The Clipse's Malice Speaks On New Book, Upcoming Mixtape

The Thornton brother updates on a few projects in the pipeline.

Malice has been heavy on the promotion grind for his first book Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked, with plans to forge ahead with a few new projects. Speaking with Primetime Radio’s J-Rod, the Clipse member said that he’s working on his new mixtape Hear Ye Him, previously announced over the summer, and echoed Pusha T’s confirmation of new Clipse music.

“I’m working on my mixtape, it’s entitled Hear Ye Him, and my brother and I got some stuff coming up too,” he said.

He also revealed that he’s working on the follow-up to his first book, which is being co-written with his incarcerated former manager Anthony Gonzalez. The book, titled 32, draws its title from the amount of years he was sentenced to prison.

“We’re working on a book right now titled 32, and it’s the amount of years that he got sentenced. Also, right now, we up every morning working on this audio book. Tomorrow should be the final day and all wrapped up.”

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  • redrum

    anyone know about being a gangstr you dont talk and damn show dont rap bout it / gangstr in hiphop is pure entertainment and the ones who start to believe they can do both find out the hard way jail or the grave yard the end result

  • 7Cities

    -I'm not usually a fan of crack rap (Jeezy, Gucci etc) but the Clipse wordplay and metaphors are SICK enough to keep my attention! -and respect due for Mal keeping it true about how they really is entertainment!

  • dentaldamboy

    What the fuck does this have to do with YMCMB?

  • eLL. & Stone

    Hmm. might make it as Mixtape of the Month on the Hip Hop Speakeasy...

  • eLL. & Stone

    Hmmm, might make it as Mixtape of the Month on

  • Anonymous

    ever since he done that video saying him and pusha are fakes just giving the kids what they want i just cant take em serious any more

    • 757

      Yea Malice worked at a gas station before he was a rapper Jeezy was real but Malice and Pusha are fraud Tony snitched on his whole crew if Pusha was really pushin he would be in jail

    • Fish

      Just a bit of advice - do your home work on Jeezy and then revise what you said...

    • 7Cities

      MOST "mainstream" Hip-Hop artists are FAKE!...Malice just had the heart to say it out loud...i respect him more AFTER he said that...the industry is a business! -Clipse rap about Tony Gonzales life -Biggie rapped about other people's lives -Jeezy raps about Big Meech's life -Plies (lol) raps his brother Big Gates life most MCs aint gangsta and most gangstas CAN'T be MCs (Benzino, Boosie, C-Murda, Shyne, etc)

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