Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa's "Young, Wild & Free" Certified Platinum

The Bruno Mars-assisted track has earned platinum ceritification.

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa have earned platinum certification for their song “Young, Wild & Free,” the Bruno Mars-assisted single off their Mac and Devin Go to High School soundtrack.

According to a press release, the Smeezingtons-produced track has moved more than a million units. Both Snoop Dogg and Rostrum Records celebrated the certification on Twitter.

The soundtrack for Mac and Devin Go to High School was released on December 13th. The collaborative album bowed at No. 29 on the Billboard 200 with 38,000 copies sold in its first week.

shoutout 2 all tha fans!! #youngwildandfree is platinum jaccccccc!!! #macanddevin
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  • wow

    Wow,This song sucks.It's for like all pothead 15 year olds.

  • Anonymous

    For all the haters hating on a soundtrack thats for a stoner comedy film.... Yes there is drug reference, hence the stoner comedy. If you can't grasp that go listen to Hannah Montana. If I want to hear how a girl brakes a heart I'll listen to Drake. If I want to listen how to pimp a ho, then I stick with Snoop. Wiz didn't steal shit from Drake for the dumbass's out there. Wiz came out in '06.... Drake followed in '09. Do your reasearch

  • King

    I'm a YMCMB hater...but i prefer Drake n Wayne more than Snoop n Wiz Khalifag


    so we dont hear shit about it being GOLD...and all of a sudden its PLAT? are we that stupid?????

  • haterssuckme

    platinum bitches. that's ALL that matters. results > everything

  • Anonymous

    im ashamed to say this song gets plays in my car.. but only coz the hook is so fucking catchy.. its lame as hell but still.. dont get me started on the verses.. wiz and snoop talking about weed, HOW ORIGINAL

    • Anonymous

      If you think your going to listen to a snoop and wiz track and there isn't going to be ganja references then your just a fucking moron. Thats like listening to T-Pain track and expecting not to hear Auto-tune

    • hellyes

      i agree completely... theres just something so catchy about that hook and the beat... i usually hate mainstream rap but when this comes on i really find myself enjoying it

  • dentaldamboy

    All of you YMCMB haters claim that Wayne and Drake make music for kids, and that thier strategy is bad for hip hop. But what about people like Snoop and Wiz who only make music for drug users. Is that okay with all of you? Stop being such hypocrites and get on that big YMCMB bandwaggon. They are the future of hip hop. And desides, how can anyone be a fan of Wiz and not like Drake? Wiz got his whole style from Drake.

    • Anonymous

      2006 - Wiz Debut Album 2007 - Wiz signs with Universal 2008 - "Say Yeah" single by Wiz hits "Top 40" 2009 - Wiz releases 2nd Album 2009 - Drake Debut Album 2010 - Wiz Drops "Kush & Orange Juice" on 4/20/2010 2011 - Wiz Deput Album With Atlantic

    • Anonymous

      Wiz was out B4 Drake you moron

    • Fuck U dentaldamboy/YESSIR/YADIG

      Stop dickriding YMCMB,you are fuckin pathetic. Wiz is no where close to sounding like drake. If you liten to Drake,Weezy,and Big Sean stand around and circle jerk each others music. There is no originality in those clowns.

  • Anonymous

    the album wasnt much of flop even though it sold 100k coz the single saved it.

  • hellyes

    i usually hate these artists and most rap played on the radio, but i must say i actually enjoyed this song a lot

  • Anonymous

    that song is ass, pre school rhymes

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