Bangladesh Says Lil Wayne's "A Milli" Changed The Sound Of Music, Explains Beat-Making Process

The producer also speaks on his biggest influences.

Producer Bangladesh scored one of the biggest hits of his career with Lil Wayne’s “A Milli,” released in 2008, and claims that it had a rippling effect on the future sound of Hip Hop. During an interview with The FADER, the Atlanta, Georgia-based musician said that the song had a profound impact on mainstream music.

“‘A Milli’ changed the sound of music. After that, every beat on the radio was like ‘A Milli’ snares. You hear that all day long. You still hear it, four years later,” he said.

He also discussed his beat-making process and how he culls sounds from odd places, such as his daughter’s toys or even her voice.

“As far as what was from the last beat, I’m onto new sounds. I get rid of those, I put new sounds in. I just get them from anywhere, really. Whenever I hear it. It could be my kid’s toys. It could be anything. It could be a voice. Like I want to sample my daughter, she be making that sound. It’s something she be doing, I hear a beat. I chop it, and make a beat. I get tired of it once I leave it. I don’t want to hear music. I don’t put CDs in or nothing like that.”

Bangladesh also touched on his influencers, naming Organized Noize and Timbaland as some of his favorite producers from back in the day. “I was influenced by great producers that rubbed off on me. It’s like Kobe watching Jordan. You’re going to be good if you’re inspired to play basketball and you’re watching Jordan, he’s going to inspire you to be better than what you would have been if you’ve never seen him. I think Organized Noize and Timbaland at the time, they were like that to me. I was like a Timbaland head, an Organized fanatic. I love the sounds they used. They changed the game at the time, and that influenced me to be a game-changer and producer.”

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  • Anonymous

    how the fuck is this fagot ass clown???

  • HipHop Guru

    "Drop it like its hot" by Pharrell did in fact predate bangladesh's snare tap also Lex Luger is youthful and innovated the mainstream game with his speedy hi hat/tempo sound rappers are making CAREERS of that sound which is more recent actually bangladesh should watch who he calls irrelevant ppl actually know Swizz Beatz at least he was making beats with the likes of Jay Z b4 Alicia Keys even blew

  • >_

    wow.. .so to make a good beat... (never thought this beat was good at all) you have to loop a fucking retard saying "A MILLIE A MILLIE A MILLIE" over and over. this niggas retarded.

  • bigfoot89

    Changed the sound of music to reflect how wack hip hop can potentially be, he just made it ok for producers to make wack beats that can sell...

  • OC

    This guy has talent as a producer, but what a stupid asshole

  • Anonymous

    hahaha. wayne is from new orleans. go check out a mannie fresh or KLC beat from the 90's and tell me how original you think your snares are.

  • 7Cities

    * first and foremost, Bangladesh (Shondrae) is a talented producer...BUT, (my non-professional opinion) "A Milli" was far from his best work... * Timbo is among the greatest non-classical producers of our time, and Organized Noize is the MOST SLEPT ON production unit in Hip-Hop history! * didn't Bangladesh have a fallout with ymcmb about not getting paid properly for A Milli? * originally, the beat was for Busta and he passed...Busta did take the beat for his unreleased track "Bass" which is WAY better than A Milli

  • Ian

    Nah lil gayne aint no1 eida is this dude they dont make real sh*t no more they shud be irrelevant by now

  • K1N

    Think Lex Luger innovated rap last year.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Bangladesh= Dopest producer

  • Anonymous

    you might not agree w/ him but you cant see he aint right, A Milli changed everything

  • Nate

    Bangladesh knows he's a person, right? Why is he acting like a piece of shit?

  • Anonymous

    fuck off....both of them bitch niggas

  • LyinBangladesh

    Bangladesh is lying, I looked up that guy Cha Lo and Bangladesh seemed to gave gotten the drum pattern from Cha Lo in 2006, even though its been around before both of them since its so simple.

  • texas

    He's Talking about the snare Pattern which hes right i noticed that a long time ago and i hate it

    • Anonymous

      u don't even believe that urself. he trying to equate some n!ggas biting his snare as being a pioneer. all he had was a hot beat that n!ggas duplicated it they hardest for a quick buck. that ain't laying no foundation.

    • Anonymous

      He's not saying he's the very first to use it,,hating dickhead,, and you know this.. He's saying that utilizing it in the a milli beat laid a foundation for a lot of music production afterwards.

    • Anonymous

      you think he was the 1st eva to use that snare?

  • Anonymous

    This dude said he changed the game over a snare. LOL

  • Kay Kay

    I think he's referring to using the snare in place of the kick drum luke you hear in niggaz in paris or big sean's I do it, he is referring to the drum pattern the sample wasn't irrelevant the bass drum and snare made the song, so I don't know why y'all even mentioning that other dude, y'all acting like it was a kanye through the wire sample, it was like a 5 secnd loop a baby could do that

  • Yup

    A Milli was co-produced by "Cha Lo."

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Some producers and artists these days have their heads up their own asses, thinking they are God's gift to music and shit. The beats I hear are simple and mostly sound the same, and the lyrics a lot of rappers write are straight garbage or make no sense half the time. Fuck the a milli beat and this wack muthafucka.

    • sid

      lol i also agree. I know don't know a whole lot about Bangladesh, but producers in general need to stop thinking their gods gift. A lot of producers these days have no formal training and recycle old shit thinking they started it. Why do you think Dr.Dre trained in classical music AFTER he made The Chronic and got famous, because he knew in reality that he wasn't shit when it came to real musical knowledge, and within the entire world of producers he wasn't given much respect He wanted to grow as an actual artists. Producers need to get of their high horse, technology and over saturation makes what these guys do half as hard as what it used to be. Also, don't get me started on DJs. Why are some of these guys getting so popular? I'm not saying it doesn't take skill to be a DJ, but its so easy to be one and sound somewhat decent because of the technology we have. My little 13 yro cousin makes good mixes, on his macbook.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. They make the most ridiculous claims about how they changed shit or started new trends, ones that have been around for ages.

  • Anonymous


  • Fact

    A Milli has a co-producer named "Cha Lo." He was the one who constructed the Phife Dog AMilli vocal sample, not Bangladesh. Look him up on on YouTube along with the original version. Bangladesh created the drums and likely sampled the intro.

  • Anonymous

    he's right when a milli dropped i thought it was the worst track on c3. 4 years later its the last wayne song im still bumping. a milli = classic.

  • Stan

    WTF??? really..are you F$%#in kidding me...yeah he changed beat making..the whole song was a bass and a snare and a repeated sample of "a milli a milli" I mean shit he gotta be mozart or something..get the fuck outa here with that

    • Anonymous

      but he be hearing his daughter make sounds tho. he be wanting to sample his daughter. he dont wanna hear music. it's obvious by the lack of melody and feeling in his "beats". its hilarious not one person i know ever said "whats bangaldesh up to" and he changed the sound of music. he be hearing his snare on the radio 4 years later. 4 years later radio still sucks. "you bit my wack ass snare, all good, we innovate"

  • Anonymous

    Please. The joint wasn't that revolutionary. Shit, producers have been doing tracks with loops like that since forever, RZA did it with Strokes of Death off supreme clientele. This dude needs to fall back with the ego

  • K.o.D

    Where's Yadig? yo son, a new dick to suck over here.

  • Trunkz

    I don't know much about beat making but the beat for "A Milli" sounded really simple to me. Da da da da *higher note* Da da da da *even higher note* da da da da daaaaaa And then repeat for the rest of the song. I mean come on that's about as complication as Hot Cross Buns. Ya know the 1st song you learn to play on your recorder in Elementary school...

  • Anonymous

    Whoa Mr.Bangladesh, you a lil bit too swagged out..calm the FUCK down, go back to da lab and make another beat lol.

  • Anonymous

    Youtube Driicky Graham "Dial Tone" same style as a mili and Dance, but just like the concensus says, "Drop it like it's hot" was before a mili Bangladesh so don't be putting yourself on a pedestal but I will admit the trend started getting heavy on that when he started.

  • Anonymous

    The people have spoken (or texted) Lame-ladesh. Get off your sizzerup and stfu. You ain't God's gift to music. That "A Milli" only good for subs in the car to floss on others bumping their stock systems. Wow big deal. Go cry to lil wayne.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    ...and if Bangladesh changed the sound of music, then Lex Luger innovated. / HAHA

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Bangladesh = Big Sean, the creators / HAHA

  • Anom

    Bangladesh has been around since 2000 when he produced on Ludacris' "Back for the First Time", including "What's Your Fantasy", so he has been around for a while. But that doesn't give him the right to say that simple ass beat was all his swagger, when it wasn't. Anyone can make that shit.

  • Willie (u know the rest)!

    Don't sleep on Bangladesh's creativity. Dude is a little gassed off himself but think about the song. Which one of yah'll producers would have sampled an old Tribe track with Phife doing his Mutty Ranks patios and add 808s for a beat. It takes some balls 2 submit that as a track and even more 2 risk flowing over it. It reminds me of the Benjamin beat by DDot for Biggie and Junior Mafia. Simple as shit but highly addictive!

    • Fact

      Bandgladesh did not sample the "A Milli," it was by a producer named "Cha Lo." People seem to forget that A Milli has a co-producer. Look him up, he produced Rich Boy's "Drop"

  • jason

    hell d4L used a casio keyboard riff, beatnuts sampled Sega video games, and Dre used Halloween vinyls. lol

  • Anonymous

    this nigga think he invented snare drums!!!

  • Mylie

    jesus christ is this amatuar producer serious? NOTHING changed after you produced that wackass song you fukkin idiot. that style was used in 2004 and that was heavily hated on because it makes peoples ears bleed. REAL producers would laugh at your face for this beat. dude got a face i would love to punch. sit down fool.

  • dafoxzdon

    BULLSHIT! A MILLI dun change NUTTIN'!!

  • Swordz

    Bangladesh says "insert some delusional bullshit".... who cares? Dis crazy ass nigga.

  • Mu

    While I agree with some of you who've implied that Bangladesh is overrated and not that great of a producer, the guy ain't lying when he said the sound of hip-hop (radio hip-hop anyway) changed after "A Milli" came out. The actual snare sound wasn't new, but that breakdown pattern of the snare has been used EXTENSIVELY since then (see producers like Jahlil Beats who use it in almost every track)... I'm not saying that's a good thing either.

    • Anonymous

      right. if anything he changed the sound of music for the worse. guy fucking stinks hope he gets sued for his back catalog and has to live out of his car.

  • murdock

    wow!!just wow!!where do I it was wack as fuck and to think it changed the sound of music is a fucking joke!shut your dumbass up that beat was nothing special you weirdo!

  • Anonymous

    LOL wack producer with a HUGE ego 5 years from now nobody will be asking for a "bangladesh" banger eminem busta rhymes lil wayne notice a trend? washed up gay rappers rock his beats. and then they don't pay him. then bangladesh cries on webcam, like a bitch. just about every new rap artist that comes out now completly sucks and has an enflated ego. jim jonsin is another queer producer who thinks he's dope. all these guys suck. sweet beat on the eminem and royce project. NOT. eminem has the worst ear for beats of all time, and he's a stroke faced faggot. bangladesh. nice name. his beats have no melody, no originality, and only crack babies think he's dope. stevie wonder changed music. james brown changed music. rakim changed music. bangladesh dropped turd beats in the shittiest era of music ever. game changers!

  • thought dog

    A milli other people have used that snare before him.

  • talktalkreal

    Oh god A Milli is just, Snoop's Drop it Like it Hard. Geez! "Hey look the emporer wearing no clothes!"

  • Fo'Real

    You gotta drink your on kool-aide before you can make other. However Bangladesh; drop it like it's hot when you think you invented a sound drop it like it's hot..drop it like it's hot.



  • DMV Dave

    WOW!!! A vocal sample and an 808 sub... NOBODY'S DONE THAT SHIT BEFORE!!!!!!! ....LAME

  • hellrazor

    he's right about that, it did change the sound of music...for the worse. he could say it sounds better than beethoven's 9th symphony and still has to sue for royalties. SMH.

  • PrickJames

    Really... I'm sure this nigga never heard of a song by the Neptunes called "Drop It Like It's Hot". Wasn't "influenced" by that shit at all...

  • dsfjsdlkjf

    this guy never made a classic record, his music is forgotten after about a year lol

  • K-Dot

    Changed the game.....yet he's suing for unpaid royalties on that record. YEEAAAAAA.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao changed music nigga please. That beat was garbage

  • newschool

    oh no it's not old school beats? how will we ever survive? .........fuck this site

  • Anonymous

    it sure did for the worse

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