Mase Sued For $35,000 Jewelry Tab

A jeweler claims that the Harlem emcee owes it a sizable tab.

Reports have surfaced that an Atlanta jeweler is locked in an ongoing legal battle with rapper Mase over an unpaid tab. reports that Aydin and Company has sued Mase for $35,000, with bills going back to 2005.

The company is suing Mase for the tab, attorneys fees, and 1.5% interest per month on the money owed.

Court filings assert that the jewelers were unable to serve Mase with legal papers after trying multiple times at his Georgia home, and have had a process server file an affidavit in the case stating Mase is "evading service."

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  • Anonymous

    Looks like the pastor needs to borrow some collection plate money.

  • Bigfoot89

    fake ass pastor...

  • Anonymous

    damn first game now mase stop frontin rappers you aint got it

  • Anonymous

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  • Mic Sean

    Lol, people have gone to jail for less. He's not gonna go to jail over this, not because of the value of the jewelry but because he's being sued - which is civil. If they said he was being prosecuted (criminal) then jail would be possible.

  • Anonymous

    Mase better go back to preaching or write another book. This shit is sad all that money he made with Diddy you telling me he aint invest in anything at all............ FOLLOW@ JerzDaReaper

  • dentaldamboy

    This old grandpa needs to sign with YMCMB. They are they future of hip hop. Otherwise he's got no way of re-establishing a buzz and making enough money to pay off his debts. Looks like it's off to debtors prison for Mase.

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