Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 12/25/2011

Young Jeezy's "TM103" sells over 200,000 first-week units, while Common's "The Dreamer / The Believer" makes a strong debut, and Roscoe Dash's EP shows promise for the Geffen hopeful.

Three new releases debuted on the charts this week. During the Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa sales rush. Young Jeezy released his first solo album in over three years, concluding his Thug Motivation series. Common's Warner Brothers Records debut also debuted on the charts. Meanwhile, Atlanta Rap sensation Roscoe Dash's debut EP sold an astounding 10,000 copies, making a strong showing for Geffen Records.

Young Jeezy'sTM103 Sells Over 200,000 First-Week Units

Atlanta Hip Hop superstar Young Jeezy's third Thug Motivation debuted at #3. Over 230,000 units behind the #1 spot (Michael Buble), Jeezy's fourth studio solo album closed out the Def Jam Records Rap year with appearances by Jay-Z, Devin The Dude and Andre 3000. The album, which suffered delays for nearly two years, features production from Drumma Boy, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and longtime affiliate Shawty Redd.

Common's The Dreamer / The Believer Debuts In Top 20

After leaving Geffen Records for Warner Brothers, Common returned with his first album in three years, The Dreamer / The Believer. This work was the first since 2002's Electric Circus without Kanye West's involvement, but rather was a reunion with early musical partner No I.D., who did full production. The album features Nas, along with John Legend and poet Maya Angelou.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 12/25/2011

#3. Young Jeezy - TM 103: Hustler's Ambition - 233,000 (234,000)

#5. Drake - Take Care - 131,000 (1,175,000)

#7. Rihanna - Talk That Talk - 99,000 (472,000)

#16. LMFAO - Sorry For Party Rocking - 74,000 (475,000)

#17. Common - The Dreamer / The Believer - 69,000 (69,000)

#22. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV - 56,000 (1,882,000)

#76. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Mac & Devin Go To High School Soundtrack 20,000 (59,000)

#83. The Roots - undun - 18,000 (84,000)

#132. Roscoe Dash - J.U.I.C.E. - 9,500 (9,500)

#140. Childish Gambino - Camp - 8,700 (92,000)

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousandth for units above 10,000, nearest hundredth for units below 10,000. Each week, HipHopDX presents top albums in Hip Hop/related, and five notables.

If Waka Flocka Flame actually drops his Triple F on New Years Eve, will the Brick Squad be back on the charts? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.

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  • Anonymous

    yea man i know that UKMIX website your talkin about it shows pretty much all the music artist and their album sales from 1 to 100 wale's ambition album sold 313,000 copies, beyonce's 4 album will close out 2011 with 1,037,000 copies sold finally she sold a million j cole's sideline story album sold 485,000 copies so first week of 2012 cole will finally have a certified gold album sales wise that is 500,000 lol, yea alright j.cole u the man selfmade homie u didnt go platinum this album but u will go gold this is still excellent given the fact u produce most of your album yourself with very little features, promotions, and radio play as for lupe fiasco he will probably be certified gold first week of 2012 to, his lasers album is closin out 2011 with 490,000 copies sold so this would be his second album gold in the making props to all yall man

  • Money rap dollarz

    just to let all yall know the watch the throne album has actually sold more copies this week than drake's take care album drake has sold 1,175,000 and kanye and jay watch the throne album is up to 1,205,000 copies sold if your wonderin how i know this go to this website UKMIX Forums Chart Analysis it shows the exact same numbers as hip hop dx is showin but way more all the ones that are not listed up here

  • Anonymous

    There's like 315 million people in the US and Common only sold 69k WTF?

  • Queen Itia

    Even being pushed back can't hurt jeezy sales. Quarter million first week. and i luv it

  • SLick

    tm103 is the shit...Down with the haterz and up with the motivators.Ross numbers can never look like that

  • Anonymous

    Yela outsold T-pain LOL.

  • Anonymous

    I just got TM 103 wack album but not YMCMB wack.

  • Andre

    And in other news i just downloaded another album...Good day

  • Wa-Gwan UK

    So Game's 99,000 units in the first week wasn't that bad. FUCK YOU Game haters!

  • Peace

    dat jeezy n common are fire real talk, but i got them for free downloaded. wish i could of buy them but after buyin 1,846 for 12 years im 26 right now i done buy all the other jeezy's n common albums. i seen this site it said that jeezy album has been downloaded almost 200k. but anyway alot of u niggas dont even have 500 cd's so hopefully god will understand me for downloaded them free. i have downloaded 30 so far let me hit 500 n then i will start buyin again. i hope rappers understand me peace.

    • Anonymous

      Lol your worried for no reason. I'm 18 and love real hip-hop/rap Pac's my favourite rapper but I've never bought any cd's. If I had the money I would support but I need money cause I don't make a lot. And to be honest no one buys albums no more it's something my generation on average is accustomed to with all the technology. Plus I got 5000 songs and hundreds of albums in my library if I bought even a quarter of that I would be on the streets i'm not that rich. I know people are going to get pissed at me for not buying albums but whatever it is what it is.

  • deadboy90

    LMFAO sold more albums in their what, 30th week than Common in his first? I weep for the human race.

  • Jerry Sandusky

    Fuck Common, Drake Young Jeezy, y'all niggaz better be hearin' my mixtape befo' you die. Me and Ricky Rozay will punk ya bitch ass up. Sandusky is the nigga you better hear him rap Cuz I got these pussy fuck niggaz inside this trap All your fuckin' gay ass soft music is a bunch of crap Talkin' shit while you bitches got some faggots to fap Penn state mothafucka while y'all niggaz down, basement Makin' theories based on a fuckin' dolla bill, freemason I make more hits that yo bitch ass would ever do The reason why i'm da best of all-time cuz i ain't you Nigga, I'm better than Rakim and shit on a illmatic CD Crushin' these eminems cuz the only shit you'll see is me Y'all niggaz thinkin' i'm trollin' naw g i'm legit While y'all niggaz sittin' in the computers only whine and bitch Jerry Sandusky is the greatest man y'all ever heard nigga Cuz he's the man once you memorize every fuckin' word nigga So sit ya ass down once I got this shit on the lock If you hate on Sandusky, y'all better suck my cock

    • omg

      what a bunch of retards

    • Anonymous

      U still sucking dick U pissed off prick Ur just a twelve year old on a computer u try to rap to but u cant prove it to her Wrong daddy's isnt bak so u start commenting like ur on crack When people see u on the block ur fingering urself wit a sock.

    • anonymous

      Your saying fuck other rappers cause their better than you Well imma respond back with a letter or two You aint clever you fruit: youre just a kid on a forum Whos a pissed off prick so ill get rid of you for em Let me guess you youre like twelve on your daddys computer Your momma said you cant rap but your actions would prove her Wrong: so you find a song: with a comment section And try to type some dope lines with an odd selection Of people you didnt know till you googled famous rappers So quit with the heinous actions And open a dictionary: and stick to staring At your screen instead of writing shit this dreary

  • Anonymous

    ****KNOW YOUR HIP HOP HISTORY***** Question: Who was the 1st west coast artist that Russell Simmons signed to Def Jam? Answer: Mel-low (Compton, CA) Here's a Def Jam classic music video. Mel-low feat Redman "Blaze It Up" This was the very first Def Jam video to be banned from playing on BET and MTV. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkBPl2MlEGM

  • Kog

    lol at this comment section. They say album sales don't mean nothing but each week they click on the Hip Hop album sales of the week to see the album sales. WHYY!!!!!!. Lol at people calling ymcmb fanbase children, yet you know you have friends that like someone from there. Hell i think half of y'all have one or two lil wayne tracks on your ipod oh by bad =, this that ghetto site, mp3 players. Seriously stop hatings, get a life and move on. These rappers can give a dam what y'all think, and each they they make millions. Y;all live one helluva a life if you come to a random hip hop site just to hate.

  • Anonymous

    So sad to see COMMON and ROOTS doing less than 100k. Especially the Roots, this was their 3rd week (?) and they are barely ahead of Common.

    • bizzalls

      Actually, Im pretty impressed that The Roots are at 80k, that's actually not bad whatsoever. First of all, nobody even really knew the album was coming out/barely any promotion for it. I had no idea it was coming out. It's still the first few weeks. Even if they get to over 100k that's still a real good amount of albums sold in this day. But yea, they should be selling way more. So should Common. It's all about having hit singles!!!

  • Anonymous

    pretty sad when people are buying wayne and lmfao by the boatload.... really tells you about the mindset of todays youths..."everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody want to prayeay...everyone want a million dollars,but nobody want to worork" - SPICE 1

    • ^^^^^^^

      wtf u talking about, nigga its about what everyone is exposed to, don't blame the youth blame the radio stations, whens the last time they played the roots on the radio or anyone for that matter who don't dumbed down their lyrics, cuz thats all the youth listen to is the radio

  • The Ghost Bks1

    Tonight on BKS1 RADIO, bks1radio.com at 9pmet/6pm PT. It's The LIVE IN THE CIPHER SHOW we RATE & REVIEW Along with You the Listener Common new release The Dreamer, The Believer. Chat Live or Call In 646-233-1302. Artist Can Also Call in with Your Hot 16, Hip Hop Gossip, Rap Trivia Quiz & More Join the CIPHER 2 Nite LIVE @ 9pm on www.bks1radio.com Join The Experience!

  • Anonymous

    This goes to show that todays Hip Hop perception is a bunch of bullshyt! Negativity doesn't sell units anymore. It's all bottle poppin, cocaine slanging and money money money rhetoric that they want the youth to hear. THEY control the industry and they make shine who they want to shine. Independence is the best way to be for a true artist because you control everything. Don't let THEM control your art!!! Common and The Roots all muhfuhcin day!!! (Fuck whoever hatin!)

  • Nico 3

    Sun God - Of course Common is richer. He gets paid by corporations to endorse products, plus has been in movies and TV. That said... Drake is probably already several times over a millionaire, so age is a factor here. Andrew - Nobody's saying Drake re-defines hip hop. The fact is, right now, he's at the top with most everybody (except for Jay, Em, T.I., Kanye, and Wayne) at the bottom. It's called a cycle, and despite Common having some talent, in terms of hip hop... He's "old". His music never dented the world, hence him branching off into other fields, which was probably the smartest thing he could have done.

  • Anonymous

    Thats pretty good for jeezy I didn't think he sell that much. Also common needs to hand it up... it's over son. That fake beef stuff aint helping. If anything it probably hurted his record sells. Wayne and drake still selling.. and I don't know why either.

  • Roger Rabbit

    FUCK album sales who cares how much they sell it's about the reception of the album i care about thats why I only bought The Dreamer, The Believer and Undun those were the best hip hop albums of the year from every magazine so Common haters fuck off and FUCK Ymoney

  • Ricky Rozay

    Nigga jeezy prolly buyin his own shit. That niggas album gon fall off a cliff next week I guarantee it! God forgives I don't gonna be a classic and smoke this shitty ass album. Jeezy garbage and his shit sound the same. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • johnny

    damn i thought for sure common would move more units than that in the first week

  • Anonymous

    I took a look because of Common alone.



    • m

      Also, anon, you're a homo.

    • m

      Yet wack music sells big numbers, you've gotta use your mind and separate the trash that sells from the good stuff that sells, Lil wayne and drake=trash

    • Anonymous

      jc ur a hater drake n wayne go hard remember what jay z said women lie, men lie, but numbers dont!!!

    • jc

      Drake n Wayne are wack commercial artists, not real hiphop. I can see that Drake woudl appeal to rnb lovers though, something for the ladies and those homos out there This years best: Common, Roots, Pharaohe

    • Anonymous:

      Wayne sells because Birdman buys half his shit and Drake sells cause he's pop/mainstream and radio stations don't support real rap now a days it's about good marketing and being commercial. If radio's played blue sky and celebrate from the album guarantee you more people would buy that shit but the radio doesn't want to play real artist's. As far as Common's Electric Circus and Universal Mind Control those are the only 2 Common I haven't listened to but I guarantee you there probably still better then everything Lil Wayne and Drake have done. You hate on real hip-hop and artists when there the reason these wack artists even exist today. I know your probably trolling but still there's no way you can honestly say these guys are good or are hip-hop there pop first of all and Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Kid Cudi, The Game, Saigon, Ab Soul these guys are people who represent new Hip-Hop not Wayne, Nicki, Gucci, Drake.

  • Anonymous

    glad to see roscoe dash didnt sell shit.

  • anonymous

    The population of YM's fanbase: ADHD white boys, 3-12 year olds, white teengirls (nicki minaj's fanbase, they like a sidedish of JB and Katy Perry), IQ's below 80, people who've never seen a piano or MPC, people who fantasize about being hood. This makes up about twenty percent of the youth in America. Other than 4 names i don't need to point out, beautiful list.

  • Anonymous

    Lol to the dumbass who said jeezy wasnt gonna sell more then 200k on the other album sales post "were ur favorite rapper at"

  • stan

    The Roots make one of the best albums of the year and they sitting at 84,000. SMH...guess thats what happens when you DONT make bullshit music

  • Anonymous

    Young Jeezy Album is Fire. The Roots album is an Artistic Masterpiece and will be turned into a play. Childish Gambino put out a solid album with plenty of creative tracks. The Rest top sellers are very much cookie cutter whether good or bad. Drake is out spitting Wayne now for sure but Wayne getting a 1/3 of Drakes money so it kinda evens out. lol

  • Anonymous

    U know wats funny to all those YMCMB dickriders. U know there's a world out there these are just sales in the US. U also now European and British rappers who are probz been unheard of here but have sold more than Lil Wayne and Drake.

  • Anonymous

    @Yessir and Yadig. YMCMB aint gangster dude their just hitting the 7-12 yr old fanbase and the Birdman fanbase who fucking bought 200k from Drake and countless albums for lil fucking wayne u gay fucks. Go get a job and a life.


      dude those are trolls just chill plus i know alot of kids bumping WTT not C4,TK i didnt know birdman had a fan base you lames are funny i get off at 430 so im gone

  • sun_god7

    Record sales aside - both Common's and Drake's album's were similar. Common is richer than Drake and his legend status won't be hurt by these sales. That aside - look for them both to be contending for a Grammy against the Root's Undun.

  • Nico 3

    You suck Common. Stop talking shit cause clearly you can't back it up.

    • Scarface

      Don't speak on shit you don't know go listen to The Bitch In Yoo especially the original version he exposed Cube and WC in that it was the original ether cause no one thought Common could come back that hard. He hasn't gone at anyone besides Cube cause no one has gone at him westside connection went at him and got destroyed and im a WC and Cube fan as well. He didn't go at anyone in Sweet specifically just all the soft rappers and whoever takes offence then it's a diss to them.

    • GG

      The fuck? You don't know shit about Common if you think he hasn't released a diss song. Did you forget about The Bitch In Yoo diss directed toward Ice Cube and West Coast Connect?

    • Anonymous

      Since when, has Common bragged. He's never released a diss song in his life.

    • andrew

      yo do your hiphop homework dog. common far from sucks he has classics albums and joints! let me guess your prob a drake fan and no the little beef they have is not effecting his album sales either way. cornball do some re search on hip hop goes way beyond drake and all the clowns around him.

  • Anonymous

    a.lot of you niggas were riding on drake on behalf of common should have saved that energy and just supported the music. idiots

  • jhuntdaprodigy

    TM103 was actually a pretty good album after all. Common's lyrics on his album were on point of course/ However, I respect that No I.D.'s a legend, but most of the beats on that album bored the hell out of me. Only ones that stood out to me were Ghetto Dreams, Blue Sky, Sweet, & The Believer



    • Almar

      Then if your 21 or older you must be a fucking retard, for the millionth time it aint about sales son, its about quality over quanity, But you wouldn't realize that because your surgically implanted on young moneys dick.

    • YESSIR


    • NONO

      You idiot.....Common said that Drake was a talented artist. He did it because he wanted to test Drake on Mc-ing...It had nothing to do with sales. When you become 21 years old, you are going to hate your younger days, and don't ask why I know your a kid.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Officer william is mad.........LOL

  • Anonymous

    dont care about sales-common is a legend and even drake has said it in old interviews, of course hell backtrack now seeing has he dissed him. which im not a fan of common doing even though drake is a bitch

  • Anonymous

    tm103 its the world niggas that it was over we just beginning. Jeezy has the streets he dont yall internet junkies he got dope boys buying his shit

  • Anonymous

    Undun and Common shouldve sold way more


    wow cant belive you lames is comparing drake and common numbers its no beef damn common album aint all that good production could be better drake he sings but hey i like all common singles unlike drakes la la shit


    jeezy came correct on this one loving the album common album is cool beats could be better lyrics on point but if the beats aint rocking shit get skip or no play

  • Anonymous

    unbelievable how many dumbasses bought that weak gangster shit from Jeezy.

  • c

    "The album, which suffered delays for nearly two years, features production from Drumma Boy, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and longtime affiliate Shawty Redd." Where are the Shawty Redd tracks on TM103? Please explain.

    • c

      And what happened to all the Kanye tracks he had done for 103?

    • Anonymous

      Shawdy Redd is in Jail the last time I checked

    • Anonymous

      As far as I know, Jeezy did a decent amount of track with him, even mentioned a few of them in interviewes ("Getting Money Over Here" ft. Bun B, "Hold Up" and "Trap or Die" etc.). Unfortunately, it seems none of them made the final cut. But Jeezy's forthcoming "Thug Motivation 103: EP" will have a track called "What's Going On", which is produced by Shawty Redd.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not a wayne hater (even though first carter was my fav) but i'm not exactly sure how wayne is doing number cause i know about one person who has a physical copy of the CD. When i go to sotres, the shelves are filled with them. sumthin definatley funny with that...

  • shady83

    y wasn't Em on any of these albums ffs!

  • Anonymous

    50+ grand on the first week is alot for a rapper like common hes gonna make all his money touring anyway and birdman keeps buying the carter album i dont understand why

  • Anonymous

    Common's white ghostwriters need to buy more records! Weak ass #s considering all media attention that clown got. Hire black folk next time, Lonnie, you witless fuck!

  • Mitch 3K

    dont get mad at Drake for them common numbers, get mad at all the "Real Hip Hop Heads" who copped Common's album from a mediafire link instead of the store. Drake and Wayne might suck to me musically, but they have better fans then you complaining ass thieves, at least the faggots and lil kids who like Drake can still find there way to Best Buy or Click a Link on Itunes, ya'll just Download everything you like

    • Lol

      ^ This statement is very true. Lil Wayne and Drake both appeal to women, specifically the typical stupid woman. These women, the one's that don't speak proper English and fail remedial English classes love them both, why? I'm not sure. Drake clearly has fetal alcohol syndrome and Lil Wayne looks like Predator. However, that's beside the point. The typical woman does not know how to download. So, if you put 2 and 2 together, women are the reason that Drake/Wayne sell so much, because they don't know any other way to acquire that music. Common, who also appeals to women but not via his craft, will never sell that many. Common is the better artist, hands-down. This is indisputable.

    • Anonymous

      You forgot one huge market besides fags and kids...........girls!

  • unknown name

    I Guess all the faggot ass dick in the booty ass Drake Fans are going to rick his dick until the nigga cums saying Drake is album is better than common when clearly Drkae made a bitch ass album Common album is pure shit one of the best albums this year and jeezey album was pretty good to but i wasn't thinking Jeezey would sale that much but congrats jeeezy Drake Fans you Niggas's are Sweet

    • Lol

      The last time I checked the music industry WAS a business, which is unfortunate. You are stupid for saying that "sweetismakingmoney". Besides, Common is a legend and he's got other venues that he can venture to. He's been in the Game long enough to save up a lot of money JUST from music. He also has a pretty solid acting career as well as a book out. Drake is just a blip in the sea of manufactured artists. The real always prosper and stay relevant. To be honest, I'm sure more people were pumped about The Dreamer/ The Believer when "Ghetto Dreams" with Nas hit the internet. Two accomplished legends on one track? I'm buying that album.

    • sweetismaking money

      commons fans don't exist lol if this was a business common would have been out of business

  • Anonymous

    Hip Hop is DEAD. Now we can say it such sales during holidays damn. Listeners are gay people to be supporting Drake and Wayne

  • Keisha


  • Anonymous

    I dont understand how Wayne is selling. I don't know, but maybe 3 people that might have bought that shit personally and the rest, being fans even said that shit was doo doo... Something weird here

  • Anonymous

    Common should have sold way more. One of the best albums this year.

    • Lol

      If all you worry about are beats on an album, you clearly don't belong anywhere near the Hip-Hop genre. Besides, those No I.D. beats were fire. The chemistry between Common and No I.D. is perfect for an album and it showed on this album.


      i got common album and i only like the singles but the album is not all that damn beats could be better

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      Common is one of the best and should have sold way more. Unfortunately people would rather buy albums by 'rappers' who wear tight jeans, have piercing all over their face, pretend to be bloods and fake thugs or try to sing on their albums when they can barely rap to begin with.

    • Anonymous

      Ignorance and homosexuality are hot items in America though.

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