Fashawn Speaks On "Champagne And Styrofoam Cups," Being Inspired By Slick Rick

Fashawn says Slick Rick was "the epitome of flavor," explains how Slick Rick inspired "Champagne And Styrofoam Cups."

With the release of his upcoming mixtape Champagne And Styrofoam Cups edging closer, California rapper Fashawn recently spoke with Miss Special about the project and how it resembles an album more than that of a mixtape.

“I would say Champagne And Styrofoam Cups has the same energy as the mixtapes,” Fashawn explained. “Like I approached it just like I would approach a mixtape. Just having fun and just experimenting with different sounds and stuff like that. That’s exactly what Champagne And Styrofoam Cups is. It feels like a mixtape but it’s all original music and it’s something special to me. It’s an album but it’s more like the soundtrack to these visuals that I saw in my head that I wanted to portray.”

Fashawn also spoke on being inspired by Slick Rick who he says was the inspiration behind the visuals and photography featured on Champagne And Styrofoam Cups.

“He’s just the epitome of flavor, the epitome of style, and the epitome of what an icon is to me. And the stories that he’s told. And I feel like myself what I represent and what I mean to today’s generation is I’m one of the last standing storytelling emcees,” said Fashawn. “I’m one of those kind of emcees who doesn’t just have to get on a song and rhyme about miscellaneous shit. Slick Rick was that guy and he could be fly at the same time. Being intelligent, being confident, carrying himself like a king. That what’s I got from Slick Rick and that’s how he inspired Champagne And Styrofoam Cups. Well the visuals and the photography for Champagne And Styrofoam Cups.”

The rapper got a little more personal in the interview and briefly spoke about his family when asked what his biggest accomplishment has been thus far.

“Being able to take care of my family off of doing what I love. That’s the biggest accomplishment period. I’ve done a lot of things. I have a lot of accolades for stuff but that’s the biggest thing to me. Being able to provide for my loved ones,” said the rapper.

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  • GuillermoTCP

    DentalDamBoy, look at your discography. Look at Fashawn's. Look back at yours. Point proven. Get away from the keyboard and be somebody. Regarding the Fash post, I'm hella excited for this piece of work. Fashawn is the dude. A highly respectable MC and entrepreneur.

  • dentaldamboy

    Wow, look at all of these posts below me. I can't believe this fag Fashawn goes on to the rap blogs and praises himself under random names. He must be really desperate to establish the type of buzz that all of the artists on the YMCMB roster have.

  • jg

    no lie Fashawn is the Gawd MC of this generation and the hottest spitter in rap right now. BMW is the great rap album of the decade, and this tape will hold me over but im waiting on that Ecology

  • Anonymous

    An absolute star... More need to listen to his raps, understand his meanings and messages. Great rapper from central CA!!

  • Miss Special

    Thanks so much for this post! It's great and I really appreciate it!

  • kayaman

    CA!!!!!!! ALL DAAAY!!!!!

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