Flesh-N-Bone Pleads Guilty To False Imprisonment, Maintains Innocence

Flesh-N-Bone maintains his innocence as he strikes a deal with prosecutors to ensure his freedom.

After making a deal with prosecutors, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's Flesh-N-Bone is free of any additional time in jail in a domestic violence case against him. According to a TMZ report, Flesh-N-Bone, whose real name is Stanley Howse, will not face any additional time in this domestic violence case, after pleading guilty to one charge against him. 

Howse's attorney Shepard Kopp maintained that the deal he struck with prosecutors was only to put the case in the past. 

"Flesh has always maintained his innocence of these charges," Kopp told TMZ. "But it was best for his family and Bone Thugs to put this case behind him."

Howse was charged with threatening his wife, inflicting corporal injury on her and for false imprisonment. He was arrested in January after a domestic dispute allegedly became a physical altercation. 

According to reports, Howse has now agreed to plead guilty to the false imprisonment charge in exchange for dropping the other charges against him. He was originally sentenced to 3 years of probation, jail time and community service. He will now be asked to donate $400 to a women's shelter and he will be involved in a domestic violence program.

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    Positive vibes from the Bone camp. They've been through some serious label shit with Ruthless, and had bad luck with the law. Flesh here served 10 so there ain't shit you can say about these guys. That groups full of different characters. I can't wait for that Krayzie Bone - Chasing the devil solo in 2012, Bizzy and Krayzie Bone duet in 2012, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony 20th anniversary album all in 2012. Real hip-hop!!

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