DMX & MGK Debut New Collaboration "I Don't Dance"

Dark Man X links with Machine Gun Kelly to premiere their duet.

DMX and MGK debuted their new collaboration "I Don't Dance" at the 2012 Agenda show in Long Beach, California.

The duet occurred at the same concert where a crazed fan attacked X while he was performing. Though DMX and MGK worked on more than one cut, "I Don't Dance" is rumored to be the first single from X's upcoming album Undisputed.

Watch the performance below (via SkeeTV).

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  • SID

    Real talk, everyone is hatin on DMX and MGK. X was the dopest dude when he hit the scene. the battle between him and hov was insane. he got cought up in drugs plain and simple. hate all u want but x is and will always be a legend in rap. MGK, if u cant see his talent u dont have a clue about rap. the dude spits his REAL life shit, spits fast as hell. Better than busta? no, but way better than twista. hes on his cleveland bone thugs shit. someone ripped him for bein white. did u forget that the most selling rapper of the 2000's is eminem? fuck outta here. color dont matter if u can rap u can rap.

  • Adam

    Ah, Clyde Carson's "In da club" beat

  • Jack Compton

    Cringe. Big DMX fan, but cringe.


    Dont waste your Brain on drugs...DMX almost dick sucks MGK...fucking insane I am shocked. "I got a great amount off respect for you dog" live on stage FUCK THAT WTF I hope DMX gets well soon

  • Anonymous

    ETK - Oh, you're one of those optimists who swears he likes everything his favorite rapper does. I bet you're even bumpin Year of the Dog right now in your Honda Accord swearing that was the best album ever made.

  • Anonymous

    Id rather listen to someone takin a shit then MGK pill poppin bulimic ass

  • GlowStreet31

    This track is called Who In the Club w/ Sean Kingston by DMX. It was leaked on the internet back in '09. He just put a MGK verse in it.I heard some of his new songs and theyre hot but wtf is he doin puttin out his older material again?

  • bm123

    Machine gun kelly is a lyricst puts on for his city and rap about where he from what he been thru and if u know his back story he constantly gives DMX props as his fav rapper. He felt honored and liked his skills So this song means something special the song is hot they both got the deep aggresive rap style. DMX will never be desperate artists would be honored to have the opport. to do a song with him he has never did many features so he sees something in him his people reached out to him. DMX does not try to be on other rappers levels he is always 100% him u cant compare him to jay z.He will never soften himself hes the dog hes been thru alot and coming back. Do the research people!

  • dentaldamboy

    I've been telling you all, DMX is truly desperate. He just can't get a buzz going or come up with good songs. At this point, all this guy knows how to do is growl and bark on a track. It's just a bunch of noise. Now he's trying to work with MGK. This is clearly a gimmick to try to attract white fans. But it's not gonna work. No one gives a fuck about either of these dudes. MGK is so fucking lame that he claims he invented "raging". Common, the term has been around forever. He's a total flake.

  • BGG

    wanna hear cdq version but sounds like it may have potential

  • Anonymous

    this sounds nasty

  • Lukrativ

    X looks like he's geeked on that white girl. lol.

  • Anonymous this is just a remix. this song was orig done in 2009 by the game and sean kingston. x verse was recorded in 2009


    MGK is a Fruitcake mayyyn, but anyone who strictly prides their name on the speed of te lyrics has no real lyrics to spit, I'll give this guy props if he can prove himself in 2012 as a fast rapping competitor to busta or twista etc.. please someone disagree so I can rip you apart

    • colin chaisson

      i love how you dis mgk for naming himself after his fast style and that he cant spit. So your saying tech n9ne cant spit because hes named after his fast style?

    • Jack Compton

      Machine Gun Kelly has got nothing on Yelawolf. He wouldn't dare step to Yela cause he knows he'd get fucking destroyed.

    • blah

      yea if u can understand wat he's saying half the time..MGK can rap jus as good as him

    • Anonymous

      @blah There's no way MGK is better than Yelawolf. Yela spits that dope shit and has something to say.

    • Anonymous

      um have u even listened to mgk hes actually a pretty dope lyricist...check out all alone or alice in wonderland tell me that aint a lyricist

    • blah

      ur right about MGK not being a real good lyricist but I can name lots of rappers who are worse than him(Tyga, Rick Ross, French Montana, Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane,Lil B,Bow Wow,Mac Miller) and u cud make a case dat he's better than Wiz Khalifa and Yelawolf..MGK reps his city and can make songs outside of partying and drugs. Gotta give em shot once his debut drops

  • Anonymous

    a lot of the songs I'm hearing leaked about 18 months ago.

  • Anonymous

    i anit neva met a d!ck suckin mofo lol pause...

  • Anonymous

    Although its been over 10 years since this song topped the charts, it was and still is one of the biggest and best hip hop joint made about women and the things that can do. One hint, its not a Tupac song. Check it out.

    • Anonymous

      funny cause pac reference this song on "check out time" "first you argue and i fight it til you lick me where i like it got a nigga all excited, it dont matter just dont bite it"

  • Anonymous

    Undisputed is shaping up to be a major disappointment.

    • ETK

      ^thank you, cause nothings fuckin dropped yet. how can an opinion be valid if we ain't heard shit about the album's direction yet? probably one leaked track, tops. and this. yet it's gonna be a MAJOR disappointment. is it DMX's clothes or somethin, lmao

    • Anonymous

      that ain't an opinion

    • Anonymous

      ^ Damn nigga he hurt your feelings? all he said was its shaping out to be. stop being such a hating ass nigga and learn to tolerate other people's opinions

    • ETK

      if you wanna be disappointed over an album that ain't even fuckin dropped yet, go ahead and be a narrowminded sucka, I'll stay here and be hype for the album

  • So Icy Boi!

    MGK & Mac Millers da best white rappas alive. MGK betta den DMX & Eminem combined. he a real MC. swag

  • Anonymous

    I have lost ALL remaining respect for DMX... so fucken sad.. this dude should be on JAYZ level and hes rapping with MGK... I wonder how much Diddy paid him to do that...... so wack...!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      GOD dang.. how uneducated are people... SELLING ONES SOUL is a real transaction.. just cuz u dnt know how its done dont mean it doesnt exist... do u know how to explain gravity??? Does it exist... stupid people man...

    • Special Ed

      You'll be surprised my friend...

    • Anonymous

      ^ so i guess every musician that used the popular line "sold their soul" literally sold it huh? pac said it multiple times. exactly how does one go about selling their soul to the devil anyway? does he have a private cell you can reach? do you know how much of a sheep you sound like when you say this stupid shit. selling ones soul is not a literal transaction. its a poular metaphor use in all types of literature for losing your integrity... not actually going to the church of satan you idiot. and last time i checked, jay is very happy with the way he turned out both morally and musically... so perhaps you need to get off the internet.

    • Anonymous

      Difference between JAYZ and DMX.... JAYZ sold his soul to devil, and became a free mason, demonic, Warlock. DMX sold his soul to the devil, and wanted it back! "sold my soul to the devil, cus its twice as cheap, yo its cold on this level, cus it's twice as deep" REAL SHIT!

    • ETK

      Jay-Z level? are you high? look at the way he's fuckin dressed I love DMX don't get me wrong, but he'll never get to those heights in this day and age... Jay at least managed to stay relevant with the culture around him, DMX is keepin it hood which is great but it'll never get him anywhere to that level

  • Diggy Doc Yall

    Its kinda sad to watch DMX now. When Pac died, it was like when superman died. A buncha cats came out to replace him (Superboy, Man of steel.) Pacs replacements took the form of Jay-Z, DMX, Nasty Nas, and a few other cats. DMX represented the crazy unpredicatable yet soundmind that pac had Watching DMX hyped up on drugs barely understandable in language its rough man. Not to mention making subpar music. sidenote: MGK is a joke

  • Anonymous

    didnt see that collab coming dammm

    • ItsTheTruth

      Before MGK even met X, he was saying that the only rappers he fucked with is Eminem and DMX. X dropped his debut when MGK was 8, and here they are together and MGK is going to be on X's album. Who would've known.

    • DickDastardly

      I remember MGK giving DMX mad props when he was on 106 and Park a while back. Thats cool that they were able to work together.

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