Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 1/1/2012

Drake's "Take Care" nearly returns to the top of the charts, while huge position gains happened for Yelawolf, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z & Kanye West.

With no Rap/Hip Hop releases added to the charts this past holiday week, it was seven days for the movers and shakers of 2011 (and some from 2010) to gain rank. Game's R.E.D. album, Tyler, the Creator's Goblin and Tech N9ne's  All 6's & 7's both returned to the Top 200 after hiatuses, as significant chart gains were seen by Drake, Yelawolf, and especially Jay-Z & Kanye West, who gained 26 spots with Watch The Throne.

Drake's Take Care Nearly Gets An Encore #1

Topped only by Adele's 21, Drake nearly reclaimed the top spot on the charts. The Toronto emcee's studio sophomore effort was just over 70,000 units behind the prodigous singer. Drizzy's fourth overall commercial release (including the Young Money album) features Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar and Nicki Minaj. The work is sitting at just under 1.25 million copies sold for the Cash Money/Young Money family.

Rihanna and LMFAO Score Gold Albums

Two albums close to the Rap genre hit gold-status milestones this week. California duo LMFAO's Interscope album, Sorry For Party Rocking crossed the 500,000 mark, as did Rihanna's latest Def Jam release, Talk That Talk. RiRi's album features Jay-Z, along with production from Hit-Boy, No I.D. and DXnext alum Alex da Kid. Busta Rhymes is featured on LMFAO's sophomore album, along with producer GoonRock, who has also worked with veteran Los Angeles emcee Ahmad.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 1/1/2012

#2. Drake - Take Care - 72,000 (1,247,000)

#3. Young Jeezy - TM 103: Hustler's Ambition - 67,000 (301,000)

#5. LMFAO - Sorry For Party Rocking - 49,000 (524,000)

#9. Rihanna - Talk That Talk - 42,000 (514,000)

#12. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV - 35,000 (1,917,000)

#14. Jay-Z & Kanye West - Watch The Throne - 27,000 (1,232,000)

#25. Common - The Dreamer / The Believer - 19,000 (88,000)

#49. J. Cole - Cole World: The Sideline Story - 13,000 (498,000)

#68. The Roots - undun - 10,000 (95,000)

#88. Yelawolf - Radioactive - 7,500 (86,000)

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousandth for units above 10,000, nearest hundredth for units below 10,000. Each week, HipHopDX presents top albums in Hip Hop/related, and five notables.

Can Drake get another #1 later this month out of Take Care? What underground releases get a chance to shine on the charts in slower times?

Last Week's Charts.


  • hov

    this Ye vs. Wiz video is madd funny http://youtu.be/n1SC-aAtpk4

  • Lisa

    Damn, Watch the throne still in the top 20 huh?? Good for Them, not my favorite by them by any means but it still had its moments

  • truth

    what i wanna know is how he go from 220k all the way down to 67k???? i know jeezy n def jam bought like 100k copies alone

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      If that true then Def Jam must by ALL rick ross albums, every concert I seen the nigga in he gets zero respect, smh

  • Anonymous

    Wayne triple plat now

  • Anonymous

    Umm Jeezy never flopped he's still on the same position he was last week and I Do charted on the Hot 100 talk about luck. Also I hope Roots, Yela and Common sell over 100k.

  • ETK

    I have a confession to make I bought Take Care and Tha Carter IV for my little sister as her Christmas gift. they were on sale at some store and judging by her reaction I'm glad I didn't pass it up so I guess I'm part of the problem. my bad y'all

  • Anonymous

    anybody claiming jeezy flopped is clearly just trolling. there is literally zero logic there

  • The_Watcher

    I find it humorous how Common and Roots, who have the best albums on that list by far, have sold some of the lowest numbers. Yay for Idiocracy!

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  • bizzalls

    Young Jeezy did NOT flop with 220k first week and barely any promotion or real buzzin single. THat ain't a flop, man!

  • da1

    Tell me why that bitch rihanna can have 5 hits off one album and her next album has moderate first week sales. With all the hits she has ou ould thinkshe be selling like Adele, but this bitch barely goes platinum.

  • Anonymous

    its a wrap for rap

  • Anonymous

    wtf Yela was like 198 last week.

  • Rain

    Leaving Wale off the list. He sold over 12K last week

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck is still buyin or listening to Carter 4. Is Cash Money still buying these albums thats the only explanation. I guess ppl forgot that T-Pain album dropped............. CHECK OUT THE MUSIC http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success/

  • IAmControverse

    Well, you heard it here, folks. Young Jeezy, Common, etc. NOT EVEN GOLD YET. LMFAO went gold though. Weird name, seeing as this is no laughing matter. Let's all try to get some sleep tonight, shall we?

  • ro

    why this same nigga keep postin that same jeezy flopped comment smh... nigga must be on rick ross street team lol F.A.M.E fake ass muthafuckaz envy

  • Anonymous

    what happened to games fans? when it was time for the album they didnt show up



    • Rob

      Yeah, but i guess the kids like that gay-money shit.

    • Dumbfucks

      Why do you type ymcmb like ur part of it? those jerkoffs don't care about you. tell me this.. if baby been rich when he signed and adopted lil wayne at 14. that means lil wayne been rich since 14. so what stubble does that weird looking thing have to rap about? you all buy cds and make them money when the music sucks and they don't give back shit. and fyi i don't listen to anything out. wutang, bcc, onyx was real hiphop

    • Anonymous

      it's hard for any of the non-famous cats to flop because they don't release shit lol. nobody checkin for a jae millz release out this bitch - the nigga hasn't spit a dope verse since he was battling murda mook. ymcmb is three artists: weezy, drake & nicki minaj. busta will do alright but unless he has another "touch it" he's not gonna do anything interesting. tyga's supposed to be up next but nobody's gonna check for his shit. "rack city" might be a hot track but it's not the type of cut that translates into album sales/acclaim. his shit is gonna be sloppy and rushed. you're stanning for a clique that really ain't shit but a few divas and an army of weed-carriers.

  • Anonymous

    this is a waste of time record sales dont mean you can rap it just lets people know you are a popular artist you cant tell who flopped or not .you dont know how big the budget was to start with.

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy flopped!!!! It wasn't 50 Cent B.I.S.D 110k first week sales flopped or Rozay 170k first week sales flop but just like 50's "3 years of waiting" and release this nigga just F-L-O-P-P-E-D!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      yeah this ain't no flop. especially when you consider how little radio-play he's getting (there aren't really radio cuts on the LP; shit is pretty gully to be honest), the fact that he's put up these kinda numbers is nothing to frown at

    • ro

      how jeezy flop with 300 thousand album sale from to dec 20th till the jan 1st. stop hatin..smh nigga rootin for niggaz to flop shit sad.

  • Anonymous


    • Brandon

      Just because Ross only going gold on albums, doesn't mean his singles not going platinum. Success is success regardless. Jeezy was going platinum and that's good, but that doesn't take away from the success that Ross has had or is having.

    • slapyobitchass

      These niggas talking shit about the Ross dickriders and then mention Ross in an article that has NOTHING to do with him. You niggas are lame as fuck. Get off of Ross dickriders. Too many fucking stans on this site. 50 stans, Ross stans, Jeezy stans fuck, who cares enjoy the music.

    • Anonymous

      nah its more like fat


      its a select few who go plat these days dude never did those numbers so why would he now

    • Anonymous

      Niggas got Rozay's dick in their mouth and he aint even mentioned on the post???? HAHAHAHA

    • loco

      nah he hit his peak alongtime ago triple c 12k mmg vol 1 58k the group shit dont work for him

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy flopped!!!! It wasn't 50 Cent B.I.S.D 110k first week sales flopped or Rozay 170k first week sales flop but just like 50's "3 years of waiting" and release this nigga just F-L-O-P-P-E-D!!!!

  • Anonymous

    gold is a flop? but rick ross moves units? hahah make up your mind.

    • ro

      right, that nigga a hater, rick ross aint went platinum yet, smh and this nigga just move a lil over 300 thousand in little over a week, so how is that a flop. nigga rick ross two singles flopped the one wit nicki and dat otha one dat dropped same day, that why he did that fake as seisure shit, and push that album back like he said he wasnt. but i guess like jizzle say fake ass muthafuckaz envy f.a.m.e...

  • Anonymous

    hiphop is not as strong as it use to be techno is back

  • 1986

    Damnnnnn...I haven't used the word herb in years....I'm def bringing that back into my vocab...hahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • Anonymous

    lol at all the idiots who think that music was real in 93 or 94... u still had mc hammer, craig mack, kriss kross and other pop stuff on top of the charts, the only difference is that stuff like 36 chambers sold more than roots today is bc u couldnt download the music... what i want to point out is that POP STUFF will always rule the charts, so be grateful for this days because u can get any music u want... it took 7 years for illmatic to get platinum, if u lived in 94, u probably wouldnt even hear the record if u werent from ny so please SHUT THE FUCK UP... theres a record from 1987 where guy says he misses the old school hiphop, that the game changed, so there will always be those haters who strive for past... if this was 93 u would hate on snoop bc he sells millions and teenage kids love him, if this was 83, u would hate run dmc bc they sold out... u would always hate... just listen to music idiots

    • Chitown

      @the second Anon- Who said anything about real hip hop? All hip hop is real to me, whether I like it or not. @Chucky D- You completely misunderstand what I said. Your lists include some completely terrible and/or washed up mc's. Are you telling me Yellawolf, Waka Flaka, Mac Miller and quite a few others in you list are providing variety? More then half of your list is doing the exact same type of party rap. You actually prove my point with that list. Especially when it's compared to the list of MC's who released albums in 93. The problem is that the standard is so low now that even mediocre rappers are being called great. I love hip hop and have heard almost every rapper you mention. Most of that list would have been considered mediocre if there was some actually variety in rap.

    • yo

      chucky has his head on right, and actually did his research.

    • Raiden

      @chi town: I'm going to have to give you a huge co-sign for speaking against the inaccuracies of the first anons stupid statements. @first anon: Firstly who said ALL music from the 90's was real? Acts like MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice are no different to Wayne and Mac Miller except jeggings and snapbacks replaced extremely baggy parachute trousers and bad haircuts. The difference like chi town correctly said was diversity. Real hip hop in the 90's was not restricted to the underground, acts like EPMD, Wu Tang and ATCQ were charting and selling big. But if you didn't want to listen to them you had wider VARIETY! In 2011 it was as if every hip hop artists aim was to alienate fans. Yes albums like dreamer believer and undun are great for that year but to call them classics would be criminal when you look at works like resurrection. So then what is one left with? No choice! Someone like chi town isn't going to force himself to listen to Wale if he doesn't think his on the same level as e.g. Guru. That's why I say emphasis on having skills never changes, even if production styles do. In the 80's a lot of the dudes were complaining because guys like Rakim were coming out and raising the bar of lyrical skill while everyone was content with the basic party rhymes. Dudes like lil wayne are detrimental to hip hop because their shoving things back into the non lyrical 80's with shit beats and the labels aren't helping either. Hip hop needs more pharcydes and less white girl mobs.

    • ChuckyD

      Chitown you've done research on who released albums in 93 without looking at 2011. In 2011 all these artists dropped albums. Eminem/Royce, Jay-Z/Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Game, Young Jeezy, Tech N9ne x2, Talib Kweli, Saigon, Joell Ortiz, Lupe Fiasco, Raekwon, WC, Action Bronson, E-40, Mac Miller, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Atmosphere, Classified, Swollen Members, Blu, Tyler, Kool G Rap, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Big KRIT (2 street albums), Trae, Currensy, The Cool Kids, Gucci & Waka Flaka, Glasses Malone, Outlawz, Z-Ro, Phonte, J. Cole, Lowkey, Jedi Mind Tricks, Wale, Drake, Yelawolf, The Roots, Crooked I, and a lot more. There's tons of different rap out there. Game - Gucci - Lupe - Yelawolf - The Roots - Big KRIT - Tyler, the Creator - Saigon - Tech N9ne. These are all different styles of rap. Either you are only aware of what get's played on the radio, or you just knowingly lie about the state of hip-hop. There's plenty of good, different shit out there. And like the original post says, everyone, always, will say that everything used to be better.

    • Anonymous

      Chitown what is real hip hop? I think that is the question to begin with and I think you misunderstood the gentleman/lady above. In my opinion the music has changed dramatically, and of course has moved further into the commercial circles (not like it was not commercial before) remember this is a permenent job for the artist. We are talking about an industry that has evolved so quickly over the last decade, with the internet and all, the bar has been raise and the way music is distributed now is totally different. The genre has been embrace more and more by the suburban kids, it is just normal that the artist have to move along with that change. It is a simple choice, go for the commercial hip hop or underground. Just enjoy the music, after all after the record stops you have to go back to your daily grind.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Fuck outta here with that. If you want to find "real hip-hop (whatever that means to you)" all you have to do is look. The internet is a tool; you can find emcees who put out tracks downloaded by 200 people but are all flames. There's rappers everywhere, and you can always find something that matches your aesthetic tastes. You just gotta look. Anybody saying there's no good hip-hop today isn't looking for it.

    • Chitown

      Your right, no matter what there will always be haters. The difference now and 93 or 87 or even 83 was that there was variety. You had. In 93 alone, you had everything from gangster, backpack, party, and whatever else you could think of. These are some of the artists that released albums in 93: Wu-Tang Clan,A Tribe Called Quest, KRS-One, Snoop Dogg,Cypress Hill, Digable Planets, Tha Alkaholiks, Geto Boys, 2Pac, Spice 1, Onyx, Scarface, De La Soul, Ice Cube, The Coup, Poor Righteous Teachers. There's something in that list for everyone. The difference between then and now is mainly the variety of the releases. There are still some artists like Kendrick Lamarr trying to be different, but the truth is that there just is not as much good hip hop to choose from anymore. The balance has been tilted towards straight commercialism and nothing else.



    • Exactly

      I agree 100%. And ignore the little moron kid that replied above, he probably has a "2 penis.

    • NO

      You mad son?! ran out of tampons?

  • thought dog

    Drake captivates the gays and closet gays aka metrosexuals.

  • YMCMB the life

    As long as YMCMB is on the list im cool with it, they got the game on there knees! Peace

  • William

    i thought j.cole went gold weeks ago ?why he got 498000?

    • Orlando Gloom

      WTT Sold more than C4 worldwide. C4 was only sold in about 6 countries and WTT was sold in about 20 countries.

    • Anonymous 11

      He did go gold on December 2, 2011 he even had the letter riaa sent him stating his album was certified gold but the 500,000 was only for shipments not for copies sold just like lil wayne's carter 4 album was certified 2x platinum but it's at 1,917,000 copies he still needs about another week or two then he have sold 2,000,000 copies, anyway that's way j.cole's album is gold for shipments but don't be down next week the cole world album will cross that 500,000 mark in sales no question about that now so i'm happy he gets a plaque on the wall next all the other artists that went gold, platinum, diamond platinum etc. that's like the music hall of fame to me if u get an awarded plaque on the wall for how many albums u sold so congratations to j.cole his first album wasn't a flop afterall and i hope u take home the grammy award for best new artist next month keep up the good work man gold world

    • Anonymous

      He's Gold cause of units shipped in, not sold. The RIAA only gives plaques for units in America, not worldwide. So they shipped half a million copies, not necessarily sold that much.

    • Anonymous

      wtt also sold more than c4 worldwide, but wayne has bigger numbers in us

    • Anonymous

      i think this are just us numbers... i.e. beyonce went platinum almost half a year ago and according to hiphopdx she still didnt sell a mili... in other words, cole and beyonce went gold and plat worldwide...

  • room2roam

    LMAO @ y'all trying to find the reason why your favorite artists doesnt sell and the ones you hate do..here's the answer simpletons. your are ONE person with ONE opinion. just bc YOU dont like it does NOT mean others wont. stop being so emotional over music choices and tastes idiots. just support what you like

    • room2roam

      "The problem is some people's opinions are based off things that don't matter"?????? seriously? and who decides what matters? and why is it that what matters to you is what should matter to others. music is therapeutic for some, just entertainment for others. ppl listen to and gravitate towards different types of music for different reasons. to some ppl in this world music doesnt mean much of anything and when they listen its for entertainment purposes only while someone else may be going thru something in their life and they listen bc it hits close to home. the problem is ppl like you assuming that your opinion of what matters is right as opposed to exactly what it is - your opinion and then you get angry and try to shyt on others for not sharing your opinion.. shyt is childish to say the least. you may find others that agree with you but that by no means makes it "right". you've blurred the lines between your opinions and facts...

    • Anonymous

      did you even read what idom wrote? I will make it simple for you, what you just said is your opinion. That catchy chorus might just be what someone else likes, isn't he/she suppose to like what they like?

    • Anonymous

      ^^ if anyone can do it why don't you do it? there's always been dance/party rap, always will be. there's a place for that in the genre, we shouldn't hate. and some people love dance music. it moves them. like room2roam said, it's only YOUR opinion that dance music is wack; why are your tastes so advanced and sophisticated, and other people have their tastes because they "don't understand what to look for?" get that pretentious shit all the way the fuck out of here

    • Anonymous

      The problem is some people's opinions are based off things that don't matter, like who can make the catchiest chorus and rap over the most dancable beat. ANYBODY can repeat 3 words over an over again with autotune and pay someone for a club beat, and write some 8 bar throwaway verses. That is the problem. People don't understand what to look for.

    • D


  • ka-as

    ya if they made the top 200 the proly only sold a thousand or so albums if that not worth putting on the list

  • ka-as

    i was looking forward to yelawolf's album but was disapointed when i heard it

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy flopped!!!! It wasn't 50 Cent B.I.S.D 110k first week sales flopped or Rozay 170k first week sales flop but just like 50's "3 years of waiting" and F-L-O-P!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy flopped!!!! It wasn't 50 Cent B.I.S.D 110k first week sales flopped or Rozay 170k first week sales flop but just like 50 3 years of waiting and F-L-O-P!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Drake is an industry implant (slave). And any rapper that's selling alot of records these days are not rappin about anything positive. So with that said.. how do you think EMCEES like the Roots and Common aren't selling records? Because they rap about about positive shit. THEY don't want positive messages being pushed to the youth.. it'll fuck up their agenda! So anyone selling alot of records do so because they are willing to sell their souls to be where they are. Not hatin on Jeezy because I actually like dude.. but he talks about nothing but selling drugs and fuckin broads. Negative shit! Hence.. he's where he is. Lil Wayne and Young Money... negative shit... the reason they are where they are. Drake.. soft club music with no real substance... which is the reason he is where he is. The music industry is garbage and always will be as long as the clowns who control the music are in power. If you're an aspiring artist looking to make it into the music industry, go independent unless you don't give a fuck about your art or your soul!!!

    • ???

      You are 100% right i'm glad somebody else out here see's the music business for what it truly is

    • chitown

      The reason Common doesn't sell has nothing to do with his positive message. It does have everything to do with his choice of beats. Too many message rappers forget that one of the main reasons that people listen to music is to dance. Positive songs can still make money if someone comes along and makes a song with a beat that people actually want to listen to. Why can't there be a positive rapper with beats like Wayne? It could definitely be done because it's been done before.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem rapped about positive stuff on Recovery and got tons of radio play. The Roots album was pretty dark. The reason the Roots dont get on the radio is because they don't use catchy hooks and club beats. It has nothing to do with subject matter.



  • Javito_1

    YELA!!! Didnt like the entire album but the good tracks are some of the best tracks that came out this year.

  • Anonymous

    Real Outlaw - M.U. , K-DOT , C.J. & ANT. http://snd.sc/wfy8AO


    nothing fucking with TM103 on that list only common singles hot beats wack ass fuck on that album i got it off the singles alone

  • LKBZ

    I don't understand.. he said "Game's R.E.D. album, Tyler, the Creator's Goblin and Tech N9ne's All 6's & 7's both returned to the Top 200 after hiatuses" Well, I can't see them in the list they put out.. Am I missing sumn?

  • Hip Rap

    Jeezy needs to drop a video for I DO or OJ for more sells. Yela need to do something with Let's Roll. But COmmon and Roots sales are really disappointing

  • Anonymous

    not to be funny but drake has a huge gay following.

  • Tokyo Tony

    1993 when rap music was real we had artists like Wu-Tang, 2Pac, Common Sense at the top of the rap game with real lyrics no pop bull shit.... 2012 Drake's R & B album sells 1,247,000... LMFAO is mentioned on a rap site... Lil Wayne sells 1,917,000...(he aight, hes not that good) Jay-Z & Kanye West-Watch The Throne, very well put together amazing album sells less then drake 1,232,000 Common's-The Dreamer/The Believer-Rap Crack sells only 88,000.... Newcomer J. Cole Goes Gold The Roots Sick album Undun sold only 95,000 Lupe is Hated on even tho hes a living legend....Just like Jesus in His time....(hence the FOTP cover)... ......... Ellas.....

    • WTT was amazing ?

      Watch the throne wasn't amazing either. STFU !!!! Although i agree with the rest things i said !

    • Anonymous

      lil wayne maybe garbage but what is better, garbage while doing numbers or fck up sales while being dope? Remember music is a job as well. Tired of this hating. Let wayne and all the wack rappers be, atleast a black man is making some mola. and next time you want to yap about shit ask yourself why the demography buying hip hop albums are not even us.


      yall still crying about album sales but they dont mean shit so stfu pussies


      you got to understand that the reason some people sell n some people dont is because the label decided how much they'll order manufacturing plants to make the CD. Drake debuted at 600K sold but 300K of that was physical CDS, the other 300K were digital, same thing when WTT dropped n Gaga when she sold her album for 99 cents.

    • Anonymous

      This comment made my day

    • iddle1

      the ONLY thing I will disagree with is you saying Lil Wayne is alright; he is absolute garbage

  • 8.20

    WTF is LMFAO doing in this list? DX is a joke

  • OH OH

    Drake Take Care have now surpassed Watch The Throne.. thats whats up for the haters!

    • Mylie

      stfu white boy. Kanye and Jay produce real music and have for the last decade. there legends give respect where its due. i can't stand idiots like you. kill yourself

  • Anonymous

    Use to be a time when emo rappers like drakes could not even think of rapping let alone put out and album, nowadays that whole gangster rap shit (which to me was the most stupid combination of words ever invented) is obsulate.

  • Anonymous

    wait until jeezy drop this i do video grammy here we come CTE its the World

  • kushface818

    TM 103 gets my vote for best album of the year...YOUNG JEEZY KILLED IT FROM THE begginig to the end

    • Anonymous

      fuq u........... Rozay couldnt go plat even if he joined fag money

    • Ricky Rozay

      Get off of Jeezy's dick. The album wasn't even that good. Two good songs an done of them needed a chick to make that shit good. Yall niggas is lame, Jeezy was good but after the Inspiration and his fake beef with Rawse it's obvious this nigga was tryin to build a buzz. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HEAT

    Watch The Throne still moving units after being released in Aug, only niggas moving units is J, Kanye, Wayne, and Drake...

  • dentaldamboy

    Great performances by Drake and Wayne. Just goes to show that YMCMB has loyal fans who support thier artists. I never see Wu Tang fans support thier guys. The clan never moves units. Guess it goes to show that putting out a positive message like YMCMB does is important.

    • Anonymous

      There isn't that many real hip hop fans, they are just the most vocal ones on the internet so it just seems that way. Alot of the old school fans moved on to mainstream rap, other genres, or gave up on new hip hop altogether and just listened to the classics. And YM fans only support Wayne/Drake (and occasionally Nicki.) When's the last time you've heard people talking about Tyga or Gudda Gudda or whoever else is on that label?


      g-unit came in the game off beef them dudes cant make no more hits thats why they dont sale its not hard to keep it real

    • Max

      did you just say YMCMB has a "positive message"????????????????????????? Where in between drinkin all the syrup and smokin all the weed and sexin all the biishes??? oh. ok.

    • OhReally

      Wu-Tang Clan used to move lots of units back in the day. Their fans grew up and the industry became geared toward ignorant young kids. YMCMB putting out positive messages, that's a joke!

    • Pzt

      ^ couldn't have said it better myself

    • Anonymous

      yeah well, we'll see how loyal they are when they all hit puberty n grow up....just look at gunit.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody of those fucks who claim to love ''real Hip Hop'' buy CD's. Take all those people together and the ''real'' artists could easily rule the charts.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else find it strange that Drake is selling more then people like Beyonce, Rhianna, Katy Perry, Kanye, Nicki Minaj, Adele, etc. Drake is not as big as any of those artists. I suspect YM or some crazy stan bought his records in bulk.

  • LKBZ

    it's kinda crazy how Yela is back on the charts, thought dude won't move units. Good look Yela. Game deserves to get back in that bitch too! #RED

  • Anonymous

    oh shit people have lost there minds if drake sell so much he's album is complete shit



    • Broward County

      Artists, like sports franchises, would not be popular without the support of their fans. People say "we" when referring to their favorite team, and rghtfully so. By purchasing tickets, merchandise, and watching that team's games on TV, you support them- which makes you a part of their movement. Same thing with music.

    • Hell Yeah

      YMCMB the life... 2012 we already taking their food.

    • OhReally

      Yeah the "We" is a bit much, as if you are a part of YMCMB. Lil Wayne and Drake do not care about you.

    • Anonymous

      whats all this "we " business , what you do smh

  • Anonymous

    Good look drizzy!!

    • Anonymous

      Alright j.cole u go gold sales wise next week no if ands or buts bout that took u awhile but u did it man u may not go platinum this album but u will go gold at least that's still fantastic for a rookies debut given the fact u produced most of your album and didn't have any big promotions, no big hype, no big buzz, not alot of features on your album, and hardly no radio play until now u proved the haters wrong i've heard them say u wouldn't sale no more than 85,000 some even said u would receive any kind plaque gold, platinum, multi platinum etc. for any music u put out but the work out single went gold and now your album will do the same next week cole world turns to gold world sorry haters no flop for cole

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