Pill Airs Out Label Grievances On Twitter

The Maybach Music Group rapper emphasizes his success without strong label support.

Pill recently denied rumors that he had been dropped from Maybach Music Group, but he’s still got grievances with his current situation.

In a series of posts on Twitter, the Atlanta, Georgia rapper listed his accomplishments without any backing from his label or push for TV and radio promotion. He said that he’d come a long way on his own, and compared his situation to that of Wiz Khalifa, who faced similar circumstances while signed to Warner Bros. Records.

Read the full message below.

No TV and No Radio.. U do the math. I bet u can name you favorite artist and the turn on the tv and see the video and hear it on the radio. It’s not rocket science. Radio and TV b4 I had a deal, none after and u ask why Pill ain’t blew all the way up. Artist sign deals, label doesnt do shit for them or don’t even know to work the artist. time wasted. Ask Wiz Khalifa what Warner Bros did for him. I’ll wait.. dropped em. Atlantic signed em put em on TV and Radio and he sky rocketed. Mind you, whn I signed I had one of the biggest records in 09′ “Trap Goin Ham” never touched TV never touched radio. Now go back and do your research and see what unsigned artist was neck n neck with Drake’s So Far Gone in 09′ Pill 4180: The Prescription. If I remember tht list correctly. It was Nicki Minaj, Drake, Pill, Wayne, Jeezy. Nw what the hell ws a new cumber like me doin on that list? Because IM DOPE!! That’s why, u ain’t gotta believe it but I know it and won’t ever stop until I get that spot I deserve. Peace. Thanx. Top 10 freshman cover of the New Times, unsigned hype MTV fire starter cover Creative Loafing, German magazine’s, French radio, Jimmy kimmel. Did a movie with Evan Ross and Brittany Snow, Had a documentary air at the UN summit in Geneva, Switzerland, Mark Ronson’s album, toured. in London, countless shows in the states, Short Films, etc. and that with No TV or Radio. Now imagine some push and TV and radio would do.

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  • Nico 3

    Nobody forced him to sign the deal. He probably thought Ross was going to cake him up for life, but hip hop has shown that isn't always the case. Nobody owes you a thing. You have to hustle for what you're owed, so Pill needs to chill on the Twitter tantrums and create a blueprint for success which he creates on his own.

  • HereWeGoYo

    Pill; not like this....not like this.

  • Big D

    Gold teeth, dirty hood dreads, and sagging pants type rappers are a dime a dozen. There's nothing special about PILL and his laundry list of 'accomplishments' were all for the press kit and not for any authentic fan base support or buzz. He's talking about '09 and its 2012 already so he should understand that what worked 3 years ago is obsolete today. VERDICT: Sorry home-boy but like a carton of milk that gone sour, your expiration date has passed and its OVER!

  • Azhar

    I always thought he was outta place on MMG. he was on any of the hot singles from Self Made, honetsly he had the worst songs on the cd. Erbody knew when Ross signed all thes artist that all of them wasn't comin out... look througout history of hip hop when a bunch of artist sign under an umbrella they all don't come out or drop cd's I seriously doubt if MMG drop any R&B acts but he signed like 2 or 3.. Pill had to know he was gonna be the odd man out when Self Made came out.. don't bitch and moan get back on ya grind playboy, produce good product and the streets will follow, then maybe so will MMG and Warner Bros.

  • boybe24

    he just upset cause he the least poppin out of the new guys, i was wondering why he aint have a mixtape or sumthin? but that shouldt stop him from putting out music....he just dont seem to fit on mmg

  • Anonymous

    I cant stand cryin a** negros. this is the new age. you be the boss. dont put your career in another dudes hands.

  • Anonymous

    tv and radio is not going to trick me into liking this guy, he is not that talented just loud and dumb beats. bragging about a track called going spam, his name is pill like what the fuck.

  • Anonymous

    does this guy and wale have beef? i just notice wale sent a tweet to every mmg member including the tripple c guys except him

    • Anonymous

      idk but Wale would squash this dude on any track, period. I personally like Pill's attitude, in this business you gotta do it yourself because nobody's gonna give a fuck about you when they're worried about themselves. However, he's just kinda fucking stupid... I had so much trouble reading those incoherent ass statements. Does this dude have spell check? Twitter or not my head hurts from all the errors

  • Concords Back!!

    Pill is the worst 1 in the group. No wonder why Wale didnt feature him on the album. and this nigga actin like he dropping an album nxt week with out any promotion. get a hot single 1st...neva heard "trap goin ham"

  • Thomas Cheddason

    Ask not what your label can do for you, but what you can do for your label. No disrespect but bragging about one track called "Trap Goin' Ham"? Like Meek and Wale haven't dropped hot singles, mixtapes, and even albums. Sounds like you're about to jump ship before you get to enjoy the cruise. Establishing yourself takes time, let this be a lesson for all you other new cumbers out there.

  • Anonymous

    Pill you just arent that good...

  • Anonymous

    in this era i dont want to hear artist complaining about radio and tv play. this aint the 90's nigga. if you have a hot song and push it on the net its gonna catch fire if the ppl like it. he had one of the hottest songs on the MMG album. but this is to be expected when you're on a label and you see 2 of its rappers have the hottest year. you feel entitle to have the same.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ross should hold this ungrateful assholes contract for the next 20 years and block his radio play and shelve his ass!!! No albums, no promotion, no nothing!!!! You fuck nigga!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Don't bite the hand that feeds you!!!!! Be grateful. If not for Ricky DX wouldn't even care enough to post about you. smh

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Never was a fan of cat..but I will say this: He's right. Precise and on point. Everyone knew when he signed to MMG that it was a dumb move and a major mistake that would come to bite him in the ass. He went to the side that was "poppin'" and going to ride the wave from that. Didn't work out that way. Hopefully he can get out the deal and start back to what he was doing. It's very ironic cause he and Gibbs is cool. Gibbs held off and laid low; ended up getting up with Jeezy; and basically signed into the perfect situation where he can have a home AND still put out as much material with others (Madlib and Statik Selektah...ALC forthcoming) that keeps his name solidified. Gibbs kept it hip hop to the core truthfully. Pill didn't. And Gibbs even spoke on confusion to why Pill signed. Like I said, everyone knew why he did it and everyone knew it was a bad move. I'm not gonna say he's wack or anything cause truthfully, I didn't give him any type of a chance cause I didn't like his content, sound, or music. But I do know his presence was stronger before the signing cause I saw his product everywhere posted and he was out there. Hopefully you can get a good lawyer to get you out of that deal. Hopefully you can get all of your publishing.

  • fly on the wall

    i was at the taping of the BET cypher...this dude was awful...about 40 takes ..him and Wale were pathetic

  • Its Um

    MMG is on warner, so there.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is crying

  • Anonymous

    Pill has no one to blame but himself for his current situation. I said as soon as he signed to mmg that it was a bad move for him and Wale. If anyone has listened to ever since he came out you would that Pill talks about real shit. Now how in the hell was that gonna fit in by signing to mmg, who raps about nothing. So Pill if you wanna be mad be mad at ya goddamn self!!!! You were better off staying independent just ask Tech N9ne!!!!

  • damn

    I actually feel this dude is a better rapper then anyone one that fraud ass label officer ross has.

  • Anonymous

    He shouldnt of signed to a pop label as a hiphop artist then..

  • Anonymous

    stalley did the same... check his tweets on dec 5th....

  • Ganjarelli

    Yeah, no TV, no radio? Means you're just another twitter bitch.

  • Anonymous

    This dude is trash he isn't marketable like Meek or Wale an he cant rap like them. They shined he faded back bcuz originally he was wack......... CHECK OUT THE BEST ARTIST IN FL http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success/

  • Anonymous

    he said he wass a New Cumber lmao

  • thought dog

    He might need to learn how to write if he wants superstar status.

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