The Roots Back Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter For "Rapper's Delight"

The Philly crew played backing band during the Mayor's inaugural party.

During the inaugural party last night for his second term, Mayor Michael Nutter performed The Sugarhill Gang's “Rapper’s Delight” with backing band The Roots.

Four years ago, Nutter rapped the classic cut with ?uestlove serving as the DJ for her performance. This year, the full Roots crew, who provided the soundtrack during the amped up performance, joined him at Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Watch the performance below.

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  • @SmeezeF

    Are people really comparing a true hip-hop band to some rap acts LMAO. Did this guy just call The Roots broke LMAO. Please learn hip-hop the culture and how it works before you speak on anything hip-hop. Hip-Hop is something you live Rap is something you do. The Legendary Roots Crew = Hip-Hop YMCMB = Rap.

  • dentaldamboy

    Don't these guys work as a house band for some late night program. It's always sad when talented rappers are so poor that they have to take a second job to make ends meet. Birdman takes care of all of his artists so none of them have to resort to desperate measures to take care of their families.

    • achpe

      U people on here must be the stupidest people ever!!!!! The Roots are a HIP HOP band that can play all forms of music. They are the hardest working group and they are diverse. That diversity will forever keep them on the HIP HOP radar and in the public eye. Something Cash money will never have. Beside Wayne, Drake, and Nicki who else is CM and when they are pushed out by the next new thing then where will they be?

    • dazeone

      Its called exposure...people will be requesting root music long after Cash money they dont fight over paper like the former members of CM...Birdman aint paying...where BG, Juvie and you figured he should have taken care of Mannie Fresh

  • illagodzilla

    roots becoming like dave chappelle music. the only black group old white suburbans know but nonetheless thinking they got a pulse on hip hop. isn't that why dave chappele canceled chappelles show?

    • achpe

      Illagodzilla U must be the dumbest!! The Roots are HIP HOP!!!!!

    • BlaqueAli

      How can you say that they don't have the pulse of hip hop? They represent everything that hip hop should be. Did you not hear their last two albums? They venture out and are still able to keep their fan base happy. Thats how it should be.

    • Anonymous

      im pretty sure he cancelled it because he was unhappy with his fellow writer and co-creator neal brennan and how comedy central wanted him to run his show. nice try though...

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