Mac Miller Talks Working With Pharrell, Gold Record

Mac chops it up about his first gold record and what it was like to hit the studio with Skateboard P.

AllHipHop recently caught up with Mac Miller to discuss yesterday's news that his single "Donald Trump" from Best Day Everwent gold. The Pittsburgh rapper talked about the excitement he felt when he heard that his 2011 song passed the 500,000 sales mark. At the same time, he said the achievement is one small step in his career, and that he isn't going to let up on his music anytime soon.

"It's dope, man - a gold record, that's just an accomplishment," he explained. "I just happy that [the record] was able to go that far, and I'm just looking to build on that and keep growing, and hopefully have more gold records, maybe some platinum ones…it's definitely crazy to see where I was at a year ago and see where I am now, but at the same time, this is what I've dedicated my life to. I wouldn't settle for anything less, [and] I'm not even settling for this now…at the end of the day, this is nothing. I'm just working on building for the next step and to keep growing and take things to the next level."

Mac also revealed that he recently linked up with Pharrell to record a number of songs. He said that while he isn't sure where the tracks that the two made together will end up, he enjoyed the hands-on approach to the recording Skateboard P takes, saying that he even prefers building a song from scratch as opposed to receiving beats via email.  

"I did like, two crazy jams with Pharrell," he revealed. "It was dope. He's real good peoples, and I just came in there and we were just vibing. I like making songs from scratch with people. I'm not a big 'send me a beat type guy.' We came up with some real cool shit, and we did two joints…he raps on one, and on there other he just did the beat."

Check out the full interview below.


  • dope

    let him grow he's 19 or 20. He will just get better

  • dope

    this dude is not wack, he can actually rhyme and rhyme well. His album was commercial and stupid as fuck. Listen to to Mac Miller - 1982 or Mac Miller - Pen game. He has skills.

  • jae 1

    i mean hes not really rap to me. honest i kno even kno what it is lol

  • Anonymous

    The only reason the song went gold is coz Donald Trump bought all the copies.

  • Steve

    I can understand not diggin dude's rhyme skills and I can see not buying his work because of it. However, Rap/Hip-Hop is the only genre of music where Haters...rule and to the detriment of the music. Hip/Hop is the industry's HOE filled with reckless no talent dudes playin big Willy but really in reality broke ones...A young scrapper comes along and cracks the BS and wins independently and he gets heat for the way he did it. Vanilla Ice was not doin it on his own when he broke...This is what Hip-Hop has been about from the start aspiring to achieve the seemingly impossible.

    • Doom

      @Jetson: Co-sign. Dudes need to stop with all this hater bullshit and wake up! The dude is wack.

    • Anonymous

      Jetson clearly you couldnt be ignorant enough to believe everyone "hating" or "criticizing" has a reason for the negative words towards a artist. You cant say you honestly believe everyone even on this website has valid reasoning for their hate. ONly amoung few take the time to give an artist a chance rather just assume hes wack based on The fact hes white or he doesnt make you want to party, etc. the fact that you picked one line from a song he did over a year ago when he was 18 years old and is now declared not a lyricist is critical garbage. Especially when you can go back and find a line by any rapper or artist who doesnt jam pack insightful knowledge or experiences in ONE line,thats amateur on your part and makes your whole argument look straight foolish. By the way this is not me hating on you, just simply constructively criticizing your comment.

    • Jetson

      I thought the industry was going down because anyone calling out wack rappers (like Mac) are suppressed by record labels, through dirty background methods. Also, the encouragement of words such as e.g. hater being used as a replacement for the word critical or making criticism, especially when Its constructive. The fans of said wack rappers hate constructive criticism and thats what makes them sheep. If I say Mac Miller is wack I need to have evidence to support this e.g. " This weed got me laughin like a damn Hyena (yeah) Im living life pretty similiar to yours Used to go to school hang with friends and play sports Every single summer takin trips to the shore" Now ok we've established hes not a lyrist, so then we critic his storytelling skills. Is he at the level of Slick Rick in terms of piecing together ideas and bringing about an overall message that he deserves so much attention? Hell No! So then what are you left with? Some of the stuff that was said about Vanilla Ice's skill is repeating itself through mac miller "if he can keep a mid-tempo pace, his flow is rhythmically stiff, and his voice has an odd timbre". So yeah he will go number 1 but in 10 years-15 years, will you still be backing him and listening to him when he's been through all the cocaine and vh1 doc's? Be real with yourself.

  • Anonymous

    This dude literally raps about NOTHING LOLlil jewbag

  • Anonymous

    This dudes a fukin clown, props for making it to where he is independently but aside from that he's about as dope as machine gun kellie

  • Anonymous

    The next vanilla ice. Miller Ice.

  • BoldSpice

    gold single? who the fuck cares.

  • Anonymous

    Mac killin' em. Aint mad at you boy. You deserve it. Good Karma for that MakeAWish foundation contribution. Nothing but success. ------------------------------------- Follow @TalentDisplay

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