Mobb Deep Speaks On Creative Process, Independent Artists

Prodigy and Havoc explain how they can still work together after so many years on the grind.

Mobb Deep recently spoke with Muve Music about their recent Black Cocaine EP and creative process, explaining that the limited edition EP was meant as an appetizer for their upcoming album, due in February. During the interview, Havoc reflected on their creative process and how their long history allows them to comfortably work with one another.

“The creative process between me and P, it varies. Sometimes, he’ll be in the studio by himself or I’ll be in the studio by myself,” said Hav. “But the good thing is that we come together with it. We’ve known each other for so many years that it’s second nature for us. We don’t even have to be in the same place at the same time. But most of the time, we in the same place and we’ll sit down and he might write a verse and he’ll ask me what I think about this verse and I’ll write one. It’s real collaborative.”

The duo also spoke on independent artists, giving props to those who function without the backing of a major label. “Independent artists, we’ve definitely got love for them. We feel their pain, they gotta come up. Good luck to all of them,” said Prodigy.

Havoc added, “Also I think independent artists are foundation to the music right now, because you get all of this commercial music and you hear it a million times a day. But independent artists are the real ones who are really expressing themselves. So those are the people you really have to look out for.”

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  • Nico 3

    Sensaye - Releasing an EP isn't doing something right, but I see your point. Longevity should mean something. Unfortunately, with the majority of hip hop listeners being high school age, it's almost impossible for MOBB to evolve. And when I say evolve, I'm saying switch it up. I don't care if they talk about how many bodies they pile, or how much coke they snort at dinnertime, but do it with some flare. To me, the closest they came to doing that was off "Amerikaz Nightmare".

  • Anonymous

    mobb music be too much for bitch niggas....mobb 4 life

  • OAB

    i hope the new album lightweight goes bacc to the sound of the infamous and hell on earth, that shit was flawless and ruthless

  • Sensaye252

    I'm tired of people saying Mobb Deep didn't 'evolve' or they should 'grow up'. Are they supposed to start making politically charged music because they're in their upper thirties? should they start rappin' about their 401k plan or some shit? They make hardcore rap music. If you don't like it, don't listen to it. I, for one, am GLAD they haven't 'evolved' (which usually just means turning into a pussy). They still make hardcore Queens shit and they've been around for 20 years now, so they must be doing something right.

    • Big Up

      Well said. Everyone is complaining about "Main Stream" Hip-Hop music and really it is the Hip-Hop veterans that's really staying true to the form. Cats today don't know what they want.

  • Big Up

    It's funny how some of these youngsters think "Gangsta Rap" or "Gangsterism" is a young folks game. Lol, that shit's funny! I want you same youngsters to tell the members of the Italian mob, that are in their 60's, 70's and 80's, that their over 40 and they ain't shit. Young cats have no respect and that's why they die young and can't imagine living pass 40. In actuality, that mentality is weak as hell. #SoftGeneration

  • Nico 3

    Translation... Their creative process is get high. Get drunk. Listen to their old songs and see how many drug references they can recycle. I've liked some of their old shit, but they just never evolved musically.

  • Anonymous

    lol creative proces. you fucking bums are done. fuck off with your cocaine rap. Grow the fuck up. 40 years old and still acting like a gangster?????

  • illagodzilla

    can't wait for the album to drop. east coast brings the real shit.

  • Jack Compton

    Big Mobb fan. Black Cocaine was average for me but I'm looking forward to the LP.

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