Rick Ross Sued By Nigerian State For Cancelled Concert

Rick Rozay finds himself in legal hot water after he bailed on a festival performance in Nigeria's Cross River State.

Rick Ross may not forgive, but apparently the government of Nigeria's Cross River State doesn't either. The Bawse was recently slapped with a lawsuit by the Nigerian state's government for canceling a performance date at the Calabar Festival and failing to reimburse the performance fees.

According to a recent article from InformationNigeria.org, Rick Rozay abruptly cancelled his performance at this year's Calabar Festival, a nearly month-long music festival funded by the Cross River State government. In addition to failing to notify the concert organizers of his intention to cancel his performance, the Miami rapper has failed to reimburse them for his performance fees, which he had already cashed.

In response, the Cross River State government has hired lawyers within the United States to sue the rapper for breach of contract. An official statement was released by the government this past Wednesday via BlackBerry Messenger.


DX will keep you updated on the lawsuit.

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  • Anonymous

    a boss has to steal a advance not a good look

  • Anonymous

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  • proud white american

    Look, Nigeria is obviously a shithole. But, Ross should still pay back the advance.

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  • jg

    i love Rozays music, but as a performer the nigga is straight-up shady. I went to his show in Toronto last week and the nigga showed up 3hrs late, with no opening act. I left after standing in the crowd for 4hrs and then I heard he showed up and did a short set. I want my fuckin money back too

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    • Anonymous

      Dues are dues though, man. No matter the country. Ross didn't let 'em know he was bailing, and didn't reimburse the performance fees, which leaves the festival short of that cash. Really, if they give Ross money, and then he backs out and doesn't pay it back, then he's no better than the scam artists you're talking about.

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  • Anonymous

    I actually don't understand how this sort of thing happens. If Ross did have to cancel last minute, surely giving the money back would seem rather obvious. I'd assume someone should be doing this sort of job for him, if so, what the fuck is he paying them for?

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