Black Scale To Release Hoodies Inspired By Statik Selektah, DJ Drama

Statik, Drama, Mick Boogie and Green Lantern get the custom hoodie treatment courtesy of Black Scale and the HTC ReZound.

Machine Gun Kelly has already lent his tunes to promote HTC's latest Beats By Dre-supported smart phone the ReZound. Now, the company is bringing out one popular street wear brand and four of today's biggest DJs for additional support.

The phone manufacturer has enlisted clothing company Black Scale to release a series of four limited edition hoodies inspired by the phone and renowned DJs Mick Boogie, Statik Selektah, Green Lantern and DJ Drama. Black Scale's owners Mega Yabut and Alfred De Tagle caught up with Complex talk about the inspiration behind their collaboration with HTC.

"I got an email from Mega about this project with HTC ReZound Beats By Dre and these four DJs, and I just got really excited," explained De Tagle. "I have a strong music background, I've been a DJ since 1989, I'm a fan of all four DJs, and music is always a big part of Black Scale's aesthetic. We wanted to give [the hoodies] an iconic Black Scale design [and] we tried to do things [with each hoodie] that meshed [with] the theme of that DJ."

Check out the four hoodies in the full video below.

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  • hightower

    A Statik Selektah inspired hoodie? Really? Why? There are more deserving DJs out there than him. Dumbest shit i've read today.

  • Anonymous

    statik selektah is a fucking bum ass hack. "look like statik selektah" neck rolls, mouth breathing, balding, pale pussy look is not popping now or ever... funny how statik thinks hes some kind of voice of real hip hop just cuz hes boys with a bunch of rappers that kiss his ass to get on the radio. guy sucks every album he dropped has 2 good beats and 10=15 stinkers and now he wants you to dress like him.

  • dentaldamboy

    We need some real hip hop police. Some entity that will act as a final arbiter about things that impact the culture. Seriously, who the fuck let Bill O'Reilly's son into the game and allowed him to call himself "black scale". This is the whitest dude I've ever seen in my life. Did he get lost on the way to the KKK parade and showed up at some rap studio by accident? YMCMB is here to reclaim hiphop for the urban youth.

    • !!!

      Aside from that being a hypocritical, racist tirade, you've gone and put your full ignorance on display. The only thing Hip Hop police is needed for is to keep dickheads like you from being able to express yourself publicly. And the only thing YMCMB is reclaiming is the anal virginity of faggots like yourself. Next time, your father should bag his offspring in the reservoir tip and flush it down the toilet.

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