C-Murder's Murder Conviction & Life Sentence Upheld In Appeals Court

The rapper, whose real name is Corey Miller, was denied exoneration by Louisiana court.

After rapper C-Murder filed an appeal in October, a Louisiana appeals court has upheld his murder conviction and life sentence.

C-Murder, whose real name is Corey Miller, faced a panel yesterday (Dec. 28th) to convince three judges that he did not get a fair trial for allegedly murdering a teenager in 2002. He cited “prejudicial and unsubstantiated testimony that he threated witnesses to the shooting” and blamed prosecutors for eliminating black people from the jury. The 5th Circuit rejected those arguments.

He was originally convicted in 2009 of second-degree murder in the shooting of 16-year-old Steve Thomas at a nightclub.

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  • nola

    stop hatein on my nigga

  • nola

    Free my nigga C that nigga ant do it !!!!!!



  • Anonymous

    A 16 year old kid? For real man, why take a young kids life? Guilty.

  • Vibe_Alive

    Hey Horowitz, you slow ass stoned kyke, is "threated" a word or did you mean threatened? "he threated witnesses to the shooting" How the fuck did you get your job? Your Uncle?

  • Anonymous

    No hate, but if they let this dude out, he would be back in the street doing it again. C-MURDER (look at his fucking name) will NEVER learn his lesson.

  • Anonymous

    Thberry - There's no maybe about it. I could list countless things this dude has done, but why waste the time? I understand everyone, including C Murder, is considered innocent until proven guilty, but you notice dude's sentence was upheld. Nobody, including his own brother, believes he's innocent. You asked who he's trying to convince.... Ummm... A jury. A judge. The public. His family. The victim's family. Even if by some remote chance he didn't do it, he was an accessory too it, even though with a name like C Murder, and his past, do you really believe if somebody showed him up in any way, he'd hesitate to shoot, or pass the gun off to his homeboy and ask him to do it? There may be prejudices within the justice system, but perception is more powerful than people realize.

  • Anonymous

    You know what dont really know if C-murder was the one that shoot that kid, but anyone with any kind of sense should know, if you get kick out of a club you dont come back and shoot it up someone might get killed, and he put himself in that spot so he got no one to blame but himself, being where he at now, the way the whole thing when down it just doesnt make him look good.

  • Edubb

    This is it for C-Murder!! I hate to say that because in the video all you see is him argue with someone then go into the club and moments later leave. There is NO footage of him actually shooting the victim. People also tend to forget that the ORIGINAL JUDGE WAS A RACIST BASTARD WHO MADE THE JURY CONTINUE TO DELIBERATE UNTIL THEY CAME BACK WITH A GUILTY VERDICT. Where C-Murder fucked up at was putting himself in a position for them white folks to lock him up. Im not saying that murder is cool what Im saying is if you have money then you can easily pay someone to pull it off for you. Regardless though C-Murder put himself in a bad position now he has to accept the fact that he will never see the light of day again. ITS ALL ABOUT THE CHOICES THAT WE MAKE!!!

  • No One

    How does he expect anyone to find him not guilty of murder when he goes by the stage name of C-Murder? White people see that name and it's a guaranteed guilty verdict

  • Carlos

    You dumbs speaking about another case. He was caught on tape shooting in a club, but he didn't kill anybody and he already served time for this. This one is different and I believe he isn't guilty at all. Shooting for denied entry and killing a teenager (his huge fan) is such a different thing. Free C-Murder.

    • Dizzle

      why would a grown ass man go to Disney?? Get your stupid trash ass out here.

    • Anonymous

      That's exactly the type of person I want roaming around freely. Gets denied entry to a club and decides to shoot it up. Just imagine if he went to disney and had to wait in line.


    How the fuck anybody going to say he guilty. "Look at him in that video" SMH! That video ain't got nothing to do with his current situation. Plus if your ass wasn't there at the club that night, You shouldn't even be speaking about this. But If you were the handful that was there, You would TRUly know it wasn't Corey "C-MURDER" Miller. #INNOCENT and #ILLEGALLY CONVICTED.. FOREVER TRU, FREE @IAMCMURDER...

    • why

      @Ghetto Ignorance you said it best niggaz are stupid if someon were there and know the true why dont someone step up and speak it, just dont hide behind, he is being wrongfully convicted, who know the true step up so they can let that man go home his famil, black people are stupid that why i dont hang with them, i go forself,

    • Anonymous

      ^ Yup, people need to give up that dumbass "stop snitchin" shit.

    • Ghetto Ignorance

      TRU, if the handful that was there knows that he didn't do it, then the system provides a means for them to provide their accounts of what happened. Niggas are just fucking dumb! You won't talk to police because you call it snitching, and then you complain about wrongful convictions and unsolved crimes. Lock him up and throw away the goddamn key.

    • thberry

      "Illegally convicted?" Actually, his conviction has been upheld thus far, so it was not "illegal." He may have been "wrongly" convicted, but stating that he was "illegally convicted" has a different connotation and is entirely inappropriate.

  • Anonymous

    haha one of music's many sacrifices

    • Anonymous

      not a sacrifices son, it call dont do the crime if you cant do the time, in other word he did a stupid thing for shooting up that club

  • problemz/problema

    Why is this news?It was clear as day on that video that he shot and killed that boy...He lucky he wasn't given the death penalty..you reap what you sow..Ignorance on any one's part to root for this asshole...he's a murderer plain and simple and he has his whole life to relive his stupidity in prison...

  • HRH

    Hey Horowitz, you slow ass stoned kyke, is "threated" a word or did you mean threatened? "he threated witnesses to the shooting" How the fuck did you get your job? Your Uncle?

  • zachariah

    Absolute freaking idiot, if he done it, he deserves that shit plus more for taking away a life thinking he's above the system. You were given a chance and fucked up. Look at his expression, he knows he done wrong, and going around with that name is dumb as hell. Who does he THINK, he is? Finito, all you can hope is that he spends the rest of his life preaching positive doctrines to inmates, or maybe even writing a book or two on how not to do the shit he has done. If he has kids to feed, thats the better option as negative music breeds nothing but more negative emotions, especially for people in an already fucked up environment.

  • dumbassnigga

    A dumb ass nigga plane & simple! fuck him Fry that nigga like sum fried chicken!

  • dumbniggas

    niggas always wanna play the race card! lame! fry that nigga like sum fried chicken!

  • Nico 3

    That's funny Jake. Years back, there was a cover story on C Murder in Rolling Stone which detailed the shooting. Not saying just cause it was in RS it's etched in stone cold fact, but this dude has had a fucked up history. If by some chance he didn't pull the trigger, he would have a hard time convincing anyone of his innonence due to the type of asshole this guy was. Insecure and violent prone.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Nico 3 funny niggaz dont get it, when you history and pass like C-murder have for doing stupid things, then people aint trying to hear you didnt do it they look at you as a crimial that need to be lock away period if you did it or not once your name is mentions it a rap,

    • Perception_Reality

      thberry, if you don't know by now that a trial and the courtroom is literally theater...performances and fictional characters all around.

    • Perception_Reality

      berry, you can't pretend that character counts for nothing when being judged by a jury of your peers. If this were some religious figure on trial by circumstantial evidence, you would the same kind of dynamics at play. The profile that he cultivated of himself is part of who he actually is as a person.

    • thberry

      "If by some chance he didn't pull the trigger, he would have a hard time convincing anyone of his innonence due to the type of asshole this guy was." Hard time convincing who? You? You watch too much television. You think because someone might be "violent" and an "asshole" and maybe has a "fucked up history" this automatically leads to a presumption of guilt in a murder case? That makes sense to you?

  • dumbniggas

    niggas always wanna play the race card! lame! fry that nigga like sum fried chicken! LMAO!

  • jake

    you're all a bunch of un-educated fucks , c murder didn't shoot anybody , do your research before you start talking all kind of bullshit

    • NIGGAZ

      @Jake shut up, you are the uneducated one, oh my bad i guess you will be the kind of people C-murder hang with that get boot out of a club come back and shoot it up, now that is highly educated would you say. STUPID

    • thberry

      What does being "educated" have to do with this? Sounds like you're saying that anyone who disagrees with you or doesn't have a crush on your favorite rapper is "uneducated." Is that right?

  • Lilmarcci aka Beeyotch

    what a mothafuckin ugly face I've neva seen

  • Aztek

    "Light one for C-Murda you are not forgotten"

  • G

    [Unsigned Talent] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8GcgBM27Wg&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

  • murdock

    with a name like that you know hes going to jail.I would have got some master p money and peeled to another country fuck that

    • thberry

      Does anyone on this website know how to use the shift key to type capital letters? How about periods? Anyone know how to properly place a period at the end of a sentence?

  • Anonymous

    No pity for a guy with all the money and oppurtunity I'll never have, throwing it away in a nighclub for some stupid ass reason I dont wish jail on anyone but this loser aint gettin no sympathy outta me, there's lots of better people i feel for before this Douche

  • Anonymous

    I know what everyone is saying about him being wrong. But fuck me everyone is quick to say shit like 'rot in jail' Wishing jail on someone is the cousin of snitching and snitching is NEVER right. #youKNOWimRIGHT

    • Reflect-2

      ...and then you have people like C-Murder. He had the means and opportunity to get out and/or make a difference, but instead viewed his opportunity as one of power over people less privileged. "Just kickin' it" doesn't convince me. Instead he trucked down with the jewelry, possied up and aimed to floss and show how important he was. If nothing else, he was just stupid. That's how you get a guy like this involved in this situation.

    • Reflect

      People who rise out of poverty almost always turn their back on the environment that they grew up in. You know why? Because of dumb ass ghetto politics. The ghetto will always be a shit hole destined to get worse. If you are one of those people complaining about what you see around you, look in the mirror.

    • Anonymous

      if someone killed a member of my family, i would handle it myself. I wouldnt expect anyone else to get involved.

    • Anonymous

      Snitching is never right until its one of your family members that gets killed...Then you stand there by yourself wondering why nobody will come forward to help find the killer.

  • dentaldamboy

    This article fails to mention that YMCMB is the future of hip hop.

  • Sucks

    Sucks this grown ass man took the life of a 16 year old, but shit young niggas these days is even more reckless than the older cats. He still wrong tho. He go rot in jail while p spend all that guap

  • thought dog

    If his name was C-Generous he might be able to get an appeal.

  • Anonymous

    C-Murder straight up shot and killed a 16 yr old over nothing, fuck him!

  • the presi

    C-"MURDER"... When keeping it real goes wrong...

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