Ja Rule Delays "Pain Is Love 2" To February 2012

The incarcerated rapper plans on dropping his new album a month later than expected.

Ja Rule has once again delayed the upcoming release of his new album Pain is Love 2.

The LP, which was originally set for release on June 7, 2011, has now been pushed from January 17th to February 28th. According to HHNM, the delay is blamed on the lack of time for proper promotion of the album in both the U.S. and international markets.

Ja, who is currently serving a two-year bid for attempted possession of a weapon, has already released the cover art and tracklist for the project. Guests include Somong, Diddy-Dirty Money(TM)s Kalina and Leah Siegal.

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  • Anonymous

    what the fuck is that cover?

  • jg

    hes doing time for ATTEMPTED possession of a weapon? The nigga is a millionaire he should have no problem getting his hands on a burner thats pathetic

    • r u fuckin stupid

      r u fuckin stupid they found him with a gun so he had a fuckin gun on him in his car u dickhead why u tryin so hard to discredit him u fuckin faggot

  • Ja Fail

    Ja rule is bout to drop a classic

  • Anonymous

    please stay in jail you belong there with your wack raps

  • Lo-Reds

    Im guessing 97% here doesnt even now for example who Leah Siegal is. Ignorant bitches, learn to respect music even if u dont like it. Halv of u no-life asses listens to todays rap/hip hop/pop/bullshit that plays on the radio today. And u know what? I feel sorry for u, that u didnt grow up at the 90's/early 2000 with real music. And please dont come with the nah i dont listen to the bullshit, im a Kanye west fan! LOL... Smh.......... Kanye west made a good album and then sold his sould to all this fucking bullshit 808 music.

  • Anonymous

    dusted his mic off for another LP? #Lame

  • L L

    Delaying release date is new trend 4 Hip Hop ? lol make a promise

  • Anonymous

    This clown's only hope is to sign with YMCMB. They are the future of hip hop. Anyone who doesn't agree is either a fucking faggot or a Jay Z dick rider.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      @dentaldamboy What you fail to realize is just because of a majority of people like something it doesn't mean they are good. By that logic MC Hammer, Kim Kardashian and Jersey Shore are the best thing since sliced bread. Also I remember Ja Rule did a song with Wayne and it was the worst song he ever did. Your logic failed, sorry

    • dentaldamboy

      @ Hip Hip Fan You may like 90;s rap more, but the game has evolved. I'm sure plenty of people loved rock in the 60's and 70's but hate 90's rock. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But just because you don't like wayne doesn't mean he's a terrible rapper. There are some guys who clearly are terrible..Soulja Boy, Wacka Flocka...but plenty of people like Wayne. And you can't deny that he has a buzz. Ja could benefit from the type of buzz wayne would provide for him.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      YMCMB is filled with weirdos. Wayne went from hardcore crip to hardcore blood now to a skater that wears weird clothes. Drake is obsessed with Nicki and likes to get EMO all the time. Nicki has multiple disorders disease and people don't say nothing when she pretends to be another person. Birdman is like 45 and acts like hes 18, old star head has no home training and likes little boys. Tyga gets robbed and beat up and is a joke of an artist. Cory Gunz looks like he rides the short yellow bus on tour. This label as a whole is an absolute joke and is making a once good scene in rap looking like a big coloring book but is being colored by a special ed student. 90's rap is better than what these clowns are putting out. I just hope G.O.O.D music or Shady can come out and FIX rap as a whole when they release their albums.

    • Luke


    • The MG

      You YMCMB trolls will never stop, won't you?

  • U'NYCE


  • G

    [Unsigned Talent] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8GcgBM27Wg&context=C3a57e47ADOEgsToPDskLorBFD4B0F0mbUqXDNknAa check it out dis shit go hard!

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