Wiz Khalifa Denies Stealing "Black And Yellow" Concept

UPDATE: Wiz Khalifa was hit with a lawsuit claiming that he stole his multiplatinum single from another Pennsylvania artist.

Wiz Khalifa's still riding off the high of his smash single "Black and Yellow" reaching triple platinum status, but that high may soon come crashing down. News broke today that Wiz has been served with a lawsuit claiming that he stole the concept behind his hit single from another Pennsylvania artist. 

According to AllHipHop, songwriter Max Gregory Warren of Sharon, PA filed a suit against the Pittsburgh rapper for allegedly stealing the concept for "Black and Yellow" from his copyrighted '07 track "Pink N Yellow." Warren contends that Khalifa and company “engaged in a scheme to defraud [the] plaintiff out of the fruits of his copyright of the Subject song.” 

The lawsuit also names "Black and Yellow" producers Stargate, Wiz's label Rostrum Records, Wiz’s publishing company PGH Sound, EMI Music Publishing, Warner Music Group and Atlantic Recording Corporation. The plaintiff is seeking $2,375,000 in damages for a litany of charges, including deceit, copyright infringement, civil conspiracy and unjust enrichment. 

A full copy of the lawsuit can be found over at AllHipHop. DX will keep you updated on the case as more information comes to light.

[January 4]

UPDATE: Sources close to Wiz Khalifa claim that he did not steal the concept for "Black and Yellow" from songwriter Max Gregory Warren. According to TMZ, a source said, "Wiz has never heard of this guy ... it's just a plot that happens all the the time to rappers to get money. This is just some no-name rapper who wants to get paid."

HipHopDX will keep you updated.

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  • Anon

    anyone that's played chrono trigger should know that he's a thief. never been, nuff said.

  • christian m

    taylor gang mutha fuckers

  • wiz khalifa

    man this shits some bs i didnt take that niggas song black and yellow is from tha mind niggas

  • PGH

    I mean, for what its worth I've heard him steal all kinds of bars from Pittsburgh artists before Black & Yellow came out, on a number of his mixtapes. So I wouldn't be surprised if he heard that song and jacked it. I mean it's not like he's some amazing lyricist & its asinine to think he'd jack someone. All he does is talk about "parties & weed". He's basic. Basic people steal from innovators.

  • Anonymous

    the guy dats suing has no talent and he's a dirty jew

  • Anonymous

    Dude its a concept not an actually ur lawsuit isnt concrete as it seems in court u would lose bad.

  • Anonymous

    This lawsuit is crazy dude just want money how u sue cause some1 stole a concept that mean all of these older artist would be on a sueing spree. CHECK OUT THE MUSIC http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success/

  • truth

    in reply to WIZ going triple platinum with this garbage. you're all fucking lemmings...keep filling the white man's pockets. white ceo's, white stockholders, white attorneys, white judges. oh and 1 black rapper who gets rich but will never know WEALTHY. The white man owns you fucking tools and you don't even realize it. hilarious. and you wonder why you can't get out of the ghetto. you're buying this shit.

  • Anonymous

    here today , gone tomorrow , like most these young artists,. Jay-z Kanye,. only true artists left for now. Cole jay-elec, maybe meek mill night have a shot , oh yeah Ross gopn be round for a minute too.

  • OC

    3x platinum? I hated that fucking song the first time I heard it

  • Anonymous

    Anything's possible, but I find the timing to be suspect. How long has the song been out? His claim might have carried more weight if he had done this right away, but these are tough times. People target anyone enjoying success.

  • Sanya


  • Anonymous

    everybody defends wiz.. imagine if this was article about jay z or kanye... everybody would be talking about STEALING and being fake hahhahaha and what a stupid headline, anybody thought wiz (or anyone with common sense) would admit it ?? btw why is this even mentioned, like somebody already said, stuff like this happens all the time

  • CB4 type cats

    I kno them dudes who are sueing Wiz... That dude is a decent dude, but def not hood... The fact is he is a rich cat who lives in the nicest neighborhood in Sharon.. Cat acts gangsta but never even seen the hood... Not hatin, just pointin out the facts... Dudes family literally are millionaires cuz they own the Quaker Steak and Lube restaraunts... The only hood cats who chilled with him, did so cuz the cat had money... CB4 fo real

  • dupek

    Look at this from financial side. even if he lose this process he will have to pay only process costs but he will get some buzz.

  • joem

    What did Wiz steal from this sorry shit? I think it's fucking hilarious how the beat to this song sounds like a completely fucked up rip from Eazy E's Boyz N The Hood.. Way to ruin one of the greatest songs ever by one of the dopest "gangster rapper" in the history of hip hop. I hope Wiz counter sues this pussy for libel/defamation, fraud and takes EVERYTHING he has.. I also hope the court finds this law suit frivolous and holds this faggot and his attorney in contempt. p.s. I dont like wiz.

  • Anonymous

    if that wack nigga maximillion wins this shit, then it's fucked up. then Wu-Tang should sue his ass for using the same name as GZA did on the Cuban Linx album

  • here

    Here is the song... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqgP0dlzzk8 I mean..he definitely ripped it off, there are some obvious similarities. Now, as much $ that he owes this guy...i dont know. Wiz should definitely should pay respect to him at the very least. The fact that the song did so well does not bode with for young kahlifa if shit gets serious

  • jnr

    So, after he gets sued and the money dries up, which next rapper's dick will Amber Rose be sucking on? I predict Drake or go back to Kanye because he is a sucka

  • Anonymous

    For all those buffoons stereotyping on about the original artist's 'paper game' and him for some bizarre reason having no right to bring this up, his paper game'll be through the roof once he's sued Wiz Khalifa! The song itself is about as good as the Wiz Khalifa, with a slightly better hook and no buffoonish opportunistic remix with T-Pain wailing his head off.

    • R.Pgh

      I wouldn't say it's anywhere near as good as Wiz's. The Pink and Yellow song has a shitty beat, the lyrics barely flow together, and the hook is shitty. The only thing that resembles Wiz's song is "and Yellow".

  • Anonymous

    Half of that was a reminder of how many people bought it. Just because there are huge numbers of ignorant people whose music tastes aren't up to par, doesn't make a song good. It makes money for white people. Get it yet?

  • lol no

    lol no Wiz Khalifa's only fans are potheads who sit in there moms basement getting high everyday. #sadbuttrue

  • Wow


  • X Mile

    i heard that track that he "Allegedly" stole from. that pink n yellow was WACK. if i could talk to the artist of pink n yellow, i wud tell him to 1) Drop the suit cause he aint gettin nuthin he just lookin to get rich off a song that was waaay harder than his, and 2) Quit rappin COMPLETELY and get back to wrappin tacos at tacobell. u aint gettin SHIT boyyeee

  • Anonymous

    does wiz khalifia even still have fans? hilarious who gets hot these days. mac miller took the boys spot. wiz would get knocked out by any female rapper out and he's a gay rapper that only corny white boys with no rap knowledge bump.

  • darlin

    for u dumb niggas that cant find the song pink n yellow here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqgP0dlzzk8

  • Anonymous

    kendrick lamar nuff said

  • Amber Rose

    i'm out if this nigga ain't got cash

  • Anonymous

    Wiz Khalifa is the man. keep chirping, ur all jealous he hit triple platinum, fuck off u pink and yellow poser

  • dentaldamboy

    I know for a fact that this is true. Black and Yellow was wayyyyy too good to be a Wiz Khalifa song. This dude totally fucking sucks. Real fag in the rap game. Guess his 15 seconds are up. YMCMB is still the future of hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      get a job a life a house and a wife.

    • Shame

      @ Aninymous He's completely right, ever one responds to YADIG and other trolls like this, thats exactly what they want smh

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      ...I hope your kidding. I do agree that Wiz is not a very talented artist, but the fact that your saying young money is the future of hip hop is just a joke. they are probably less talented than Wiz, in fact. Take this advice, never say shit about another artist and back it up saying that YMCMB is the future of hip hop.

    • ETK

      it's bad enough you lack enough of a life to proclaim your gay love for YMCMB everywhere, but to go on every rapper's articles to diss them as well.. wow. seriously, just buy lil wayne's entire discography, smoke a huge fat joint and enjoy it. and spend your time doin other shit man.. it's sad

    • GunitInTheHouse

      Hey, Young Hunnie! My general will slap the earth wind and fire out your rasta imposter general. G Unit fanbase >>>>>>>> Young Hunnies fan base. It's the unit bitch!

  • Anonymous

    Black and yellow is so simple and stupid that claiming someone stole it from you makes you look like an ass. And I dont hate Wiz.

  • jae 1

    i dont think anyone heard of pink and yellow and i think that dude waited for wiz to make 2 mill off wiz song to try to get his money.the fuc is a pink and yellow lol how come he comes out now and not a year inhalf ago?? lol pink and yellow dont even match lol

  • Anonymous

    hes just doin this so people will hear about his song lol

  • K1N

    I researched this song and no similarity.

  • Anonymous

    haha the nigga goes triple plat and now niggas wanna hate? hahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    pink and yellow??? LMAO! what the hell was this so called original about? "Stealing the concept?" People need to step their paper game up and leave the artists alone.

  • Anonymous

    wiz fans of last year all of a sudden will jump on him hating bc they turned into mac miller fans haha. i hate both of them but still this is funny

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