Diddy Hosts "Ciroc The New Year" Party In Miami

Diddy took his talents and friends down to South Beach for a star-studded New Year's party this past weekend.

Hip Hop was in full effect during this past New Year's various celebrations. While the likes of Yeezy and Jeezy were treating fans to live performances and Cee Lo was reinterpreting the lyrics to John Lennon's "Imagine," Diddy was down in Miami hosting a start-studded year end bash for Ciroc Vodka.

Diddy teamed up with Ciroc and his Train TV group to film his "Ciroc the New Year" party event in Miami, Florida this past weekend. The three party video series follow the events of the Bad Boy mogul's New Year's party, featuring celebrity attendees like Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Rihanna, DJ Khaled and many more.

The three videos from "Ciroc the New Year" can be seen below. A picture slide show of the event can also be found over at Wire Image

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