Wiley's "Evolve Or Be Extinct" To Release On January 19, 2012

The U.K. veteran drops his second album in six months.

Less than six months after releasing the acclaimed 100% Publishing, British emcee Wiley is going to release Evolve Or Be Extinct next month. The rapper's seventh album will be released by Big Dada, who has worked with MF DOOM, Roots Manuva and Busdriver.

Mark Pritchard is producing, in addition to Wiley, who has self-produced his works throughout the last decade.


  • ramses

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  • Anonymous

    wat the hell...?RAMSES what have you been smoking

  • ramses

    i wish they was sayin this back in the day when they was tellin guys its cool 2 sell rocks drink 40's do drive bys bitches aint shit if you aint been 2 jail you aint real ,, i was young an i wanted 2 be accepted ,,but then again all of you do ,,as if yall dont wanna go where everybody knows your name

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