 6 months and do a collaboration, typical faggitry

  • stillmatic

    ill try to say this and be as fair as i can... my main problem with this whole thing is... what exactly is common coming at drake for? you dont have to like a kat style and i understand that. your single to your album "sweet" is directed at drake. is it personal? is it over serena? because if it indeed is over a broad then common is in fact the one who's SWEET. rick ross drops his album and you remix it 24 hours later. i myself am a "old head" so if common has a personal problem with drake then he needs to put it on the floor... jay-nas.. dre-easy etc.. but i cant roll with this kat calling people sweet or hating on his style cuz hes cold. period! i dont care how tough drake is. was common sweet when you was running around dressing like erykah badu? electric circus? i smell hate and i dont like it. #imjussayin

    • HipHopGodd

      Stillmatic, with all due respect please know that the way Common dressed at that time and was mocked for doing so is the way rappers dress today. If anyone was to throw on some oversized jeans and long chains today they'd be mocked for that. Common could be called a trendsetter (sort of). People dress how they want. Look at Andre 3000. Crazy style but that doesn't mean he's "sweet".

  • Anonymous

    Fuck the bullshit. DRAKE STARTED IT. You drake fans kill me. Just because hes young and successful doesn't give him the right to talk shit to other rappers. And since he did beans,, Luda and common said something. Sorry ymcmb is no westside connection so ain't nobody gonna "bow down"to them. This is hip hop nobody minds you being on a train to success. But once you get out of line your gonna get derailed. And as far wheechair jimmy goes. Listen to drag ons first album "handicapped niggas get it too".

  • 954broward

    lol i wanna c canibus go off on drake for no reason

  • Soft Rappers

    Common called Drake sweet. I've NEVER in my life seen a better example of the pot calling the kettle black. wow.- Vinnie Paz... *- This is SuperGucciRap lol... but I wanna put out a list so fuck it: Ok, here's an example of rappers you should stop following: Drake- Emo, Degrassi, Soft, Cries over Rihanna, Obesessed with Nicki Minaj, gay man crush on Lil Wayne, thinks he's tough cuz of Rick Ross Common- Made a song with Jonas Brothers/Colbie Caillat, Happy Feet 2, makes 1 "hard" record only to record 3 soft ones afterwards, a known actor, gay man crush with Nas/Kanye West Childish Gambino- Comes from fucking Community, makes emo rap songs like Heartbeat or whatever, white-wash nigga Kid Cudi- Emo rap, whines about a girl who turned lesbian, sold his soul to the devil, makes lame "rock" music, wears skinny jeans, gay man love for kanye west B.o.B- Disney Channel Rapper, white-wash oreo, relies on Bruno Mars/Paramore to make a hit song, gets butthurt over one line on Yonkers, gay man crush with T.I. Eminem- Bashed only pop stars (Hopsin dissed rappers), gay man crush with Dr. Dre/50 Cent, crossdresses, emo bitch, made songs with Rihanna, Pink, and Bruno Mars Wiz Khalifa- only raps about weed, gay man crush with Snoop Dogg, dyed his hair yellow because of the gay ass Black & Yellow Song, fucked the steelers over (Lost Super Bowl and to Tebow), in a relationship with another gay rapper's ex-hoe (Amber Rose) Kanye West- gay man crush on Jay-Z (notice how most of these rappers have man crushes on their mentors), made 808s and Heartbreak, thinks Kid Cudi/Big Sean are good rappers, uses corny lines on guest pop appearances, made songs with Keri Hilson, Katy Perry, Elton John, John Legend, etc. Lupe Fiasco- gay man crush with Pharell, calls Obama a terrorist yet is part of the illuminati himself, released Lasers, made songs with Trey Songz and Skylar Grey, white-washed nigga, can't skateboard at all, claims to be the best Atmosphere- gay man crush on Murs, soft emo rap for teenage girls who think he's the only good underground rapper, never says anything relevant, he is not relevant at all Compare that to this: Hopsin- A real rapper, anti-illuminati, knows how to skateboard, raps about the truth, uses multies like no other, more relevant nowadays in 2012, murked every guest verse he's on, disses people and say their name first while not forced, he is straight. Listen to Hopsin. Funk Volume 2012!

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Drake is on a losing streak right about now. First Luda, then the tattoo artists who said he would take on Drake any day since those "threats," and now this??? C'mon y'all, even Milli Vanilli got exposed eventually. Hammer's hardcore image didn't do jack during the Pumps n the bumps era, and Vanilla Ice was just straight up busted...Y'all wait and see...

  • Soulja

    Even soulja boy can destroy drakes carrer

  • Anonymous

    Drake is probably on the phone whining to Nicki right now...

  • Anonymous

    the next step now is for drake to put commons name out there. after he puts his name out there i think well get an all out diss from common

  • Anonymous

    lol this is gonna be interesting. i know alot of people my age dont know their history (im 19 fyi) but alot of people tend to forget common battled ice cube back in the day and curious to see how much drake is feeling himself cause he knows common DEFINATELY isnt sweet

  • Anonymous

    Fan's arguments are weak as hell sometimes... When their artist doesn't make quality music, and so doesn't get grammy's, they focus on sales, and we all know sales doesn't mean shit but how many radio/club songs you put on the album and how many singles/advertising you backed it up with. If 5 of your songs off the album played every night at the clubs, your video's always on BET/MTV whatever and you out there doing interviews, got billboards and shit, you're gonna sell.... But if you're a dope MC, running independant or on a label that'd rather push some fruity swag shit than your thought provoking music, you aint getting no club play, no radio play, mtv/bet etc wont promote you, and how u gonna afford advertising when all of that don't apply? Sales is the machine behind you, not the product you put out..

    • YD many "Club" tracks were on Drake's platinum album?...PLATINUM ALBUM. take another listen bru

    • deadboy90

      @Know the Edge I think the Not Afraid Grammy was to make up being screwed over for not getting rap album of the year for the MMLP back in the day.

    • Anonymous

      Your right sales are irrelevant. But if your referring to Take Care it hardly had singles. You can tell the album was crafted for what Drake wanted to do with it and the only real single was Headlines. Common was a quality rapper. Drake is a quality rapper. I am guessing Common was thinking "I need to diss someone to get some album sales, who's it gunna be? Why not that nigga that fooled around with my wife?" No disrespect to Common what he did is common sense ;)

    • know the ledge

      I agree 100% except for the grammy's part. The grammy's havent always been fair to certain and are always biased to one particular artist (Eminem). Idk if it's race card or not but he won it for Not afraid(which in my opinion is wack song) which out beat Over(lyrically, Drake murdered dat song) and Power(Kanye's comeback from the autone). They also gave him a Grammy for Relapse which is Eminems WORST ALBULM. He tried to change up his flow and it just honestly really sucked. As far as sales go, it's like rings or championships in sports. If u claim ur the best, at one time in ur career, u have to have some platinum selling tracks/albulms on ur resume along w/classic albulm material. U have to be dominate at all phases jus like Pac, Biggie and N.W.A were. So yes, Nas does lose credit for not being as successful as Hov was at being able to crossover to the mainstream. U cnt be the best and only be able to make street,conscious,club or radio music, U have to well-rounded and be able to do it all.

  • Anonymous

    Drake should have stayed sweet, he tried to be tough but he making hella soft music, which is cool cah people are obviously buying it, but stay in your lane... I'm glad somebody called him out on that, there's way to many niggas that need attitude adjustments.

  • Anonymous

    And today in the hip hop world, a lyrical murder occurred. Rapper Drake, known for his love ballads and strong teenage girl following was lyrically gunned down by Hip Hop veteran Common, in what has come to be known as the modern day checking for young emcees, only known for using the age phrase "old head" whenever a Veteran steps up to them. Emo fans and teenie boppers alike are devasted that their lyrical heroine was eradicated, and in true fashion, have no valid premise for their fallen heroine in terms of arguing why he's soft and gone. In closing, we urge all these teenie bopper fans to Take Care, and Thank Me later for this awesome vexing of their soul...

  • jr88

    "your so black and white trying to live a niggas life"...this is a great day for hip hop!!!he is calling out this dude who for some reason is acting like a common!!

  • jr88

    @effyocouch, what do you mean badda boom isnt about drake? drake said he didnt like how he used the line "parade"....also when luda says " boy" thats a reference to drake cause he says that alot and when he says "make you report to your lieutenants, sir yes sir" that sounds just like

  • OhReally

    Finally a veteran in the game checks Drake. If you're wack you are wack regardless of record sales. We should all thank Common for doing what a lot of us wanted to do, call Drake a Hoe ASS NIGGA! I hope more veteran rappers will diss wack rappers.

  • Anonymous

    alright this beef is some little ass shit but on the real it seems like rappers forget WHY they are famous and why they rap. Obviously if drake is selling more records, hes got more fans and more people enjoy his music no? So i dont understand how common can diss drake because of his music if more people are buying drakes album? It doesnt make sense to me. I dont think drake is the best in the game or anything but Common is comin outta left field with this shit lol and drake fucked his girl too soooo

    • detectiv3konan

      you make perfect sense but i see what this is about and that's selling records they might be throwing a few shots but they don't really have a problem guess who's doing all the fighting tho the 'fans' lol look everyone is excited

  • dhruv494

    For those of you who think Common is just some soft guy...he might be a nice guy, but he's also the same guy who hung out with some of the roughest guys in chicago...Common isn't playing when he says hes hard...drake is just another soft rapper who fakes a tough mentality.

  • Anonymous

    Drake sell more records, Drake is more relavant BLAH BLAH BLAH. Drake falls in line with a slew of other new age rappers who feel they dont have to respond to diss records from legitamate MC's. In addition common called you out by name(something only rappers from his era know about), on a song you were featured on. New age rappers need to stop being so "sweet" and respond DIRECTLY which is what HIP HOP was built on

    • Anonymous


  • EFFyoCouch!

    FYI to the kids: LUDA DIDN'T DISS DRAKE. Badaboom was directed at Big Sean. Big Sean was riding like he invented that "SupaDupa Flow" & Luda called him out after SEAN mentioned Luda's name. Sean pussied out on that one for sure. BUT back to the situation on hand...Common mentioned Drake BY NAME on that interview. This is why Drake was forced to respond. IMHO Drake surprised me on "Stay Schemin"; keep in mind on that track he kept his disses subliminal (even though we all know who he was talking about). NOW THAT COMMON PUT DRAKE'S NAME ON WAX, Drake has to do the same, & because he is no longer required to keep the beef discreet, he MIGHT come harder. I'm excited to see the outcome. This battle is MAJOR imo because it's basically Mainstream VS. Indie/Hip-Pop VS. Hip-Hop. This beef is one for the books.

    • .....

      common mainstream as any1 else doing commericals for lincoln commons hoe ass in hollywood sluttin it up common rocking "softwear" teaming up wit microsoft check it out peep commons new cd cover looks a little mainstream if u have any idea about symbolism

  • jizzy/ezzy/fizzy/fizzy frizzy/izzy Frost

    Man hiphop needs some action like this. Everyone has been timid it seems about calling out names and checking on each other. Who's hot who's not, drakes gay or not, whatever. It's Common not liking his style and saying something about it. That's ok, and that's hiphop. Keep it on the mic and we've got some heavyweights stepping in the ring. Hiphop is feeling good again.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly bro, Eazy E and Dr Dre made diss songs and videos to go with em, stop using the im too rich, more relavant, more popular excuse, and prove yourself lyrically on you response

  • jr88

    smh....drake had it pretty good but he had to act hard and call people out smh...badda boom and sweet will go in the history books while drakes demise is already being documented...smh

  • rashid

    common would knock him out cold them big lips would be on the floor

  • laughing my ass off

    drakes lucky it was 1 verse common drops a whole song its over should both get the gloves on !!!!!!!!!!! straight up .

  • Anonymous

    Drakes album is platinum lol...........So maybe people like hoe ass music

  • Nico 3

    They both gettin money. And??? This is less about money, and more about the fact Drake is more popular than jealous old Common ever was, even after he awed the world with his Oscar worthy role in Just Wright.

    • Anonymous

      Notice how he said "ever was" and mentioned Just Wright, a recent movie. Is that because your knowledge of Common is limited Nico?

    • Anonymous

      are you 90s babies robots or something? all of yall say the same shit and act like drakes money feeds your sperm.

  • Anonymous

    common kinda looks dumb, when you look at the fact DRAKE sold more records in 2 albums than common in his career...lmao

  • brynando

    yo that fucking fruit drake got sonned..Common needs to just drop an entire track to end this fag..fuckin faggot grew up on nickelodean soap opera to catching bodies...gtfoh you studio thug. lil bitch "half white half black trying to live a niggas life"

  • Anonymous

    We all know Drake would not fight anybody. Common has been in the game a long time. It's just these white boys buying Drake album because they don't know real Rap.

  • red

    finally someone said something about drake tryin to be goon

  • SuperGucciRap

    HAHAHAHAHA.... I just noticed this as well. Why does Common call Drake "Sweet"? That's more proof that Common is without a doubt a homosexual rapper. What kind of grown man calls another man sweet even if it's used as an insult. Sweet motherfucker? the fuck am i supposed to say about this? And yet he supports Kid Cudi another gay ass nigga who quit rapping and raps about emo shit. After all, this is the same rapper who make songs with Colbie Calliat and got his ass murked by the legendary Hip-Hop group Jonas Brothers. Not to mention, he makes music for Happy Feet now that penguin movie for kids. Now that's a soft ass motherfucker. Following Kanye's route of dissing other soft rappers just because they stole your girl who will dump that bitch ass nigga soon. Listen to real hip-hop like Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, OJ Da Juiceman, Soulja Boy, Lil B, Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, Christian Beadles, MattyBRaps and V-Nasty not faggots like Common, Drake Wiz Khalifa or Kanye West who faked their beefs for attention and are illuminati puppets. It's Gucci Time!

  • Anonymous

    Just cause you're on a TV show doesn't mean you're rollin in money. Regardless of what his family was doing, it's a safe bet that Degrassi money was well worth it. But anyway... It doesn't matter. If Drake is fake to you. Don't listen. Sadly, I bet 99% of the peeps on here bought Take Care and are bumpin in right now in their car (albeit with the windows up). Hip Hop has changed. Someone like Common might have more credibility on paper, but if the bottom line is about money, sales and hype, then Drake is mopping this dude up off the floor all day everyday.

  • drake watches gay porn

    Compare common and drake all u like....commons never played a gay dude in any of his acting roles.

  • Anonymous

    LOL! The battle for the light brothers emcee title...

  • BoldSpice

    Sorry Common. Weak attempt.

  • MannieFresh

    Rick Ross official release!

  • Anonymous

    Drake is a white boy name.

  • 14 eye legs

    i used to eat drake snacks when i was high. but now i stoped smoking weed now im seeing rappers eat drake.cake

  • UNO

    All you fools with your rebutalls of the variety of "You dont know Common, you dont know about Bitch In You" dudes need to chill with that. Common has made plenty of soft records. Just bump "Come Close" and try to act all hard - it aint working..Im just saying.. Drake aint hard but neither is Common. And Common's verse was bad/lazy...Drake's verses/flow everything was much better thought out

    • ETK

      co-sign.. ironically you niggas get a hard-on for who's hard, when it ain't even about that.. the point is that Common at least went hard in his time if you want real thug hard, just go listen to canibus or some shit, or some other bipolar nigga who'll jump on another nigga for the smallest shit

    • Anonymous

      common aint trying to act hard... its fuckin hip hop bruh... its all about the music... and common is 50 fuckin times doper than drake no matter what way you look at it..

  • Anonymous

    drake ain't got no leg to stand on lmao na na na na hey hey hey! goodbye!

  • uhbuhuh


    Never forget that this is hip hop, healthy competition... It aint that serious as some of you might think.

    • Anonymous

      thank you!! common is all about the art of hip hop.. he feels like drake is disrespecting hip hop with that garbage he keeps puttin out, so he checked him on wax.. i hope for drakes sake he just lets it slide, cause he dont want nooooooo part of a full on beef with common.. common kilt cube when cube was the hottest rapper out back in the day.. dont make him body you drake.. dont do it..

  • Anonymous

    Drake stole his name from the main character in the Uncharted video games.

  • Anonymous

    Lol more sells talk. U probably like brick squad too huh? Weak niggas sell these days. Once again its about skills son. I'll admit drake got talent but with all the singing who could tell. And he can't fuck with common. Drake brought this on himself. You can't disrespect niggas and get away it. Too bad his fans think the same

  • done

    All the drake n*t huggers all have they ipods filled with young money thinking they the greatest thing in this world. You dudes don't know Common or the roots of hiphop. Catching feelings aren't we? :D

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P Drake. It's been real. UPS is hiring...

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Wait, there's a rapper named after a male duck????

  • Lench Mob

    "I'm bombing on Common Sense. Chicago is mine, nigga hit the fence"


    hahahahahaha damn Drake you keep looking soft son! i promise you, now Dake's next album is gonna be just hiphop and he is gonna try and be sooo hard. lol Common got to him....hahahaha

  • Meow Wow!

    How you win grammys when your ablums don't sell? People use Common music to put babies and old people to sleep. Nig is boring.

    • Anonymous

      Fan's arguments are weak as hell sometimes... When their artist doesn't make quality music, and so doesn't get grammy's, they focus on sales, and we all know sales doesn't mean shit but how many radio/club songs you put on the album and how many singles/advertising you backed it up with. If 5 of your songs off the album played every night at the clubs, your video's always on BET/MTV whatever and you out there doing interviews, got billboards and shit, you're gonna sell.... But if you're a dope MC, running independant or on a label that'd rather push some fruity swag shit than your thought provoking music, you aint getting no club play, no radio play, mtv/bet etc wont promote you, and how u gonna afford advertising when all of that don't apply? Sales is the machine behind you, not the product you put out.

    • Fuck Common Boring Ass

      he only got 2 grammys.. drake outsell dat wack ass old ass fuka anyway

    • Meow Wow!

      Nah i'll save that for ya moms.

    • Anonymous

      he wins grammys because his music is dope! people who dont know how to LISTEN to music think his shits boring.. go suck a dick ho

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Directed to all ya'll dissin Common... you are all mangina's

  • Anonymous

    RIP Drake. It's been real..

    • whadat

      "Men lie, women lie, numbers don't" Jay-Z

    • Boy Stop!

      retarded logic? Cats work for money. last time i checked respect don't pay the bills moron.

    • lets get real here

      Its funny how you put Canibus with Common and Drake with LL Cool J and then, claim some shit about classic hip-hop. LL Cool J = Classic Hip-Hop/Legend Canibus = broke artists who had one great song "2nd Round Knockout"

    • Defenda

      @ Boy Stop! Yeah and fuckin big macs sell more on any given day than sirloin steaks do, so by ur retarded logic I guess big macs are better quality grade of beef huh? Haha..SMH: U lames still think this Hip Hop shit is all about money..what a fuckin joke! Get out of my culture and don't come back u fuckin clown.


      @ Boy Stop! Um, yeah, if you look into it, 2/3 of Drakes sales are teenage girls holmes! Canibus said it best when he went at LL cool J,"99% of your fans wear high heels." But you wouldn't know anything about classic hip hop I bet.

    • Boy Stop!

      Stop son. One of Drake albums sells more than all of Commons combined.

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Say my name, say my name, say my name lol Even Dorks fans are so sweet and emotional, oeps I ment Drake the male duck. I dont care about the quality of sound, shit is funny. Its mad funny that Drake fans come across like females, they truly are in love with that guy.

  • Anonymous

    D mansion everyone u listen to lame

  • Anonymous

    this is what you get when you start talking that goon shit and how you the best that ever did it.

  • Anonymous

    Damn spell check yall know what I mean. Watch the video on youtube. Drake said some to beans. That's who shouldve got at him was the broadstreet bully.



  • D.Mansion

    you fucks are all lamer than Common, shut the fuck up yall

  • Anonymous

    Fucking spellcheck. " ill slap drakes birch ass"

  • Anonymous

    The nigga been talking shit about niggas and expected them not say nothing, thats called trying bully somebody. And drake has talked shit about beans for starters. Luda too. Beans had beef with hov so why on earth would he lash out drake. Because drake said some shit and thought beans wouldnt say shit like he's a bitch or something. Typical wanna be bully shit that back fired on drake. What did Siegel? Oh yea "ill slap stakes birch ass".

  • Andres

    Why would Common be jealous of that nigga. Drake was crying when his bitchass didnt win his grammy. Common has two Grammys the fuck he going to be jealous at drake for. Seriously Common is like MJ and Drakes like Lebron, gotta get a team of niggas when Common makes everyone around him better. Fuck outta here thinkin Common jealous of Drake. Common been in the game since 87' and never dissed anyone that got ahead of'em not even Jay-Z and Jay-Z has more money than Drake so it aint about the money or fame. Its because Drake a bitchass nigga talkin bout catchin bodies. like he a real nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Typical bitch move, mentioning sales. Go drown yourself you punk bitch.

    • Anonymous

      Nigga what you mean? Common did the same thing to Ice Cube!!!!! Trying to ride someone else coat tail to fame!!! He came at ice cube with I use to love her!! Yeah the same lame ass subliminal disses!!!!! Common trying to stay relevant!!!!!! LOL

    • This is why Common is Jealous

      1. Drake sold 10 times as many records on his first week vs. Common 2. Drake is dominating hip-hop right now with just two/three albums and making GOAT lists, something Common has never really done. He has always been on the side - never the king. 3. Drake banged Serena and used her like cheap meat (This is the woman Common said he may want to marry, just like 3 months before) Do I need to go on?

  • Anonymous

    Canada dry???!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Jay what about beanie, luda, hopsin. Drake didn't fuck their broads and all say the same thing. The nigga stretches his mouth to much. Yall act like drake innocent. Period the nigga tried to bully niggas in the game and got bullied.

  • Serena Williams

    Sorry Com, Drake got that good dick. You mad?!

  • shady83

    ross's flow always seem to sound the same and i don't care much for drake!

  • David

    Common does not need Drake fans, he only is concerned with attracting hip hop fans. He has a solid niche and a 20 year career. Drake fans will move on to the next "in" rapper. He has no credibility in the hip-hop community. He is just a trend rapper. Let's see were Drake will be in twenty years. At 40 years old, I have seen so many platinum couple of hot album rappers come and go. Don't waste your passion on upstarts. Drake will not survive in this industry, he is not built for it.

  • doctor69

    common soft news to me whuy not ask the whole westside connection on I see a bitch n you commomn got street connects on the low he 4corners/folk nation connects who the fuck does drake have gay mafia and fakeblooods backing him nigga please micheal wayne you must touch yourself and rock skinny jeans with a snap back fitted and pierce your lip too fuck the ymcmb they fruits with no lyrical content fuch them and there fans too Free Hoover^6 7-4 to the nation

    • Michael Wayne

      I caught wind with ur faggot ass comment son. Listen, I am NO YMCMB fan but I believe common is just jealous cause this beef is just bullshit to me. How would a 40yr old common beef with a 25yr old rapper(just like Nas going at Tyga). Drake has never rapped about being from the hood, he just makes his love songs while common is an old head in this game. I know common would rip drake in a lyrical battle but this nigga is just jealous cause Drake fucked Serena. Common is in NO way gangsta that he acting now. I am 26 and would punch any tight ass jean rocking kid that comes near me so u just talking shit homie. I have been following hip-hop since the 90s but this beef is shit to me. But common is NOT and will NEVER be a gangsta that he is acting. I would still love to knock him the fuck out and you too son.

  • RoperFDF

    you should be ashamed for posting such a shitty edited song. please upload a new version that doesn't sound like it has the hiccups. i'm not getting too much into the beef but.... common > drake. if you think otherwise, you're 14 and wear a pussy. study up

  • Jay

    Common is pissed because Drake hit his ex-girl Serena Williams and then posted her free-styling. So he had to go in on him.

  • Anonymous

    Fresh ist co sign. What gets me about drake fans is they expect rappers to let him disrespect them. And let him get away with it. Whether its on Twitter or in interviews or he's in songs. Niggas don't mind drake is doing his thing. But he can't expect niggas not to speak up if he's disrespectful and neither can his fans.

  • Anonymous

    Fresh ist - Be real... Common has sold out 100X more than Drake ever has or will. He's got millions yet is allowing himself to be bothered by somebody he's probably never had a face to face convo with. True hip hop has no place in the real scheme of things. Drake knows that and is making music he knows will not only make his label rich, and himself rich. He has to defend himself. Look who his bosses are. If he let's Common or anyone else punk him, the ride's over. I just find it hilarious how so many people are blasting him for an acting gig. Pick a movie star and look at the jobs they used to do before making it. Was he supposed to be poor and homeless before being signed? Bottom line... You're entitled to your opinion as do I. If Drake's music causes that much of a commotion in your life, turn the station bro. It's not important enough to vent like this.

  • thetruth

    If you're a Drake fan plz kill yourself....Thank-you. Sincerely, Fans of Real HipHop, not Pop music called HipHop

  • Observe

    What is Com tryna prove? Ever since the birth of his latest album he's been full of angst and driven by a desire to prove himself to be a top contender. News for common... We never doubted your ability, and to any true head you are heavily noted in the industry. You're starting a war with yourself, and very possibly detracting fans. This comment has nothing to do with defending Drake, but to point out that this is not the Common we have all come to know and love. Figure your shit out. Maybe it's a midlife crisis.

  • Drake Don't Respond

    *You gon mess around and make me catch a body like that* LMFAO

  • Anonymous

    I choose Common over Drake anyday, but why start this stupid beef? Stupid move on Commons part, pointless

    • Anonymous

      why every diss has to start a beef , it's a BATTLE , just like back in the day , and just like 50 said , after tupac and biggie everybody started calling it beef

  • fresh ist

    drake fans make me laugh. Common destroys drake on tracks he's not even dissing him on. Thats how vicious Com is. Whenever a true hip hop artist comes out and disses whoever is popular at the time the fans of the dissed get online and spew the same bullshit. "Com just wants publicity. He's not relevant anymore and he wants to get publicity". Please. Go home with that shit. Its weak and so rehashed and recycled. Face the truth. Com is true hip hop and true hip hop speaks honestly. And honestly, Drake is a overhyped bag of canadian wind that more white chicks listen to than hip hop lovers. He's not hip hop. He's a Jewish canadian who is famous for being on a teen soap opera. He has no flow. Cant sing. Raps about nothingness. Has bullshit overhyped beats that bore to death. Com is going at him because he deserves it, and if Drake had half the talents his fans pretend he has he wouldn't be getting dissed.

  • Michael Wayne

    Common should let the kid do his thing. Common is NOT hard either so he acting all gangsta now is just horseshit. And to all u bastards hating on drake EAT A FAT DICK. He raps about his life and not fake. Common is the soft ass nigga here cause he is crying cause of his bitch. Before u idiotic shit eating retards starts talking, I am no YMCMB fan

    • Anonymous

      ^ wayne Stop lying about your age you punk bitch. Shut the fuck up.

    • Michael Wayne.

      You must be some shit eating retard homie. Give me a reason why Common is coming at this kid at the time his album is coming out. Common is corny and soft himself. Don't let Drake's hate blind u bitchasses. I hardly comment on here but fuck common, he is not in the position to call another person soft. I am 26 and an old head in this hip-hop shit. You mufuckas just bore me and make me angry. I would love to meet common any day and knock him the fuck out and put shit on youtube like rosemo did that other fag ass nigga.

    • Anonymous

      can you kids ever come up with a response other than "aww hes just hating...let the kid do his thing...hes just living his life" if you start your music career off by saying ur the greatest ever then somebody needs to call em out for it sooner or later.

  • Anonymous

    finallyyyyy , finally a legend going after these young punks , finally the dickriding stopped

  • Michael Wayne

    Fuck all you moronic fags for been on common's dick like he is HARD. Common was one of the softest rappers in the 90s and now he is acting all hard all of a sudden. I can't stand Drake at all but I guess common is coming at him cause drake fucked his bitch. This beef makes no sense at all and I lost all respect for common. I would even go to the extent of knocking him the fuck down cause he is soft too.

    • Anonymous

      ^ wayne It's completely ok to not like a certain musician. Everyone sees you dickriding the aubrey bandwagon. Shut the fuck up you punk bitch.

    • Michael Wayne.

      You see, fuck it. I do not like Drake's music but why the fuck should I hate on him. I have been in this hip-hop shit longer than u kids. I am 26 and have been listening to hip-hop all my life. Y'all hate on Drake but why? You really have no life if ur hating on another nigga for nothing sake. Common is NOT hard!! I would tell him this shit any day. He has made some corny ass move in the past. Because he made "the bitch in you" doesn't make him hard. He is a lyrical genius but he is not hard. U internet bloggers just bore me. I wish I could explain shits to u with my hands and not typing nonsense on this fucking site. I lost all respect I ever had for this nigga common and I would love to knock him the fuck out any day. A typical example of a pot calling kettle black. Fuck it!

    • Raphael

      Perhaps you need to go listen a little known track dissing Ice Cube called "The Bitch in You". Common soft? Boy dont make me laugh.

    • Anonymous

      you were still losing ur baby teeth in the 90s. shut d fuck up.

  • Toronto's Own

    Common is coming at Drake because he is irrelevant in music lately!! He's taking a swing at the BIG MAN on campus hoping to gain some new momentum! CLOWN don't common know Drake aint a fighter he's a LOVER

    • Anonymous

      Stop making Toronto look bad already. Get the fuck outta the city you punk bitch.

    • Electrotherapy

      "Common is coming at Drake because he is irrelevant in music lately!! He's taking a swing at the BIG MAN on campus hoping to gain some new momentum! CLOWN don't common know Drake aint a fighter he's a LOVER" Oh Drake ain't a "fighter" when he rappin about catchin bodies like that? fuck outta here, the person that posted that shit above is either a chick or a faggot real talk.

  • CaliKushBlunt

    YESSSSSS!!!!! Drake is vey much a hoe ass nigga, with no balls and vagina that wines into the microphone. I'm support all the real OGs that are taking a stand on this bitch nigga shit. Props to Common and Ludacris.

  • sup doe?

    YO, I don't give a fuck!! At the end of the day it's gonna be like remember that battle between common and drake, ppl will say oh ya how did that start again, ohh yaa common just sent out a random shot at drake claiming it was for anyone in the game for absolutely no reason. FOH wit that weak shit common, ain't no beef it was either for his old hoe, album salesor to revive his career. I like beef that starts for a real reason not no hoe ass left field shit.

  • DrectMoody

    Drake is not a fair depiction of Toronto. I've been trying to tell dudes that. Americans don't know much about Canada so when they see a dude like Drake they think he speaks for the rest of us. We got spitters out here...and real niggas

  • Anonymous

    Thetruth 100% co sign

  • jg

    i like competition in hiphop, but common is really coming at drake with some hate wtf. Drake just stays in his own lane and makes creative music, thats what common has done his whole career, why hate on a youngin coming up?

  • Anonymous

    Coms could careless about serena. Excuses excuses is all I hear. Maybe if drizzy kept his big mouth shut he wouldn't be getting dissed. I thought niggas was picking on drake until I saw newbie sigel shit. This nigga been talking too much shit and now he's paying for it. (In my ice cube voice) protect ya self at times little nigga.

  • anonymous

    "Son of a bitch, I imagine what your father is" I'm done..

  • turftalka

    I like both artist (not on no fanboy shit tho) but to me, Common didn't "body" Drake yet and you can't say Common won until Drake just stops trying. For all we know Drake could create an "Ether" but no one will give him props cuz, well Drake is Drake. You can't say Drake is on that "Diss me and you'll never hear a reply for it" shit cuz he did respond but if he can start taking the battle more serious he could actually win. Right now, I think Common is ahead right now, cuz he talked the more shit but only time will tell whether Drake wins or not.

    • Anonymous

      simply put.. drake dosent have a chance but he has to try.. its hip hop.. its battling.. you dont go out n say your the best and not have to prove it.. you say your the best people are going to test you.. what these young kids these days need to learn is a battle is a battle.. you run your mouth in hip hop its a battle regaurdless of who started what where and when..someone feels the need to test you, best believe your gettin tested.. commons just jabbing now, when he catches drake with a hard hit u gonna know it

    • tofly2fall

      Drake create an "Ether" he ain't near dat lyrical level and never will his metaphors are too simple and punchlines swell

  • thetruth

    For all yall thinking Common's verse was weak, you must remember it was just a warning shot. A true veteran like Com probably got at a few diss records lined up for this down syndrome looking, emo Canadian thug wannabe. & quit saying Com started this beef. Drake got all emo over Sweet & told Com to say it to his face. Com said the song was for whoever in hiphop fits wear the shoe, but since Drake said what he said, Com said yeah it was about Drake. He put his foot in his mouth now he gotta go to war with a legend. All Drake gonna talk about in his response is his album sales, his $$, women, how good he living, & how he gonna get his goons to get Com....lmao. Why this clown Drake acting all hard is hilarious. You're an actor from Toronto, stay in your lane Drake, you are no thug & you going up against a grown man, boy.

  • Sean Jon

    Dam!!!! Chicago Stand up Common Killed this lame a** dude 4 real!!!

  • chitown

    So Common is still upset that Drake smashed his ex girlfriend Serena Williams ?????????? Why is goin in on Drake instead of Serena???

  • thought dog

    Best part about this is reading the ymcmb lovers comments. Ur boy drake has been dropping subliminal shit and acting corny as hell for awhile. If him and his boyfriend Noah didn't want the attention they should just stay in the bubble bath.

  • Anonymous

    Common gonna punch this cupcake in the face and he gonna bleed glitter out his nose

  • Anonymous

    drake is pussy, next he will now to israel like shyne.



  • Anonymous

    Bout time somebody addressed that hoe ass nigga

  • who am i the mc

    he even dissed his moms and pops lol

  • Anonymous

    Drake fans do yall think that niggas is supposed to sit back and let this weasel ass nigga talk shit? Oh yea says a lot subliminal shit on songs interviews and Twitter. And yall saying that anybody who doesn't put up with the shit is hating and jealous. Yall got shit fucked up seriously.

  • uponeverysession

    My motto is: Chicago, bitch Everybody know you sweet, what the problem is Dont play dumb, Im the one that acknowledged it Son of a bitch, I imagine what your father is She said, How you make your opponent, the rapper of the moment? His style, he dont own it Acting all hard when he hardly like that You gon mess around and make me catch a body like that, ooooh Dont do it Cause every song you make Joe is really hoe music I heard you said you wasnt a bitch because you sing You a bitch because you cling like a bitch thats eighteen Cant say my name but rap about a niggas wife You so black and white, tryna to live a niggas life Im taking too long with this amateur guy You aint wet nobody, nigga, you Canada dry Soft nigga, make no mistake, Im talking to Drake Its the remix. Rick Ross, Common, and that hoe ass nigga No, man-to-man, dont hide behind them other niggas Nah, this man-to-man. You cant run behind them man This is some real man shit right here

  • whoamI themc this is Canadian hip hop

  • IDK

    I kinda felt that Common wouldn't have made this diss track for Drake. But, all thanks to Drake making some sort of fuss towards Common's first song, it seems like Common is saying to himself, "Oh, this guy said that I was talking about him in my 'Sweet' song?? Alright, I'll just bust this hoe-ass nigga's balls some more not because I hate him, but because he thought of himself as that target and victim in my previous song!" In other words, it's almost as if Drake unintentionally threw himself in a wrestling ring with Common.

    • Toronto's Own

      Wanna be thug - who in their right mind would EVER wanna be a thug! RAP is an evolving genre of music has been since the 70's! THe 80's and 9-'s brought gangsta rap - How well did that do?!? Oh RIGHT Biggie and Pac are dead!! So for ya'll idiots who think every rapper needs to be THUG to keep it REAL, give ya'll head a shake! Don't HATE the kid from the North, NORTH cuz ya'll Yonkers rappers are PLAYED OUT!

    • Anonymous

      you both make good points...

    • Anonymous

      and drake is wannabe thug fucking homo!

  • Anonymous

    Common is really over acting here. He's got millions of dollars, yet is acting like Drake is preventing him from ating. I don't care whose better lyrically. This is a pointless battle.

  • Anonymous

    i'm from canada and that canada dry line was jokes. common bodied him on this. i think it made it's impact and common should just stop dissing him now. it was a good battle and common won. common doesnt need to prove anything more. im not a drake fan but i almost feel sorry for drake lol

    • Raphael

      Out of character!? Common ALWAYS.respond to anyone dissing him. This is his character and im sure Ice Cube would agree. Go liesten to "The Bitch in You". Battling is not above Common and he WILL body anyone who steps to the challenge.

    • jordanprodigy

      ^^ what you fail to realize is that when it comes to rap beef like this, nobody cares about record sales. It's all about what you put out lyrically and right now Common is killin Drake. It was about time that Drake was put in his place

    • IK

      No need to feel sorry for Drake, man. His three albums alone have probably outsold Common's complete career. Take Care did 10X the figures vs. Dreamer/Believer. I feel sorry for Common. This out of his character - Common is probably the softest MC out there right next to Drake. He is obviously heartbroken over Serena and looks all heart-broken over love. Kind of pathetic being 40 going after an upcoming kid 15 years younger. Bad look for Common

  • yawooh

    Dis diss is decent but I think Common was holding some rhymes back jus to save some pending a Drake response. I dnt think Drake will respond w/a whole diss song but prolly some more subliminal shots..To me tho, Drake has the upper hand cuz right now he's more successful. If he really put time and effort into it, he cud create an "ether" type of diss dat wud take dis beef to another level but I dnt think Drake will do it. I have no problem w/dis beef even tho we all kno Common did dis to create buzz for himself..Drake's (and many other artists) claim they're the king of rap and whenever u say dat, u have a possibily of being challenged for the crown.

  • CommonMurderedDrake

    Drake is a hoe ass nigga. Common's album shits on that emotional Take Care crap. YMCMB dont talk about anything meaningful. All they know is strippers and drinking.

  • Anonymous

    Ymcmb fans stop mentioning sells. Wack niggas sell look at brick squad. This about skills son, who got better bars. And common kills Drake any day. And jealously shit lol. Common ain't jealous Drake talks a lot of shit then goes into hiding. I'm suprised he responded back to coms. Even beanie sigel wanted to slap Drake for talking sideways.

  • trout

    i don't care who's more popular, i don't care who's harder. whose verse is better? commons flow was off in this and his punches didn't hit. i'm a common fan as well so i'm trying to be unbiased here. drake's stay scheming verse is better in terms of flow and punches but is subliminal as opposed to common's direct verse. everyone seems to think drake doesn't stand a chance. common wins if he wins over mainstream fans, drake wins if he wins over underground fans. both have diehard fans who will say they won no matter what, sorry but those votes don't count in my opinion. also, i'm disappointed in common, i thought he knew he didn't have to manufacture beef to create interest. maybe he really is salty over serena.

    • Real

      @trout. You got it right. Co-sign 100%

    • Anonymous

      Plus only the beginning of drake's verse is about common the rest is about bitches kobe and other random shit.To me common's verse is uninspired and drake's verse is not even insulting which is the worst thing that could happen to him.I hope there will be more rounds because those two verses aren't even decent.Of course nothin's worse than wayne's diss to jay but still..

  • Anonymous

    both verses are fuckin boring.common went harder but still nothin special lyrically

  • JC

    All these new school rap fans on this site need to learn yo! Rappers battling each other goes way way back, its part of the culture, at least what the culture used to be. All these young punks getting upset because they know Drake can't he's got no skills or lyrical intensity, basically the hallmarks of a real MC. Stop talking record sales and start talking mic skills. If you can't dig that then fuck the hell off

    • jg

      Common has a solid career far before Kanye...One Day It'll All Make Sense & Like Water for Chocoloate are both classic LPs. Tho Kanye did revitalize his career, but Drake would be absolutely nowhere without Weezy. And he has yet to drop a GREAT album

    • Drake > Common

      Dont let your Drake hate blind you. Common dropped a weak response and he can easily get murdered by Drake. Drake does not even need to respond. But if he does he has alot of material to work with. Common has had a whole soft cornball period, with the "Come Close" phase and that whole Electric Circus album. Plus records with the Jonas Bros. Common is not seeing straight...something is weird here ...It does not fit his image. He is so anxious to drop these response albums and act all angry. Common has had some really terrible albums, man, and crazy soft records. Without Kanye, even with Ressurection, he would never be where he is today. Common is 40+ going after a kid. Plus, its obvious Drake took his woman and he is bitter about it. Drake could murder him, just laying into the Serena thing alone.

  • Anonymous

    And all these real hip hop morrons suddenly lost their memory... Talkin' about softness, let me remind that Common, for whom i have a lot respect, dropped one of the shittiest dance album of 2008 in the name of UNIVERSAL MIND CONTROL! So niggaz pleaz get away with that real hiphop shit...

    • Anonymous

      Do your research, "Universal mind control" was a tribute to Afrika Bambaataa (one of the founders of Hip hop) and the planet rock sound. "You must learn" Krs one.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Drakes reply gonna destroy dis bitch niggas life. Boi-1das high school friends thought Common is a R&B singer. lmao Common is a soft ass nigga. Drake is da man. swag YMCMB we da best! swag

    • So Icy Boi!

      I just heard drake's reply and it goes hard as fuck. he's like "Common you ain't got no class/and I just fucked So Icy boi in the ass" it goes hard cause it's true.


    What can I say about Common? He rhymes tight, he acts in some movies, he is involved in diverse cultural movement but he will still "DISS" a young succesful kid with his 39-year old ass. Jealousy is a motherfucker.


      What can I say about Drake? He has the gay community on lock? He had a small role on a kids show called degrassi, playing a character that got but raped into a wheelchair. The best diss were going to hear from him will be on twitter where he talks about how many teenage girls and ymcmb fags bought his garbage. Jealous is a real drake.

    • JC

      Drake needs dissing. Wack ass rapper. What are you saying??

  • La Flecha

    its liquorandkarate .com though

  • La Flecha

    I mean its though

  • La flecha

    I am just going to sit back and wait for some nigga to make a "leave Drake alone" video like that dude did for Britney spears a couple years back.But seriously common need to stop picking on that nigga Drake ,no one ever thought he was hard.Drake is one of those niggas that just says things he sees as cool but he knows that we know he dont live that life but hes observant and he can make songs about it and add that ohhhh ahhh shibidy doo wop shit not many ppl can .and honestly how many of these rappers are really hard ?

  • p

    Common got off.....waits for Drake dont be singin*

  • .....

    People saying Drake over Common because Drake is more famous and sells more records? WEAK argument. Sales and chart positions have NO relevance to the quality of music. After all, Carter 4 sold near 2 million....and Soulja boy is famous?

  • 3chainz (Thats one more than 2)

    "Acting all hard when he hardly like that You gon mess around and make me catch a body like that, ooooh" Drake can't respond after that c'mon now who sings about catching bodies?? I dont remember any on enter the wu tang 36th chambers album talking about killin ppl...and who cares about album sales ppl act like common is broke and on public assistance he is doing okay... rap is about who is the better rapper not bill board charts and a popularity contest stop acting like 15 yr old girls "drake sell more" shut up

  • Realness121

    Fuck you Common dick riders,thats all ima say,yall some hoe ass niggas hating on drake

    • Anonymous

      dude shut up u fag ur another one of those conformist who cant take criticism and calls everything ur a hater god i hate that over used saying yes bitch im hating u happy i hating the fact that people like u think fags like ymcmb are lyrical u stupid swag bitch thats all u can say

  • So Icy Boi!

    man everybody's hating but they just mad that I got all the ymcmb dicks. In fact lil wayne said my rap name could be lil cock gobbler cause of how many dicks i suck. he said if i licked his asshole he'd let me get a platinum album. I totally believe him to cause i'm a dumb bitch ass nigga.

  • HAA


  • Swordz

    Oh shit. Just read the bars. Why common doing this?? It's just sad. Yes it's true - Drake is soft - but going after to Drake to sell records is softer. Common - step ya game up. Make a album produced by Kanye or Kev Brown... No ID didn't help you bro!

    • R.Pgh

      step his game up? His new album is damn near flawless. Sales doesn't make music good / bad. Coms best album was a No I.D. album and it hardly sold until 2 decades later.

  • So Icy Boi!

    lol haters are mad. Drake killed Commons career. I know da truth hurts suckas. swag Thank Me Later - Platinum (gonna be 2x sooner or later) Take Care - Platinum (gonna be 2x sooner or later) Common? no platinum album? no gold album? no silver album? damn no bronze album? lmao Commom is certified wood. swag Common is da wackest new school rapper. he raps like and old ass nigga from da 90s. swag Drake is mo talented. YMCMB WE DA BEST!

    • Anonymous

      dude shut up u fag ur another one of those conformist who cant take criticism and calls everything ur a hater god i hate that over used saying yes bitch im hating u happy i hating the fact that people like u think fags like ymcmb are lyrical u stupid swag bitch thats all u can say

    • Anonymous

      ou dumb niggas give this troll so much attention. you try to lecture him and then he comes back on anoher article saying the exact same shit. get it through you fucking head... he's a troll... he's just looking for reaaction. stop fucking responding to him. dumb ass

    • So Icy Boi

      yeah everybody's mad cause i got all the ymcmb dicks straight up my ass. shit hurts but feels good at the same time namean? Speaking of wood albums, drakes about to stick his wood album in my mouth right now so i g2g.

  • anon

    the truth is, drake is #canadadry.

  • Anonymous

    Watch, lil wayne will respond for Drake.

  • Anonymous

    common could kill this dud any day any time fuck ymcmshit the hole team

  • raskolnikov

    Common dissin !??? WTF it's so ridiculous I can't stop laughin AHAHAHAHA Since when the dalai lama began dissin people ?? Is it a joke?

  • Triune

    For the noobs in here, this ain't about record sales, this is about bars. Age ain't got shit to do with it either. Idgaf how old or how young, put your bars up.

  • Midwest Hip Hop.

    I'm from St.Louis.I'ma huge Drake fan for what he does but heres the facts.Com bodied Ice Cube when Cube was one of the hardest rappers alive.He didnt take out Are We there Yet Ice Cube, he battled and bodied the real Ice Cube.Common is the midwest Nas changed niggas lives in this part of the world.Everybody nowdays wants to play rapper or play gangster.But Common is down to rap bar for bar with Drake and also box the nigga if it ever came to that(which it wont) Now Drake has been put into a situation where he can't fake either one. Common ripped him on this track point blank when the industry decides they wanna be homo about it and protect Drake and make it seem like Com is spazzing they're gonna bring up album sales and popularity but the fact is Com ripped drake on this track historically from this day forth if he doesnt reply (which he wont) he has been ripped by Common. It's hiphop battles are always encouraged everybody needs to stop acting like bitches over diss records. This is the genre of music that created LL Cool J and Eminem you cant hide behind money all the time lyrics still count for something and its just a battle. Battles are what made this fucking genre to begin w/. You can not boast about running the game and being the illest niggas alive without encountering someone that disagree's. When this happens you are expected to get busy it's called showing and proving.This is a gr8 opportunity for Drake to step up to the plate and be a man like Com said. This is hip hop ppl need to stop changing this shit into some delicate ass ring around the rosey shit. Com's a legend...a legend disses you handle it by making a phone call and hearing him out or you just plain and simple respond with a record and the let world see what your made of. As now he's been ripped by Common.

  • Peezy

    I just listened to this n diss track is fiiire!! Fuck YMCM buncha fuckin candy ass rappers n dat soft hoe ass singing bitch nigga Drake All the spport in the world to Common for showin this sweet as candy ass Canadian where da fukk his place is in the game. I'm from T-dot just like homeboy but we hate that singin ass fagoot. Com sense gone bring to ya Drizzy better watch yo half black-half jew ass

  • M.O.P4LIFE

    Common old ass need to shut his mouth. This reminds me of 2002 when KRS-One got at Nelly when he was doing his thing that year. Ok we get it your dissing Drake but really who cares what Common has to say.

    • Anonymous

      your name is M.O.P4LIFE and your defending drake , you need to be slapped across ya face

    • JC

      Nothing wrong with dissing wack rappers. Nelly, Drake, whoever. Time for real hiphop fans to stand up and realize what is real music and what isn't. Fuck drake, wayne, young money fags.

    • Cage

      ^^ You do, obviously. Now just accept the fact that he roasted that lil soft nigga

  • LOL QQ

    This beef would matter if common was relevant. Oh wait no it wouldn't, and common isn't relevant. Shit son

  • Anonymous

    this is like nas vs the fresh prince of bel air ahaha

  • JayTray

    Cmon Drake Fans...Common killed that $hit!!! Lmao!!!

  • Anonymous

    Drizzy sounds like some sort of dry cum on the couch.

  • Anonymous

    common the dreamer the believer > Tak Care

    • Real Hip hop

      THE FUCK THAT SHIT FLOPPED Common is a Non Mother Fucking Factor in Hip Hop it isnt funny smdh I bet you think Lil B IS THE best alive

  • King

    Thats Hip-Hop.....Battling. For you rookies its not about record sales because who is really buying the records? Hip Hop needs this.....fuck the other shit its just word play.

  • sanchez

    drake a "hoe ass nigga" but common is crying over a bitch, this shit started potentially over drake fucking his girl but drakes a hoe?hes a sucker And this black n white trying to live a nigga life, common is just as pale as him, i ko people bin questioning u about how black u r, i bet u theres white in ur blood. He's wrong for fucking ur girl but ur right for fucking Andre 3000's girl? Jay Electronica's fucking ur girl now, why not go at him? All in all this diss back to drake was weak, it was really flawed,fuck common, faggot ass sucka for luv ass nigga man up.

    • ddd

      I know a lot of dudes like Drake there are only black when its to their best interest any other time, they don't fuck with black people they try their best to distance themselves from blacks but if their around people that like blacks or black culture than all the sudden they are black.

    • wdfdf

      its not about his skin complexion/race retard its about how he was raise/his culture, Drake is faking the funk...its not about him fucking his bitch, its about how he treated the girl...common is 10x better than drake...this is common fucking around and it was still better than drake

  • 90's

    This is cool i mean i get it common is classic he shouldn't have to fuck with aubs cause aubs to common ain't shit, but this is setting the record straight a little more light on the real mc's

  • Anonymous

    Drake doesn't want it with Common, Drake would get chewed to pieces, he should just let it go & move on

  • keyonta4

    i respect common but he need to chill drake killed this song one of the hottest lines so far in 2012..

    • FuckAnonymous

      Common didn't ether anyone, were we listening to the same song? This nigga made a punchline calling him "Canada Dry" How can you even put 'Ether' in the same sentence as this "diss track"

    • Anonymous

      LMFAO, sorry but ya man Drake got ethered

    • keyonta4

      The Reason i said this is because the whole YMCMB team bukkaked on me on New Years Eve and i just cant get enough since then !



    • Anonymous

      I guess you a hoe ass nigga, ain't hard to tell lmao at you supporting niggas kissing grown men, soft ass droopy niggas, and plastic bitches whos alternate personality is being a faggot....smfh

    • YESSIR


  • Likin the "Canada Dry" Line

    Funny, U canada cry...I really dont care for Drake so I love that Common is standingupto face Drake instead of kiss his ass like most rappers do

  • So Icy Boi!

    Drake ended Commons music career. dis niggas second studio album Ghetto Dreams flopped & Yeezy outsold him. lmai... even hiz deubt album Go flopped back in 2005. dis nigga is ajoke.... two flop album? dars not a career nigga. Drake is mo artistic, mo creative, mo lyrical, mo talented den dis flop ass nigga. swag commons discography: 1. 2005 Go (FLOPPED) 2. 2011 Ghetto Dreams (6 YEARS SINCE DA DEBUT? FLOPPED) Drake 1. 2010 Thank Me Later (PLATINUM) 2. 2011 Take Care (PLATINUM) swag

    • @so icy idiot

      Fail! @DoomChalia: the sad thing is bro, he's probably 100% serious!

    • DoomChalla

      Why do people still take this dude seriously? It's obvious he's fucking around and you're all getting mad.

    • Anonymous

      C'mon guys with the name So Icy Bl! did yall really think this guy was gunna know anything about hip-hop. This is the problem with todays music fans. Hip-hop is just entertainment to them and a trend, but they dont realize that us true hip-hop fans live this shit. These weak, ignorant ass kids just follow trends and like what girls like and then have the audacity to try to debate about hip-hop. You guys are so gullible that you dont even realize that you are being told who to listen to by the industry and now yall are on these blogs standing up for your favorite rapper like its a religion. If you wanna stand up for something stand up for the music not the image or the name in front of it. Drake now has a reason to be defensive toward because his name was called out but going up against a legend is a terrible move. Nelly did it in his prime and lost mad respect and fell the fuck off. Win or lose drake has never and will never do for the culture what common has done period.

    • tresdemayo

      trololololol stop feeding it

    • Anonymous

      stupid niggas like you need to move to Canada, apparently dumb/soft niggas from there

    • Cant believe what im reding

      BE is the name of the album. Go is a single from the album. Look here this dnt make no damn sense. BE =CLASSIC...can't stand u young niggas that think YMCMB means something to hip-hop

    • Cant believe what im reading

      Are u serious dude. First off GO is a fuckin CLASSIC! Sit yo five dollar young ass down child

    • deathtoswag

      ...and when did album sales measure the talent of an emcee? Beiber's sells mad albums, is he dope?


      Really son? Lmfao. "Go" was an album of his? Try "Be" nigga. Son dropped his first album in 1992. I understand that you were _born_ in 1992... so you didn't hear that album. Common is a fucking legend my G. Drake is a Disney Actor turned pussy ass 'rapper.' Common buried son. Who the fuck is Drake to talk to Common anyway? Didn't they teach kid to respect his elders in Canada?

    • ric

      ghetto dreams is a song dummy the album is called the dreamer,the beliver.and go is not his debut, far from it

    • Jackson

      I think you may need to look a little deeper into Com's discography. Maybe do a little research before acting a fool on the internet. Maybe check out "Resurrection" from '94, or go back to "Can I Borrow a Dollar?" It's kids like you that are dumbing down hip your homework.

    • anon

      debut album? are you fucking retarded? common's been rapping since 94 you dumbass cracker.



  • eDNElb

    i'm not feeling this...i don't know what common's problem with drake is but for someone 'who promotes love' this doesn't make any sense...definitely lost some points in my book...if drake is 'sweet' that's his prerogative, it aint got anything to do with common..

    • eDNElb

      @eDNElb: #yawn i am a HUGE common fan btw,,,he's in my top 5 dead or alive but i just ain't feeling this

    • eDNElb:

      i guess what i am trying to say is i am Gay and i like Sweet boys like Drake. He and i will make a good couple

    • eDNElb:

      plus i am a 13 year old boy whom have been having an affair with drake because drake likes tight young kids like me. He was the first guy i ever sucked off. He is the love of my life !

    • Anonymous

      nigga please, common just got fed up w/ hoe ass niggas actin tough....shit I cosign the nigga 1000%

  • 2Da9thPwr

    "You're so black and white trying to live a niggers life" -WHOA !.. Nah Common spit a lot fire. That verse was iller than anything on the take over. You need to listen to it again.

  • Anonymous

    "Every song you make Joe is really hoe music" LMFAO. That line pretty much sums up Drake's music. It's sad to say, but Drake getting softer and softer with every song and album he release. Funny thing is that Drake really sounds like a hoe when he gets on these hard knocking beats and tries to rap all hard and shit and sounds too out of character when he does that. Just stick to singing melodies and making music for hoes Drake.

  • Anonymous

    Common could've done so much better. But then again I think Drake could've too. That 'Good Riddance' diss track he did a few years ago proves he can go hella hard.

  • dentaldamboy

    man drake is totally gonna murder this guy. I know cause I got ymcmb semen all over my lips, shit tastes great.

  • JBlaze

    The kid is already at a disadvantage with a background like his. How're you going to try to act all hard when you were a Canadian soap opera star..? Seriously

  • Rellz

    I know Common is nice and all...But that shot was weak as fuck. To me he's losing the battle.

    • BORN IN 86


  • aaron

    wow, The Takeover this was not....

    • Midwest Hip Hop

      bringing album sales into a situation like this is a cardinal sin. Did Drake cut a record shitting on Common's life yet? ..The answer is No...this is fucking hip hop. LL Cool J the heart throb nigga ..greatest heart throb of alltime...also one of the great battle rappers of alltime..responded to every diss that ever came his way be it big or small..if you dissed him today he'd respond. Common would beat Drakes ass in a fist fight and he out rapped him.Drake is popular enough for this battle to matter. He's not a horrible emcee and he's a gr8 song writer quite impressive. Common is a legend he's not old as KRS 1 and Drake isnt as cookie cutter as Nelly. So to compare this to that situation is ignorant. Man to Man like Common said. If your boy Drizzy just manned up and got the shit popping like a real emcee is supposed to maybe we'd get to see if he has the heart to stand on his own words. He's the king of subliminals.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAAHA!! Comm back on his diss game! Love it

  • Micah

    hip hop is a art a sport a craft. it originated with a emphasis on the real. but now is entertainment with that said. Common killed Drake haha damn this a hard diss record

  • Anonymous

    where we argue all day about whose the best BIGGIE, JAY-Z OR NAS... WHO GIVES FUCK COMMON AND DRAKE...


    Drake is garbage. I take what these kids say as a grain of salt.

  • Anonymous

    Only hip hop can a hip hop legend with classic hip hop tracks and albums get into a problem with a lil rich jew child actor from the suburbs and the young kids say drake is better OH MY GOD

    • Midwest Hip Hop

      Only females and white ppl from the suburbs buy are yall talking about furhter proving the

    • Midwest Hi Hop

      there is not one single real nigga live bringing album sales in this discussion even without the album sales Com is paid. He doesn't need the album flopped...fuck it I do a fucking movie and I get to touch Alicia Key's or Halle Berry's ass on camera and get paid for it...who gives a fuck about album sales. He ripped duke as of now. Balls in Drakes court.

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