Statik Selektah Says Eminem Collaboration Will Be On Obie Trice's Album

UPDATE: The producer also notes that his project with Bun B is without a release date.

Statik Selektah is coming off of a prolific year, which saw the release of Population Control, Well Done with Action Bronson and more. For 2012, the producer has a few projects already in the works, including an already finished collaboration with Eminem, a project with Bun B and his own compilation-esque album.

I’m going to put out an album as an artist. It’s not going to be rapping on every song, but it’s going to be creative how Swizz Beatz used to do, kind of, but it’s going to be the boom bap version of that," he told Jamar Thrasher. "There’s a lot lined up for this year. My album with Termanology, 2012, that’s a 1982 album. I got an album with Reks coming out called Straight No Chaser. I got a project me and Bun B are doing on the low right now, it’s going to be dope. Me and Styles P are going to do something. I just did a record with Eminem. So a lot of big records coming."

Watch the full interview below (57th Ave via HHNM).

UPDATE: Statik Selektah has taken to Twitter to clarify statements made in a recent interview. He said that his Eminem collaboration will be included on Obie Trice's upcoming album and that there is no release date for his project with Bun B.

Internets... To be clear, the Eminem collab is on @obietrice album. And me and @BunBTrillOG have been throwing ideas around but have no date
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  • Its Um

    Still no Stat Quo, hope obie got a label to help back him.

  • ka-as



      that's a beautiful thing!!! "We All Die One Day" was fuckin amazing! That's before Banks changed his voice for some unknown reason. That shit was bananas..

  • G MON

    Em is above and beyond the best rapper alive. Theres a reason no other rapper has challenged him in what, like 8 years? Since the Benzino \ Ja beef? Em fucking destroyed them. He's destroyed anyone who's ever stood up to him. Listen to "On Fire" from recovery and tell me that not one of the greatest fuck you's to every rapper alive, he kno's he's the best, and every other artist knows it. "Saying you sick, quit playing you prick don't nobody care Then why the fuck am I yelling at air I ain't even talking to no one cause ain't nobody there Nobody will fucking test me cause these hoes won't even dare"

    • Anonymous

      Lang he has a point tho, theres stans for every rapper, no one tries eminemnot because of his fan base but for his skills and dont deny that he has skill.

    • lang

      you know full well why he does'nt get challenged, because of these retard stans, and the politics of a doomed hip hop industry, period!!!

  • michelle

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  • Anonymous

    No doubt Em got a few joints, but lets come back down to reality, there are trillions of dueds that get overlooked that are nicer, and their raps don't cater to the mainstream audience like that!

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    No doubt Em is one of the best that ever did it, nobody can front on that. But the way some dudes over here like to suck his dick publicly makes me sick to the stumik. Like the dude Em is king somewhere down this page, dude stop wasting your time on the net and go build a church or a tempel 4 Em

  • Don't understand!

    I really wonder who's doing better than Em in the game.....Mind telling me ? Better on the entire music scale !

  • Don't understand!

    People just hate Em for no reason. Why do u hate Em ? Cus he's white ? Fuck that shit, i'm black.

  • Anonymous

    O Trice was the best artist that had ever been signed to one can beat him....sad that he left cuz now he could have atleast gone Gold...

  • ErrorFile

    Eminem is still one of the best ones in the game. He may have chosen wack beats, but the verses are still great. I don't personally like Statik's beats, but he sure has made some good ones. Is Consequence - "I Hear Footsteps" produced by Statik? Just asking, because that's a banger.

  • ItsTheTruth

    O. Trice, the best that ever did it on Shady Records, and unfortunately never got the recognition he deserved due to being overshadowed by 50 back in the day. Dude was the perfect blend of realism and lyricism "Bad news my nigga, pass the brew Cause in a week we be pouring a glass for you So rapidly homies become causualties We was just playing Madden Now a nigga sad for his family, that's how it happens Dudes get blasted, another casket Another child becomes a fatherless bastard Make a nigga wanna grab this rachet It's so tragic, and Obie can't get past it And you wonder why a nigga'll flash it Just to show these demons that I ain't having it Put 'em beneath the grass in a flash"

  • Anonymous

    em is one of the best that held the mic. period. pay homage my friends

  • dentaldamboy

    If this dude really wanna get a buzz going, he needs to spit a few bars and send them over to Lil Wayne. Wayne gonna make a classic outta dat and then people will have heard of Statik Selektah. By the way, is it me or this this dude really white? He should be making beats for guys like Sam Adams and Chester French.

  • bizzalls

    Okay, Statik may be a bit above average of a producer nowadays, but sadly that ain't sayin much. Production has got wacker and wacker since the late 90's; This is for both mainstream and underground. Too much shit sounds the same, and most of the time if the producer does have an original sound it's still not that great. Yo, J-Zone, come back son!!

  • bizzalls

    It's good that you don't have a "date" with Bun B yet. BTW, how does such an average-ass producer get to collab with Eminem? I know, because Statik works for Shade 45, I think, and that's owned by Eminem. That's the only conclusion I can come up with.

    • Anonymous

      he had to correct himself because bun-b never said nothing bout doing an album and fat boy couldn't bite his tongue. statik selektah the hustling hack. guy seriously sucks as a producer. got tracks with every name in rap and i couldn't tell you one classic joint he produced. throwaway artist, consistent too.


    yo shut the fuck up eminem is the greatest that ever did it u cocksuckers have no life talkin shit about him u niggaz cant even drop a decen 16 bars so dont talk shit about the greatest that ever did it .. EMINEM = GOD OF RAP

    • jake

      i have to agree. i've got mad respect for tons of other rappers out there who spit from the heart and put everything they have into it and shit sounds amazing but then i hear eminem, and its a whole other level. i call his stuff cinematic-music because at least for me, more than any other rapper I can imagine with such vivid detail what is happening in the song. every song is a 4 minute movie in my head. i don't think anyone is as clever or has the ability to show so much diversity in style.

    • Jesus

      You're too fickle to understand Eminem. And Pop music for that matter. Pop=Popular. Relapse was lyrically awesome. The accents and shitty subject ruined it. And recovery was ill. Every single song is awesome. Yeah he got a lil emotional. Lemme shoot your best friend and see how it goes for you.. and furthermore. Eminem shits on your favorite rapper. And even they will admit it. Hating on something cuz its popular and you wanna be different is cool. But state facts on why you don't like it. And ill reference you to something to suit your special needs. Otherwise shut up

    • Anonymous

      Nah nigga aint no fucking joke I aint seen no one bring as many styles as eminem... Witty, emotional. Straight psychotic, straight fucking hard (listen to welcome 2 hell verse). Plus he's developed a more rapid kinda spitting.. The guy can switch it up. Let's not get started on his creativity and clever word play.. On the real

    • wuT?

      This is a joke, right?

  • Anonymous

    I miss slim shady

  • Anonymous

    Obviously somebody's ears don't work. Statik been going hard. Well done and population control were bangers.

  • here it is

    statik selektah is a fat hack primo wannabe. he has 2 good beats for every 20 and they sound like lesser primo joints. "real hip hop" "he's real" yeah but he fucking sucks as a producer. he works hard and drops a lot of material but it all sucks in my humble opinion. and watch, eminem will not rap over statik selektah, it'll fall through. eminem is a fag now anyway, who cares about eminem other than 12 year old wimps? statik selektah drops more album then he sells. considering all the names he gets, plus the fact he's a radio dj, and he has a pathetic fanbase. albums don't even chart, and you only gotta sell 2,000 records 1st week to chart now. call it how i see it. backpacker nerds that missed out on primo and dont buy albums think statik is the shit.

    • sofakingbold

      100% correct. I couldn't have said it any better.

    • ETK

      @ceeo I'm glad there's people like you who know Eminem's personal life to let us know what he's going through. keep giving us updates, fam!

    • Jesus

      Puppet is someone who follows rules and does what's told. Eminem never fit the criteria. With fox news and CNN trying there best to corrupt people with "this is wrong" banter Eminem never apologized and never stopped being him he still Raps about rape and never about "I got money, you don't, I'm better then you" see young jeezy for reference

    • Anonymous

      By the way I'm talking bout em not statik

    • Anonymous

      He's been through a shit load.. But keep it real he lives up to his rep.. He's still murderous as ever... Despite the fact that he may be a puppet and wat not

    • ceeo

      eminem could do a lot of things but he won't cuz he's a shell of himself and a heartless bitch. why can't eminem fans realize eminem doesn't wanna be rapping anymore? he's jimmy iovine's puppet and he will eventually burn out in epic fashion like elvis and MJ. sad but true. eminem is just doing this to stay alive at this point, being the best rapper is something he stopped caring about after he tried killing himself. statik is a bum. not one classic track and he's worked with a who's who in hip hop. primo biter with little talent and serious work ethic. fat boy is a mouth breathing fuck too, booze, bad food, and rapper hours will have a young man turn into a fat weezy fuck in no time.

    • Ama Hussla

      I agree with you, tho I think that Em can murder a record if he wants to.. cmon he was dope on hell the sequel.. the problem with em is his trackology nowadays. he does rap ill, but the songs are pretty wack (eg 'no love', em's verse was sick, but the song was garbage) he just needs the right beat and a sort of competition.. imagine em on a premier beat, that would be insane

  • Anonymous

    spell my name right!! peace

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